Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight


Two Peter Knights in Virginia cont.


A Tale of Two Peters
1751 Aug 15 VA Stafford – Bap - Samuel Knight – s/o son of John Knight and Charity Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66)  
1752 Mar 5 VA Spotsylvania – Will – Uriah Garton - FIL of Ephraim Knight who was Grandson of Capt. Peter Knight and Anne Hawley. Exs. Of Will: sons Zachariah Garton, Uriah Garton and Elijah Garton.  Leg. Son, Zachariah, my land that I hold in Lancaster Co; son, Uriah, plantation whereon I now live; son, Elijah, plantation whereon Ephraim Knight now liveth; wife, Winifred Garton. Will probated 5 Aug 1755: (Crozier 1905, p. 14)  
1752 Sep 16 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Ephraim Knight & Zachariah Garton - witness a sale of land from William Bell, Jr., to Uriah Garton, Jr. (Crozier, p. 192)  
1753 Oct 2 VA Stafford – Bap - Sarah Ann Knight – d/o George Knight and Jean; Overwharton Parish (King 1961, p. 66)  
1754 Feb 3 VA Stafford – Bap - Ephraim Knight- s/o Isaac Knight; Overwharton Parish. (King 1961, p. 67)  
1756 Dec 19 VA Stafford – Mar - Peter Knight & Rachel Abbott - Overwharton Parish. (King 1961, p. 67)  
1757 Nov 2 VA Stafford – Bap - Christopher Knight – s/o Peter Knight and Rachel; Overwharton Parish. (King 1961, p. 67)  
1758 Feb 4 Feb 4 – VA Stafford  - Mar ______ Knight and Elizabeth Yates. (King 1961, p. 67) (Text mutilated but is probably John, son of Leonard and Eleanor, b. 1740.)  
1758 Feb 12 VA Stafford – Mar - Ephraim Knight & Anne Abbott.  (Fletcher, p. 98) (King 1961, p. 67)  
1758 Nov 2 VA Stafford – Bap - _____ Knight -  s/o Peter Knight and Rachel. (King 1961, p. 67) (Text is mutilated but they have already listed Christopher, so this must be 2nd son, Peter who is said on several family trees to have married Elizabeth Kendall and moved to Harrison County, VA though I haven’t seen the proof.)  
1759 Mar 28   VA Nansemond – Admin – Luke Sumner – Land patent for 136 acs. “adj. Henry Brinkley, Peter Franklin, James Knight & John Riddick. (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 32, No. 3, p. 257)
1760 Feb 26 VA Spotsylvania – Admin – Garton & Knight - Land sale from Zachary Garton and Elijah Garton and Frances, his wife, to Ephraim Knight … 165 acres in Spts. Co. Witnesses:  Uriah Garton, John Smith, John Knight, Uriah Knight, Edward Herndon, Henry Carter, A. Foster, Harry Bartlett. (Crozier, p. 215)  
1765 Mar 2 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Ephraim Knight - of St. Geo. Par. Spts. Co., to Hugh Lenox & Co, Mercht. 28 pounds, 18s 11d curr. Mortgage.  165 acres in Par. And Co. afsd., purchased by sd. Knight of Zachary and Elijah Garton, 5 Mar 1765. (Crozier 1905, p. 240)  
1765 Aug 28

VA Stafford – Will - William Knight -  "In the name of God Amen I William Knight of Stafford County being aged & infirm, but of a sound memory....make this my last will & testament. My Soul into hands of Merciful creator... What worldly Estate after my Debts lawfully contracted, funeral expenses & Legacies are paid I do dispose of ...
Imprimis I give to Rebecca Fletcher 1 cow and calf, 1 sow & piggs, a pot and a pan, her wearing clothes and her own proportion excluded. I also give her four geese, also a feather bed & furniture during her life. and then to be returned to the heir or Executor. Also three barrells of corn.
Item I give to my brother John Knight my gun also my cartouch box & jacket & leather breeches.
Item I give to Scarlett Harper two barrels of corn.
Item I give to my loving Father my crop & stock and all my personal estate after the above Debts and legacies are paid during his natural life, after his decease to be equally divided between my Brother John Knight and my Sister Sarah Knight & heirs.
Lastly I appoint my loving father Leonard Knight my sole Executor of this my last will and testament.....28th of August 1765"
Signed:  William Knight
September court 1766. This will presented into court....proved.....Admitted to record. certificate granted for probate."   (Stafford County, Virginia Will Book (?), pg 504-505)

Note: This is a bit of a puzzle. First, the testator says that he is “aged and infirm” and then he makes his father – who is certainly more aged than he is – his executor!  If the father, Leonard Knight, is the son of Capt. Peter Knight, he would be 99 years old here! That’s not impossible, as John Knight, son of George Knight and Jean Dawson, certifiably lived to be over 100.  Capt. Peter himself, was 84 when he passed. But 99 is "seriously aged" and probably infirm also!

If this William were a son of Leonard, son of Capt. Peter, he would probably have been born after the recorded 1706 birth of Ephraim, say, c. 1708, which would make him 57 in 1765. I don't see how else he could claim to be “aged and infirm” if he were not, in fact, say, over 50 years or more of age.

If he were a grandson of Leonard, son of Capt. Peter, we would need to subtract about 20 years from that age and make him 37 here, in which case it seems impossible for him to claim that he was "aged and infirm".

So, as strange as it may seem, it appears that he very well may have been son of Leonard and grandson of Capt. Peter.

In any event, there was a John Knight whose son, John Jr, married Elizabeth Harper. Her brother was Scarlett Harper, probably son of another Scarlett Harper.  This John Knight JR. was one of the attesters to the 1792 marriage of Scarlett Harper's daughter, Nancy Harper, to Charles White, along with Benjamin Davis, another witness, in Bourbon Co., KY.  It appears that this John Knight Sr, was the brother of William here, and thus Scarlett Harper would have been his brother-in-law through his brother, John.

Given all that, it seems that he was ill in some way and was attended by Rebecca Fletcher. Was she a family relation or a friend of the family? The items he gives to her in his will are reminiscent of how wives - or daughters - were treated in many wills of the time; they were given things to use during their lives, but were to be returned on their death to the "right heir". He mentions her "own proportion", as though she had a rightful inheritance from him, or that she brought something to the relationship; yet, they obviously were not married. The only thing that seems like it might be a solution would be that she was his daughter, had married a Fletcher, and was widowed and living with him as his carer.

1766 Nov 22

VA Stafford – Admin – George Knight & John Knight - Early Records of Chappawamsic Baptist Church, Stafford Co. VA: Church minutes state that Chappawamsic was constituted by former members of Broad Run Church, Fauquier County. Signatories incude (selected): Mary Anderson, John Carney, Mary Carney, Absalem Carney, George Williams, Sarah Carney, Joshua Carney, John Bland, John Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Harper, Ann Moore, Margaret Bland; New member enrollments: 1767 Jun 28: George Knight, John Knight, Elizabeth Knight  (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 37-40)

Note: The Knights of SC, GA and FL, were very active Baptists until some of them turned heretic and joined the Methodists, as was the case with my own branch.
1771 Nov 20 VA Northumberland – Mar - George Knight m. Judith ? Children: Isaac b. 20 Nov 1771; Nancey 24 Jun 1774; Winefritt 30 Oct 1775. (Wright 2013, p. 205) This George is the son of Benjamin and Winifred.  
1772 Dec 5 VA Spotsylvania – Admin – John Knight – Land sale byJames Ware and Agnes, his wife, of Caroline Co. to John Knight of Spts. Co. 100 a. in Spts. Co. Wit: Nathaniel Holloway, Thomas Wisdom. (Crozier, p. 296 )  
1775 Oct 30 VA Northumberland – Bap - Winefritt Knight – d/o George Knight and Judith (Fleet, VCA, p. 468)  

VA Stafford – Admin - Uriah Knight, Zachariah Knight and Elijah Knight - Signatories on the “Ten Thousand Name Petition” for religious freedom for Baptists.

Note: Some other names in the same county: Richard Palmer, Moses Lunsford, William Moore, John Rose, Spilsby Stone, Charles Carter, James Jeffries, Edward Jeffries; Thomas Coleman, John Harper and Timothy Carrington, James Abbott, George Moore, David Anderson, James Coleman, John Collins;

Fluvanna County: William Giles, George Anderson JR, Rene Woodson, Benjamin Lee, John Pace, Thomas Devane, Sylvanus Bryant, Isaac Bryan, Thomas Farrer, George Anderson, Daniel Lightfoot SR, James Crocket, Joseph Barbee, William Porter, Samuel Porter, Thomas Coleman, James Gregory, Daniel Coleman, Julius Coleman, Christopher Ferris, William Gregory, John Gooch, John Phillips, Edward Hughes, John Anderson, William Vaughan, Marmaduke Lee, Henry Chambless, Peter Rice, Richard Rice.

Bedford County: John Bell, John Anderson, Joseph Bunch, Charles Bunch, John Lee, George Anderson, Zachariah Bunch; Bartelot Anderson, William Vaughan, Matthew Anderson, John Vaughan, __ Taylor, ___ Farmer, Jeremiah Pate, John Coleman, Isham Farmer, John Childress, Nathaniel Eppes, Spencer Walton, James Farmer, James Bell, Richard Hancock, John Wimbish, Thomas Cason;

Orange County: Matthew Carter, George Moore, William Tucker, John Tucker, Francis Tucker, William Cason, Thomas Cason, Benjamin Farris, Joseph Farris, William Stokes, John Carter, Charles Rice, Hughes Woodson, John Meador, Miller Woodson, Samuel Moore, John Evans, Chastain Moore, George Carter, Henry Bell, Joseph Carter, James Welsh, William Cason, William Woodson, Shadrach Woodson, Matthew Anderson, Jesse Woodson,  (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 35-42; Vol. 37., No. 1, pp. 143-157)
1777 Mar - Jun  

VA Nansemond – Admin - James Knight - Corporal in the 4th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army commanded by Col. Robt Lawson. Other members of this regiment include: John Davis, John Ennis, James Fleming,  Andrew Flood, Joseph and Charles Cole. (U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, 4th Reg., Folders 97-105 and 106-111, National Archives and Records Administration.) 

Note: The 4th Virginia Regiment was raised on 28 Dec 1775 at Suffolk Court House, Virginia.  Col. (Later General) Robert Lawson was born 23 Jan 1748 and died 28 Mar 1805 in Richmond, Virginia.  He was the son of Benjamin Lawson and Elizabeth Claiborne. He married Sarah Meriwether Pierce 13 Dec 1769 in VA, daughter of John Pierce and Sarah.

1777 VA Northumberland – Mar - John Knight &. Hannah Webb, widow of Aaron Webb and dau. of Sarah Marsh. Hannah d. 1789. I her LWT she named children: John Knight, Nancy Knight, William Butcher Knight, Isaac Webb, Aaron Webb and Salley Webb. (Wright 2013, p. 205, Headley 2003, p. 216)  
1780 Feb 17 VA Spotsylvania – Mil - Charles Knight - served as a Sarjant till properly dischared in the year 1758… John Chew JR DC (verso) I assign the within to Thomas Allcock. Given under my hand the 17 Day of February 1780 [signed] Charles Knight. (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly, Vol. 36, No. 1, p. 23)  
1784 Feb 19

VA Spotsylvania – Admin – William Knight & John Knight - Court:The following served as soldiers in the Continental Army and died in the service of the States:  William Knight, to whom John Knight is heir. (Crozier, p. 524)

Note: Not sure where and how this William fits in. Is John a son of William?  William Knight, son of Leonard, died and left his brother John as heir with his father, Leonard, as co-heir and executor. But that was in 1765, before the Revolution. Did that John have a son named William? Is this another case of the father being heir to the deceased son?

The best fit as parents are John Knight and Winifred Garton. The Revolution ended in 1783, so it’s hard to say when this William died, exactly; the latest muster roll on which he appears is dated 8 Nov 1779 (Private in the Virginia 6th Regiment.)

1785 Nov 24 VA Lancaster – Mar - John Knight & Elizabeth Rivere -  marriage bond. Bondsman Peter Rivere. (Headley 2003, p. 216)  
1786 Feb VA Northumberland – Will – Hannah Knight - Will of Hannah Knight probated.  Names children: John Knight, Nancy Knight, William Butcher Knight, Isaac Webb, Aaron Webb, and Salley Webb. Leaves various bequests, and then, the entire estate to be divided among John, Nancy and William Knight and not the Webb children who presumably received the estate of their father.  John Knight, the son, must have appeared in court to present the will and petition for probate at the age of about 9 or 10. (Wright 2013, p. 205 and photograph of the Will of Hannah Knight, ancestry.com)  
1786 Dec 27 VA Lancaster – Mar - James Galloway & Nancy Knight marriage bond, Samuel Sutton bondsman. (Headley 2003, p. 141)  
1789 Dec 11 VA Spotsylvania - Admin - John Knight – Land sale: John Knight of Stafford Co. and Winifred, his wife, to Ephraim Knight of Spots. Co. … 79 a. in Spots. Co., etc. Wit: Zachariah Knight, James Knight, Elizabeth Knight. (Crozier, p. 436)  
1790 Nov 1 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Ephraim Knight – Deed of gift to his children, James Knight, Lewis Knight and Elizabeth Ann Knight of same co. Deed of Gift. To James Knight, 79 a. in Spots. Co., purchased of John Knight; also cattle, goods and chattels, etc. To Lewis Knight, tract of land in same co., purchased of Abraham Darnall; also cattle, goods and chattels.  To Eliza Ann Knight, stock, goods and chattels, etc.  Witnesses, Zachariah Knight, Gibson Morris, Elijah Knight.  (Crozier, p. 437)  
1793 Jan 2 VA Northumberland – Mar - Joseph Edwards & Nancy Lunsford; marriage bond with John Knight as bondsman. (Headley 2002, p. 122)  
1793 Sep 3 VA Spotsylvania - Admin – Ephraim Knight & James Knight – Land sale by Ephraim Knight and Sarah his wife, and James Knight their son, to John Billingsly, 79 acres purchased by sd. Ephraim of his brother Jno. Knight, in Berkeley Parish, Spots. Co., for 60 pounds currency. (Virginia, Spotsylvania County Records, 1721-1800, Deed Book N. 1791-1794)  
1793 Dec 3 VA Spotsylvania – Admin – Zachariah Knight, Elijah Knight & Ephraim Knight – Land sale by William King and Delilah, his wife, of Spotsylvania Co. to Zachariah Knight of same co. … 100 a. formerly the property of Richard Coleman, and sold and conveyed to the sd. King by Francis Coleman, in Spots. Co., etc, etc.  Wit Elijah Knight, Ephraim Knight, Henry Pendleton, Jr; Robert Hart, Lewis Holladay. (Crozier, p. 463)  
1793 Nov 9 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - John Knight – Land sale of John Knight and Winifred, his wife, of Stafford Co. to Elijah Knight of Spots. Co. 32 lbs currency. 85 a., part of tract purchased by Ephraim Knight, decd., of Zachariah and Elijah Garton, in Spots. Co. Etc. etc.  Wit: Uriah Knight, Zachariah Knight, William Knight. (Crozier 1990, p. 484)  
1796 Oct 10 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Uriah Knight - is witness to a sale of land between James Hutcheson and Peggy, his wife, to James Hughes of Hanover Co. (Crozier, p. 491)  
1798 VA Spotsylvania – Admin – Elijah Knight - Tax List: Elijah Knight. (VA Gen. Soc. Vol. 37, No. 1, p. 27)  
1799 Apr 17 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Uriah Knight - witness to a land transaction between Thomas Coleman and Rebecca, his wife, and Leonard Young. Another witness is Henry Lee. (Crozier, p. 509)  
1799 Dec 24 VA Northumberland – Mar - Richard Knight & Winifred Cretcher, dau. Of Jean and Vincent Cretcher. (Headley 2003, p. 216)  
1799 Dec 25

VA Spotsylvania – Mar - Isaac Knight & Winney Ann Knight marriage . (Fletcher, p. 98)

Note: This Winney Ann is probably the daughter of George and Judith m. c. 1770/71 while Isaac is probably the son of Zachariah Knight, son of John Knight and Winifred Garton Knight.


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