Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight


Early Marriages of Rhea County TN 1808 - 1840

This list is done on the fly. I had a reason to transcribe a selection of early Rhea County marriages - I wanted a substitute for lost censuses - and having done quite a few, decided to continue collecting the very early ones in case they will help someone else. All that is here is the year of the marriage and the name of the bride and groom. These are applications for marriage licenses and not everyone was returned; apparently some people didn't go through with it! Some of the names I have auto-corrected and others, I have left exactly as they were written by the scribe. He was not the best speller and appeared to be somewhat dyslexic and I've tried to adjust that where possible, but he made such a mess of many names I just threw my hands up and wrote what I saw with maybe a note inserted in parenthesis. If there is a question mark with the note, that means the text is really bad and I'm not sure and am proposing a possible alternative; if there is no question mark, I'm including the original after my auto-corrected version. If there is a question mark alone in parentheses after a name, it means I'm transcribing what I think I see, even if it is messy, and I wonder if it is correct, but don't feel comfortable changing it in case it is, actually, correct.

Every year is not covered equally and I'm sure there are more if anyone wants to take the time to search over 500 pages. At the end of this list, the text jumps to 1884, and that's where I stopped. There are a good number of men in this list taking second wives and a few marrying for a third time. I haven't analyzed it in any way, I just wanted something to serve as a sort of census for those years where the censuses either were not done, or the records were lost. If you find some of your people, you at least know there is a record, and the year; for mor than that, you will have to consult the records directly. All you will get is the date of the license, date of marriage, and who performed it.

Early Rhea County TN Marriages


John Locke & Jane Moore
John Bush & Hannah Howard


Richard Williams & Sarah Seymour
Jacob Maurice & Polley Larson
John Lauderdale & Polly Hanna Cocrane
Adam Detrick & Polly Blythe


William Dunlap & Peggy Donald
Nicholas Powell JR & Jane Robinson
William Seymour & Sarah Lewis
Samuel Sherrill & Fanny Conlen (?)
James Johnson William & Lucy Howerton (?)
James Poteet & Jane Brown
Samuel Carr & Sally Blythe
Cain Able & Margaret Buise
Randel Bowen (Brown?) & Milla Besks (Milly Banks?)
Jesse Elliot & Sally Frazier
James McMillen &Anne Johnson


Henry Morris & Margaret Burk
George Hunter & Margaret Small
Owen David & Magdaline Kelly


Michael Bustard & Elizabeth Walker
Robert Moore & Sarah Binson (?)
Richard Will/Well & Sally Stennitt
Allen Murphee & Rhoda Dodd
Richard Granly & Elizabeth Howard
John Poe & Dorothy Year
Archibald Horton & Ellen Newman
William Self & Rebeca Mur
William Owen & Nancy Year
Furney Buntins & Jane Yowings
John McDonald & Polly Johnson.


William Blackmill & Anna Blackmill
Lewis James & Fannie Robertson
Jeremiah Harmack & Millie Robinson
Mark Robinson & Polly Sparthis
Nelson Battle & Rhoda Winton
Jacob Weif & Betsy Self
William Rodgers & Nelly May.


Moses Price & Catherine Seybolt
James Elliott & Sarah Davis
Henry Tuttle & Mrs. Polly Hopkins
Martin Shults & Sallie Rensler (?)
William Dodd (Dudd?) & Elizabeth Marriott
Joseph Dunham & Charity Smith,


Charles Richards & Mary Sapp
Abednigo Rowden & Catsey Hannah
Thomas Cox & Temperance McDaniel
James Riley & Jennie Shields
Solomon Henson & Rebecca Self
Edmund Vaughn & Polly Bobitt
Abner Royal & Rebecca Brown
Jonathan Barnes & Polly Richards
John Harris Smith & Lucy Battles
Jacob Shultz & Betsy Colton
Rubin Freeman & Polly Birdson
Michael Jones & Edy Harwood


Isham S.E. Hardin & Rebeccah Lester
John Henry & Susanna Day
John Day & Jane Henry
Henry Myers & Aga Ragan
William Rutherford & Elizabeth Myers
Carlisle Humphrey & Harriett A. Campbell
Thomas Driver & Mary Granly
Abraham Gwinnett & Sally Wear
David Hislen & Polly __
Martin Buise & Eliz (Esther?) Davison
James Johnson & Elizabeth Philpot
Robert Kellison & Sidney P. Harris
Richard J. Waterhouse & Elizabeth Haskell (Haskett?)
George Mayhugh & Margaret Henry
William Harris & Margaret Denton
Ransom Murphee & Mary Walker
Nicholas Starne & Barbara Minters
John D. Jones & Betsy White
Sanford Farley & Sallie Ragan
Martin Murphee & Leah Walker
Charles A. Taylor & Patsey Walker
William Lewis & Margaret McLaughlin
William Shelton & Barbara Francis


John Pierson & Susannah Ellis
Joseph Coffee & Anna R. Hackett
Martin H. Randolph & Peggie Walker
Hampton Butler & Sallie Myers (Moyers?)
Thomas Blakesly & Annie Hislen (?)
James Miller & Polly Poe
Thomas Harnett & Nancy James
Robert Boulton & Jane McNatt
Thomas McCarty & Polly Baker
Samuel Snelson & Elizabeth Macay (McKay?)
Jeremiah Horneston (?) & Lucy Johnson
William Knox & Cinthia Webb
John Majors & Sallie Butler
George W. Allen & Frances Anderson
James Knox & Betsy Ellis


Thomas Carter (Custer?) & Joahanna Hiden
Elias J. Chapin & Margaret Ritchie
Thomas Jack & Polly Shaw
John Edmonson & Rebeccah Eaton
John Bowdry & Sallie Whitney
John Munroe & Polly George
Mathias Benson & Jane Bryson
William Henry & Nancy McCandless
William Zuissen & Margaret Woodland
Allen Kennedy & Margaret Hackett
Elisha Ferguson & Margaret Kennedy
Joseph Alexander & Nancy Hughes
Thomas Howenton (?) & Polly Kirksey
Alexander Sapp & Frances Anderson
Elisha Parker & Patsy Jusvets (?)
William Walker & Jane Campbell
John Woodward & Susanna Allen
Louis Teiner & Anne Johnson
John Farris & Polly Bowdry
John Davidson & Elizabeth Walker
John G. Burris & Elizabeth Bird
George W Hughes (?) & Lucinda Henderson
James Callison & Sarah Craig
Samuel Stokes & Nancy Bishop
Royal Barton & Nancy Harwood
John Knight & Polly Owens (Feb 7)
Hugh Rhea & Betsy Beck
Thomas Godlshere & Isabella Taylor
Templin W. Ross & Eliza Senior


Isaac Benson & Naoma Bryson
James Smith & Polly George
Moses Price & Peggy McClanahan
John Parker & Polly Dearman
John Miller & Nancy Harwood
Joseph Martin & Annie Moore
Terry Riddle & Polly Patterson
Robert W. McMillen & Rachel Calderson
Spencer Benson & Ruth Colville
John Thompson Merriott & Cinthia Taylor
John Dawkins & Sally Thomas
Robert Airheart & Nancy Gillett
Andrew Warner & Esther Erwin
Levi Chancy & Betsy Brindlee
Allen Holland & Polly Merriott
William Pierce & Louvina Gillespie
Lewis Knight & Rebecca Wassum (July 28)
James Butler & Polly Johnson
James Bowers & Phoebe (Phereby?) Kinman
Josiah Birdson & Nancy Huddleston
Thomas C. Roberts & Nancy Roddye
John Poe & Rebecca Hinkle
Moses Price & Peggy McClanahan
Martin Wynick & Betsey Ribble
Morrow Maddox & Eliza Lennette
Edmond Halt & Polly Emory (Emmery)
Warren Rhea & Elizabeth Marr
John Owens & Peggy Thompson
William J. Gillenwates & Elizabeth Roddye
John Murphee (Murphree?) & Tilda Walker
Samuel Montecote & Lesley Farris
Samuel Hollowass & Frances Davison
Solomon Price & Betsey Leath
Absalom Barnes & Polly Murphee
Thomas Piper & Polly Harwood
(several marriages performed by D. Walker Esq)
Cader Murphee & Ruth Atchley
Hiram Gibson & Mary Stocton


John Simmons & Jane Gause
Joshua Warn & Liddy Collins
James McDonald & Kitty Jones
Jesse Mathews & Elenor Sharp
Alexander Coldwell & Letitia Moore
Washington John DeWitt & Mary E. Beardin
Edmond Bean & Eliza B. Halsy
James Steen & Sarah Pearson
William Buster & Isabella Hill
Stokes Blackmill & Rebecca Wornes
John McCarty & Polly Carnes (?)
Wylie Murphee & __ Hill
Audley P. DeFeuse & Nancy Coldwell
Woodson Tucker & Esther McGaffey
Jacob Bryson & Rachel Moore
Samuel McDaniel & Rachel B. Cox
William Stinnett & Dorothy Smith
Jacob Garrison & Nancy Waterhouse
Samuel Cunningham & Patsey Miller
John Dunlap & Elizabeth Wassom
James McKay (Macay) & Sally Carter
Nathan Marr & Betsy M. Carter (McCarter?)
Joseph Thompson & Nancy Thompson
William Smith & Molly Butler
Joseph Marr & Viney Rhea
Edward Ritchen & Sally Cooper
Matthew Naplett & Esther Johnson
James Wilson & Dicey Ellis
Joseph Cookson & Christina Vanagrift (Vandergriff?)


Joseph J. Thrallkill & Cipia Atchley
Allison Howard & Margaret Parks
James Taylor & Nancy Lilliard
William James & Elizabeth Harris
James Gorthard & Susanna Lea
Joshua S. Green & Anne Alexander
Alexander Mahon & Mary Ann Blackwood
William Talley & Stacy Bryant
Charles Woodward & Sally Collins
Jacob Reynolds & Margaret McAndlea
John C. Simpson & Nancy Paine
Thomas Romine & Rebecca Hughes
John McDonough & Margaret Armstrong
Berry Hogg & Dicey Howenton
George Weeks & Jincey Singleton
Abraham Hughes & Mary Lea
William Hall & Isabella Moon (Moore?)
Jacob Cooke & Nancy McRoberts
Benjamin Jones & Jane Lauderdale
Joseph McDaniel & Patsey McDaniel
___ Richardson & Jincey Jacobs
William Howten & Betsey Williams
William K. Blakesley & Dorcas Hellman (?)
John Baker & Elizabeth Rector
Lewis Roark & Jane Frazier
James McCarter & Catey Emory (Emrey)
Charles Bradley & Polly Miller
Alfort Harris & Salley Nenfort
James paul & Ann Brown
Eli R__ & Rebecca Kirksey
Robert Ellison
Zannah Godby
George Preston & Miss Anne Roddye
John Martin & Marilla Slover


William Ferguson & Margaret Henry
Robert Martin & Nancy Massengale
John S. Richmond & Mary Chastain
John Washington Acree & Polly Kinnon
Robert Bolton & Anna Holt
Wiley Lewis & Susan Henry
Wilson Kilgore & Patsy Walker
Daniel Clingin & Nancy Markey
Thomas M. Penney & Linda Gan
Joseph Johnson & Caty Holland
William Harwood & Malinda Jones
John Walker & Nancy Griffin
Perlaski Poe & Nancy Parker
Edmond Howenton & Polly Oliver
James M. Nelson & Elizabeth Evans
William Barnett & Peggy Montgomery
Anderson Smith & Elizabeth Fulton
James Farris (Pharris) & Elizabeth Brady
Landers Recton & Polly Warren (Wasson?)
Nathaniel Gilliam & Sally Davis
John Burton & Lucy Brady
John Johnston & Anna (Amira?) Burton
Squire Burton & Rebecca Rhea
Aaron Rhea & Blanch Reese
James Moore & Sarah Brooks
John Marshall & Sally Guffy
James R. Linley & Polly Walker
Turner Casey & Sallie Clark
David Shelton & Elizabeth Witt
Benjamin Rogers & Parnelle Moyers (Myers?)
Spencer Benson JR & Fanny Jackson
Edward Treadway & Rachel Mainard
Jacob Plowman & Priscilla Parker
Richard Manly & Elizabeth Ann Stute
John Buchanan & Caty Areheart
Walter R. Paine & Peggy Chambers
John Thomas & Elizabeth Magonas
Francis Monday & Rebecca Hankins
Hiram Burnett & Viney Mosby (Manby?)
John Robinson & Polly Lavender
Vincent Oden & Levicy Lawson
Fonton Creed & Nancy Futton
Jacob Moyers & Ann Condley
Farley Bardy & Betsey Smith
William Woodward & Jane Logan
William Moon & Peggy Cowan
Anthony Brown & Sarah Cranmor JR
John Birdsong & Catherine Huddleston
Bredenburgh Thompson & Mary K. Rawlings


Solomon Cox & Nancy Knox
William Gossage & Polly Ledford
Jesse Tysen & Nancy McCarey
Dempsy Hillborne & Linsy Abel
Laban Stewart & Nancy Wells
James Acree & Esther Jones
Cain Gentry & Patsey Phillips
Benjamin Putnam & Polly Buchanan
David Lewis & Lucy Clark
John Gan & June Auston
Elijah Cameron & Rebecca Stanton
Hiram Coots & Betsy Howerton
Howard Swafford & Nancy Naremoon
Solomon Brown & Nancy Mayberry
John Ferguson & Margaret Collins
George Black & Elizabeth Durken
John Greenwood & Nancy Lauderdale
Isaac Mahan & Charlotte Owens. Geoff Jackson & Susan Saunders
William Tindel & Sallee Wilhelm
Joseph Thornton & Polly Henry
Beatty Perren & Betsey Thompson
Benjamin Allen & Sally Slover
John Chapman & Mary Knox
Francis Monday & Elizabeth Hill
John Whaley & Polly Airheart
Samule Sullivan & Sally Simmons
Meredith Brogdon & Nancy Knight
Isaac Glasscock & Loretta Fulton
James E. Beck & Elizabeth Ferguson
Thomas Shafer & Sally Lewis
Peter Minnick & Syntha Armstrong
William Hill & Nancy A. Worley
Robert Gamble & Polly Anderson.


John Guerin & Betsey Erwin
Cornelius Moyers & Myra Paine
John Ramsey & Sallie Brooks
John Walker JR & Emily S. Meigs
Frederich Thurman & Jane Carnahan
James Moore & Sidney Moyers
Thomas Maloney & Betsy Ward
John Hilburn & Nancy Vincent
George Bennett & Tiney Lockmiller
William Talls & Mary Moore
James Lawrence & Sally Brazelton
Robert Hogan & Letice Kirkpatrick
Jeremiah Washam & Lucinda Francis
Robert Stockton & Nancy H. Rayland
Samuel Hix & Nancy Ward
Aaron Marr & Betsy Reece (Rice?)
William Gordon & Margaret Rogers
Benjamin Erwin & Anna Ferguson
Edward Griffith & Barbara Hays
William Lewis & Melissent Rowden
Allen Blevins & Clarissa Owens
Joshua Moore & Cintha Williams
Peach (Pasch?) Taylor & Mary Blevins
John Moore & Jane Martin
Abner Witt & Ann Airheart
Johnsie Parker & Matilda Chastain
William Rice & Elizabeth Francis
Moses Thompson & Catherine Hete
Thomas Blackburn & Mary Rawlings
Allen Hillburn & Patsey Vincent
Hamlin Vincent & Susannah Jasen
James Varnell & Viney Nelson
William Thomison & Nancy Guthrie
Zachariah Nelson & Sarah Walker
James Cole & Margaret Bailey
John Bennett & Patsy Thrallkill
Reuben Marlow & Susan Ward
Elisha Moore & Judy Ryon
Benjamin Ward & Dianah Hicks
John Helen & Betsy Newkirk
James Reese & Elizabeth Parker
Daniel Higgins & Peggy Riddle
Nathan Harwood & Mary Chapman
Mansion Howard & Mariah Parks,


 Montford Frazier & Sally Simpson
William Thompson & Sally Nelson
Jonathan Fry & Betsy Green
Alexander McPherson & Serena A. Johnson
Nicholas C. Porter & Lavinia Miller
Robert Moon & Nancy Billingsly
Randolph Harewood & Polly Barnett
Joseph Hall & Catherine Matlock
Joseph Cahill & Polly Small
James Hughes & Jane Stockton
James Holland & Hetty Day
Aiden Braidwell & Juludian Norman
William Fox & Mary W. Collier
Lewis Acree & Rhoda Wiggington
David Sebolt & Mourning Singleton
Jesse Sutton & Frances Clement
John Gatry & Elizabeth Hays
James Roark & Jerusha Blythe
William Carter & Ruth McFarland
Alexander Rice & Margaret Price
Joshua Atchley & Rhoda Atterly
Henry Johns & Elizabeth Sykes
Silas F. Barnes & Catherine Bell
Samuel Frazier & Lucinda Ryon
Martain Rigg & Delila Blacke
Daniel R. Kennedy & Mafara Woodward
Abraham Cox & Celia Collins
Jesse Day & Elizabeth Lewis
William Walker & Nancy Manley
Joshua Richards & Tempy Rush
William Lockmiller & Eliza Carrell
 Michael Wilson & Mahala Atchley
Dempsey Sullivan & Sally Misham
Henry Henry & Jane Montgomery
R. J. Meigs & Sarah K. Love
David Leuty & Elizabeth McClure
Allen Gentry & Sarah King
John Moore & Elizabeth Nelson
Cyrus Quiet & Sarah Cox
William Hope & Lucinda Britewell


Regin Rawling & Viney Miller
William B. Russell & Jane Corran
Josiah Smith & Mary Parks
John Atchley & Mary Genoe
John Fitzgerald & Sarah Brogden
Nathan Harwood & Polly Jackson
 Thomas J. Kerr & Martha Clack
Henry Lewallen (Llewellyn?) & Vicey Lewallen
Stephen Mayfield & Sarah Whitehead
William Hannah & Polly Myers
Paschal Simpson & Sally Burkhart
Riley Smith & Cintha Myers
Daniel R. Kennedy & Marjara Woodward
Andrew Anderson & Elizabeth Walker
James M. Sappington & Anne Clark
Samuel Montgomery & Jemima Little
William Lillard & Nancy Elder
John Silcock & Nancy McFarland
James Elder & Sally Wammuck
Hopkins L. Turney & Teresa Francis
Robert Murphy & Jane Collins
James Hall & Mary Rockhead
Thomas Mafors & Matilda Runnels
John Atchley & Elizabeth Banks
Robert Good & Elizabeth Chumley
James C. Clingham & Jane Marbury
Millington Blaylock & Abby Moore
John Taylor & Polly Lea
Merrill Brady & Nancy Munday (Mundy?)
Lorenzo D. Rush & Fanny Harwood
Elijah McPherson & Sarah Small
John H. Hamilton & Keziah Applegate
Levi H. Knight & Margaret Thompson
Flemming Pugh & Sarah Allen
John Tindall & Polly Hill
 James Gibson & Matilda McCoy
William Phillips & Martha Davis
James Gasque & Susan Olliver.


David Lions & Polly Putnam
John Atchley & Sarah W. Banks
John Witt & Lotta Griffith
Greenberry G. Parker & Catherine Rice
Leroy Ferguson & Myra Morris
Christian Carrell & Jane Rice
Josiah Keenan & Eady Farmer
Allen Haley & Lydia Roddye
William C. Smartt & Elizabeth Waterhouse
James Farlis & Rebecca Townsly
David D. Stockton & Mary Hawe
Thomas Stokes & Nancy Parsons
James Blevins & Ruth Rockhold
John Hughes & Mary Parker
Baldwin H. Fine & Eliza Fulkerson
James Lauderdale & James Johnson
A. Taylor & Margaret Looney
James Cahill & Rebecca Bedwell
Benjamin White & Lucinda Roddye
John R. Barnette & Matilda West
Jesse Day & Sarah Logan
Bethune Goddy & Rebecca Pharris (Farris)
John Parker & Sally Rainey (Reney)
James B. Russell & Ann Carter
Samuel F. Martin & Lucy Eaves
Amos King & Temperance McDaniel
Adam Humbart & Elizabeth Broyston
George W. Rice & Emaline Paine
James Skillson & Scotty Lewis
John H. Alexander & Jemima Jackson
Sampson Powell & Fanny Hunter
Jefferson B. Love & Rebecca Isom
Nathaniel W. Wilson & Sarah Miller
Samuel B. Russell & Nancy Ann Gamble
Preston Knight & Margaret Ferguson
George Gibson & Easter Atchley.


James Briggs & Polly Kelly
Jacob Webb & Elander Brookshire
Phillip Brandon & Elizabeth Childress
Joseph Bayless & Partheney Clough
Eslie Quiet & Fanny Shaffer
James Carnahan & Prudence Smith
Michale J. Bulger & Pamela Donald
William Smith & Susan Beck
William Gibson & Rebecca Ann Bower
William S. Russell & Susan Blevins
Alexander Galbreath & Jane C. Hill
James William & Uphama (Euphemia?) Fritton
 David Jacobs & Barbary Edmonston
Ambler Grubbs & Rebecca M. Carroll
John Clark & Prudence Rowden
Benjamin Hutson & Catherine C. Fowler
Allen Dalrymple & Eliza Churchwell
David Bandy & Margaret Castell
Mahaliel Barnes & Alis Romines
Thomas A. Moore & Rebecca Frazier
Joseph Castell & Nancy Bandy
Zerubabel Tanksley & Cyntha Garner
Robert Rhea & Matilda Gibson
Curtis Richards & Eady Morgan
Henry Reece & Alley Runnels
Edmond Bean & Lucretia Locke
Joseph Evans & Betsy Vaughn
John Chastain & Louisa Chatman
Alexander Delingham & Martha Blythe
Abraham Hughes & Easter Reaver
Daniel McPhail (McFail?) & Betsy Sims
Charles Stewart & June Cannon
James B. Harrel & Betsy Jones
Hazard Bean & Isabella Jack
John Elder & Mary Vernon
John P. Hays & Anna Rice
James C. Green & Nancy Farlis
Isaac S. Binyon & Nancy Hill
David Lawson & Elizabeth Craig
Isaac Masaner & Mahala Templeton
Alfred N. Patterson & Mary M. Gamble
Hezekiah Shelton & Margaret Love
John McDaniel & Sally Stout
Ambrose Goff & Elizabeth P. Lewis
Robert Kimball & Betsy Williams
John Ferguson & Myra Cooper
Hugh L. Blevins & Anna B. Looney
Jesse Chattin & Harriet Martin
Martin Ferguson & Mary N. Kennedy
Meremiah Bowling & Mary Gamble
Hiram Spencer & Polly Rhea
Joel Bledsoe & Elizabeth Price
George Kincannon & Caney Coleman
Thomas J. Alexander & Polly Myers
John Logan & Obediance Rowden
William H. Stockton & Charlotte Rector
Brogan Cash & Nancy Jones
Anthony King & Malinda Turley
Philomel K. W. Estell & Emalina Day
Brinkley Hornesby & Easter Falls
Thomas C. Thomas & Jane Marr


Elias Ferguson & Betsy Hubbart
Joel K. Bledsoe & Juda Runion
John Yeates & Susan Luttrell
Joshua Goad (Good?) & Sarah Barnett
Silas Conley & Polly Ryan
William Lemon & Amy Reise
Anderson Walker & Elizabeth Henis
Ritten H. Georg & Ibby Moore
Wylie McCoy & Harriet Parker
Nathaniel Rowden & Margaret McFarlie
James Richard & Disey Atchley
William Parmer & Visey Hardin
Samuel E. Rowden & Nancy Smith
George Smith & Annie Clower
Thomas Price & Rebecca Price
Robert Willey & Polly Dunlady
Pleasant M. Miller & Mahalia Rector
John Rogers & Sarah Collins
John Knight & Jane Stewart (Aug 8)
Richard Haynes & Catherine Mafors
James Griffith & Mary Raglin
Thomas C. Wroe & Mary Evans
James Woodward & Elizabeth Montgomery
James H. Blaine & Jane H. Gillespie
Andrew Casteel & Elizabeth Lisenby
James C. Wilson & Sally B. Porter
Richard Cooper & Phillis Davis (note to side “Revolutionary Soldier age 72 wife age 69)


Washington Moody & Polly Gouldsby
Richard R. Gist & Paulina Frazier
Levi Curtain (Carstairs?) & Polly Edington
Joseph Mullins & Ann Anderson
David Campbell & Savannah Pierce
Michael Runnels & Nelly Goad
Charles Adkins & Sally Brewer
James Lay & Mariah Brown
Solomon Darrel & Miss Jane Orr
Hesekiah Duckworth & Elinda Ledford
Jesse Mafors & Rachel Thompson
Allen White & Mariah Walker
Thomas Parker & Nancy Chastain
Gideon B. Thompson & Myra Waterhouse
Alexander Vines & Mary Ann Grountan (Grantham?)
Joseph Rush & Eleanor Putnam
Edward Henson & Mariah Houpt (Haupt?)
John W. Blevins & Elizabeth G__
John Roberts & Mahala Bolen
Howell Whitmore & Nancy Gamble
George L. Miller & Polly Carroll
Caufield Tillery & Irena Brooks
Lewis Privett & Rhoda Crawford
Benjamin McKenzie & Nancy Casey
John W. Hughes & Mary Davis
Benjamin G. Parker & Susannah Hudson
Wesley Hare & Jane Rhea
Isaac W. Green & Jinsey Richardson
John Johnson & Polly McFalls
Isham Reese & Mahala Thompson
Robert Craven & Catherine Roddye
Samuel B. Quinton & Rhoda Harwood
Bright Johnson & Nancy Brown
Robert N. Gillespie & Hannah Leuty (Lenty?)
Willis McCarver & Polly Hennis
Thomas Smith & Scotty Walker


William W. Hilton & Rachel Coleman
Washington Atchley & Eliza Gordan
David Singleton & Malinda Glenn
William McCormack & Sally Thompson
Hiram Newkirk & Malinda Brandon
Cornelias Butram & Catherine Waldrup
Absolom L. Thompson & Susan West
Aaron Maloney & Barbara Casey
William McElroy & Missouri Vandicke
Isaac Binyon & Susan Woodward
Jonathan Bandy & Hesty Bolen
George Samples & Polly Romines
Joel Brooks & Milly Kennon
John Still & Peggy Killough
John W. Smith & Mariah Hunter
George W. Selvidge & Elizabeth H. Leuty
Jonathan B. Sullivan & Sarah Gibbs
Joel Hannah & Minerva Blackwell
James C. Airheart & Nancy Taylor
Pleasant Ripley & Sally Godby
James Bunden & Sally Redwine
John Jackson & Polly Hall
Fleming H. Fulton & Ann Stacy
Rober M. Hooke & Mary K. Rawlings
John Myers & Matilda Hill
William Chastain & Polly Fry
Burton W. Holloway & Malinda Wasson
Moses Atchley & Elizabeth Sutherland
Wright Smith & Zilpha Davis
William Lea & Nancy Jackson
William C. Bell & Eliza Stone
Garrett Christopher & Mary Ann Vines
Thomas W. Munsey & Margaret Witt
James Lawson & Hannah Forrester
Ira D. Broyles & Mariah Hill
William Adams  & Dorcas Blacknell (Blackwell?)
Beaty Breeding & Lucinda Thompson
Joseph Stockton & Martha Moore
John Taff & Jane Houpt
Eldrid Grubb & Nancy McKenzie
William K. Alexander & Isabella Johnson
David Johns & Nancy Sykes
John Guthrie & Keziah Bunch
Israel A. VanDyke & Nancy Evans (Eaves?)
Henderson Compton & Ann Johnson
William Rogers & Ruth Garner.


Edward E. Wassom & Sarah Chapman
Ashael Jackson & Keziah Gibbs
William Murphy & Margaret Johnson
Broxton Edgmond & Mary Casey
Solomon Henry & Catherine A. Smith
Thomas Lucas & Narcissa Wainmuck (Wammuck?)
James F. Ritchie & Mary Ann Gorden
Hugh L. Baldwin & Betsy S. Wilson
David Fairbanks & Nancy Heart
Wylie Moyers & Sally Jones
Thomas W. Stewart & Clarinda Fanery
Henry Griffith & Catherine Bell
Thomas Tillery & Anna Thomas
Clinton Norman & Elizabeth Jones
William Arnold & Matilda Kimball
James Wilson & Jemima Wright
John Bryant & Polly Mitchell
Robert L. Gamble & Betsy Jones
Elijah Bell & Malinda Miller
Tanner Masoner & Peggy Gerrald
Levi Green & Betsy Petit
John Glenn & Malinda Crawford
James C. Ferguson & Eliza J. Craig
Abraham T. White & Barbara Lasley
R. H. Hodsen & Elizabeth Hooke
Abraham F. Gerrald & Sally H. Looney
Henry Miller & Jane Ferguson
William Smith & Margaret Evans
John Lea & Ann Goshart
Joseph Day & Polly Ann Crawford
Benjamin Suddath & Harriett Ragsdale
Charles Grigsby & Delphia Witt
John Hickey & Sally Silvey
Fleming H. Fulton & Anna M. Stacy
William Davenport & Margaret Rhea
James W. Thompson & Ann Ginnis
Samuel Blevins & Sarah Blevins
Jeremiah Farmer & Eliza Bailey
Charles Runily & Cinthia Lauderdale
James W. English & Nancy Brester
James C. Francis & Amey Ingram
Daniel Whittenburgh & Mary Ann Hill
William Smith & Mary Wheeler
William Camp & Evaline Cowan
Logan Howard & Marenia Howard
John Duckworth & Rebecca Snow
Mathias Green & Betsy Blythe
David Bennett & Rachel Rhineheart
Jesse Combs & Priscilla Mapes
Bartholomew Lawson & Levicy Vickery
Thomas Johnston & Rachel P. Seay
Daniel W. Knight & Rachel Underwood (August 2)
Pleasant Manner & Polly Gibbs.


Samuel R. Hackett & Mary Ann Smith
Richmond Clifton & Tabitha Armstrong
Tanner Runyons & Jane Tillery
John B. Stevenson & Elizabeth B. Ustick
Richard Nelson & Ruthy Massey
Charles W. Lewis & Polly Tillery
Eldridge Pittman & Hetty Weese
Isaac A. Godsby & Luran Skillen
Elijah C. Rice & Sally Rowden
John Brady & Nancy Daniels
Anderson Jones & Martha Shelton
John Cook & June Cox
Jacob Wilhelm & Celia Blackmill (Blacknell?)
John M. Nelson & Nancy Fullington
John Runyon & Lorinda Lewis
Jacob Prillamon & Desdemony Gorman
Joshua Hunter & Louisa Locke
Elbert E. Cooper & Nancy Waun (Vann?)
James T. Stockton & Nancy Preston
David Borden & Mary Huff
John Buster & Martha Bedwell
Thomas Mitchell & Mary Kimball
Levi (Levy) Stacy & Patsey Correll
Nicholas Keith & Nancy Butram
Nathaniel Watson & Eliza Massey
Thomas Gaither & Eliza McCoy
William B. Cosby (Cozby) & Pamelia S. Chatten
James Johnson & Nancy Piper
William Rhea & Mary R. Edington
Hiram Henry & Delila Harwood
William Thompson & Cinthia Cooper
John Hampton & Rachel Walker
William Corvin & Polly Ann Gullion
John Lawrence & Martha Davis
Steven Breding & Polly Holloman
Johnson P. Leverett & Margaret Derossett
Thomas M. Pitman & Gilley Clifton
Nathan Barksdale & Rebecca Bidwell
Nelson M. Narimore & Dolly Smith
Edward S. Stokes & Nancy Evans (Eans?)
William Gross & Mahala Sexton
Levi Worthington & Mariah Kennedy
Henry Martin & Polly Prilliman
James Mayo (Mays?) & Margaret A. Caldwell
James Bryant & Elizabeth Sexton
John Buster & Polly Evans (Eans?)
Thomas W. Murray & Nancy A. Noblett
Hezekiah Levens (Lucas?) & Nancy Givins


Elijah Hall & Mary Phillips
Shelny Munday (Mundy?) & Matilda Mitles
James W. Smith & Louisa P. Campbell
John D. Traynor & Mary Ann Cosby (Cozby)
Willliam N. Gillespie & Sidney Ann Lentz
John Jennett & Narcissa Crumley
John P. Long & Eliza Smith
Henson W. Thomas & Lucretia Blevins
Green Berry Casteel & Judy Clough
Vaden H. Giles & Sarah Prillaman
William Thompson & Mary Crannell
William Armstrong & Flora McDaniel
Benjamin Cooper & Nancy Jennings
Fredrick Prystock & Betsey Corder
James Griffin & Peggy Casteel
James Doughty & Rachel Rhea
Jesse H. McFalls & June Richmond
Joseph Winfield & Rebecca Brewer
Isaac Glandon & Sarah Davis
William Shoemaker
Mary Ann Moore
Thomas D. McKeown & Polly Ann Mahan
Moses Blevins & Nancy Taylor
Clayton Hoyal & Pamelia Geno
James H. Vernon & Julia Ann McKenzie
Richmond Gaddy & Ann Cornel
Joseph Callaway & Mary Wilson
Robert Elder JR & Minerva Wright
Abner Hughes & Mary Olinger
Andrew Owens & Dardani Majors
Henry McCary & Jane Thompson
Harvey Montgomery & Nancy Ann Smith
Charles H. Royster & Elizabeth Preston
Henry Roach & Polly S. Eagle
Benjamin Erwin & Dicey Jeffreys
Edmond P. Childers & Louisa Stewart
Jonathan Collins & Telitha Royster
William Caumon (Cannon?) & Polly Thomas
Leonard Cash & Cintha Litterall
Charles M.K. Welch & Nancy S. Condly
William Watts & Rebecca Wood
Abraham Cox & Elizabeth Killy
Robert G. Johnson & Eliza Pippen
John Porter & Mary Ann Hoyal
John C. Dyer & Rosannah Eller
William F. Dagen & Harriet Kenny
Carroll Johnston & Ann Hoover
Bird Atchley & Rebecca Fate
Jackson F. Box & Elizabeth E. Baldwin
Richard G. McFall & Elinor Gaither
Richard Wallard & Telitha Walker
Robert Warren & Nancy Cole
William H. Crawford & Patsey Craigo
William L. Johnson & Sally McCary
Hugh Harris & Peggy Sears
Dickinson Jennings & Margaret Cooper
Thomas Clemmins & Rebecca Johnson
John W. Denning & Elizabeth Daniel
Bryant Breeding & Mariah Miller
Joseph Allen & Nancy Bottom
Moses Farmer & Mahala Roddy
Williamson Fuller & Polly Claybourgh


Harrison Barnett & Jane Robinson
James C. Alfred & Rhoda Baldwin
Hezekiah McPherson & Malinda Rector
James W. Oakes & Mary Ann Richardson
George Watson & Elizabeth Casey
James J. Duncan & Elizabeth Robertson
Jackson Thompson & Patient Holland
John Bowman & Peggy Ann Noblett
Abraham Brown & Hetty Pharis (Ferris?)
William H. Williams & Sarah Ann Parker
Harrison Gaither & Elizabeth McFall
William Hutson & Elizabeth Ryon
James H. Stewart & Lucinda Hill
Alexander Thompson & Barshaba Russell
Lemuel Musick & June Lawson
John S. Puckett & Martha Clough
George W. Brummitt & Unity Ryon
Charles Johnson & Eliza Pettit
Henry Smith & Cheney Johnson
William Ferrell & Mary A. McCarty
Jesse McCarter & Peggy Ann Dunn
Thomas Bicknell & Winney Holmes
George Gross & Lucinda Johnson
Peter Neil & Susan Runions
James S. Thompson & Sarah Swan
Luther B. Cox & Malinda Lewis
John Clark & Rebecca Edgemon
Wilson Kilgore & Mary Davis
William W. Wiles & Emaline Mitchell
Anson DeArmon & Malinda Henry
Lorenzo R. Fry (Frie) & Cisley Lea
Wyatt Silcox & Serena Ann Likins
Nicholas Romines & Susan Weeks
John A. Hooke & Mary L. Long
Hans Nelson & Polly Foard
William Coates & Polly Kale
Rawleigh I. Fulton & Darthula Fulton
William Hainie & Polly Brock
Arthur L. Fulton & Ostney Collins
Alexander F. Wasson & Nancy Atchley
Thomas H. Dearing & Elizabeth Reynolds


William Hossler & Malinda Simpson
John Dozier & Nancy McDaniel
George W. Smith & Sarah Evans
Valentine Allen & Ann Frazier
Peter Minick & Rachel Williams
John Snelson & Melicia Miller
Gilford Black & Margaret Frie
William Wheeler & Ruth Igon
Samuel Ferguson & Sarah B. Wassum
Joseph Cowan & Susan Chattin
James Ferguson & Sarah Wasson
John Johnson &Elizabeth Johnson
George W. Short & Eliza Parks
William H. Chastain & Elizabeth White
Moses Eller & Leah Dyer
George W. Derossett & Eliza Jane Hosler
James F. Bolen & Elizabeth Cates
Jonas Likense & Serena Jennings
John Love & Mary Wassum
Henry Reece & Polly Jeffries
Hughlett Smith & Elvira Miller
Alvin Hornsby & Delithia Wilson
Isaac A. Swan & Rebecca Love
Jesse Roddye & Susan Lea
Royal Chastain & Elenor Hellems
Euclid Waterhouse & Ann Eliza Campbell
Thomas C. Gill & E.E.  Jenkins
Charles Wollare & Elinor Conner
Peter W. Miller & Rebecca Compton
Samuel Stewart & Elizabeth A. Hail
Thomas V. Atchley & Elizabeth Wasson
William B. Miller & Mary Clack
John Nash & Nancy Bean
Benjamin Loder & Margaret Long


Sherrell Dudley & Sarah Thompson
Joseph Ford & Sarah Mathis
William Johnson & Jane Hall
Robert Mitchell & Ann Woodward
Lincy (Lyndsey?) McCary & Mary A Peters
James Hayes & Lydia Brewer
Levi G. Hastler & Mary A. Derossett
John Miller & Sarah Adkins
Nimrod Floyd (Floid) & Mahala Keller
Gilbert Riggle & Alethia West
Edward M. Robertson & Susannah Robertson
William Henderson & Florina Ryan
Stephen H. Thompson & Elizabeth Peterson
Wilson Davenport & Eliza Riggle


Jesse Warren & Hannah Bowman
Isaac Benson & Rebecca McDonald
Michael Davis & Mary Riggle
David Robeson & Eliza Harwood
William Eser & Mary Long
John S. Blevins & Jane A. Darwin
Solomon Sively & Dicey Brewer
David Faust & Nancy Jourden
Thomas C. Johnson & Mary A. Johnson
Luke Goad & Martha Minick
James I. Alexander & Katherine Stewart
Bennett M. Harwood & Ann Riggle
Isaac Chamberlain & Simarion Chamberlain
Henry Roddy & Martha J. Boulton
John Goad & Anna Silvey
Ceedern Pile & Elizabeth Seamon
John H. Singleton & Mary Johnson
Gideon B. Mahan & Sarah Bolen
Joseph D. Broyles & Mary Castell
James J. Kelly & Elizabeth Faust
John George & Nancy Davis
John S. Evans & Elizabeth Hampton,


W. C. Murry & Jane Nelson
Johnny Prillaman & Margaret Jack
A.G. Hail & H.E.J. Beard
John Wasson & Elizabeth Nelson
Pleasant Davis & Edna Ball
Thomas Knight & Delpha Ryan (license not returned)
Merlin Morris & Nancy Lawson
David Ables & Lydia Huddleston
William O’Kent (Kint) & Catherine A Hoytt
A.H. McFalls & Myra Garrison
Henry Whittenburg & Eliza B. Rector
David Hart & Rebecca Wheeler
Thomas Huddleston & Maryann Martin
John W. Faust & Mary Bryson
Henry W. Whittenburg & E.G. Norville
Ett. N. Johnson & Luticia Qualls
Mark Stacy & Elizabeth Likens (Larkins?)
James Wyrick & Rachel West
N. J. Edmonds & E.H. Ryan
William Lowry & E. Benn
J. P. Rector & Susan Adkins
Stephen H. Dyer & C.M. Ellison
Zebedee Brown & Sarah Gipson
Wyly M. Brady & Elizabeth Cain (Cane)
A. M. Roberson & Anne G. Payne
William Rendmon & Rebecca Click
John Orr & Emaline Majors
William Silva & Fanny Cunningham
George M. Snodgrass & Elenor Maloney
William Cowan & Isabela Cosby (Cozby)
Thomas Ault & I. E. Creede
John R. Casteel & Nancy Clough
Joseph Hicks & Jane Ferguson
Simon Matcile (Mitchell?) & Polly Campbell
William Whittenburg & Maryann Stout
G.W. Black & Sary McNutt


William L. Smith & M.A. Ault





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