Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Welcome to fellow Knight Family Researchers. This website has been created to be a repository for all the Knight family records I have compiled over many years in my effort to sort out the tangled knots of relationships of my Colonial Ancestry. The records have been collected from wherever I could find them, mostly from books that compile genealogical sources, but also, in many instances, from reading and abstracting photographic images of records held in various libraries and collections in the US and England. See the Introduction for details on this and to understand what I was doing and why and how to read the compilation of records.

At the beginning of this process, well over 20 years ago, I held certain ideas about the various Knight families that gradually, over time, began to change as the records were collected and sorted. Various serious problems with the standard, accepted genealogies presented themselves in confrontation with the actual records, and now and then I wrote a number of commentaries on the records in attempts to solve the issues. I will post those here, also, as separate articles. I strongly urge the Knight Family researcher to read them so that you, too, won't fall into the errors that past researchers have committed due to lack of actual sources!

I've spent many thousands of dollars on acquiring the records that are on this site, (or will be as I get them organized and posted). It struck me that one of the reasons that many Knight Family researchers were making so many errors that I could see in online family trees, was because of the lack of easy availability of the hard facts. That is why I decided to just share the work I had done openly and freely; and I only ask that those of you who may have additional records that I don't have here, please let me know so that I can add them for other Knight Researchers. And if you find errors, please write and let me know giving the exact location of the mistake so that I can easily find and correct it.

That's enough introduction to the site itself. And since I don't want to clutter this index with a lot of words, I urge you strongly to read the several articles posted here to fully acquaint yourself with the background and the main stumbling blocks before diving directly into the raw records themselves. I know you are anxious to just find the evidence for your people, but so many errors are floating around in cyberspace already, it is a good idea to be cautious!



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Knight Raw Records 1166-1549 Updated 2018 Jan 18

Knight Raw Records 1550-1599 Updated 2018 Jan 18