Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

1850 Federal Census


Census Records from Images provided by USA National Archives and Records Administration. Washington D.C. extracted by myself from images on ancestry.com

I've extracted what limited information was available from each source and households (HH) are separated by double asterisks thus: ** and the name of the Head of Household (HH) on the record is in bold for ease of finding. I've gone over this several times, trying to catch all errors, but I can't guarantee that there are none; I just do my best at any moment. Also, as noted elsewhere, for ease of search/finding, I've most often converted names to the modern spelling and have frequently included how the name appears in the record and/or how the transcriber rendered it: (text: Knite, trans: Kite). Also note that I have excluded Northern State Knights. If someone else wants to collect the Northern Knights and arrange them as I have so I don't have to do any extra work, I'll be very happy to include them and give credit where it is due.

At this point, the censuses are getting much longer and it has become impossible for one person to comb through the records with the thoroughness I would like; I do have a life outside of genealogy. Obviously, I focus more intensely on those areas where I know VA Knights moved to, but still, the population is growing fast and I can't guarantee exhaustive coverage though I am doing my best. In some of the newly settled areas, the censuses are still mercifully short and in some cases, I covered the entire sheet. When that is the case, I put the word "ENTIRE" at the end of the list. In this census, I haven't done Pennsylvania as I have been doing up to this point and the whole census, in general, has not been scoped out as thoroughly as earlier ones. I'll get it done and added eventually. I think there is enough here to keep a few people busy; it's very long as it is.

This is the first census that lists every household member by name, age, and where born. It's not 100% accurate, as is sometimes shown, but it's a darn good start. In my opinion, it should be illegal to mess with the effort to obtain pure demographic information in a census.


1850 – TX Anderson – Federal Census -  **  Zachariah Knight, 41, farmer, GA; Sarah J. Knight, 35, GA; Calvary F. Knight, 13, AL; Susan B. McC. Knight, 12, AL; Louisa C. Knight, 10, AL; Setha A. Knight, 8, AL; William A. Knight, 6, AL; Mary H. Knight, 4, AL; Henry J. Knight, 2, MS; Nancy J. Knight, 6 mo., Anderson TX.

1850 – TX Bowie Dist 8 – Federal Census -  **  M. J. Knight, 48, farmer, VA; Emma Knight, 23, VA; William Knight, 19, farmer, VA; Sherwood Knight, 17, farmer, VA; Stephen Knight, 14, VA.

1850 – TX Cass Prec 2 – Federal Census -  **  John Knight, 35, farmer, GA; Susanna Knight, 29, GA; John R. Knight, 14, GA; Nathaniel Knight, 12, GA; William Knight, 10, GA; Sarah Ann Knight, 8, GA; Samuel T. Knight, 6, GA; Woodard M. Knight, 5, GA; Frances M. Knight, 4, AL; James T. Knight, 2, SC; John Brown 19, laborer, NC. – Prec 6 -  **  William Knight, 45, farmer, SC; J. Clabrous, 40, laborer, NC.

1850 – TX Cherokee – Federal Census -  **  John Knight, 29, farmer, SC; Elizabeth B. Knight, 24, SC; M. Marion, 7, GA; Elizabeth Marion, 4, GA; Martha W. Marion, 1, TX.

1850 – TX Dallas – Federal Census -  **  Obadiah W. Knight, 42, farmer, VA; Serena Knight, 28, TN; William Knight, 14, TN; John Knight, 14, TN; Mary Knight, 11, TN; Elizabeth Knight, 9, TN; Gabriel Knight, 7, TN; Laura Knight, 3, TX; Martha Knight, 1, TX; Gabriel B Knight, 44, farmer, VA.

1850 – TX Denton – Federal Census -  **  Joseph Knight, 31, farmer, NY; Elizabeth Knight, 21, MO; Sarah Ann Knight, 8, MO; John W. Knight, 4, TX; Mary J. Knight, 2, TS.

1850 – TX Hunt – Federal Census -  **  M. M. Knight, 33, farmer, GA; Anna Knight, 43, MS; Thomas Carrington (Caryton), 15, AR; Joanna Carrington, 14, AR; Mary J. Carrington, 12, AR; Sophronia Carrington, 10, AR; Lafayette Carrington, 8, AR; Lewis C. Carrington, 2, TX.

1850 – TX Liberty – Federal Census -  **  Eliza Knight, 38, GA; Henry Knight, 19, farmer, TX; John Knight, 15, TX; Emily Knight, 12, TX; Sarah Knight, 10, TX; Rachel Eliza Knight, 8, TX; Amos J. Knight, 3, TX.  **  Note: The entry for “Rachel Eliza” actually looks like it might be Rachel AND Eliza, as though twins.

Census 1850 TX Twins


1850 – TX Smith My Sub – Federal Census -  **  Kindred C. Knight, 49, farmer, SC; Epsey J. Knight, 30, AL; William C. Knight, 19, AL; James A. Knight, 17, AL; Elizabeth M. Knight, 14, AL; Benjamin F. Knight, 12, AL; Kindred C. Knight, 10, AL; Berenise D. Knight, 3, AL; John D. Knight, 1, AL.

1850 – TX Upshur – Federal Census -  **  S R Knight, 46, farmer, NC; J A Knight, 35, NC; R C Knight, 15, TN; W C Knight, 11, MS; S A Knight, 10, TX; T M Knight, 9, TX; M E Knight, 6, TX; J J Knight, 4, TX; A Knight, 0, TX.  **  Solomon Knight, 40, farmer, TN; Sarah Knight, 58, KY; Mary Knight, 16, TN; James Y. Knight, 14, TN; M. Knight, 12, MS; R. G. Knight, 10, MS; S. Knight, 8, MS; Ly. G. Knight, 5, MS; John N. Knight, 2, TX.

1850 – TX Williamson Milam and Williamson – Federal Census -  **  David F. Knight, 41, physician, OH; Susanna Knight, 36, OH; Benjamin Knight, 10, IL; Maria L. Knight, 8, IL; George H. Knight, 6, IL’ John S. Knight, 2, TX.  **  John Knight, 46, farmer, OH; Hannah Knight, 44, OH; William Knight, 20, farmer, IN; Ruth E. Knight, 17, IL; Martha Knight, 15, IL; Eli Knight, 8, IL; John Smith, 37, farmer, OH.  **  William Knight, 51, physician, OH; Mary A. Knight, 37, KY; James Knight, 11, IL; Martha Knight, 9, IL; Caroline Knight, 7, IL; Joseph Knight, 5, IL; Eliza Knight, 2, TX; Isaac Fruston, 16, laborer, IN; Ferdinand Schwab, 29, laborer, France; Anthony Smith, 21, laborer, TX.


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