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1860 Census Extracted and Compiled by Jerry Knight

Census Records from Images provided by USA National Archives and Records Administration. Washington D.C. extracted by myself from images on ancestry.com

Households (HH) are separated by double asterisks thus: ** and the name of the Head of Household (HH) on the record is in bold for ease of finding. You can easily use the formatting to convert the running text into lists with "find/replace" functions.

Names are most often converted to the modern spelling unless some circumstance dictates otherwise. This makes it easy to find people without having to try ten different ways of spelling a name. All names written such as "Wm, Jos, Jno, Geo, Jas" and so forth, will be automatically converted to the full spelling with no indication that this has been done. If there is uncertainty, it will be noted.

If there is something unusual about how the name appears in the record and/or how the transcriber rendered it, that is denoted as follows: (text: Knite, trans: Kite). This means the text said "Knite" but the ancestry.com transcriber turned it into "Kite". If you just see something like "John Knight (Knyght)" that simply means that the last name has been converted. It will not always be indicated that the first name has been converted, it's just done.

Notes are added here and there when circumstances demand and should be self-explanatory.

The 1860 census follows a similar format to the 1850: each member of the HH is named, their age is given, occupation (if any), and place of birth. Most often, place of birth is just given as a state. In some cases, a county is given also. If it is a foreign country, it is written out.


1860 Federal Census


1860 – DE Kent Dover Hundred Federal Census –  **  George Knight, 37, Farmer, DE; Rachel Knight, 32, DE; Rachel Knight, 9, DE; Annie Knight, 7, DE; George Knight, 2, DE; William Purnel, 73, DE; John Gilson, 14, DE. (Note:  Two HHs split across two pages. A. new dwelling and family number was recorded for Annie, aged 7, on the second page by the census taker).  **  Daniel Knight, 59, Fisherman, DE; Mary Knight, 59, DE; John Shackley, 6, DE.  **  David Argo, 44, Farmer, DE; Robert Knight, 38, Laborer, DE; Mary Knight, 39, DE; Susan Knight, 11, DE; Mary Knight, 9, DE; Sarah Knight, 7, DE; David Knight, 5, DE; Rachel Knight, 4, DE.  **  John Knight, 28, Farmer, DE; Catherine Knight, 20, DE; John Knight, 2 mo., DE; Eliza Jones, 14, DE; Thomas Young, 22, Laborer, DE.  **  John H. Knight, 24, Laborer, DE; Mary Knight, 25, DE; George F. Knight, 1, DE.  **  James Williams, 30, Farmer, DE; Johanna Williams, 23, DE; Sarah Williams, 2, DE; Henry Williams, 1, DE; Robert Knight, 20, Laborer, DE; George Richardson, 19, Laborer, DE.

1860 – DE Kent Dover Federal Census –  **  John H. Knight, 23, Student at Law, DE, Living in Hotel.  **  William Duhamel, 61, Gentleman, MD; Mary P. Duhamel, 45, DE; Mary E. Duhamel, 20, DE; Annie Duhamel, 15, DE; Willie Duhamel, 12, DE; Catherine Karson, 21, Servant, DE; Sidney A. Knight, 6, Servant, DE; Edward Handy, 13, DE.

1860 – DE Kent Little Creek Hundred Federal Census –  **  Hewitt Knight, 32, Farmer, DE; Elizabeth J. Knight, 21, DE; James Steward, 31, Farm Hand, DE; Edward Goldsmith, 15, Farm Hand, DE; James Donley, 17, Farm Hand, DE; William Knight, 18, Farm Hand, DE; Lewis Hardy, 13, Ireland; James Haselow, 25, Farm Hand, DE; Elisha Frisby, 21, Farm Hand, DE; Ann Carrol, 18, Servant, DE; Ellen Miller, 12, DE.

1860 – DE Kent Murderkill Hundred Federal Census –  **  Marten Knight, 29, Farmer, DE; Sarah Knight, 26, DE; Daniel Knight, 5, DE; Martin Knight, 3, DE; Mary E. Knight, 6 mo., DE; Daniel Knight, 21, Laborer, DE; Sidney Wheatley, 19, DE; George Helphrage, 21, Laborer, DE.  **  James Knight, 55, Gentleman, DE; Margaret A. Knight, 43, DE; James Knight, 25, Student of Med, DE; Sallie Knight, 19, DE; Oliver Knight, 10, DE; Rose Knight, 8, DE; Alonzo Knight, 6, DE; Susan E. Warren, 16, DE; Annie Warren, 14, DE; John S. Warren, 10, DE.

1860 – DE New Castle Brandywine Hundred Federal Census –  **  Ezekiel   Knight, 73, Cooper, NY; Margaret Knight, 65, DE; Ezekiel Knight, 5, DE.  **  Edward Knight, 28, Ship Carpenter, DE; Mary Knight, 24, DE; Thomas M. Knight, 3, DE; Mary Ella Knight, 2 mo., DE.

1860 – DE New Castle St Georges Federal Census –  **  James R. Hoffecker, 22, Farmer, DE; Margaret Knight, 30, House Keeper, DE; May C. Knight, 8, DE; Steven Brister, 28, Farm Laborer, DE; William Dale, 15, Farm Laborer, DE; Harry Brister, 10, DE.

1860 – DE New Castle Wilmington Ward 3 Federal Census –  **  J. J. Knight, 22, Machinist, PA, Living in Boarding House.  **  Abraham Knight, 73, Retired, PA; Susanna Knight, 79, PA.


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