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1860 Census Extracted and Compiled by Jerry Knight

Census Records from Images provided by USA National Archives and Records Administration. Washington D.C. extracted by myself from images on ancestry.com

Households (HH) are separated by double asterisks thus: ** and the name of the Head of Household (HH) on the record is in bold for ease of finding. You can easily use the formatting to convert the running text into lists with "find/replace" functions.

Names are most often converted to the modern spelling unless some circumstance dictates otherwise. This makes it easy to find people without having to try ten different ways of spelling a name. All names written such as "Wm, Jos, Jno, Geo, Jas" and so forth, will be automatically converted to the full spelling with no indication that this has been done. If there is uncertainty, it will be noted.

If there is something unusual about how the name appears in the record and/or how the transcriber rendered it, that is denoted as follows: (text: Knite, trans: Kite). This means the text said "Knite" but the ancestry.com transcriber turned it into "Kite". If you just see something like "John Knight (Knyght)" that simply means that the last name has been converted. It will not always be indicated that the first name has been converted, it's just done.

Notes are added here and there when circumstances demand and should be self-explanatory.

The 1860 census follows a similar format to the 1850: each member of the HH is named, their age is given, occupation (if any), and place of birth. Most often, place of birth is just given as a state. In some cases, a county is given also. If it is a foreign country, it is written out.


1860 Federal Census


1860 – FL Alachua District 17 Federal Census –  **  Jonathan Knight, 51, Farmer, GA; Christiana Knight, 39, GA; Thomas Knight, 18, Farm Laborer; , GA; Sarah Knight, 15, GA; Nancy Knight, 13, GA; Cynthia Knight, 11, FL; John Knight, 4, FL; James Knight, 10 mo, FL.  **  Jeptha Knight, 43, Farmer, GA; Mary M. Knight, 22, GA; David L. Y. Knight, 15, FL; George M. Knight, 14, FL; Thomas J. Knight, 13, FL; Margaret F. Knight, 10, FL; Julia A. E. Knight, 9, FL; Lemuel L. Knight, 5, FL; James C. Knight, 2, FL; William J. Knight, 1, FL.

1860 – FL Clay Federal Census –  **  Dane Knight, 27, Farmer, FL; Mary Knight, 49, GA; Rhoda Knight, 19, GA; Susan Knight, 16, GA; James Knight, 11, FL; Thomas Knight, 7, FL.  **  M. Knight, 34, Clerk of the Court, GA; Mary E. Knight, 28, GA; Thomas Knight, 4, FL; Jonathan Knight, 5 mo, FL.

1860 – FL Columbia Federal Census –  **  Caroline Thompson, 50, Farming, GA; Maria Herbert, 27, GA; Florinda A. Thomkins, 16, FL; William B. Knight, 9, FL.  **  Samuel D. Stewart, 37, Farmer, GA; Emily E. Stewart, 33, GA; Baker Stewart, 3, FL; Algernon Stewart, 1, FL; Maria Knight, 14, FL; Mathew Knight, 12, FL; Julia Knight, 8, FL; Mary Knight, 7, FL.  **  Cerdery Y. Savage, 44, R. R. Contractor, NC; Oliver H. Savage, R. R. Contractor, 40, NC; Nathan Collins, Laborer RR, 22, NC; Michael Laurence, 24, NC; David Taylor (Faylor), 30, NC; Uriah Eure, 24, NC; John Parker, 19, NC; Danprey Knight, 26, NC; William Bend, 22, NC.  **  Thomas J. Knight, 28, Farmer, GA; Cindy O. Knight, 28, GA; Lelora V. Knight, 2 mo., GA.  **  James Knight, 51, Farmer, GA; Mary Knight, 51, GA; James R. L. Knight, 22, Laborer, GA; Susan Knight, 17, GA; James R. C. Knight, 9, GA.

1860 – FL Duval Federal Census –  **  Solomon Knight, 40, GA; Elizabeth Knight, 30, FL; John Knight, 11, FL; Elizabeth Knight, 9, FL; Anna Knight, 7, FL; Solomon Knight, 5, FL; James Knight, 3, FL; Infant Knight, 3 mo., FL.

1860 – FL Escambia Pensacola Federal Census –  **  Henrietta Lyons, 44, Merchant, Germany; Rosa Lyons, 16, AL; Moses Lyons, 14, AL; Matilda Lyons, 12, AL; George Folley, 22, Sail Maker MD; William Knight, 39, Ship Joiner, TN; Edward McHoney, 24, Sail Maker, VA.  **  John A. Knight, 60, Farmer, NC; Mary P. Knight, 57, NC; William P. Knight, 40, Laborer, , NC; Benjamin Knight, 27, Laborer, NC; James H. Knight, 18, Carpenter, GA; Daniel M. Knight, 18, Carpenter, GA; Mary F. Knight, 16, AL; Mary Ann Knight, 15, AL; Elizabeth Ware (Waire), 24, NC; John J. Ware, 25, GA; Mary H. Ware, 4, AL; Amanda D. Ware, 3 mo., FL.

1860 – FL Franklin Apalachicola Federal Census –  **  J. W. Knight, 26, NC; Seely A. Knight, 26, GA; M. A. Knight, 9 mo., FL.

1860 – FL Hamilton Federal Census –  **  Thomas Knight, 40, Farmer, GA; Sarah Ann Knight, 36, GA; Sarah A. C. Knight, 16, FL; John Knight, 17, FL; Mary Knight, 13, FL; Jonathan Knight, 10, FL; William Knight, 8, FL; Martha Knight, 6, FL; Rachel R. D. Knight, 5, FL; Levi J. Knight, 1, FL; Elias Daniel, 25, Plow Man, GA; John Daniel, 20, Plow Man, GA.  **  Hiram Knight, 35, Farmer, GA; Mary Knight, 27, FL; Andrew P. Knight, 7, FL; Sarah E. Knight, 5, FL; Aaron S. Knight, 1, FL.  **  George A. Knight, 31, Merchant, ME; Martha Knight, 35; GA; Albin W. Knight, 1, FL.  **  A. W. Knight, 38, Physician, ME; Caroline Knight, 32, GA; A. S. Knight, 9, FL; E. A. Knight, 7, FL; L. B. Knight, 6, FL; R. D. Knight, 4, FL; A. M. Knight, 8 mo., FL.

1860 – FL Hillsborough Federal Census –  **  Samuel Knight, 58, Farmer, GA; Mary Knight, 68, SC.  **  Joel Knight, 38, Farmer, GA; Virginia Knight, 25, AL; Thomas Knight, 11, FL; Mary Knight, 9, FL; Jackson Knight, 7, FL; George Knight, 4, FL; Henry Knight, 5 mo., FL.  **  Jesse Knight, 42, Farmer, GA; Rebecca Knight, 35, SC; Aaron Knight, 15, FL; Mary Knight, 12, FL; William Knight, 14, FL; Levi Knight, 9, FL; Jesse Knight, 8, FL; Zachariah Knight, 6, FL; Frances Knight, 5, FL; Mattie Knight (Massey), 2, FL; Rebecca Knight, 1, FL; Martha A. Nakia, 18, School Teacher, SC.

1860 – FL Holmes Federal Census –  **  Simon Chapman, 27, Farmer, FL; Martha Chapman, 26, Domestic, FL; Martha F. Knight (Night), 4, FL; Mary E. Knight, 2, FL; William R. Chapman, 2 mo., FL.

1860 – FL Jackson Marianna Federal Census –  **  John Knight, 27, Stage Driver, NC; living in Tavern Boarding House.  **  Thomas Maples, 30, Laborer, SC; Eliza Maples, 29, GA; Rutha Everett, 15, FL; Daniel Knight, 10, GA. ~~ Note: The microfilm images at Ancestry.com for Mariana, Jackson County, FL are scrambled. The record for this family is split with Thomas Maples on frame 6 of Jackson “Not Stated” and the remainder of the family on frame 5 of Jackson, Marianna.

1860 – FL Leon Tallahassee Federal Census –  **  George W. Knight, 31, Lawyer, GA; Sarah E. Knight, 24, GA; M. E. S. Knight, 2, FL; F. M. Bunker, 20, Clerk in drug store, SC; Thomas Lloyd, 20, Clerk in store, FL.

1860 – FL Levy Federal Census –  **  Elisha Walker, 44, Farmer, GA; Caroline D. S. Walker, 24, FL; Drucilla Walker, 16, FL; Elias Walker, 13, FL; David S. Walker, 9, FL; Susannah Walker, 7, FL; Zylphia Walker, 5, FL; Daniel A. Walker, 3, FL; Mary I. Walker, 9 mo., FL.  ~~ Note: Ancestry.com users indicate Caroline D. S. Walker’s maiden name was Caroline D. S. Knight.

1860 – FL Madison Federal Census –  **  John Knight, 36, Planter, SC; Rebecca Knight, 51, GA; Moses H. Knight, 14, GA; Sarah J. Knight, 12, GA.

1860 – FL Monroe Key West Federal Census –  **  Joseph Smith, 50, Mariner, NY; Elizabeth Smith, 32, Baden Germany; Francis Knight, 10, FL; Peter Knight, 8, FL; Caroline Beiglette, 6, FL; John Beiglette, 4, FL.

1860 – FL New RiverFederal Census –  **  James H. Knight, 42, Farmer, GA; Lucinda Knight, 42, GA; William H. Knight, Laborer, 18, GA; Mathew V. Knight, Laborer, 16, GA; Collin T. Knight, 14, FL; Jonathan L. Knight, 14, FL; John W. Knight, 12, FL; David M. Knight, 10, FL; Moses E. Knight, 8, FL; Henry H. Knight, 6, FL; Albert M. Knight, 5, FL; Amanda C. Knight, 2, FL.  **  J. R. Knight, 23, Laborer, GA.  ~~ Note: The Ancestry.com search program does not find any matches for New River County, Florida in the 1860 census. The HH is found only by a search of the state of Florida without county specified.

1860 – FL Santa Rosa Division 2 Federal Census –  **  Martin J. Lavell, 26, Mechanic, FL; Elizabeth Lavell, 24, AL; Oscar Lavell, 6, AL; Mary E. Lavell, 5, FL; Jeremiah Lavell, 3, FL; John H. Lavell, 1, TX; Samuel M. Knight, 23, Mechanic, ME.

1860 – FL Santa Rosa Milton Federal Census –  **  Neal McMillan, 54, Farmer, NC; C. M. McMillan, 36, AL; Anna E. McMillan, 1, FL; Henry Frater, 18, Laborer, FL; Angeline Knight, 15, AL.

1860 – FL Taylor District 3 Federal Census –  **  Rhoda Armstrong, 43, Hireling, GA; Artimissia Armstrong, 12, FL; Martha Armstrong, 5, GA; Lovey Armstrong, 2, FL; William K. Knight, 42, Farm Laborer, GA.

1860 – FL Volusia Federal Census –  **  Samuel Knight, 39, Farmer, FL; Nancy Knight, 36, FL; George W. Knight, 15, FL; Mary Jane Knight, 13, FL.

1860 – FL Wakulla Newport Federal Census –  **  John Knight, 25, Moulder, PA, living in hotel.


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