Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1850 - 1880

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.


1850 – Apr 3 – NC Orange – Will – William CarringtonDaughter Amelia Walker, bequest of slaves and money in trust of William Berry, not to be let into the hands of daughter’s husband. After daughter’s death, to go to her children: Levi Walker, William Walker and Sarah W. Walker. (Apparently the husband of daughter was a real issue, more instructions about how to keep bequests out of his debt-ridden hands.)  Daughter Rebecca (Beccy) Bacon, wife of Joseph G. Bacon, bequest slaves and money, and after daughter’s death, to her children: Martha P Bacon, Hannah Bacon, Ellen L. Bacon, James W. Bacon, William H. Bacon, and Rebecca (Beccy) Bacon. He holds notes of debt from son-in-law Joseph G. Bacon which he gives to the Bacon Children.  Daughters Charity Carrington and Mary Carrington, bequest: slaves and money; To grandchildren William Porch and Mary Porch, 100 dollars each when they reach 21; Grandchildren: Mary E. Roberts, Louisa D. Roberts, Maria Roberts, Thomas Roberts, James Roberts, Margaret Roberts, Henry Roberts, Frank Roberts, 50 dollars each when 21 yrs old; to Son-in-law James H. Roberts, 50 dollars.  Son Duncan Carrington, 330 ac tract of land “where I now live” – words of praise for Duncan who was apparently a paragon and residuary legatee and executor.  Wit: M. Douglas, William L. Willis, John F. Lyon. (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, Orange, Wills, Vol 1-3, Ada-Culberson, 1785-1865, online, ancestry.com)

1852 - Aug NC Gates – Will - Dempsey Knight -  In the name of God, Amen: I Dempsey Knight of the County of Gates and State of North Carolina, being in ill health and weak in body but sound in mind and memory, thanks be given to God, and for preventing disputes which may hereafter arise about that temporal estate it has pleased the Lord to bestow on me, I do give and dispose of as herein mentioned.
*   ITEM: I leave to my beloved wife Esther Knight all the land and plantation whereon I now dwell during her natural life, and after her death it is my will and desire that my son William W. Knight shall have the said land and plantation  to him the said William Knight, his heirs and assigns forever.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to my wife Esther Knight the following negroes, to wit, Jack, Mary and Peter, Anace, Mack, Grace, Rose and her two youngest children Penina and Linda, to have and to hold to her and her heirs in fee simple forever.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to my eldest son John A. Knight the tract of land commonly called the School House tract binding on the land of Miles Parker and Briant Hare, and running to the Elm Swamp and thence to the road, to have and to hold to him and his heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to my son Thomas J. Knight all that tract of land on the east side of the road formerly occupied by Elysia Ellis and running from the Elm Swamp to the land of John Tailor (Taylor). Also the land adjoining this tract, known by the name of Bear Garden to have and to hold, to him and his heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give to my son Dempsey Knight the tract of land known by the name of the Piney Wood Tract, lying in the County of Nansemond on the Carolina line, and joining the lands of Bryant Hare and James Johnson on condition that the said Dempsey Knight return to this county; otherwise I give the said land to the children of said Dempsey Knight to be equally divided amongst them.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to my son Thomas J. Knight the tract of land formerly in the possession of Brinkley Henderson and joining the land of John Taylor and John Benton, to have and to hold to him and his heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to the heirs of my son Wesley Knight the sum of one hundred dollars each to be theirs and at their disposal absolutely forever.
*   ITEM: I give to my daughter Elizabeth Brothers the servant girl Barbera, a dhild, which she now has in her possession and also boy Luten to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give to my daughter Mary Jones negro boy Willis to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to my youngest daughter, Hester Ann Knight, negro girl Margaret and boy Rheuben to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give and devise to my daughter Peggy Ann Turlington negro girl Jenny and boy Jim to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give and bequeathe to my granddaughter Virginia Brinkley negro boy Turner to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever.
*   ITEM: I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Pleasant Knight the sum of one hundred dollars to be hers and at her disposal absolutely forever.
*   ITEM: I give and bequeath to my wife one yoke of oxen her choice of one horse, cart and wheels, and ox cart, one years provision for herself and family, two feather beds, and furniture, one cow and 2 calf, one mahogany table, buffet and dish(es).
*   ITEM: I give to each of my children, Hester Ann, John, Thomas and William, one feather bed and furniture.
*   ITEM: I give to my eldest son, John A. Knight negro boy Stephen and give Edy to him and his heirs in fee simple forever.
*   ITEM: I give to my son Thomas J Knight boy Isaac and girl Clotilda, to him and his heirs in fee simple forever.
*   ITEM: I give to my son William W. Knight negro boy Lewis and girl Mildred to him and his heirs in fee simple forever.
*   ITEM: I will and desire that the remaining negroes not above mentioned shall be hired out for two years at the expiration of which time as many shall be sold as will be sufficient to pay the balance of the debts which may be remaining against my estate. The remaining negroes to be equally divided among my heirs, to be theirs and at their disposal absolutely forever.  Provided that if either of my grandchildren should die before the expiration of the two years without heirs, then this amount shall be equally divided between the remaining heirs.
*   ITEM: My will and desire is that the residue of my estate, if any, after taking out the devises and legacies above mentioned, shall be sold, and the debts owing to me all collected, that this amount shall go to the payment of my debts as far as possible and the balance due by me shall be paid at the expiration of two years from the sale of negroes as above directed.
*   I do hereby constitute and appoint my trusty friend Thomas C. Hines my lawful executor to all intents and purposes to execute the my last will and testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same and every part and clause thereof, hereby revoking and declaring utterly void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I, the said Dempsey Knight, do hereby set my hand and seal this ___ day of June 1852. (Signed)
**Witness sigs: Jordan Parker, Joshua Jones.
** Presented at August Court 1852.
** Noted that Thomas C. Hines is “of Nansemond County, Virginia” Timothy A. Lassiter, James Saunders, and James R. Franklin sureties.  ** Signed N. J. Reddick, clerk (Will image online, ancestry.com)

Note: Refer back to the will of James Knight 1808 Feb NC Gates. In that will, he mentions "my Virginia Land" which he leaves to two of his sons. There's not enough information to determine where those lands are but the name associations and the above mention of a friend from Nansemond, compels one to think that this family comes down from James Knight of Isle of Wight/Nansemond, son of Capt. Peter Knight. That would make him a 2nd or 3rd cousin of John Knight of Sussex VA.

1855 – Dec – NC Orange – Will – Nathaniel M. Carrington – Son William M. Carrington, land; Son Arthur Simeon Carrington, land; Wife Cynthia, 800 acs of land, house, etc, for her natural life; After wife’s death, the 800 acs to be divided among five daughters: Ruth Jane Wainwright, Celetia H. Carrington, Lucy P. Carrington, Catherine Carrington and Martha Ann Carrington.  Son William to be executor. (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998,  Orange, Wills, Vol 1-3, Ada-Culberson, 1785-1865, online: ancestry.com)

1856 - Nov 14 NC Jones – Admin - Esther Knight - Of Montgomery Co., Alabama, appoints Tamer Taylor of Jones Co, N.C.. to “sell my interest in land that came to me from my father, Kader Knight, Sr., deceased, to his three children, Tamer, John and I, Esther Knight, containing 300 acres at lines of Henry G. Cutler.” Wts: Thomas Durden, Notary of Montgomery Col, attests to above instrument and David Campbell, probate Judge, also attests to transaction. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 897)


1860 – Nov – NC Edgecombe – Will – Jesse Cooper KnightItem 1: Wife Edith, land and slaves; land “beginning in Sarsnetts Mill branch, to the Raleigh Rd, to the canal in Killebrews mill branch, up to Allen B. Nobles Corner stake, along the lands bought of Alexander Bridewell to Polly Pitts line, to Elizabeth Sarsnetts corner, etc;
Item 2: to wife Edith, whole list of slaves, household items, brandy still, apple mill, cider casks, 3 horses, cows and calves, pigs, sheep, carts, wheels, 6 ploughs, yoke of oxen, geese, all poultry, carriage & harness, cotton gin, wheat fan, 1 years provisions, all notes payable to her, all money in her possession. 
Item 3: Son William H. Knight to receive the balance of the land including land bought of William Balfour (described), also the D__ Garrett land after taking off 200 acres at the west end for Susan Nobles, also the land bought of William Lodge adjoining the land of Zachariah Sarsnett dec’d, also the land given to my wife, Edith subject to her life estate; son to get slaves subject to life estate of wife;
Item 4: to daughter (in-law) Sally Knight for life estate: balance of land bought from William Balfour (description), also the land bought of Nancy Morgan adjoining the land of Richard W. Garrett; after the death of daughter Sally, her land to go to grandson Jesse Daniel Knight, son of Francis H. Knight; Sally also to get slaves, named; 
Item 5: To son William H. Knight in trust for the sole use of daughter Frances Lawrence, wife of Bennett B. Lawrence, all right and titles to lands in Nash County bought at the sale of the said Bennett B. Lawrence, also the land bought of William Drake being the land now in the possession of my daughter Frances and on which she and her husband, the said Bennett, now reside. Also to son William H. Knight, all the slaves, property and effects of every description bought at the sale of the said Bennett which I put in possession of daughter Frances, and all other effects which I have heretofore or may hereafter put in her possession, to hold all the said property for the sole and separate use of my said daughter free from the control of her present or any future husband either as to principal or profits and I empower the said William H Knight trustee as aforesaid to invest any profits or surplus in such products or articles of comfort and necessity as she may need and to make such other investments as her interest may require, everything to be free from the control of her present or any future husband; if son, William H. Knight shall die in the lifetime of the said Frances, I appoint my grandson Charles Knight, son of Francis H. Knight, trustee in the place of the said William and I direct son William and grandson Charles, to convey all the said property at the death of the said Frances to said child or children as she may leave and I further direct that all such property as my granddaughter Lucy may be entitled to shall be held by my son William H. or my grandson Charles for the sole & separate use of the said Lucy free from the control of any husband she may have, and after her death to her children.
Item 6: To granddaughter Susan Nobles, wife of Allen B. Nobles, the balance of the tract of land I bought from Alexander Braswell adjoining the lands of Henry Deal, Polly Pitt and others, also 200 acres of land to be cut off on the west end of the tract I bought of the Garretts; Susan also to get whole list of slaves for life, and Susan’s legacy to go to her children, but if she has no children, then her legacy to be distributed according to items 3, 4 & 5 equally.
Item 7: to grandson Joseph J. Lawrence, slaves, and to granddaughter Lucy Lawrence, slaves free from the control of any husband now or future, etc. Lucy’s legacy to go to any children, if no children, reverts to her brother, Joseph J. Lawrence.  If he has no children, everything reverts to items 3, 4 & 5.
Item 8: If son William has a crop in process on any parcel of land when I die, he shall be allowed to harvest, etc.
Item 9: All the balance of estate and effects, money, or money due to be distributed according to items 3, 4, 5 & 6 except perishables which may be sold to pay debts.
Item 10: If any grandchild dies, their share to go to their brothers and/or sisters, equally divided.
Item 11: Son William H. Knight to be executor. Signed Sep 1856. Wit: J. L. Bridgers, Henry Hyman. Proved in Nov Court, 1860 by John L. Bridgers, the other witness, Henry Hyman being dead. (North Carolina Wills, Vol G, 1853-1885, images served by ancestry.com)

1867 - Oct 22 SC Laurens – Will - James P. Knight -   Know all me by these presents that I, James P. Knight in the District of Laurens and state of South Caroline, being in good health and of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament, to wit:
*   First, my will is that all of my estate, real and personal, except my books and household furniture such as beds, bed-clothes, and bedsteads, and also the gold watches and chains, be sold and after my debts and funeral expenses are paid, that my son, Thomas E. L. Knight have two thousand dollars in cash, one of the beds, bedstead and the accompanying bed clothes, together with the largest watch and fob chain, being included in the above exception.  The balance of the above excepted articles being the remainder of the beds, bedsteads, bed clothes and household furniture and a ladies gold watch and chain, to be given to my wife, Antoinett.
*   Second, it is my will that the money, the two thousand dollars above mentioned, be used in giving my son Thomas E. L. Knight a good English Education, and a profession, either the Law or Medicine, unless father, Silas Knight, with my executor hereinafter mentioned, may in their wisdom think it wholly inadvisable, in which latter case, the money be given for land.
*   Thirdly, I desire that the balance of the proceeds of the sale to be disposed of according to law therin provided.
*   Lastly, I do nominate and appoint my wife Antoinette to be the executrix of this my las will and testament.
*   In testimony whereof I, the said James P. Knight, have to this, my last will and testament, contained on one sheet of paper, subscribed my name and affixed my seal, this the twenty-ninth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight-hundred and sixty-one.
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Jas. P. Knight… etc
*   Witnesses: E. Madden, Silas Knight
*  I, Antoinett Knight do hereby relinquish all my right and claim as executrix on the ___ will and declare my intentions and act as ___ by so doing.  Signed: Antoinette Knight Nov. 8th 1867.

Note: James Perry Knight was the son of Rev. Silas Knight who was the grandson of Joel Knight and Hannah Porch. Joel was the son of John Knight and Elizabeth Eppes Knight.

1875 - Apr– SC Laurens – Will – John Knight – To wife, Mary Knight, “all my property both real and personal, during her natural life”; after her death, everything to be sold and proceeds divided equally between children: William J. Knight, Sandford Vandiver Knight, Sarah Stone, Mary I Murff, Martha Bolt, Berry E. Knight, Cleopatra V. Balentine, grandsons Joseph Saxon  and Hasletine Knight, and Maria Knight dau, of my son John Knight deceased. To Dr. W. J. Balentine “my gold watch”.  W. J. Balentine and Berry E. Knight, executors.  13 Jan 1862. Signed.  Wit: T. H. Ware, J T. Medlock, R. L. Stephens.  Entered into probate, April 1875. (Laurens SC Estate Papers, packets, 180, bundle 8)

Note: This John Knight is the son of John Knight b. 1747 Stafford VA, son of George Knight and Jean Dawson, George being the grandson of Capt. Peter Knight.


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