Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1830 - 1839

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.


1830 - Apr 15 – NC Edgecombe - Will of Walker Knight - Born in Albemarle Parish, 25 May 1762, son of John Knight and Elizabeth Stokes:
*  Wife Elizabeth, lend to wife and son Charles E. Knight all furniture, 4 sows and pigs, 3 cows and calves, 2 horses, 8 sheep, also lend plantation on which I live containing 3 tracts, viz: the John Evans tract, the Lemuel Edmerson tract, and the Asa Jones tract, also 12 negroes; reversion of all moveable property to all children; reversion of land to son Charles
*  Son: Charles Knight, 1 negro and plantation at decease of mother;
*  Son: James Knight, Plantation bought of James and Geo Downing, 1 negro;
*  dau: Martha Bryan, 2 negroes;
*  dau: Cecelia Staton, 2 negroes;
*  son: John Knight, plantation bought of William Savage, 1 negro, $600;
*  dau: Lucy L. Hammond, 2 negroes. 
*  Exr: Benjamin Boykin, Joshua Pender. Wit: Benjamin Boykin, Joshua Pender. Exrs: refused to qualify, Adm. Granted to James Knight and Edward G. Hammond; bond $15000. John Mooring and Joshua Pender, securities. No Probate Date. Bk. F. p. 143.  (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 196)

1830 - Dec 28 – VA Albemarle – Mar - William B. Knight & Plooy Morris.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 5)

1831 – Jan 14 – NC Orange – Will – Nathaniel Carrington – Son Nathaniel M. Carrington, all real estate, etc; Daughter Ruth, items, livestock, slaves, etc; Daughter Holly Gozort (Cozart?), slave; Daughter Polly Cozart, wife of Dovy (Davy?) Cozart; Daughter Fanny Carrington, wife of J. J. Carrington; Daughter Dicey Harris, wife of Edward Harris, Son William Carrington, each 10 cents, having already advanced to them their full share of estate, they get no more.  Residue to be divided among children: Ephraim Carrington, Alfred Carrington, Nathaniel M. Carrington, Holly Cozart, Polly Cozart, Ruth Carrington.  Wit: D. W. Mangum, James West. (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, Vol 1-3, 1785-1865, image served by ancestry.com) 

Note: Nathaniel’s brother, Ephraim, names John J. Carrington as one of his executors in 1818 Dec 8, and here we see Nathaniel’s daughter married to a J. J. Carrington.  I think it is unlikely that she married an older uncle, and quite a number of years have gone by.  So, it is likely that she married the son of John J. Carrington, i.e. her cousin.

1831 - Aug – NC Edgecombe – Will - Lewis Barlow - Names his daughter Louisa Knight and then makes Peter Eppes Knight guardian to his son, Billy Blunt Barlow. He next makes Joseph Knight his agent in the State of Kentucky to sell his tract of land in Livingston there, and to collect debts to him; the money collected to be invested on behalf of Louisa Knight. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 13). 

Note: One assumes that Joseph Knight is the husband of Louisa and that the Peter Eppes Knight is #2, #1 being deceased. Joseph must be the son of John Knight and Susannah Braddy as he is the only one who fits, and Peter Eppes Knight 2 is brother to John (who is already deceased at the time of this will), and Uncle to Joseph.

1832 - Feb 16 – VA Albemarle – Mar - Nancy Knight & Absolom Morris.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 6)

1832 - Sep – VA Greenbriar – Admin – James Knight - Court: On the motion of James Knight Jr. and Rebecca Williams formerly Rebecca Knight, It is ordered to be cerified the the Department of War that satisfactory evidence has been adduced before this court to prove that James Knight Sr, a regular enlisted soldier of the Revolutionary War was an ancester of the said James Knight Jr and Rebecca Williams; and the said James Knight Sr is dead. and that the said James Knight Jr and Rebecca Williams are his children and sole heirs; and also to certify the same to the Executive of this state.  signed by John Mathews clerk   (Archives of the Greenbrier Historic Foundation from papers of the Greenbrier County Court.)

Note: Question is, who were the parents of James Knight SR? Greenbriar is now in W. VA.

1833 - Dec 12 – South Carolina – Admin - John Knight - Senate Report of the committee on the Petition of John Knight praying to receive a specific sum in lieu of his annual pension In Senate 12 Dec 1833 Res. that Senate do agree to reject this pet. Signed Jacob Warley, C.S. 
The undated Petition reads:The Petition of Jno. Knight sheweth that at the last General Assembly of your bodies he was placed on the Pension lists of this State – That he is a man over Eighty years of age and having no family is desirous to remove to the State of Georgia where his only sister resides… Your Petitioner therefore prays your body that he may be paid an equivalent (?) for his annual pension & in lieu thereof a specific sum and he will ____ pray etc. Jno. Knight” 

Note: If he is “over 80” – perhaps 83? – then he would be born 1750. If he is 86, he would be born 1747 and would fit John Knight b. Overwharton Parish, Stafford VA.  But notice that he says he “has no family” except a sister in GA?! That would not fit John Knight b. 1747, who is later found in the HH of his daughter and son-in-law; unless he was exaggerating for sympathy.

The PDF file where this petition is found includes a document that reads:  “Gentlemen, You’ll deliver the Indents (?) of my Late Husband John Knight to Mr. James Knight Jun with special Indents & Oblige Your humble Servt. 27th Dec 1787.  To the Commissioners of the Treasury.  (signed) Rebecca (R) Knight   Certified before me, John Chisolm, J.P.”

The file also includes several documents referring to pension claims by a Thomas Knight. There is a wide disparity in dates on this collection, so it appears to be an assortment of odd documents relating to the name Knight.  Not much can be made of any of it.

1833 – Dec 20 – KY Henry - Admin – William Knight – Pension Application of William Knight formerly of NC: “On this 20th day of December 1833 personally appeared before me, David Adams a Justice of the peace in and for Henry County and one of the Judges of the County Court for the aforesaid County of Henry, William Knight, aged 74 years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of an act of Congress passed the seventh of June 1832.

This declarant states that he entered the service of the United States and served as herein stated under the following named officers – he states that he was living in Orange County, State of North Carolina, and some time in the fall of the year about the first of September as well as he now remembers, a draft was ordered in said County of Orange, when one George Carrenton [sic – George Carrington] was drafted for a tour of three months, he being unwilling to leave home proposed to this declarant to substitute in his place and serve out his time of draft accordingly for a certain consideration.  He states he entered himself a substitute for said Carrenton and was present to Captain William Jammison [sic – Jamieson] and was examined by him and received in the place of said George Carrenton. (Details of battles and other engagements skipped) … until three months for which he substituted expired when he was discharged by his said Captain Jamieson about the first of December 1780…” He then enlisted under a Captain Lytle for 18 months, transferred to General Nathanael Greene’s Regiment, then General Morgan, attacked by Tarleton’s Regiment … then to Guilford Court house, British army under command of Cornwallis attacked… Greene retreated. … Then to Camden, then to Eutaw Springs, defeated British Army, went to Charlotte where he remained until his enlistment expired when he was discharged in writing which discharge he states he has since lost: he states he has no documentary evidence of his service and knows of no living witness by whom he can prove said service. … He states that by reason of bodily infirmity he is unable to appear in open Court to make his declaration.  Signed William Knight, Sworn to and subscribed before me this date and year aforesaid, signed: David Adams, JP of Henry County. 

Answers to Questions:  “I was born in Orange County North Caroline 1759. … since the death of wife the book which contained my age is misplaced. … I was living in Orange County when I entered service.  I then moved into Wilkes County NC, and in 1803 I moved ot Henry County KY where I now live.  

Further on:  1835 Apr 11, William Knight applied to have his pension payments transferred to Dearborn County IN, where he had recently moved.  (Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements, William Knight S31800, fn37NC, transcribed by Will Graves)  (Orange County NC was formed in 1752 from parts of Bladen, Granville, and Johnston Counties.)

Note: As far as I know, there are only a couple of William Knights who could be this person considering date and location: William Knight, son of Jonathan Knight and Judith Woodson Knight, b. 1759 in Granville/Orange Co, NC. In respect of this person, we might recall that Jonathan gave very short shrift to his son William in his 1809 will: "I give unto my son William Knight five shillings besides what --(I?)  have allready (sic) given him to him his heirs & assigns forever". Every other heir received a nice legacy. Then, consider the adventures of two other heirs of Jonathan, his son John E. Knight and grandson Jonathan, 3 years after the probate of Jonathan SR's will: 1812 May 30, the events that led to the seizing of the land of John Knight for unpaid debt and the apparent disappearance of the two from those parts. Then, the subsequent appearance of John Knight "of Jackson Co TN" in Smith Co where he purchased land 1815 Nov 17. This is, I think, the correct identification of this William Knight because those boys appear to have been a little rackety when they were young, to say the least.

The second possibility is William Knight, son of William Knight (son of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson) and Pallatiah Evans, b. 1758, Granville Co. NC about whom I am unable to discover anything definitive. Perhaps he died in the Revolution?

1834 - Jun – VA Harrison – Will – William Knight – In the name of God Amen I William Knight of the County of Harrison and Commonwealth of Virginia being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory thanks be to God for the same being desired to settle my worddly affairs while I have strengty and capacity so to do.  Do make and ordain this my lanst will and testament.........all other heretefore by me made.
1st I give and devise to my beloved wife Agnes my black woman Lydia during her natural life and then to be the property of my son Thornton Knight and also I desire that my wife have my farm adjoining lands of Cyrus Ross, James McCann and others containing ninety seven acres more or less during her life and at her death it is my desire that my executor heinafter to be appointed to sell said mentioned farm and pay my daughter Agnes Stark four hundred dollars and divide the residue of the money realized for said land equally between my sons Thornton Knight, Benjamin Knight and my daughter Mildred Atchison.  I further desire that my wife have three head of horses, two cows, two beds, eight sheep, eight lambs, note for $23.24, rent of farm and half of grain.  Thornton to have wheat on farm, clock, year old colt and cupboard.  In presents of Joseph J. Winters and John Goff  Signed  William (x) Knight 
Inventory:  Dated 1 Sep 1834 and recorded at October term of county court, 1834. : Appraisal of the Estate of William Knight, David Webb Knight Executor; Thornton Knight also named as an heir and executor.  Among his effects: a lot of books.Inventory updated and recorded at August term 1836.  Settlement recorded at March term of county court 1837.  (Harrison County WVA Wills and Probate Records, 1724-1985, Wills, Vol. 305, pp. 32-23, p. 262)

Note: William is the brother of Bailey Knight whose will is below. William and Bailey were the sons of Peter Knight (1735-1811) and Rachel Abbot. This Peter was the great-grandson of Capt. Peter Knight of Northumberland VA.

1835 – Nov – NC Edgecombe – Will – Aaron Cherry – Written 16 Jan 1835, probated Nov same year: I give unto my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth (Knight) Cherry during her life or widowhood, the land and plantation wheron I at present reside, also all my negroes, stock of every description, household and kitchen furniture and every thing I possess.
 *  To son, Lunsford R. Cherry, my negroes after the death of wife Elizabeth.  *  To son Lewis K. Cherry, the land and plantation after the death of wife, Elizabeth; also my negro boy, Ben.
  *  To daughter Sarah R. Jones, my negro woman Katy and negro girl Milly, after the death of wife Elizabeth.
 *  Residue of estate to be equally divided amont Lunsford R. Cherry, Lewis K. Cherry, and Sarah R. Jones, after death of wife, Elizabeth.
 *  Charles W. Knight and Jesse C. Knight to be executors. 
Wit: Asa Edmondson, James H. Sandys, Edward Power (?). (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998,  Edgecombe ,Wills, Vol F, 1823-1853)

Note: Disambiguation: Aaron Cherry is in the 1790 Bertie census along with John Cherry and Joshua Cherry.  Another Aaron Cherry, Rev. Sold. was buried in Dearborn County, Indiana according to the D.A.R. having been on a census there as early as 1810.  An "Aron" Cherry is also on the Rev. War Rolls in PA.  Another Aaron Cherry appears on the Fayette County KY tax list in 1789 . It appears that the Aaron Cherry of PA, KY and IN, are all the same person.  He was born in PA, served in the Westmoreland Co PA Militia, and married Mary Phillips.  They had one child, apparently, a daughter, Honor, 1778 -1847.  (See Penn. Archives, series 5, vol 4, page 432; series 3, vol. 23, pp 223, 322, 324.) This Aaron Cherry of the will above, is recorded in Bertie Co, NC, as early as 1769 and is on repeated censuses there through the years and does not appear to have gone elsewhere.  He died there in 1835, leaving his widow, Elizabeth Knight Cherry (no "Holmes" as middle name), two sons and a daughter.  

1835 – GA Meriwether – Admin – Elisha Knight - Revolutionary Pensioners of Meriwether County. (Knight 1920, p. 436)

Note: Likely to be the brother of Kinsmore Knight, son of John Knight (1732-1783) who left a will.

1836 - Feb 8 VA Prince Edward – Mar - John Knight & Elizabeth D. Ellington - (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 520)

Note: See above 1821 Apr 9 Mar bet Thomas Knight & Sally Ellington.

1836 Apr 18 VA Prince Edward – Mar - Hughes W. Knight & Mary J. Armes.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 520)

1836 – Aug 5 – GA Lowndes – Admin – Signers of the Petition  - to the Governor requestion supplies and monies to raise a militia to fight Indians. - William A Knight, John Carter Jr, Joshua Lee, Curtis Witherington, Jonathan Knight, Peter Witherington,  John Knight, William Touchton, William Register, Duncan Giddens, Barzilla Staten, Isaac Carter Sr, Joseph Sirmans, George Carter, William Lee, John Carter Sr, William C Knight, William Witherington, Pesse Lee, Major Hardy Howell, John Register, Isaac carter Jr, John Lee,  Jacob Carter, Sammie Register, Isham Howell, Benjamin Sirmans, William Howell, Abner Sirmans, Everette Lee, Jesse Carter, James Register, Levi D Carter, James Touchton, Denis Witherington (Withirenton),  Samuel Carter, James Carter, Jesse Carter (Jefre), William Carter.

1837 - Mar 11 – NC Jones – Admin - Thomas Henderson & wife, Elizabeth Mc Kendra (formerly Eliza M. Knight) - Of Onslow Co, N.C., to William Huggins of Jones Co., N.C., for $250.00, land in Jones Co. on north side of Trent River, on Island Branch at Mary Moore’s patent line, to James Pollok’s Smith corner, to main road, to line below Poley Bridge at Bryan’s and McDaniel’s lines, at Hardy Bryan’s (now Andrew and C. Bryan’s) line, contains 150 acres, being land purchased by William McDaniel of Rosco Lipsey and afterwards conveyed to Edmund Knight, May 12, 1815. (See Deed Book N, No. 14) Wts: Phillip Koonce, Francis D. Thomas. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, pp. 720-721)

Note: Edmund Knight is presumably the father of Elizabeth Knight McKendra.

1837 - Apr – SC Laurens – Admin – John Knight – Court: On this (day) formally appeared in open Court before his Honor B. Ja. Earle… John Knight, aged ninety years, a resident of Laurens District South Carolina” makes a declaration about his Revolutionary War service.  Stated that he served Six months under Captain Weathers as a draughtsman in Kershaw District under command of General Sumter etc, (many details).  His several discharge papers have all been lost. Signed with “his mark”. 
A Mr. Hendrick Arnold, clergyman, and a Mr. A. C. Jones, attest to the fact that John Knight is known in the area as having been a soldier. Judge B. J. Earle attests that the testimony is credible and that John Knight was a Revolutionary War soldier, and the case went to the SC. House of Representatives, however, the War Dept. in Washington DC refused the pension application for lack of documentation.  (U.S. Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900)

Note:Thus it is clear that John Knight of SC who was born in 1747, was still living as late as 1837, and was not the John Knight who is said to have died in Wayne County c. 1822. 

1837 - Nov 11 NC Jones – Admin - Daniel Knight – Sells to Rosco Barrus (Burris?)for $540.00, land on north side of Trent river, on John E. Foscue’s line, Owen Adams’ and John Adam’s lines, being part of land formerly owned by Daniel Kornegay, deceased, which reverted at his death to my mother, Hepsiba Knight, and which I inherited from my said mother at her death. This land was divided by commissioners of Jones Co. and surveyed by Jeremiah Heath, at request of John Adams, to James Stanly, who married Matilda Knight, and John Adams, who married Fanny Knight, and myself, as heirs of the mother who was heir of Daniel Kornegay. My share is 90 acres herein sold. Wts: Thomas C. Parsons. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 621)

Note: The "mother who was heir of Daniel Kornegay" was married to Kader Knight.

1837 - Nov 18 NC Jones – Admin - Daniel Knight – Sells to John Foscue for $150.00, land… is known in the plan of the Duck Branch as lot No. One, at Jones’ patent line and at line of land sold by John Harrell to Daniel Kornegay, Oct 24, 1797, containing 90 acres, being land allotted to Daniel Knight, Feb. 1, 1837, as his share of land of Hepsibeth Knight, who was the daughter od Daniel Kornegay, and came to me as my share of her property.  Wts: R. Barrus, R. H. Parsons. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 720)

1838 – Jan 3 – GA Meriwether – Admin – John Knight – Executors bond for probate of will.  Executors are Isaac W. Perkinson, John M. Strickland and Samuel Lewis.  4K bond. (Georgia, Wills and Probate Records, 1742-1992; Ancestry Record 8635 #216010)

1838 – Jul 4 – TN Smith – Admin – John Knight – Letter to James L. Edwards, Esq, Commission of Pensions, Washington DC:
Dear Sir, Mr. John Knight, a Pensioner living in this County, has frequently told me of the injustice that was done him in making out his declaration. He thinks that he Stated only six months of the amount of his Service, being told at the time that six months would get him the same Pension that twelve months would.  Under this mistake, he considers himself injured in thiat that he served in all more than fifteen months and was misinformed about the necessity of stating the particulars of each tour of service. He states the following tours of serives: 1st: a tour of six months uncer Captain Richard Taylor and Pleasant Henderson and William Gill, Lieutenant William Knight, ensign, Barnett Pulliam. 2nd tour was under Captain John Henderson of Colonel Malmodey’s Regiment. This tour he served three months; this was during the spring when the battle of Guilford was fought. 3rd tour of three months at Georgetown in South Carolina shortly after General Marrion had made an inspection on that place.  4th tour was under General Marrionnear Mouks corner and at Man___ plantations of three months. 5th tour of two months at the same place last mentioned. During this time the British evacuated Charlestown.  You will be pleased to refer to his papers and see whereof before mentioned tours was admitted and on which he received his pension of $26.00 his present pension and ___ that he did not mention so that he can prove up the balance of the tours of service due him and thereby get his full … of the pension he is entitled to and suggest the plan he is to pursue in order to get full arrears as may be due him.  With great respect, I am yours, A. G. Ferguesson.

Note: Further documents in the Pension file show that John appeared in Smith County Court 28 September 1832 to apply for a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War.  He stated that he was 72 years of age and a resident of Smith County, Tennessee.  Miles West and Phillip Day were his witnesses and the pension was granted at $26.66 per annum.  The certificate of pension was issued 20 April 1833, retroactive to March 1833.  In 1835, John purchased 70 acres of Smith County land from his son, Thomas L. Knight, on the north side of the Cumberland River and the east side of Peyton's Creek.  This is John E. Knight who married Martha Montague.

1838 - Nov 20 GA Jasper/Randolph – Admin – John Knight SR – In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN KNIGHT of the State and County aforesaid, being conscious of my approaching dissolution and knowing that it is once appointed for all men to die, being in sound mind and memory, do make this my Last Will & Testament. First I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian-like manner, knowing that I shall receive the same again at the great day of Resurrection by the mighty power of Him who gave it, and as touching my worldly effects wherewith it has pleased God to bless me I dispose of in the following manner:
Item 1. I give to my son, CARRINGTON KNIGHT, five dollars and to the lawful heirs of his body I give an equal part of my estate with the other of my children after deducting the sum of twelve hundred and seventy-two dollars and ten cents which he has already received, and the whole of the portion to remain in the hands of my executors for them to give to the lawful heirs of his body at times when they, my executors, may think best.
Item 2. I give to my son, WILLIAM KNIGHT, five dollars and the lawful heirs of his body I give an equal portion of my estate with the other children after deducting the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars which he has already received, and the whole portion to remain in the hands of my executors for them to give to the lawful heirs of his body at times when they, my executors, may think best.
Item 3. I give to my son, JEPTHA KNIGHT (Jepthy), five dollars and the lawful heirs of his body I give an equal portion of my estate with the other of my children after deducting six hundred and eleven dollars and fifty cents which he has already received, and the whole of his portion to remain in the hands of my executors for them to give to the lawful heirs of his body at times when the, my executors, may think best.
Item 4. I give to my son, JOHN KNIGHT, an equal share of my estate after deducting fourteen hundred and seventy-three dollars which he has already received.
Item 5. I give to my son, JAMES KNIGHT, an equal share of my estate after deducting nine hundred and eighteen dollars and thirty-seven cents which he has already received.
Item 6. I give to my son, THOMAS J. KNIGHT, an equal share of my estate after deducting two hundred and thirty-five dollars which he has already received.
Item 7. I give to my son, MEAKINS KNIGHT (Makins), an equal share of my estate after deducting eighteen hundred and sixteen dollars and fifty cents which he has already received.
Item 8. I give to my son-in-law, JACOB PRUIT, an equal share of my estate after deducting sixteen hundred and eleven dollars which he has already received.
Item 9. I give to my son, RALEIGH J.(I?) KNIGHT, an equal share of my estate after deducting two hundred and five dollars which he has already received, and the whole portion to remain in the hands of my executors for them to give to him at times when they think best.
Item 10. I give to my son-in-law, EDWARD ALLEN, an equal share of my estate after deducting thirteen hundred and forty-six dollars and sixty cents which he has already received. If his wife, MARY ANN, should die without issue, then his part is to revert back to my estate and be equally divided amongst my children as my other estate.
Item 11. I give to my grandson, THOMAS JEFFERSON IRVIN, an equal share of my estate after deducting five hundred dollars which his father, (not legible)....If my grandson, THOMAS JEFFERSON IRVIN, should die without lawful heirs, then his part to revert back to my estate and be equally divided amongst my children as my other estate.
Item 12. I give to my daughter, SALATHA E. KNIGHT, an equal part of my estate after deducting twelve hundred dollars, it being the amount for two Negro girls, Adoline and Caroline, which I gave her. Salatha's part to remain in the hands of her mother til her mother's death, or Salatha marries.
Item 13. I give to my daughter, MARTHA ANN ASTON ELIZA KNIGHT, an equal share of my estate after deducting twelve hundred dollars, it being the amount of two Negro girls, Mariah and (illegible) which I gave her. Martha's part to remain in the hands of her mother til her mother's death, or Martha marries.
Item 14. I give to my wife, TEMPERANCE KNIGHT, during her lifetime the plantation whereon I now live, together with a Negro woman named Nettie and one named Fanny, and a Negro man named Ned. At her death the above named property to revert to my estate to be equally divided amongst my children in the manner of my other estate. I also give my wife, Temperance Knight, a Negro man named Thomas, two beds and furniture, one chest, sideboard, table, two horses, two cows, two ewes and lambs, and kitchen furniture sufficient for the family, one clock, one loom, six sitting chairs and spinning wheel which she has the liberty to dispose of as she thinks best.
Item 15. If any of my children die without any lawful heirs of their bodies, his or her part is to revert back to my estate and be equally divided amongst my children as my other estate.
Item 16. It is my will and desire at my death that all my property shall be sold except what is disposed of as above, and if any legatee has received more than their fair share it is to be paid to the others to make each part equal.
Item 17. I leave my sons, JOHN KNIGHT, JAMES KNIGHT, and THOMAS J. KNIGHT, and my son-in-law, EDWARD ALLEN, my executors to carry out this my Will into effect. In (illegible) I have hereinto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 4th day of APRIL, 1838.
TEST. Benjamin B. Amos, Ephraim Alexander, Wily Peddy

Agreeably to the Last Will & Testament of John Knight, Sr., late of Jasper County, deceased, will be sold at his residence on Wednesday, the 2nd of January, 1839, all the perishable property of said deceased, consisting of horses, cattle, hogs, fodder, plantation tools, household and kitchen furniture, and a variety of other articles too tedious to mention. Sale to continue from day to day until all are sold. Terms made known on the day of sale.--John Knight, James Knight, Thomas J. Knight, Ed. M. Allen, Executors.  (DEATH: FROM THE MILLEDGEVILLE, GA, "SOUTHERN RECORDER" Page 4, Column 5, November 20, 1838: microfilm, Georgia State Archives, Atlanta)

Note: This John Knight, being associated with the Carringtons, is apparently one of the Knights of Lunenburg VA/ Granville/Orange NC. We already know the life trajectory of John E. Knight who married Martha Montague as well as his brother, William, and son, Jonathan. As far as I can see, studying the available information, he was was most likely a grandson of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson Knight via their son, John Knight JR, who is extremely elusive in the records. In any event, this John Knight married 1) Mary Carrington, 2) Temperance Head Bullard, widow. Marriage bond dated November 17, 1792 (Orange County, NC).  In May, 1793, for a sum of 500 pounds John Carrington, Jr., sold 172 acres to John Knight. February 3, 1798, John Knight sold this land for same sum to George Carrington of Orange County, NC and apparently headed for Georgia where, in 1808 Oct 3, he bought land in Baldwin County, GA (that portion that is now Jasper County). This land was situated in the 13th District of the county at the town of Hillsboro.

1838 - Dec NC Edgecombe – Will - Josiah Freeman -  Son-in-law William Knight m. to Emerlina Freeman.  Also mentions son-in-law Willie Summerlin m. to Elizabeth Freeman. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 134)

Note: The Summerlins appear to have been close to the Knights for several generations, traveling with them from Edgecombe to Georgia, to Florida. T

1838 - Dec TN Smith – Admin - John Knight - Deed of gift to his children of 188 acres on Defeated Creek. The following Feb, the heirs of John Knight divided the land and the 7 slaves that were gifted to them by their father. The heirs were Thomas Latane Knight, William Montague Knight, Henry M. Knight, Ellis E. Knight,  Caty (Catherine Knight) - Ramsey (husband unknown), Charlotte Knight - Smith (wife of Daniel Smith) and (Martha) "Patsy" West (Wife of Robert West) (Smith County Deed book P, pages 119 through 121) 

Note:  This is the John Knight who married Martha Montague.  He was the son of Jonathan Knight and Judith Woodson and grandson of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson.

1838 – GA Emanuel – Admin – Bethany Knight - Land Lottery Grants W.R.S., Dis. 33, Sec. 3, Lot 47.  (Revolutionary Soldiers and the Widows of Revolutionary soldiers listed in “The Cherokee Land Lottery,” James F. Smith, Harper Bros., 1838, Knight 1920, p. 356)

Note: In the 1820 census, there is in Emanuel the following: John Knight: 1 fem 45 and over, 2 males 16-25, 1 fem 16-25, 2 fems under 10. Then, in the 1830 census we find: Bethany Knight: 1 fem 60-69, 3 slaves.  **  Rufus Knight: 1 male 50-59, 1 male 40-49, 1 fem 20-29, 1 male & 1 fem under 5, 5 slaves. Rufus might be a brother-in-law, but I find no earlier reference so hard to say where these people belong.

1839 - Jul 14 VA Harrison – Will -  Bailey Knight -  In the name of God Amen, I, Bailey Knight of Harrison County and state of Virginia. Knowing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of Death and being weak in body but sound in mind and being desirous to dispose of the estate in my possession before I depart do make this my last Will and Testement, revoking all others and  
*  First I bequeath my body to the dust and my sole  to God who gave it- 
* Second it is my desire that my sons Bailey Knight and Thomas Knight be executors of this my last Will- 
* Third that my debts be punctly  paid. And unto my beloved wife Sarah Ann, I give and bequeath all the residue of my estate both real and personal during her natural life and at the death of my beloved wife, it is my desire that the property that then remain, be sold by my executors, and eaqily divided between my children and Grandchildren as follows  
*  To the heirs of my son James Knight dec. I give an equal part with my other children.  
* To Sally Knight Clevenger and Mary Ann Knight Clevenger I give and bequeath to each a good feather bed when eaver  they may marry and stand in need of a bed- and that the proceeds of the sails  of the goods and chattels as sold as above described together with a negro slave, Robert, by name be divided equally  between my children as named, the heirs of James Knight, deceased, Elizabeth Clevenger, John Knight, Francis Currey, Peter Knight, Bailey Knight, Isaac Knight, and Benjamin Knight.   
* And unto Thomas Knight, Isaac Knight and Benjamin Knight, I give and bequeath  my farm or tract of land after the death of my beloved wife to be divided eaquelly  between them- 
* Unto my son Benjamin I desire  to give a good bed and bedding whenever he may desire  to have it.  
* And lastly I desire that my executors will faithfully execute this my last will and testament  and that it be made share and recorded in the Clerks office of the County Court of Harrison.   
* Signed and sealed this 14 day of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine in the presence of Bailey Knight (signed) and witnessed by Archibald Williamson, James A. Williamson and Jonathan T. Curry August court 1839 (Will Book 5 - Page 513-514 of the Harrison County, VA, now West Virginia, Will book dated July 14, 1839.)

Note: The brother of the William Knight whose will is entered in 1834, above.

1839 - Jul 20 NC Edgecombe – Admin – William Knight - Will of Bryan Barnes witnessed by William Knight. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 14)

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