Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight


1704 Virginia Rent Rolls - Selected Lists Highlighting any Knights Found

Extracted and Selected from des Cognets

The names are selected because they are often found associated with Knights in other records. This does not necessarily mean intermarriage, but friendship or business ties as well.

I find it difficult to explain the almost complete absence of any Knights on the Rent Rolls because there are other records - few though they be - that indicate they were in many places, with land, in court records, etc. Of course, the loss of records from various calamities plays a big part in this, but still, it appears strange.

The Lists

1704 VA Accomack – Admin - Rent Roll - No Knights; Selected List: Denis Moore, Edward Bell, Edward Moore, Elias Taylor, George Parker, George Johnson, Henry Stokes, Joseph Clark, John Collins, John Parker, John Evans, John Abbott, John Baker, James Taylor, John Collins, James Walker, Ingold Cobb, John Parker, John Carter, Nathaniel Ratcliff, Robert Bell, Roulard Savage, Rodger Abbott, Sylvanus Cole, Thomas Clark, Thomas Rose, Thomas Bell SR & JR, Thomas Moore, William Andrews, William Fletcher, William Moore, William Cole, William Lewis, William Williamson. (des Cognets, pp. 123-129)

1704 VA Middlesex – Admin - Rent Roll - No Knights; Selected List: Col. Carter, John Southern, Thomas Stapleton, Richard Kemp, Robert Williamson, Thomas Lee, Valentine Mayo, William Montague, Edward Williams, Alexander Murray, Edward Clark, Col. Kemp. (des Cognets, pp. 131-133)

1704 VA Gloucester – Admin - Rent Roll - No Knights; Selected List: Abbington Parish: John Stokes, Thomas Coleman, John Butler, Benjamin Clements, Joseph Moore, William Kemp, Joseph Coleman, Thomas Walker. Ware Parish: Sarah Moore, Thomas Powell, George Moore, Anthony Gregory, Peter Kemp; Kingston Parish: Andrew Bell, Henry Knight (240 acs.), John Williams, John Floyd, George Roberts, Thomas Kemp, John Andrews, James Taylor; Petso Parish: Robert Carter, Benjamin Clements, John Clarke (100 acs), William Cook, John Coleman, John Harper, Stephen Johnson, Capt. Edward Lewis, Richard Lee Esq., John Pate, Richard Price, Augustine Smith SR & JR, Conquest Wyatt. (des Cognets, pp. 141-148)

1704 VA King & Queen – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Richard Anderson, William Bennett, Roger Bell, John Bullock, James Barber, Henry Bland, James Baker, John Cain, Timothy Carter, Thomas Coleman, Daniel Coleman, Catherine Cotton, James Collins, Carters ___, Robert Ferish, Henry Fielding, John Farmer, Frances Gregory (widow), William Lee, Matthew Lawrence, Augustine Moore, Samuel Moore, William Morris, Henry Morris, Edward Matthews, Nathaniel Sanders, Thomas Spencer, Thomas Stapleton, Daniel Taylor, Cornelius Vaughan, William Watkins, Edward Watkins, Philip Watkins, Thomas Williams, Benjamin Watkins, Thomas Watkins JR, William Wildbore, John Walker. (des Cognets, pp. 149-156)

1704 VA King William – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Robert Abbott, Capt. William Anderson, Paul Bunch, John Baker, Edward Bell, Thomas Baker, John Burrus, Thomas Butler, Thomas Burrus, Col. William Claibourne, Capt. Thomas Claibourne, John Claibourne, Margaret Clark, John Ford JR, William Ford, Charles Fleming, John Green, William Johnson, John Lee, William Morris, Nicholas Merriwether, Phillip Williams, Griffith Williams, John Williams, Samuel Williams, Thomas Wright. (des Cognets, pp. 157- 160)

1704 – VA Charles City – Admin - Rent Roll - No Knights; Selected List: Littlebury Epes, John Epes, George Floyd, John Hamlin, Stephen Hamlin, Thomas Hamlin, Edward Jordan, Thomas Parker, George Speirs. (des Cognets, pp. 161-162)

1704 VA New Kent – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: John Anderson, Robert Anderson SR & JR, David Anderson, Richard Anderson, Nocholas Amos, Christopher Baker, Richard Bullock, Charles Bryan, Edward Bullock, John Baker, John Bunch, David Drawford SR & JR, Charles Fleming, Edward Green, John Giles, Robert Hughes, Rees Hughes, Richard Johnson, John Johnson, Edward Johnson, Edward Lee, Pelham Moore, Robert Morris, George Meredith, Nocholas Merriwether, Anne Moore, Richard Richardson, James Sanders, Joseph Taylor, Lemuel Taylor, Thomas Taylor, William Vaughan, John Vaughan, Vincent Vaughan, William Walker, Edward Walton, John Wilson, John Woodson (600 acs), Edward Walton, William Watkins. (des Cognets, pp. 163-171)

1704 VA James City – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: John Baker, Edward Bell, John Bryan, Richard Cole, Ambrose Cobbs, Nocholas Gregory, Thomas Greene, George Hughes, Robert Hancock, Frederick Jones, Anthony Johnson, William Jones, John Johnson, John Jordan, Richard Lawrence, Edward Morris JR, James Morris, John Morris, John Nicholson, John Phillips, Edward Phillips, William Phillips, John Sanders, John Sharp, Henry Vaughan, Samuel Wright, Matthew Williams, Alexander Walker SR & JR, John Williamson, David Walker, Thomas Warberton, David Walker. (des Cognets, pp. 172-177)

1704 VA York – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Robert Cobbs, Francis Sharp, William Jones, William Taylor, William Jordan, William Cobbs, Richard Kendall, William Lee, James Bates, Edward Young, Robert Green, Joseph White, Thomas Barber, Seymour Powell, John Lewis Esq., Joseph Walker, John Sanders, John Williams, James Morris, Daniel Taylor, John Potter, Thomas Walker, Nicholas Phillips, John Wright, William Whitaker. (des Cognets, pp. 178-181)

1704 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: William Williams (apparently, owned/conducted a school), Robert Taylor, George Bell, Edward Lattimore, James Baker, Thomas Tucker, John Cotton, Mark Johnson, Capt. Augustine Moore, John Moore, Thomas Roberts. (des Cognets, pp. 182-184)

1704 VA Warwick – Admin - Rent Roll -  There are no Knights, and almost no names of particular interest except William Cotton and James Cotton.  There are a LOT of widows and ophans in this county. (des Cognets, pp. 185-187)

1704 VA Princess Anne – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Thomas Moore, Capt. William Crawford, Richard Williamson, Bartholomew Williamson, Simon Hancock SR, John Kemp, Robert Cartwright, John Cartwright, Adam Thoroughgood, John Richardson, William Moore, Jacob Taylor, Stephen Pace, George Walker, Johnathan Sanders, Col. Anthony Lawson, Capt. John Thoroughgood, Robert Thoroughgood, Thomas Walker, George Bullock, Mark Powell, Jacob Johnson, John Mayo, Argoll Thoroughgood, William Moore, Thomas Cason, Jacob Moore. (des Cognets, pp. 188-191)

1704 VA Norfolk – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Peter Cartwright, John Carney, Richard Carney, William Collins, John Johnston, Morse Johnston, Richard Kaine (Cain?), Edward Luelling (Llewellyn?), Richare Luelling, William Maund, Henry Nicholson, William Nicholson, Richard Powell, Lemuel Powell, William Powell, Joseph Roberts, Samuel Roberts, Robert Rose, John Rose, Thomas Richardson, Richard Taylor, John Taylor, Andrew Taylor, William Taylor, John Williams, Nicholas Wilder, Thomas Watkins, John Williamson, Capt. Thomas Willoughby, John Williams. (des Cognets, pp. 192-197)

1704 VA Nansemond – Admin - Rent Roll -  James Knight, 600 acres. Selected List: Robert Baker, William Parker, Francis Parker, Thomas Parker, Capt. John Speir, John Gorden, Robert Lassiter, Thomas Davis, John Cole, Thomas Norfleet, James Speirs, Epaphroditus Benton, Gresham Coffield, Edward Norfleet, John Norfleet, Edward Moore, Thomas Moore, William Speirs, John Lawrence, Sampson Meredith, Joseph Meredith, Henry Lawrence, William Keene, William Everett, Richard Lawrence, Thomas Vaughan, John Parker, John Moore, Richard Moore, John Lee, Robert Coleman, John Butler, James Butler, William Collins, Robert Lawrence, James Lawrence, George Lawrence, Richard Taylor, Peter Parker, Thomas Mason, James Moore, James Knott, John Brassieur, Edward Welsh, John White, John Hambleton, Robert Jordan, Maj. Thomas Jordan, Margarett Jordan, William Butler. (des Cognets, pp. 198-204)

1704 VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Richard Bennett, Edward Boykin, Thomas Carter, Reuben Cooke, Francis Lee, George Moore, Matthew Jordan, John Richardson, Henry Baker, John Bell, Henry Applewaite, John Lawrence, William Mayo, James Bryan, Arthur Whitehead, John Giled, Thomas Jorden, Benjamin Jorden, George Greene, Richard Ratcliffe, Joshua Jordan, Arthur Smith, John Jordan, Simon Everett, Robert Coleman, Mary Cobb, George Anderson, Henry Wilkinson, Richard Braswell, Robert Johnson, John Roberts, Thomas Bullock, William Powell, John Williams, Henry Sanders.  (des Cognets, pp. 205-209)

1704 VA Surry – Admin - Rent Roll -No Knights; Selected List: Bartholomew Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Robert Andrews, David Andrews, Co. Henry Baker, Sarah Bland, John Bell, Robert Craword, Carter Crawford, John Clements, Walter Cotton, Thomas Cotton, Francis Clements, Abraham Evans, George Ford, Walter Flood, Elizas Ford, Thomas Flood, Benjamin Ferreby, Richard Green, Henry Hart, John Hancock, Henry Hollingsworth, George Jordan, Richard Jordan, William Knott, Robert Lancaster, George Lanier, Edmond Matthew, Richard Parker, William Phillips, Francis Regan, Richard Rose, Charles Savage, Thomas Sharpe, William Swann, Hanry Savage, Thomas Wright, Charles Williams, John Watkins, Henry Welch, Matthew Wilkinson. (des Cognets, pp. 210-214)

1704 VA Henrico – Admin - Rent Roll -  No Knights; Selected List: Thomas Andrews, Essex Bevill, William Walker, Maj. Thomas Chamberlain, Theodore Carter, Capt. Frederick Epes, Isham Epes, Francis Epes JR, Richard Ferris SR, Henry Farmer, Edward Hughes, Samuel Hancock, James Hambleton, Robert Hancock, Henry Jordan, William Perker, Robert Powell, William Pride SR, William Pinckett, Robert Sharpe, Thomas Taylor, John Woodson, Robert Woodson, Robert Woodson JR, Richard Woodson, Widdow Woodson, Henry Watkins SR, Thomas Williamson, Joseph Wilkinson. (des Cognets, pp. 216-221)

1704 VA Prince George – Admin - Rent Roll - No Knights; Thomas Anderson, Charles Anderson, Matthew Anderson, William Anderson, John Anderson, Henry Anderson, John Butler, William Butler, John Coleman, Francis Coleman, William Coleman JR, John Epes SR, William Epes SR, John Epes, William Epes, Edward Epes, Littlebury Epes, Benjamin Evans, John Hardiman, Richard Moore, William Rachell, Capt. John Tayloer, John Vaughan, Samuel Vaughan, Daniel Vaughan, James Vaughan, Richard VAughan, William Vaughan, Nicholas Vaughan, Valentine Williamson. (des Cognets, pp. 222-227)

1704 VA Northampton – Admin - Rent Roll - John Knight, 200 acres. (p. 230, des Cognets) Selected List:  Robert Andrews, Andrew Andrews, George Bullock, George Bell, John Baker, Samuel Cobb, Robert Gascoyne, William Gascoyne, John Greene SR, John Johnson SR & JR, Jacob Johnson, Capt. Obedience Johnson, Obedience Johnson JR, Thomas Johnson SR & JR, Jeptha Johnson SR & JR, Edmond Johnson, William Kendall, John Lawrence, Robert Lewis, John Matthews, Matthew Moore SR & JR, Gilbert Moore, John Moore, Eleanor Moore, Frances Powell (widow), Samuel Palmer, John Powell, Samuel Powell, Daniel Paine, John Roberts, Obedience Roberts, Thomas Savage, Richard Sanders, John Swann, Capt. Thomas Savage, Elkington Savage, John Walker. (des Cognets, pp. 228-232)