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Welcome to fellow Knight Family (and related/allied families) Researchers. This website has been created to be a repository for all the Knight family records I have compiled over many years in my effort to sort out the tangled knots of relationships of my Colonial Ancestry. The records have been collected from wherever I could find them, mostly from books that compile genealogical sources, but also, in many instances, from reading and abstracting photographic images of records held in various libraries and collections in the US and England. See the Introduction for details on this and to understand what I was doing and why and how to read the compilation of records.

At the beginning of this process, well over 20 years ago, I held certain ideas about the various Knight families that gradually, over time, began to change as the records were collected and sorted. Various serious problems with the standard, accepted genealogies presented themselves in confrontation with the actual records, and now and then I wrote a number of commentaries on the records in attempts to solve the issues. I will post those here, also, as separate articles. I strongly urge the Knight Family researcher to read them so that you, too, won't fall into the errors that past researchers have committed due to lack of actual sources!

I've spent many thousands of dollars on acquiring the records that are on this site, (or will be as I get them organized and posted). It struck me that one of the reasons that many Knight Family researchers were making so many errors that I could see in online family trees, was because of the lack of easy availability of the hard facts. That is why I decided to just share the work I had done openly and freely; and I only ask that those of you who may have additional records that I don't have here, please let me know so that I can add them for other Knight Researchers. And if you find errors, please write and let me know giving the exact location of the mistake so that I can easily find and correct it. (That is, the URL of the page, and how many paragraphs down, or something similar.)

These records are by no means EXHAUSTIVE, but they are COMPREHENSIVE, and I will continue adding to them as I find new things and as time permits. I will indicate here which pages have been revised or updated, and when, so if you check back here, you can easily see what you may need to re-check!

That's enough introduction to the site itself. And since I don't want to clutter this index with a lot of words, I urge you strongly to read the several articles posted here to fully acquaint yourself with the background and the main stumbling blocks before diving directly into the raw records themselves. I know you are anxious to just find the evidence for your people, but so many errors are floating around in cyberspace already, it is a good idea to be cautious! Also, it is advisable to read all the records so as not to make unfounded assumptions about a connection you may find if you only read one batch (I've sure done that!) There is a definite history of the Knight family apparent in the records from the very beginnings and it is really kind of cool to get this overarching impression of what kind of people we are!

It goes without saying that the materials I have compiled are freely available to be copied and utilized as needed. But please attach to any record the correct citation as a courtesy to others! You can get full citation info from the Bibliography!



Pages on the Site

Updated 2019 Feb 2

Chronological Collection of Knight Records With Many Affiliated Families

DNA and Genealogy Knight Records 1166 - 1549
Updated 2019 Jan 18
The First Knight? Origin of the Name Knight Records 1550 - 1599
Updated 2019 Jan 18
Pity the Poor Immigrant Knight Records 1600 - 1619
Added 2019 Jan 28
Chesapeake Bay
Chronology of Exploration and Settlement
Knight Records 1620 - 1629
Added 2019 Jan 29
Interpreting Headrights in Colonial-Virginia Patents: Uses and Abuses
Added 2019 Mar 11
Knight Records 1630 - 1639
Added 2019 Feb 2
Some Emigrants to Virginia Extracted from Stanard
Added 2019 Feb 2
Knight Records 1640 - 1649
Added 2019 Apr 12

Genealogical Problems and Solutions

Knight Records 1650 - 1654
Added 2019 Apr 12

Visitation Pedigrees and Some Other Knight Records Analyzed Knight Records 1655 - 1659
Added 2019 Apr 12
Christopher Alleyn, Knight is NOT a Knight! Knight Records 1660 - 1669
Added 2019 Apr 13
Knights of St Bride's Fleet Street Associated with Capt. Peter Knight Knight Records 1670 - 1679
Added 2019 Apr 13
Knights of St Bride's Fleet Street Part 2: Thomas Knight, Scrivener, Recusant Knight Records 1680 - 1689
Added 2019 Apr 13
Knights of St Bride's Fleet Street Part 3: Arthur Knight, Haberdasher Knight Records 1690 - 1699
Added 2019 Apr 25
Looking for Capt. Peter Knight: Includes discussion of the Basse Bible Problem Knight Records 1700 - 1709
Added 2019 Apr 25
A Tale of Two Peter Knights: Records & Commentary: Disambiguation
Major Additions: 2019 Feb 27

Knight Records 1710 - 1719
Added 2019 Apr 25

A Tale of Two Peter Knights: Part 2: Records & Commentary
Added 2019 Mar 1

Oaths of Allegiance to Cromwell Northumberland VA 1652
Added 2019 Feb 2

Knight Records 1720 - 1729
Added 2019 Apr 26
  Knight Records 1730 - 1739
Added 2019 Apr 26

John Knight of Sussex County VA:
Not the father of John Knight of Lunenburg!
Added 2019 Mar 10

John Knight of SC to Effingham GA (In 2 parts)
Added 2019 May 8

Knight Records 1740 -1749
Added 2019 Apr 26

John Knight and Jonathan Knight of Lunenburg VA and Granville NC
With a segue to Obadiah William Knight
Added 2019 May 3


Knight Records 1750 - 1759
Added 2019 Apr 26
Knights of Surry/Sussex County and Some Related/Associated Families
Added 2019 Mar 5
Knight Records 1760 - 1769
Added 2019 Apr 27
Woodson Records 1611 - 1781
Added 2019 Apr 30
Knight Records 1770 - 1779
Added 2019 Apr 27
Quaker Woodsons in Henrico
Added 2019 Apr 30
Knight Records 1780 - 1789
Added 2019 Apr 27
Stokes Family: Records and Disambiguation Knight Records 1790 - 1799
Added 2019 Apr 27
Four Migrations
Why Can't I connect my Knights to the Virginia Knights?
Knight Records 1800 - 1809
Added 2019 Apr 28

Historical Knights
Famous and Infamous

Knight Records 1810 - 1819
Added 2019 Apr 28
William Knight, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Secty. of State to Henry VIII Knight Records 1820 - 1829
Added 2019 Apr 28
William Knight, Martyr Knight Records 1830 -1839
Added 2019 Apr 28
William Knight, Pirate Knight Records 1840 - 1849
Added 2019 Apr 28
James Knight, Explorer Knight Records 1850 - 1880
Added 2019 Apr 28
John Knight, Explorer  
Sir John Knight, MP

Census Type Records Index

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Knights of Downton Castle and their Famous Lawsuit

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Thoughts from Polly's Granddaughter

To assist those who desire to learn more about Cherokee history and genealogy by dispelling common myths and providing accurate information. " I adhere to the Standards for Sound Genealogical Practices and believe one should only claim what they can prove through solid historical documentation." See especially her research on Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren Information

Robert Knight, 1st Earl of Catherlough Cyndi's List

Other Knight Lines

United States Census
The Family of John Harrison Knight and Rachel Melvina Hampton Knight with DNA evidence United States National Archives
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Southern Knights & Connections

Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

Jacob Summerlin: King of the Cracker Cow Hunters Founder of Orlando, FL, m. Frances Knight

Jesse Knight, Founder of Venice, FL

Ken Spratlin's Genealogy Blog: Random Thoughts in Thin Air
The Murder of John Malphurs by Charlton Mizell Sally's Family Place - Tales of NC Roanoke-Chowan and elsewhere.
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The Life and Times of Bone Mizell  
Mizell Genealogy - Myth and Facts  
Fratricide: The Murder of Augustus Roberts
by his brother, Jackson Roberts
and some additional family history.
The Murder of Sarah Jane Butler Knight, Wilkinson GA, 1891

Misc. Records

The Cursed Collins Family of Tattnall and Emanuel Counties GA William Knight of Spotsylvania VA Pension Statement
The Ancestry of Moses Keen William Knight of Granville/Orange NC to Henry KY Pension Statement
Dr. John Knight Pension Statement
  John Knight of Granville NC to Smith TN Pension Statement
  Lt. William Knight of Granville NC to Holmes MS Pension Statement
  Knight Burials in Georgia
  Early Marriages of Rhea County TN 1808 - 1840
  Journal of Rev. Aaron Weaver Knight and son, Rev. Sidney Thomas Knight, 1840 - 1921
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