Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

1840 Federal Census

Transcribed/Extracted by Laura Knight


Census Records from Images provided by USA National Archives and Records Administration. Washington D.C. extracted by myself from images on ancestry.com

I've extracted what limited information was available from each source and households (HH) are separated by double asterisks thus: ** and the name of the Head of Household (HH) on the record is in bold for ease of finding. I've gone over this several times, trying to catch all errors, but I can't guarantee that there are none; I just do my best at any moment. Also, as noted elsewhere, for ease of search/finding, I've most often converted names to the modern spelling and have frequently included how the name appears in the record and/or how the transcriber rendered it: (text: Knite, trans: Kite). Also note that I have excluded Northern State Knights. If someone else wants to collect the Northern Knights and arrange them as I have so I don't have to do any extra work, I'll be very happy to include them and give credit where it is due.

Even though the information is still very limited, at this point, the censuses are getting much longer and it has become impossible for one person to comb through the records with the thoroughness I would like; I do have a life outside of genealogy. Obviously, I focus more intensely on those areas where I know VA Knights moved to, but still, the population is growing fast and I can't guarantee exhaustive coverage though I am doing my best to net all Knights in whatever state I cover. In some of the newly settled areas, the censuses are still mercifully short and in some cases, I covered the entire sheet. When that is the case, I put the word "ENTIRE" at the end of the list.


1840 VA Cabell - Federal Census -  **  Henry Knight: 1 male 30-39, 1 fem 20-29, 1 fem 15-19, 1 male 15-19, 1 fem 10-14, 1 male 5-9, 1 male under 5, 1 fem under 5.

1840 VA Harrison - Federal Census -  **  Benjamin Knight: 1 male 40-49, 1 fem 30-39, 1 fem 20-29, 1 fem 10-14, 1 male 10-14, 2 fems 5-9, 1 fem under 5, 1 male under 5.

1840 VA Nansemond - Federal Census -  **  Louisa Knight: 1 fem 30-39, 1 fem 20-29, 2 males 20-29, 1 fem 10-4, slaves: 2.

1840 VA Tyler - Federal Census -  **  James Knight: 1 fem 50-59, 1 male 40-49, 3 fems 20-29, 2 fems 15-19, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 5-9.  **  Benjamin Knight: 1 fem 40-49, 1 male 30-39, 1 fem 20-29, 2 males 10-14, 1 male under 5, 1 fem under 5.



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