Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1740 - 1749

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.

See Also John Knight of Sussex County VA For detailed discussion of some of the Knights appearing in this section as well as a discussion of how County changes might affect interpretation of records. It may also be helpful to study the map of North Carolina Counties, or Precincts, at the time, in comparison to the VA state line. In the image below, I've added a red blotch in the area where the Knights of Sussex were located. The Nottoway River apparently formed the line between Surry and Sussex and Isle of Wight and Southampton.

VA 1750 Nottoway


NC 1740


1740 VA Surry – Admin – Francis Eppes - A deed reciting that Sarah, wife of Francis Eppes, of Prince George County, was a daughter of Robert Hamblin [Hamlin, Hamelin] and Ann his wife. (Parks 1982, p. 592)

1740 – Feb 10 - VA Surry/Sussex – Bap – Peter Knight – s/o John Knight and Elizabeth; (b. Jan 8); sps: Peter Hawthorn, Chauncy Tatum, Mary Eppes. (Richards 1958, p. 39) Note: The first recorded child of John Knight of Sussex and his second wife, Elizabeth Eppes.  John already had a family with his first wife, Elizabeth Jordan, now deceased.

1740 - Feb 15 VA Stafford – Bap - John Knight – s/o Leonard Knight and Eleanor born. Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66)  

Note: In 1734 Dec 26, we saw William Knight marrying Jane Butler and this was surely the son of Leonard Knight and his wife Anne. Here we see a Leonard Knight baptizing a child and this must also, surely, be a son of Leonard, i.e. Leonard Knight JR.

1740 - Mar 12 VA Goochland – Admin - John Carter, Esq – Land patent for 1350 acs on the head brs. Of the Byrd Cr. On Hanover Co. line adj. Thomas Clark & James Meredith. (Nugent IV, p. 209)

1740 - Mar 12 VA Goochland – Admin - John Woodson, Gent – Land patent for 2,590 acs on both sides of Fleming’s Park Cr. Of the N side of James Riv. All round 200 acs. Ptd. To Robert Napier Junior, near the N side of a run of Treasurers R; adj. David Mims, Daniel Johnson, Henry Webb, Thomas Carter, Isham Randolph, Gent., John Bolling Gent., Tarlton Fleming, Bowler Cocke Gent., Ashford & Stephen Hughes, Thomas Massie dec’d., Leonard & Thomas Ballow, & William Cabbell Gent. (Nugent IV, p. 211)

1740 - Mar 12 VA Goochland – Admin - Charles Lewis, Gent – Land patent for 350 acs W side of the Byrd Cr. Adj. Ebenezer Adams dec’d & John Martin, Gent. (Nugent IV, p. 212)

1740 - Mar 12 VA Goochland – Admin - Robert Woodson – Land patent for 400 acrs adj. Robert Rogers, Ebenezer Adams dec’d, James Christian, John Richardson & John Fleming. (Nugent IV, p. 217)

1740 Mar 12 VA Amelia – Admin - Samuel Jordan – Land patent for 1360 acs. On the S side of Little Nottoway Riv., adj. Anderson & Nance.  (Nugent IV, p. 212)

1740 - Mar 16VA Surry/Sussex – Bap – Sylvanus Stokes – s/o Jones and Anne Stokes; Albemarle Parish: William Knight, Vaughan Kilborn, Rebeccca Harwood, sps. (Richards 1958, p. 48) Note: Anne Stokes is the daughter of John Knight and Elizabeth Jordan Knight.

1740 - Apr 22 NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight, Martha Knight – and James Griffin, witnesses to the will of John Battle. (Grimes 1910, p. 24)

1740 – SC Charleston – Admin - Abraham Knight - On the Petit Jury list. (Jury Lists, 1740, Acts #664 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 7; Family Number: 115)

1740 – SC Colleton – Admin - Caleb Knight - On the Petit Jury list of St. John’s Island.  (Jury Lists, 1740, Acts #664 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 11; Family Number: 124) 

1740 - May FL St AugustineInfo - “The VA Assembly passed two Acts appropriating money to pay the expenses of a Virginia force in the war then being waged with Spain (Hening V, 92-96, 121-123). Four hundred men formed the Virginia quota, and Governor Gooch, who had been in the army, commanded all the Colonial forces. It was the unsuccessful Carthagena expedition.” (VA Hist. Soc., Vol. XXV, pp. 286-287)

Note: The list includes a John Knight as one of the Virginian “common sailors”. There are many names familiar as being associated with Knights such as Turner, Johnson, Williams, Dewitt, Young, Lewis, Walker, Kent, Cook, Martin.  This John Knight would probably have been born no later than 1721. The Northumberland Knights were from a seafaring family.

1740 - Jun 8VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight & Richard Knight – W/ Elizabeth Horn; sps to Joshua King s/o John King and Sarah; Albemarle Parish:  (Richards 1958, p. 29)

1740 - Nov 2 - VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight – with Hannah Felse, Rebecca Harris, sps. to Lucretia Sansenick, d/o James and Mary Sasenick; Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 32)

1740 - Dec 1 VA Orange – Admin - James Bell – Land patent for 400 acres “For the Imp. Of 8 pers: “ including James Bell, John Bell, Rachel Bell, Margaret Bell, Elizabeth Bell. (Nugent IV, p. 232)

1740 - Dec 1 VA Orange– Admin - John Anderson – Land patent for 270 acres “For the Imp. Of 5 pers.: John Anderson, Jane Anderson, Esther Anderson, Mary Anderson & Margaret Anderson.” (Nugent IV, p. 233)

1741 - Mar 2VA Surry/Sussex – Bur – Alice Knight - Albemarle Parish:  reported to parish by William Knight. (Richards 1958, p. 212)

1740/1 Mar 11 NC Beaufort – Admin - William Cason – Land patent for 200 acs joining the run below George Moy, Casons run, and a meadow being the Plantation he formerly lived on. (Hofman 1982, p. 171)

Note: Beaufort County was first called Pamptecough. The name was changed about 1712 to Beaufort, named for Henry Scudamore, 3rd Duke of Beaufort, who became one of Carolina's Lords Proprietor around 1709.

1741 - Mar 29VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight – with Edward Shelton, Lucy Stokes, sps. to Nathanael Newsom, s/o Thomas and Taphenas Newsom; Albemarle Parish.  (Richards 1958, p. 37)

1741 - Apr 4 NC Edgecombe – Admin - Arthur Whitehead – Land patent for 300 acs on the S. side of the Tarr river. (Hofman 1982, p. 168)

1741 - Apr 4 NC Edgecombe – Admin - James Cotton – Land patent for 640 acs. joining the N. side of Fishing Creek. (Hofman 1982, p. 170)

1741 - Jun 1 VA Orange – Admin - Charles Dewit – Land patent for 400 acres. (Nugent IV, p. 241)

1741 - Jul 25 VA Surry – Admin - John Knight – Land patent for 540 acres S side of Nottaway Riv., S side of Lee’s br., adj. Richard Avery & Abraham Evans. (Nugent IV, p. 248)

Note: This is John Knight d. 1762, whose Will is below where he will mention this land. He married 1st, Elizabeth Jordan and 2nd, Elizabeth Eppes. The evidence tends to strongly indicate that he was the son of James Knight of Northumberland who removed to Isle of Wight & Nansemond Counties and thus, the grandson of Capt. Peter Knight. It would be in this vicinity that he would be associated with the Jordans and Eppes who located there.

1741 - Aug 20 VA Surry – Admin - John Anderson – Land patent for 200 acres “S side of the main Black Water Sw., adj. The lines of the College Land, Joel Barker & Thomas Vaughan.” (Nugent IV, p. 251)

1741 - Aug 20 VA Amelia – Admin - Richard Anderson – Land patent for 252 acres “S side of Appamattox Riv., on Polcatt Br.; bet. The lines of George Pollard, Thomas Pruitt, Thomas Foster & Paulen Anderson.” (Nugent IV, p. 251)

1741 - Sep 25 NC New Hanover – Admin - Joseph Bell – Land patent for 620 acs on Lockwoods folly river … Pinch Gut branch… (Hofman 1982, p. 175)

1742 - Feb 12 VA Brunswick – Admin - John Knight - Land patent for 383 acs. on S. side of Nottoway Riv. bounded by Fishers Corner on dry Cr. (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 26, No. 3, p. 217)

1742 - Mar 2 – VA Stafford – Mar - Thomas Fletcher & Mary Knight - Overwharton Parish. (Fletcher, p. 62 Fletcher)  

Note: This Thomas Fletcher was prob. son of James Fletcher and wife Eleanor of Stafford Co.  Mary Knight was the daughter of William Knight and Jane Butler.  William was the son of Leonard Knight and Ann Short Knight and thus the grandson of Capt. Peter Knight. William left a will, (below), in 1766, where he left a bequest to Rebecca Fletcher, probably sister to this Thomas.

1742 - May 6 NC Bertie – Admin - Francis Boykin – Land patent fo 168 acs “on the cypress Swamp, joining Gabriel Parker”… (Hofman 1982, p. 168)

1742 - May 6 NC Edgecombe – Admin - Joseph Parker – Land patent for 200 acs. (Hofman 1982, p. 168)

1742 - May 18 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - Francis Parker - Of Edgecombe Co. to John Knight, Jr. (co. not identified)… 200 acres more or less on the south side of Fishing creek, joining John Knight all houses, orchards, gardens etc. part of a grant to the sd. Parker 5 Aug 1741. Wit: Walter McFarlan, Constant Devotion  Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1742 Robert Forster C. Cl. (Hofman 1982, p. 171 )

1742 - May 20 VA Surry – Admin - Jones Stokes – Land patent for 375 acs S. side of Nottoway River bounded by Robert Owen & Sylvanus Stokes. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 134)

1742 - May 20 VA Henrico – Admin - John Ford & Thomas Vann – Land patent for 178 acs. N. side of James River, bounded by Michael Holland… James Hambleton, John Watson. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 137)

1742 - May 20 VA Surry – Admin - Richard Knight - Land patent for 200 acs. S. side of Nottoway River bounded by E. side of Cypress br. & Mr. Howell Briggs. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 137)

1742 - May 20 VA Surry – Admin - John Roberts – Land patent for 235 acs S. side of Nottoway R. & E. side of Otter Dam Sw. bounded by E. side of Lewis; br…. George Hamilton, Capt. Thomas Avent & Richard Moore. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 137)

1742 - May 30VA Surry/Sussex – Admin - Richard Knight & Elizabeth Knight - & William Clifton, sps. to Mercurius, son of William and Naomi Cook, Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 36)

1742 - Jul 30 VA Surry – Admin - Richard Knight - Land patent for 400 acs. S. side of Nottoway R., N. side of Hunting Quarter Sw., bounded by Richard Woodroofe, Howard Briggs & Nicholas Calliham. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 139)

1742 - Jul 30 VA Surry – Admin - Sylvanus Stokes “the younger” - Land patent for 500 acs. S. side of Nottoway R., bounded by sd. Stokes and other land of William Harris & Robert Owen. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 143)

1742 - Jul 30 VA Caroline – Admin - William Pemberton & Esther Bell – Land patent for 83 acs “bounded by Mr. Secretary Carter…” (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 143)

1742 - Sep 12  - VA Surry/Sussex – Bap – Sarah Knight – d/o John Knight and wife Elizabeth; Albemarle Parish:  born Aug 25;  Sps. John Tatum, Bridget Tatum, Anne Hutchins. (Richards 1958, p. 49)

1742 - Sep 26VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – Richard Knight - Albemarle Parish: w/ Joseph Harwood, Sarah Harwood, sps to Philip son of Philip and Rebecca Harwood. (Richards 1958, p. 40)

1742 - Oct 7 VA Surry/Sussex – Bap – Charles Knight – s/o William Knight and Mary (Andrews? Lancaster?) Knight.  (Boddie 1998, pp. 83-84)  Note: This begins their family recorded in the Albemarle Parish register.  They will have a total of 6 children over 11 years. List with sponsors:
* Charles Knight: 7 Oct 1742: Thomas Andrews, William Land, Elizabeth Shelton; 
* John Knight: 17 Sep 1745: Edward Shelton, Samuel Wright, Elizabeth Alsobrook; 
* Sarah Knight: 19 Jan 1748: Samuel Harwood, Sarah King, Elizabeth Harwood; 
* Joel Knight 17 Nov 1750: Francis Redding, David Woodruff, Frances Williams; 
* Archibald Knight: 10 Jan 1750:  John Avent, John Moss, Elizabeth Carter; 
* William Knight: 18 Mar 1753: James Carter, William Ezell, Mary Bass.

1743 - Feb 12 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Henry Carter - Land patent for 183 acs S. side of the middle Riv. … a br. of Mattapony, bounded by James or Uriah Garton. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 144)

1743 - Feb 12 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - John Collins – Land patent for 400 acs. on brs. of Riv. Ta, a br. of Mattapony Riv, bounded by E. side of Mr. Griffin Fantleroy, Benjamind Duke, Mr. Joseph Brock, George Stubblefield, John Sartin, the Bluff run, John Fieldown…  (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 145)

1743 - Mar 20NC Edgecombe – Admin - William Walker – Land patent for 300 acs. N. side of Rockey Swamp. (Hofman 1982, p. 169)

1743 - Mar 22 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - James Spier – Land patent for 400 acs. S. side of Swift’s Creek joining the mouth of Griffith’s branch. (Hofman 1982, p. 169)

1743 - Mar 25 NC Perquimans – Admin - Samuel Gregory – Land patent for 215 acs. on the N. side of Yawpim river, joining the sd. river. (Hofman 1982, p. 175)

1743 - Mar 29 NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight – Land patent for 320 acs. joining Francis Parker, Moore Carter and Dr. Brown. (Hofman 1982, p. 169)

1743 - Mar 30 VA Amelia – Admin - Ann Mayo - Land patent for 787 aces on upper side of Flatt Cr… 400 acs of the Tract formerly granted William Kennon, Gent 28 Sep 1730 & by him sold to Richard Kennon, Gent., of Charles City Co., & 387 acs of the Residue formerly granted sd. Richard Kennon 17 Mar 1736 & by him both of the sd. tracts were sold to sd. Anny Mayo. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 145)

1743 - Mar 30 VA Goochland – Admin - William Mayo Gent - Land patent for 530 acs. on brs. of Rockfish Riv, near the blue mountains bounded by John Chiswell, Gent., 400 acs of the tract formerly granted sd. William Mayo 11 Sep 1738, the residue never before granted. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 146)

1743 - Jun 30VA Surry – Admin - Thomas Moore - Land patent for 300 acs. S. side of Nottoway River, bounded by Sylvanus Stokes, William Knight & Abraham Evans. (VA Gen. Soc. Qtrly. Vol. 26 No. 2, p. 149)

1743 - Jul 2VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight - & Charles-Roy Carter, Eliza Wiggins, sponsors to Absalom, son of Joseph and Sarah Harwood, Albemarle Parish.  (Richards 1958, p. 9) (Apparently, the text says Aug. but see Boddie 1998, p. 59)

1743 - Aug 7 VA Stafford – Bap - Eleanor Knight – d/o Leonard Knight and Eleanor. Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66)

Note: This Leonard is apparently the son of Leonard Knight, who was son of Capt. Peter Knight.

1743 - Oct 13- VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight - Albemarle Parish Land Processioning: William Knight and John Battle are appointed to procession on the East side of Stokes (Stoake’s) Pond between the line that divides Isle of Wight and this County and to the Rackoon Swamp. (APVB, p. 8)

1744 - Jan 26 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Lee - Of Edgecombe Co. to Thomas Knight (Knite) of Edgecombe Co. … 400 acres on the south side of Morratuck river joining Charity Carnoles, the pocosin and William Anderson  Wit: William Taylor, William Reddon, Thomas Price  Reg. Edge. Co. Feb Ct. 1744 Robert Forster C. Cl. (Hofman, p. 197)

1744 - Mar 27VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – John Knight & William Knight - Albemarle Parish:  Land Processioning reports include John Knight, William Knight, John Bass, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Davis, Samuel Stokes, Benjamin Richardson, Col. Bland, Francis Eppes, Theodore Bland, James Cain, James Carter, Edward Eppes, James Cain Jr.. (Davis 2008, pp. 11-15 )

1744 - Jun 14 – VA Stafford – Bap - Mary Ann Knight – d/o Christopher Knight. Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66)

Note: In 1724, Leonard Knight, son of Capt. Peter Knight, was listed with 3 sons as Tenders of Tobacco in Ovewharton Parish. That’s the last we heard of Christopher who was most likely in his early 20s at that time. Now, 20 years later, here is probably another Christopher Knight, or the first one married late like his grandfather.  (Capt. Peter didn’t have his first child until he was 40 years old.)  It’s a hard call to make.  Is this Christopher the son or grandson of Leonard? And where was he and what was he doing for 20 years?

1744 - Dec 23 – VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight - & John Bullock, Elizabeth Adams,  sps to Edmond, son of Edmund and Mary Pate, Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 20) (Boddie 1998, p. 108)

1744 - Dec 25 – VA Stafford – Mar - George Knight & Jean Dawson - Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66) 

Note: Who is this George Knight? Is he the son of Leonard Knight, named for George Knight, the husband of Leonard’s sister, (Mary or Elizabeth), who apparently died in an untimely manner in 1680, supra.  Or, is he a grandson or great grandson of George Knight and one of the daughters of Capt. Peter Knight (probably Mary)? It's a stretch to give him to George and Mary since there would have to be two intermediate placeholders to connect him seeing that George Knight died in 1680. On the other hand, if he was born around 1715 or so, he would fit as a son of Leonard Knight and Ann Short Knight with no problem considering that the family may have followed the example of Capt. Peter Knight, marrying later in life. In any event, George & Jean are the parents of John Knight 1747-1845, who is often conflated with, or confused with, John Knight of Sussex who died in Wayne Co GA after 1822.

1745 - Apr 7VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – Elizabeth Knight - & John King JR, Anne Cassel, sps to Anne dau of William and Judith Spane (Spain?), Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 55)

1746 - Feb 10 – NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight – Joseph Scott sells to Knight for 4 pds,  400 acs by patent to William Goodman dated 10 Feb 1746/47. In Pottycase at Thomas Bonners corner adj. Thomas Brown, Aaron Odom. Wit: John Harrell, William Corner. May Court 1747.  (Bell, p. 189)

1746 - Feb 10 – NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight – Sells to William Conner for 5 pds. 12 sh., 125 acs by patent granted William Knight Feb. 10, 1747 on Pottcasey Creek adj. Leonard Langston, Henry Coupland. Wit: John Brown, Isaac Carter, May Court 1747.  (Bell, p 189)

1746 - Feb 28 VA Stafford – Bap - William Knight – s/o Elizabeth. (King 1961, p. 66) 

Note: If this William was illegitimate, it would have been noted. Why wasn’t the father named? Was he deceased and the child posthumous? The birth is a bit too late to be the child of Ephraim and his wife Elizabeth; the only sons of Leonard (who removed to Stafford County), that I have that do not have named wives are Isaac and Christopher. (See note about Christopher above.)  Christopher’s daughter’s birth was recorded in the same parish in 1744, so the timing is right.  This must be where Elizabeth and William fit.  But that would probably mean that Christopher has died. There may be some other legitimate reason that the father is not named, his absence or something.

1746 - Mar 4 VA Stafford – Bap - Elizabeth Knight – d/o George Knight and Jean. Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66)

1746 Apr 26 NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Knight – Witness to the will of Francis Parker. (Grimes 1910, p. 278)

1746 - May 1VA Lunenburg - Info - County established on May 1, 1746, from part of Brunswick County.

VA 1746

1746 - May 1NC Granville - Info - County established.

NC Granville

1746 - Jun 5 VA Goochland – Admin - William Mayo  - Land patent for 1800 acs both sides of Angola and Great Guinea cr. of Appamatox Riv., at John Brown’s corner, in John Pleasant’s line on Abraham Cook’s, crossing a run of Green cr., on Richard Woodson, N. side of Angolo cr. crossing the main Rd. near the E. side of Bear Br. of Willis R., to Joseph Dabbs line on Richard Henderson’s. (VA Gen Soc Artly. Vol. 28, No. 2, p. 118)

1746 - Jul 8 VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – Richard Knight - & Martha Bridges, Rebecca Mabrey, sps to Phoebe Battle, d/o Thomas and Mary Battle. (Boddie 1998, p. 11)

1746 - Aug 28 VA Surry – Admin - William Knight – Land patent for 630 acs S. side of Nottoway River, N. side of Cock’s br., corner between him and Mr. Henry Tyler, the Hornet Sw., on one of his old lines, 230 acs part formerly granted to Thomas Cocke Gent by pat. dated 27 Sep 1729, the right and title since vested in the sd. William Knight, 400 acs. never before granted. (VA Gen Soc. Qrtly, Vol. 28, No. 2, p. 128)

1746 - Sep 27 VA Orange – Admin – Thomas Knight – Court: Thomas Petty’s daughter Mary and her husband Thomas Knight “left the county secretly” to avoid paying a debt. (Orange Co., OB 4A, p 88)

1746 - Oct 28 VA Surry/Sussex – Bap – Martha Knight – d/o Richard Knight and wife Martha;  Sponsors: John Bell, Rebbecca Hubbard, Agnes Ezell, Albemarle Parish. (Boddie 1998, p. 84) 

Note: This Richard Knight is the son of John Knight and Elizabeth Jordan Knight.  Wife, Martha, may have been a Bell.  Apparently, she died not long after the birth and then Richard married Elizabeth Andrews.

1747 - Mar 10 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Griffin, Jr. - Of Edgecombe Co., planter to Joseph Parker of Edge. Co. 8 pounds current money of Va. 100 acres on the west side of Fishing creek on Brown’s swamp, joining John Knight. Wit: John Griffin, Josiah Hart. (Hofman 1732-1758, p. 97)

1747 - May 20 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Griffin, Jr - Of Edge.Co., planter to John Knight of Edge. Co., planter… 100 acres more or less joining Brown’s swamp and a pocosin all houses, orchards, gardens, fences, etc. part of 200 acres granted 20 Apr. 1744. Wit: Thomas Hill, James Jones  Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1747  R. Forster C. Cl. (Hofmann, 1732-1758, p. 83)

1747 - Jul 28 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Knight - Witnesses land sale of James Spier to James Buxton in Edgcombe Co. (Hofmann 1732-1758, p. 88)

1747 - Aug 7 – NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight – Sells to Israel Johnson, joyner 5 pds for 100 acs. Adj. Leonard Langston, James Denton at Bells Branch. Wit: Luke Langston, William Yates. Aug. Court 1747 (Bell, p. 191)

1747 - Oct 1 – VA Gloucester – Admin - Thomas Hayes – Land patent for 168 acs. on E side of Eastermost R. Beginning at James Callis corner and adjoining Matthew Gale, Alexander Cray, Henry Knight, to Pools Line to Joseph Billups corner. Price: 20 shillings. (Mason 1946, p. 38)

1747 - Oct 22 – VA Stafford – Bap - John Knight – s/o George Knight & Jean, Overwharton Parish. (King 1961, p. 66)

Note: this is the John Knight who went to SC and lived to be over 100 years old who so many people confuse with John Knight of Sussex VA/Edgecombe NC/Effingham GA.

1748 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - Edward Jordan - Land patent for 654 acres on Couches Creek. (Bell, Lunenburg Vestry, p. 257)

1748 - Jan 10 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - James Murray – Land patent for 395 acs on the heads of the br of Allen’s Cr. joining Peter Jones’s line. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 137)

1748 - Apr 12 VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – John Knight, Jordan Knight & Richard Knight - Albemarle Parish Vestry Meeting: Christopher Tatum & John Mason jr Appointed Church Wardens for the year ensuing.
*A Letter from Mr. Robert Jones junior setting forth the Misfortunes of a Certain Jordan Knight son of John Knight, being read, it is ordered that the said Jordan be Exempt from paying his Parish Levies during his Continuance Under his Calamity.
* Results of prev. ordered Processioning given including: Francis Eppe’s, Edward Eppes, James Cain, Richard Knight, Benjamin Jordan, John Knight, Col. Bland, John Bass, Samuel Bass. “In pursuance to an Order of Vestry held for the parish of Albemarle Aug 26 in the year of our Lord 1747 we the said James Cain & Rob Farrington have seen every person’s Land procession’d within our precinct & the land marks renew’d except a line between James Cain & George Robinson which the said George Robinson refused to have procession’d the reason was the former lines are Cut down And the sd Robinson says the sd James Cain hath removed his Land mark. (APVB, p. 35) “Richard Knight’s land not precession’d because he wou’d not attend & he alledg’d he never had done it.”  (APVB, pp. 33-45)

Note: The item about Jordan Knight makes it certain that he is well of taxable age, no doubt in his 20s. That would put his birth in the mid-1720s, and push the birth of his father back to the turn of the century, or thereabouts.  According to the Parish Register, John Knight’s apparent first child, Peter, was baptized in 1740 when he would have been at least 40. However, seeing only 8 years later that he has a fully grown son indicates that Peter must have been a son of a second wife.  One wonders, of course, what the “calamity” of Jordan Knight was and why it was presumed that it would continue for some time. Did he go somewhere (a letter had to be written about it), did something terrible happen, such as an injury? That he was in a distant place seems likely, otherwise, one would think that everyone would know the situation first hand.  We will probably never know.

1748 - Apr 27 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - Governor’s Council meeting – Petitions for land granted: Robert Carter, John Stevenson and John Lee, 20,000 acs. in Lunenburg County on Mayo River, beginning below the Fork of the South fork, including both Branchs.; To George Carrington leave to include 1,950 acs. already patented to the said Carrington, and 170 acs. joining the same patented to John Floyd, joing the same patented to Orlando Hughes in one patent; to James Williams 3000 acs lying on both sides of Wolf Trap Creek in Lunenburg, including the Branches of Juniper Creek and on both sides of Nances Road including an entry of 400 acs that the said Williams purchased of Thomas Nance, the rights for which are in the hands of the surveyor.; To John Hall, George Walton and James Johnson, 8,000 acs. in the counties of Lunenburg and Albemarle on the branches of Falling River and James River; To David Bell, Joseph Bell, Walter King & Archibald Cary 60,000 acs in Lunenburg beg. at the mouth of Peters Creek; To Robert Walton and Tucker Woodson 5000 acs in Lunenburg beg. on Randolphs line…Petitions for land granted: To Jacob Warrick, 1,000 acs in Surry on the south side of Nottoway River including his own plantation and joyning the lines of John Stephens, Jesse Gillam Thomas Pennington, John Knight and John King. (Exec. Journals. VA, Vol. V, pp. 248-251)

1748 - Jun – VA Lunenburg – Admin – Tithables – Selected List: Robert Moore:2; Richard Stokes: 3: David Stokes:4; Young Stokes: 5; John Knight: 4; Edward Jordain: 1;Silvanus Stokes Jr and Sr.; James Coleman, Timothy Carter: 4; George Farrar: 16; Thomas Ferris:1; Joseph Ferris:1; Wm. Ferris, Chars. Ferris: 2; James Ferris:1; John Clarke: 1; David Lee, John Lee:2; Thomas Watkins: 6;James Anderson, William Anderson: 2; George Moore: 1; Alexander Moore:1; Thomas Ferris: 1; Stephen Lewis: 1; Lt. James Anderson: 11; Joseph Ferris: 1; William Ferris, Charles Ferris: 2; James Ferris: 1; Ephraim Clark, Rydarus Clark: 2; Jonas Anderson: 1; Robert Jones and Thomas Jones: 2; Joseph Hollingsworth and John Hannah: 2;  (Landon Bell, p. 63, 68, 78, 80)

Note:  These lists show the name of the taxpayer to whom the tithes were chargeable, usually the head of a family together with the names of male children old enough to be taxed and the names of other white persons charged as tithes such as overseers and indentured servants. The Act of Queen Anne, October, 1705 provided that: All male persons. of the age of sixteen  years, and upwards, and all negro, mulatto, and Indian women of the age of sixteen years, and upwards, not being free, shall be, and are hereby declared to be tithable, or chargeable, for defraying the public, county, and parish charges…” This means that no white women were included in the numbers against each name, nor younger children under 16, but only slaves given as numbers, and the names of male children over 16 were included. So, for John Knight, above, we see that in 1748, he had no male children 16 or older, and he was charged for 4 slaves.

1748 - Jun 24 – NC Granville – Admin – John Knight – Land patent for 640 acres of land on both sides of Rocky Creek to John Knight, Planter of Granville Co., NC. Deed proved Granville Co., NC August 1749. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book: 11, p. 427, Grant no. 56, File no. 561)

Note: The question is, why is John Knight mentioned as “of Granville County” if he is supposed to be a resident of Lunenburg County at one and the same time?  And why would John Knight, who has apparently just recently settled in Lunenburg, also acquire land in NC at the same time?  Some have said that he moved temporarily to Granville NC, and then moved back to Lunenburg, but it will be seen from the tithe lists that he is not noted as absent from there.  We know from later records that the Granville NC Knights are certainly connected to this family, but still, one wonders why John would be spreading his resources this way. His oldest son, Charles Knight, is only 13 at this time.

1748 - Jul 25 – NC Northampton - Will - Edward Bass -  Sons: * Benjamin Bass: plantation on Quarter Swamp,
 * Joseph Bass: 50 acres of land and orchard,
 * Sampson Bass: 50 acres land on Quarter Swamp,
 * Edward Bass: 50 acres of land,
 * James Bass: 50 acres of land,
 * Reuben Bass: “my mannor plantation”,
 * Grandson: Elijah Bass
 * Daughters: Katherine Anderson, Dina Bass, Kiziah Bass, Mary Bass
 * Wife: Lovewell Bass.
 * Executor Benjamin Bass (son). Witnesses: William Bass, Dinah Bass, John Sutton. Clerk of the Court:  I. Edwards. August Court, 1750 (Grimes 1910, p. 22)

1748 - Dec 11VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – William Knight - &William Johnson, Martha Johnson sps to William son of Cornelius and Eliza Lofting, Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 104)

1749 - Mar – NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Knight - Land patent for 183 acres. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 11, p. 215, Grant no. 87, File 1367.)

1749 - Apr 1 VA Goochland – Admin - William Walker – Land patent for 130 acs on N side of Appamatoox Riv at his own c. land formerly Robert Hancock’s on John Patterson to Edward Davidson’s corner in John Nelson’s line. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 139)

1749 - Apr 1 VA Louisa – Admin - Joseph Philips - Land patent for 300 acs. at Richard Meadows, in the line of William Owens, in Henry Bunch. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 140)

1749 – May 24 – NC Chowan – Will – Ann Hunter  - Sons and Executors: William Hunter and Edward Arnal. Daughters: Judith Bland, Ann Winborn, Hester Knight, Alice Arnal. Witnesses: Sary Osborn, Wm. Hunter, John Parker, Joseph Parker. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. (Grimes, p. 12)

1749 - Jun 1 – NC Edgecombe – Admin - Gabriel Homes - Of New Hanover Co. NC, to Robert Knight of Edgecombe County NC. … 150 acres on the north side of Swift creek, joining the creek all houses, orchards, gardens etc. part of a patent to William Spier 25 Sept. 1741. Wit: Hardy Homes, John Knight. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1749 B. Wynnes C. Cl. (p. 113 Hofmann 1732-1758)

1749 - Jun 10 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - List of Tithables – Selected: Widow Lee and John Lee: 1; James Ferris: 1; Joseph Ferris: 1; William Ferris and Charles Ferris: 2; Thomas Ferris: 1; George Moore: 1; James Anderson and William Anderson: 4; James Watkins: 1; Joseph Hollingsworth, Thomas Hollingsworth, John Hannah: 3; John Anderson: 1; Jonas Anderson: 1; Ephraim Clark, Henry Clark: 2; Reyderus Clark:1;  William Clark: 1; William Walker, Thomas Walker, James Walker: 3; William Johnson: 1; Robert Moore: 1;John Knight (Night): 4; Richard Stokes: 3; Sylvanus Stokes, Young Stokes: 5; Sylvanus Stokes JR, David Stokes, Sylvanus Stokes: 3; Edward Jordan: 2; Tandy Walker: 4; Timothy Carter, Samuel Carter: 2; James Coleman, Pinkethman Hawkins: 4; Hugh Moore, John Moore, Joseph Moore, Alexander Moore, Robert Moore: 1 ea.; (Landon Bell, p.105) Note: John Knight still has no male children 16 or older. Note: John Knight still has no son 16 or over.

1749 - Jun 12 – VA Stafford – Mar - Nicholas Bennet & Elizabeth Knight - Overwharton Parish. (King 1961, p. 66) 

Note: It’s hard to say who this Elizabeth Knight belongs to.  If we take 18 as an average age for marriage, she would be born c. 1731. Available possible parents would be: Ephraim Knight & wife Elizabeth whose known sons are Ephraim and John. The only problem there is that they removed to Spotsylvania.  The only other option as far as I can see would be Christopher Knight and his spec. wife, Elizabeth, parents of Mary Ann and William (supra). They were still in Overwharton Parish as late as 1746. She may have been a daughter of Christopher’s by a first wife which would explain the disparity in ages of this child and the one recently born in 1746 by an apparently widowed Elizabeth Knight. That would solve a number of problems. Finally, I have no clue about this Nicholas Bennett.

1749 - Jun 20 VA Nansemond – Admin - James Knight – Land patent for 247  acs. on N side Oropeak Sw, in the sd, James Knight’s line, on the land of Thomas Ellis, deceased, on the land of William Trevethan, on the land of John Riddick, and Thomas Bord, on Edward Arnolds land. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 145)

1749 - Jun 20 VA Amelia – Admin - James Wimbish – Land patent for 1010 acs. on S side of the S fork of Buffalo Riv. at Bigger’s cnr. to Anderson’s cnr. to George Davis’s Cnr. to Archtacon’s line and Arbuckle’s lines, to Thackston’s cnr. in a br of Codee’s Cr. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 145)

1749 - Aug 5 – NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight – Sells to William Barber 5 pds. for 140 acs. on NS Poticasy Creek adj. Leonard Lanston, Israel Johnson, Bell’s Branch, Henry Coplin, ____ Bakers line. Wit: John Brown, John Benton. Aug. Court 1749. Bertie Co. NC (Bell, p. 201)

1749 - Sep 5 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - Joseph Collins – Land patent for 250 acs on both sides of the N fork of Panther Cr, on E side of the Cr, just below the falls, on Richard Kennon’s. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 147)

1749 - Sep 5 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - David Stokes – Land patent for 400 acs on one of the br of Grassy Cr. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 148)

1749 - Sep 5 VA Goochland – Admin - William Amos – Land patent for 400 acs on Litty Byrd, of Capt. Thomas Massie’s land. (VA. Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 149)

1749 - Sep 21VA Surry/Sussex – Bap – Mary Knight – d/o John Knight and wife Elizabeth Eppes Knight;  born Sep 21;  Bap 3 Dec sps William Hutchins, Sarah Evans, Anne King, Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 150)

1749 - Oct 16 – VA Surry/Sussex – Admin – John Knight - Albemarle Parish Vestry held for laying a levy.  From the list of sums paid out: To John Knight for keeping Sarah Davis 300 (tobacco?) Agreed with John Knight (Night) for the keeping of Sarah Davis for the Year ensuing and that the be paid 400 lb Tob.. (Davis 2008, p. 48-49)

1749 - Dec 10 – VA Northumberland – Bap - George Knight – s/o Benjamin Knight and Winifred.  (Wright 2013, p. 205)


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