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1860 Census Extracted and Compiled by Jerry Knight

Census Records from Images provided by USA National Archives and Records Administration. Washington D.C. extracted by myself from images on ancestry.com

Households (HH) are separated by double asterisks thus: ** and the name of the Head of Household (HH) on the record is in bold for ease of finding. You can easily use the formatting to convert the running text into lists with "find/replace" functions.

Names are most often converted to the modern spelling unless some circumstance dictates otherwise. This makes it easy to find people without having to try ten different ways of spelling a name. All names written such as "Wm, Jos, Jno, Geo, Jas" and so forth, will be automatically converted to the full spelling with no indication that this has been done. If there is uncertainty, it will be noted.

If there is something unusual about how the name appears in the record and/or how the transcriber rendered it, that is denoted as follows: (text: Knite, trans: Kite). This means the text said "Knite" but the ancestry.com transcriber turned it into "Kite". If you just see something like "John Knight (Knyght)" that simply means that the last name has been converted. It will not always be indicated that the first name has been converted, it's just done.

Notes are added here and there when circumstances demand and should be self-explanatory.

The 1860 census follows a similar format to the 1850: each member of the HH is named, their age is given, occupation (if any), and place of birth. Most often, place of birth is just given as a state. In some cases, a county is given also. If it is a foreign country, it is written out.


1860 Federal Census


1860 – LA Assumption Federal Census -  **  Alexandre Verdine, 25, Cooper, LA; William Knight, 25, Cooper, LA; John Knight, 16, Apprentice Cooper, LA; Auguste Barras, 23, Cooper, LA; Theophile Talmer, 22, Cooper, LA; Roselia Knight, 22, LA; John Wesley Knight, 1, LA; Malinda Verdine, 50, LA; Richard Verdine, 19, Apprentice Cooper, LA; Lavinia Verdine, 13, LA; Rebecca Verdine, 10, LA; Hyppolite Verdine, 7, LA; William Verdine, 4, LA; Elizabeth Verdine, 3, LA; Mary Verdine, 1, LA; Marcelite Verdine, 80, LA; Felonise Verdine, 6, LA.  ~~ Note: John Knight, aged 16, is mis-indexed on Ancestry.com where he is listed without last name. He is listed below William Knight and the census taker did not repeat last names, although he usually inserted a ditto mark.  Infant John Wesley, age 1 is listed directly below Roselia Knight, so it likely that his name is John Wesley Knight.

1860 – LA Bossier Federal Census -  **  E. W. Knight (Night), 26, Agent for Len E. Hamilton. ~~ Note: No other information given.  There does not appear to be a “Len” Hamilton, but there is Lander or Landes Hamilton b. MS in Ward 5 of Bossier Parish.  Since no indication is given of E. W. Knight being from elsewhere, and “GA” is dittoed from several lines above, he may also be from GA.  The value of the estate given is probably that of Hamilton, and is quite high.

1860 – LA Bossier Ward 4 Federal Census -  **  J. J. Knight, 35, Planter, LA; B. F. Knight, 28, Overseer, LA.

1860 – LA Carroll Ward 5 Federal Census -  **  Thomas Knight, 23, Laborer, MS; Minerva Knight, 24, Wife, MS; John T. Knight, 3, LA; William F. Knight, 5 mo., LA.  **  Zacariah Knight, 31, Laborer, MS; Frelove Knight, 20, Wife, AL; Tarlton D. Knight, 1 mo., LA.  **  William C. Dixon, 26, Physician and Farmer, FL; Marshall D. Dixon, 27, Farmer, GA; Edwin Knight, 16, Laborer, MS; John B. Simpson, 55, MS.  **  William J. Cottonham, 38, Farmer, AL; Emely P. Cottonham, 41, Wife, KY; Samantha Knight, 16, Assist. House Keeper MS; James Lewis, 13, Orphan, LA.

1860 – LA Catahoula Wallace Ridge Federal Census -  **  E. Knight, 33, Planter, TN; Eliza Knight, 40, TN; Julia Ballard (Ballerd), 17, TN; Oliver Ballard, 15, TN; Frances Ballard, 13, TN; Josephine Ballard, 12, TN; Eliza Ballard, 9, TN; Isabella Knight, 7, LA; Martha Knight, 3, LA; William Knight, 25, Laborer, TN; J. Robert Knight, 60, Laborer, PA.  ~~ Note: The last name of Isabella Knight, Martha Knight and William Knight are transcribed as Ballerd and J. Robert Knight is transcribed as J. Roberts by ancestry.com transcriber.

1860 – LA East Feliciana Federal Census -  **  E. Knight, 38, LA; S. Knight, 17, MS; M. E. Knight, 13, MS; S. V. Knight, 10, MS; W. W. Knight, 7, MS; H. J. Knight, 9 mo., LA.  **  N. A. Knight, 44, Engineer, RI; M. L. Knight, 27, LA; F. P. Knight, 8, LA; W. Knight, 2, LA.

1860 – LA Jackson Jackson Federal Census -  **  Elijah Knight (Kight ), 30, Farmer, GA; Nancy J. Knight, 24, Domestic, GA; David Knight, 5, AL.  **  John Knight (Kight), 28, Farmer, GA; Mary A. Knight, 26, Domestic, GA; Nancy C. Knight, 4, AL; William D. Knight, 3, AL; George W. Knight, 6, LA.  **  N. P. Knight, 33, Grocer, TN; Mary M. Knight, 23, Domestic, TN; Fanny B. Knight, 2, LA; Mary F. Knight, 3 mo., LA; James Gunn, 30, Clerk, AL.  **  Micajah H. Clark (Micager), 29, Farmer, SC; Claricy Clark, 27, Domestic, SC; William Knight (Kight), 4, LA.  Note:The census taker recorded the last name for these Knights as as “Kight”. Ancestry.com users indicate the last name should be Knight. Additionally, again HHs are mis-indexed on Ancestry.com, lumped together with many other HHs.

1860 – LA Lafourche Ward 9 Federal Census -  **  Joseph Knight, 49, Engineer, LA; Eleonora Knight, 38, LA; John Knight, 17, LA; Elisa Knight, 16, LA; Marie Knight, 14, LA; Sarah Knight, 11, LA; Mellie Knight, 9, LA; Joseph Knight, 6, LA; Louisa Knight, 4, LA; Louisianne Knight, 1, LA.

1860 – LA Orleans Federal Census -  **  John Forshee, 47, Butcher, NY; Sarah Forshee, 46, England; William H. Forshee, 19, LA; John H. Forshee, 16, LA; Edwin K. Forshee, 13, LA; Charles C. Forshee, 12, LA; Sallie S. A. Forshee, 7, LA; Harriet C. Knight, 26, England; William Schmucker, 26, Salesman, Germany; Adelaide Schmucker, 23, France; Sarah Schmucker, 2, LA.  ~~ Note: Entry for John Forshee is unreadable due to faded ink or poor image quality.

1860 – LA Orleans Ward 2 Federal Census -  **  B. Martin, 35, Coffee House, Ireland; Catherine Martin, 35, Ireland; Mary Martin, 13, MS; Martha Martin, 11, MS; Arthur Martin, 6 LA; William White, 30, LA; Catherine Martin, 4, LA; Theresa Martin, 1, LA; Thomas McManus, 23, Laborer, NY; James McManus, 21 Laborer, NY; Owen Martin, 59, Ireland; Robert Knight, 22, Laborer, England; Robert Youd, Laborer, LA; Michael Eddy, 24, Laborer, LA; Timothy Collins, 25, VA; Hamilton Smith, 40, VA; Byron Glaerty, 30, Ireland.  **  Margaret Howe, 30, Ireland; James Howe, 2, LA; James Knight, 23, DE; Stephen E. Hulsey, 22, SC; Catherine E. Harrison, 10, LA; Benjamin Knight, 18, Clerk, NY; Mary J. Fulton, 30, Ireland.  **  Maria Alison, 50, School, England; Elizabeth Alison, 48, School, England; Margaret J. Boudet, 50, Barber, England; Joseph E. Alison, 42, Printer, England; Ella Knights, 8, LA; Clara Knights, 6, LA; Louisa Ventress, 14, LA; Ellen Gallagher, 35, Pilot, Ireland; Benjamin Smith, 36, Dentist, NY.  **  Catherine Knight, 70, VA; Arabella Crass, 28, KY; Catherine Crass, 8, LA; George Crass, 2, LA.  **  Fred Runkle, 31, Laborer, Saxony; Barbara Runkle, 50, Austria; Peter Janin, 45, Austria; Edward Elkis, 42, LA; Nathan Koch, 50, Hannover; David Semmes, 42, NY; James Knight, 33, NY; Thomas Randall, 41, ME; John Roach, 33, Ireland. ~~ Note: This census record is nearly unreadable due to faded ink on Ancestry.com. The census HH is split over two pages. The Ancestry.com HH for Robert Knight starts at the top of the second page at Catherine Martin, age 4.

1860 – LA Orleans Ward 3 Federal Census -  **  Edward Lublin, 30, Blacksmith, Germany; Hammond Knight, 26, Locksmith, NJ; James Coombs, 32, Ireland; Luke Farleigh, 25, Bricklayer, Ireland.  **  S. S. Smith, 28, Steam Boat Captain, TX; James Allen, 28, Clerk, NJ; John Knight, 26, Clerk, NJ; Mary Moon, 25, Servant, Ireland; John Recter, 25, Merchant, Germany.  **  Joseph Knight, 43, Hostler, Living with about 20 others in a Hostler business, England.  *  James Knight, 30, SB. Carpenter, DE; Esther Knight, 9, DE; James Knight, 7, DE.  ~~ Note: Edward Lublin transcribed dwelling number of 207 is incorrect; actual dwelling number is 213.

1860 – LA Orleans Ward 8 Federal Census -  **  Cat Knight (Night), 40, Madeira Island; Louisa Knight, 20, LA. New Orleans; Mag Knight, 9, LA. New Orleans; Mad Knight, 8, LA. New Orleans.  ~~ Note:  This HH is duplicated in New Orleans Ward 9. There are 4 pages of duplicates between the two census records; see below.

1860 – LA Orleans Ward 9 Federal Census -  **  William Knight, 38, Marine Hospital, England.  **  Cat Night, 40, Germany; Louisa Night, 20, LA. New Orleans; Marguerite Night, 9, LA. New Orleans; Michel Night, 8, LA. New Orleans. ~~ Note: This HH is duplicated in New Orleans Ward 8. There are 4 pages of duplicates between the two census records with small variations.

1860 – LA Orleans Ward 10 Federal Census -  **  Nick McEntyre, 45, Laborer, Ireland; Margaret McEntyre, 35, Ireland; Mary Ann McEntyre, 9, LA; Rose McEntyre, 5, LA; Margaret McEntyre, 3, LA; John McEntyre, 4 mo., LA; Andrew Knight, 40, Ireland.

1860 – LA Orleans Ward 11 Federal Census -  **  W. C. D. Vaught, 26, Clerk, TN; Mary F. Vaught, 44, Ireland; Mary M. Vaught, 18, TN; Albert Vaught, 13, TN; Mary Vahl, 19, Domestic, Baden; George Knight, 20, Clerk, GA.

1860 – LA PlaqueminesFederal Census -  **  John Knight, 26, Fisherman, MA;  **  William Keeley Knight, 76, Custom House Officer, England; Elizabeth Knight, 60, England;  **  Robert E. Knight, 28, LA; Catherine Knight, 23, LA; Josephine Knight, 16, LA.

1860 – LA Rapides Federal Census -  **  Robert Knight, 27, Farmer, GA; Arrina Knight (Irena?), 23, AL; Martha Jane Knight, 2 ?, LA; Sarah F. Knight, 12, LA; John Knight, 10, AL; Robert Knight, 3 mo., LA.  **  Daniel R. Knight, 24, Farmer, FL; Harriett Jane Knight, 21, FL; Infant Knight, 6 mo., LA; Ann Dixon, 18, LA.  **  Joseph Turner, 23, Farmer; FL; Rebecca Turner, 24, GA; Mary Ann Turner, 8; FL; Rutha Jane Turner, 6; FL; Sarah E. Turner, 4; FL; Francis F. Turner, 3 mo., LA; Robert Knight, 16, Farm Labor, AL.   **  Thomas S. Knight, 30, Farmer, GA; Barzilla Knight, 30, Farm, GA; Mary Knight, 6, FL; Elizabeth Knight, 4, LA; John Knight, 2, LA.  **  John C. Knight, 34, Farmer, GA; Nancy Knight, 63, GA; Eleanor Lovitt, 32, GA; James W. Lovitt, 6, FL; Thomas Knight, 5, LA; Mary Knight, 3, LA; Rutha Knight, 1, LA; John Lovitt, 8, FL; William Lovitt, 5, FL.  **  John C. Sneed, 46, Farmer, LA; Sarah Sneed, 30, MS; Mary Sneed, 13, LA; William Sneed, 13, LA; John Sneed, 11, LA; Minerva Sneed, 11, LA; Angeline Knight, 12, LA; Josephine Knight, 10, LA; Cora Sneed, 6, LA; George W. Sneed, 4, LA; Mitchell Sneed, 3, LA; Franklin Sneed, 7 mo., LA; Benjamin Price, 60 (trans: 6), School Teacher, LA.  **  Thomas Richardson, 23, Farmer, LA; Letha Ann Richardson, 20, LA; Thomas E. Richardson, 2, LA; Eliza Jenette, 4 mo., LA; Asenath H. Desmuke, 20, LA; Edwin G. Hunter, 7, LA; Daniel P. Knight, 26, Overseer, LA.  **  O. N. Ogden, 42, Atty Law, NC; Mary E. Ogden, 17, LA; D. F. Knight, 28, Overseer, VA; Mary Ann Knight, 22, VA; T. Wilson, 40, Carpenter, AL. ~~ Note:  This last HH is mis-indexed on Ancestry.com where it is lumped together with several previous HHs.

1860 – LA St Martin Attakapas Federal Census -  **  William Lourd, 30, Manager, PA; Mathilda Knight, 22, OH; Therence Wiltz, 30, Carpenter, LA.  **  James Knight, 52, Brick maker, KY; Mary A. Smith, 46, LA; Charles Knight, 16, LA; Edwin R. Knight, 14, LA; Amanda M. Knight, 11, LA; Calvin Knight, 9, LA; Albert C. Knight, 7, LA.

1860 – LA St Mary W. District Federal Census -  **  James Taylor, 45, Boss Cooper, Ireland; George Knight, 26, Cooper, England.  **  Mrs. Knight, 60, LA.  **  Eveline Knight, 87, Planter, LA; Douglas Knight, 16, LA; Francis Knight, 11, LA; Elvira Hartman, 10, LA; Amelia Knight, 8, LA; Emma Knight, 6, LA; I. L. Knight, 3, LA.  **  Joseph Knight, 47 , Planter and Methodist Preacher, LA; Mathilde Knight, 35, LA; John Knight, 15, LA; M. Knight, 11, LA; Leona Knight, 6, LA; Deneza Knight, 6 mo., LA; John Howard, 32, Overseer, AL (p. 82 of 100).  *  Mrs Knight, 68, LA.  **  H. Knight, 48, Planter, LA; Zelmira Knight, 40, LA; Sylvia Knight (Sevilia), 19, LA; Edward Knight, 17, LA; Ernestine Knight, 16, LA; Harry Knight, 11, LA; Joseph Knight, 9, LA; Emilia Knight, 7, LA; Alamon Knight, 3, LA; William Knight, 62, LA; Jackson Semely, 24, Overseer, LA.  ~~ Note: These HHs are completely messed up by both the scribe and ancestry transcribers who just weren’t thinking.  Amelia Knight, aged 8, is given her own HH with her small siblings and the transcriber just let it pass!  Joseph Knight was entered on the sheet as aged 14 and is thus transcribed, though he is a planter and a preacher with several children.  In the 1870 census, this same Joseph, with identifiable family members, is 57 which would make him 47 in 1860.

James Knight 1860 census

1860 – LA Terrebonne Houma Federal Census -  **  W. H. Knight, 26, Lawyer, LA; N. H. Rightor, 28, Lawyer, LA; A. J. Delaporte, 27, County Recorder, LA.

1860 – LA Terrebonne Ward 4 Federal Census -  **  Raymond Knight, 47, Farmer, TX; Lorenzo Knight, 25, LA; George Knight, 22, LA; Timothy Knight, 19, LA; Theotiste Knight, 13, LA; Roman Knight, 11, LA; Henry Knight, 9, LA; Mary Knight, 4, LA; Benjamin Knight, 3, LA; Fillmore Knight, 2, LA; Lorenzo Knight, 2 mo., LA; J. C. Etter, 45, Day Laborer, LA.  **  Michael Knight, 54, Planter, LA; J. B. Knight, 20, LA; John Knight, 17, LA; Zachary Knight, 10, LA; Ella Knight, 8, LA; Clara Knight, 5, LA; A. Lothrop, 21, LA; Michael Lothrop, 2, LA; Thomas B. Knight, 18, LA; Alcide Knight, 17, LA; William Knight, 13, LA; Henry Campbell, 27, Cooper, Ireland; Daniel Brady, 30, Blacksmith, Ireland.

1860 – LA Terrebonne Ward 13 Federal Census -  **  J. M. C. Knight, 44, Planter, LA; Ann Knight, 31, LA; Josephine Knight, 12, LA; James Knight, 10, LA; Leone Knight, 8, LA; Michael Knight, 6, LA; Henry Knight, 4, LA; Rosema Knight, 2, LA; Mary Knight, 6 mo., LA.

1860 – LA Washington Ward 5 Federal Census -  **  George Knight, 28, Farmer, LA; Martha Anne Knight, 19, MS; Morgana J. Knight, 1, LA.  **  James Knight, 31, Farmer, LA; Nancy Knight, 27, LA; John W. Knight, 7, LA; George Knight, 5, LA; William P. Knight, 3, LA; Calvin M. Knight, 8 mo., LA.

1860 – LA Washington Ward 8 Federal Census -  **  Charles Knight, 74, Farmer, VA; Susannah Knight, 57, GA; Calvin Knight, 22, Farmer, LA.  **  William Knight, 37, LA; Martha C. Knight, 30, MS; Susan Knight, 13, LA; William Knight, 10, LA; Mary Knight, 12, LA; Sarah Knight, 6, LA; James Knight, 4, LA; Clarinda Knight, 2, LA.


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