Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

At this point in the records collection, there are more and more records from Colonial VA interspersed, chronologically, with the English records. This will continue until 1700, at which point I stopped collecting English records (though I may add more in future).

Knight Records 1630 - 1639

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.

1630 – Jan 1 – UK London St Bride – Bur – Rebecka Knight - d/o Arthur Knight (London Met Arch)

1630 – Apr 9 – UK London - Will – William Knight – Estate to be divided into 3 parts, wife Elizabeth to have 1/3 and remainder to be divided among 3 children, William Knight, John Knight and Mary Knight; wife to be executrix. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 157: Scroope, Quire Numbers 1-63 (1630)) No clue as to location of residence in text so I have put “London”.

1630 – Apr 15 – UK Hampshire Romsey – Mar – Cicely Knight & Thomas Collins (London Met Arch)

Note: The timing of this marriage, almost exactly one year after the death of Peter Knight SR of St Bride's, London, inclines me to think that it is certainly the remarriage of his wife, Cicely, who was very likely Cicely Moore of St Bride's. If so, that might suggest a link between Peter Knight SR of St Bride's and the Hampshire Knights if one assumes that the widow took her children from London to the family home of her husband's family and there met her second husband. But that is an assumption that should be handled carefully. There was a Peter Knight, son of Christopher Knight, baptized 1597 Aug 2 in East Tisted, who would be the right age to be Peter Knight SR of St Bride's.

1630 – Apr 16 – UK Shropshire – Camb Alum – John Knight - Adm. pens. at EMMANUEL, Apr. 16, 1630. Of Salop.

1630 – Apr 20 – UK London St Stephens – Admin – Sarah Knight – Probate doc in Latin; names mentioned: Melchisideck Bullock, Priscilla Bullock. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 157: Scroope, Quire Numbers 1-63 (1630))
Note: See Nunc Will 1628 Jan 2.

1630 – Apr 21 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Katherine Knight - d/o Francis Knight & Katherine

1630 – May 29 – UK Somerset Taunton – Will – John Knight, Vintner – To wife, Mary, annuity of ten pounds a year to be paid during her natural life; to wife, all my household stuff and plate excepting my wines and bottles, my best cloak, best clothing, etc, to brother Robert Knight; brother in law, Robert Pym, parson, clothing, money; Sister Joane Pym, 5 pounds a year; Robert Pym, son of the said Joane; Thomas Knight son of Marke Knight, 20 pounds/ Mary Sanders, dau of George Sanders, ten pounds; Frances Smith, dau of Richard Smith; Ann Knight, youngest daughter of Marke Knight, 5 pounds; Henry Pym of Carhampton, 20 shillings; Elizabeth Sanders, my daughter in law, 20 shillings;  Thomas Pym, son of Richard Pym, 20 shillings; to Alice Knight, my brother Robert’s wife, 20 shillings; my brother Marke Knight of Taunton, land, house, etc, but wife to have life estate. (Abstracted from image:   PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 157: Scroope, Quire Numbers 1-63 (1630), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1630 – Jun 10 – UK Herefordshire How Caple – Will – Walter Knight – For the repairs of the parish church, 2 shillings; to the poor, 3 shillings 4 pence; to eldest daughter, Alice Knight, 40 pounds; to second son, Thomas Knight, 40 pounds at age 24; if son dies, money goes to daughter Anne Knight; executors to bind son as apprentice and his support to be deducted from his legacy; to youngest daughter, Anne, 20 pounds at age 21; residue of estate to wife Magdalene and eldest son John Knight, joint executors, to be divided by them. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 157: Scroope, Quire Numbers 1-63 (1630))

1630 – Aug 15 – UK London St Bride – Bap – William Knight - s/o John Knight & Adria

1630 – Aug 16 – UK Lincolnshire Lincoln – Will – William Knight, Gent – To be buried in the parish church of St Martins in Wilisford; to William Knight, son to Richard Knight, late of Lincoln, deceased, 40 pounds; to Edmond Knight, brother to the said William Knight, 30 pounds; to William Arnold, son to Alexander Arnold, Gent, and Dorothy Arnold his daughter, 100 pounds, divided equally; to my cousin, Mr. William Ellis, 10 pounds; to my servant, Elizabeth Gandy, 20 pounds; to two preachers, 5 pounds each; to my cousin Dorothy Arnold, 10 pounds; to Edward Wilson, my servant, 40 shillings; Hester Garnett, servant, three pounds 5 shillings 8 pence besides her wages; more servant bequests; to Mary Knight and Martha Knight, sisters to my nephew Isaac Knight, 500 pounds; I give to the said Isaac Knight, my nephew, all lands, tenements, and hereditaments whatsoever with their appurtenances, being within the lordship of Bentley and Hamthwaite, in the county of York, lately purchased of Thomas Shipman the elder and Thomas Shipman the younger, Gent.; numerous small bequests; Isaac Knight to rec 40 pounds yearly during his time at the University of Cambridge;  and then 100 marks yearly during the time he remains at ___?; to his tutor, Theophilus Harrison, 5 pounds; to wife, all the lands and house wherein I dwell with orchards, gardens, etc lately bought of William Lidson, kt, during her natural life, and after her decease, everything goes to the nephew, Isaac Knight. To sisters, 5 pounds each, to brother-in-law Ellis, 40 shillings;  wife Dorothy and nephew, Isaac, to be executors. A codicil is added to cover additional properties acquired; an impressive estate. (Abstracted from the image:  PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 158: Scroope, Quire Numbers 64-117 (1630), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1630 – Nov 4 – UK Sussex Betherfeld – Will – Mary Knight – To Anthony Fowle, Esq, my brother, 30 pounds; to Elizabeth Fowle, sister-in-law, clothing; to Master John Fowle, nephew, 20 shillings; to Nicholas Fowle, nephew, and to Judith his wife, 20 shillings in gold; to Mar Fermore, niece, 5 pounds and clothing; to Anthony Fowle, Gent, nephew, 10 pounds, bed and linens; to Mrs. Anne Pankhurst, niece, 5 pounds and clothing;  to Mrs. Jane Fowle, niece, 10 pounds and clothing; to Master Richard Fowle, nephew, 10 pounds, furniture and linens; to Master Christopher Fowle, nephew, silver items, bed and furnishings; to wife of Christopher Fowle, 50 pounds; to nephew William Fowle, furnishings and 50 pounds; to Francis, wife of John Middleton, Esq, brother-in-law, 12 pence; to godson Thomas Miewe, a gold angel; to goddaughter, Hester Shurley, gold angel; to godchildren, Margery Cobet, Thomas Middleton, William Fermore, gold angels; to nephew John Wellbourne, 20 shillings in gold; to sister Helen Ebervendend, her children, 10 shillings to be divided; to children of sister Barbara Fermore, 10 shillings to be divided; to Dorcas, wife of William Allen, clothing;  to cousin Elizabeth Hofmer, clothing; to Marie Fermore, Anne Pankhurst, Jane Fowle, all the best of wearing linen to be equally divided; all the rest of my wearing apparel to be distributed among my poor kindred; 20 shillings for church repair fund; to the poor of the parish, 3 pounds; to all the servants of my brother, Anthony Fowle, 20 shillings to be divided; residue of estate to Anthony Fowle, Esq, and he to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 158: Scroope, Quire Numbers 64-117 (1630))  

1631 – Jan 1 – UK Kent New Romney – Chancery - Peter Knight, Clerk - Copy of the names of the jurors empanelled for the suit between Peter Knight, clerk, complainant, and Thomasine Netter, widow, defendant.  Dated at New Romney.  Signature of William Sudell, clerk.  2 folios. In Latin. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: WARD 2/21/81A/66)

1631 – Jan 23 – UK Kent Tenterden – Bap – John Knight – s/o Thomas Knight (Tyler)

1631 – Jan 25 – UK Kent Tenterden – Bur – John Knight – s/o Thomas Knight (Tyler)

1631 – Feb 8 – UK London St Bride – Bur – Mary - d/o Leonard Knight of White Friars (London Met Arch)

1631 – Mar 1 – UK Kent Tonbridge – Will – Richard Knight – To the poor of the parish, 20 shillings; wife, Joanne, 20 pounds, one bed, and everything that was hers before marriage; to son, Richard Knight, 15 pounds, being the rest of the 20 pounds the said Richard owes me and appears on a bond made by the said Richard my son unto me; to son Thomas Knight, 5 pounds; son Robert Knight, 10 pounds; also to son Robert Knight, five pounds which son Richard owes me, to be paid by Richard; to son Nicholas Knight, 11 pounds; to son Roger Knight, fifteen pounds; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Godwin Smith, 5 pounds; daughter Mary, wife of William Williams, 10 pounds; daughter Anna, wife of Edward Wilson, 5 pounds; to daughter Elizabeth, widow of John Knight, 3 pounds;  To Elizabeth and Mary ___ daughters of Daniel ___ late of St Mary ___ shoemaker, 3 pounds each at marriage or age 21; to John Knight, son of John Knight, deceased, 6 shillings; to Thomas Knight, son of Richard Knight, 6 shillings;  to Mary, the daughter of William Williams, 5 shillings; to Sarah Bannister, 3 shillings;  to the three daughters of Godwin Smith, 5 shillings each;  to wife, Joanne, all goods and household stuff and my now remaining dwelling house, which she brought unto me when I married with her; also I give to her the bedstead with the bed whereon I lye with the clothing and the appurtenances thereto belonging; Joanne my wife, and Nicholas, my son, shall jointly, quietly and peaceably honor and enjoy my said lease of the lands and tenements I hold by lease from Walter Double during the term thereof etc.; anything remaining to be divided between wife, Joanne, and son Nicholas and they are named executors. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 161: Audley, Quire Numbers 1-65 (1632))

1631 – Mar – UK Gloucestershire Bristol – Admin – George Knight, Mercer - Counterpart lease: 1. John Goninge, merchant, alderman, John Langton merchant, William Turner draper, Thomas Wright merchant, William Lissett grocer, George Knight, mercer Ezechiell Wallis mercer, Richard Plea, Alexander James merchants, Peter Hill upholsterer, Thomas Deane mercer, Miles Jackson merchant, Robert Elliatts draper, Abraham Edwards apothecary, William Neale Thomas White, High Yeo, drapers, Arthure Hibbins merchant, George Newman haberdasher; 2. Richard Jeyne coooper 3 rooms now converted to 2 in Baldwin Street (tenants, abuttals). 80 years; Rent 50s [£2.50]. (Bristol Archives, Ref: P/St.N/Ch/D/14)

1631 – Apr 9 – UK Gloucestershire Winchcombe – Bur – Peter Knight

1631 – May 2 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Mary Knight - d/o Arthur & Ursula (London Met Arch)

1631 - May 16 – UK / Virginia Colony – Info - London Merchants, Maurice Thomson, William Clobery, John de la Barre, Simon Turgis and David Moorehead sent Captain William Claibourne to claim the Isle of Kent in Virginia which they purchased but Lord Baltimore claimed it was within his patent. (Coldham 1987, p. 95)

1631 – Jun 11 – UK Hampshire Chawton – Will – Anne Knight, Gentlewoman – To be buried in the parish church of Chawton; to the poor of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, 10 pounds; to the poor of the parish of Chawton, 6 pounds 13 shillings; to Fugg Tilley, “a poor wench a share thereof”; to the poor of Alton, 6 pounds 13 shillings, 4 pence; to the poor of Farrington, 40 shillings; to Mr. Robert Cole, 100 pounds; to sister Dorothy Knight, 50 pounds; to sister Frances, 100 pounds; to sister Frances, 6 pounds annuity until she marries; to brother Richard Knight, 100 pounds at age 24 and an annuity of 5 pounds per year until then; to uncle Thomas Jones, 5 pounds; to Aunt Mrs. Anne Jones, 40 shillings to buy a ring; to cousin John Jones, 40 shillings; to cousin Christopher Mashamp, 10 pounds; to Mr. William Denton, 40 shillings; to Mr. John Palmer, 40 shillings; to 2 godchildren, ___ Burdett, 20 shillings; to Jethro Morris, 20 shillings; to goddaughter Anne Gatte, 10 pounds at 21 or marriage plus 10 shillings annuity until then; to Thomas Daniel, 20 shillings; to Sarah Buckingham, 40 shillings; to Judith Aldersley, 20 shillings; to Anne Halfland, 20 shillings; to Margaret Edwards, 20 shillings; brother John Knight residuary legatee and executor; signed with her mark, Wit: Christopher Mashamp, Dorothy Knight. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 162: Audley, Quire Numbers 66-126 (1632))

1631 – Jul 1 – UK London St Bride – Bur – William Knight - s/o John (London Met Arch)

1631 – Sep 5 – UK Kent New Romney – Chancery – Peter Knight, Clerk - Order by William Clarke, mayor of New Romney, Kent, and jurat there, to Stephen Ethericke of New Romney, Christopher Sudall of New Romney, jurats, and David Netter of New Romney, cordwainer, demanding that they shall be present and give oath in the suit of Peter Knight, clerk, executor of the will of Anne Knight, deceased, complainant, against Thomasine Netter, widow, administratrix of the goods of Thomas Netter, her late husband, to be held on 12 September 1631 in the guildhall at New Romney.  Signet seal of the mayoralty of New Romney.  (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: WARD 2/21/81A/61)

1631 – Sep 12 – UK Kent New Romney – Admin – Peter Knight, Clerk - Agreement between Peter Knight of New Romney, Kent, clerk, executor of the will of Anne Knight, deceased, Robert Goreham, of Great Chart, Kent, clerk, on the first part, and Thomasine Netter of Canterbury, widow, administratrix of Thomas Netter, her late husband, deceased, on the other part, about the cessation of their suits pending in his majesty's court held at New Romney and his majesty's Court of Chancery at Dover.  Witnesses: Laurence Lovelace, Edward Hadde, Francis Lovelace and William Sudell. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: WARD 2/21/81A/42)

1631 – Nov 4 – UK Northamptonshire Northampton – Ox Alum – John Knight – Son of Williams of Northampton town, pleb. Queen’s Coll., matric. 4 Nov 1631, aged 17; B.A. 27 Jun 1633, M.A. 31 May 1636, vicar of Northampton St Giles 1640. See Foster’s Index Eccl. (Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886, p. 861)

1631 – Nov 25 – UK Oxfordshire Banbury – Will – William Knight, Gent – To youngest son, William Knight, my house in Sheeps Street in the Borough of Banbury wherein William Sprigg and Thomas Pedly now dwell, with all fields, orchards, gardens, profit, thereto belonging; and properties in Northamptonshire in  the tenure or accupation of Mr Nicholas Salter, my brother-in-law; property in Warwickshire which I late purchased of Richard Gresell, Gent, and other properties, to said William Knight; entailed to his heirs, male, and failing heirs, to my older son, Bezaliel Knight, and his heirs; to grandchild, Mary Gill, daughter of my daughter, Mary, 13 shillings; grandson, Thomas Gill; son William, 150 pounds; grandchild, William Knight, the Iron ___ given me by Walter ___ being the same the ____ papists dug under the Parliament house with.  Bezaliel Knight to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 160: St. John, Quire Numbers 69-138 (1631))

1632 – Jan 1 – UK Kent New Romney – Bap – Peter Knight - s/o Peter Knight (Tyler)

1632 – Mar 9 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Thomas Knight - s/o Francis & Katherine (London Met Arch)

1632 - Mar 12 VA Accomack – Admin - James Knott, Planter - Of Accomack, 50 acs.  “Desiring to keep a howse of entertainment in the lower parte at the Mouth of Hampton Riv. within the precinct of Eliz. Citty whereby strangers & others may bee well accommodated with great ease to the inhabitants in those parts, etc. Abutting Sly. upon a Cr. parting the same from land of Capt. Francis West, nly upon the Glebe land 7 Wly upon sd. Riv. To have & to hold the sd. 50 acs. together with the howse commonly called the great howse & all other howses ediffices & buildings &c. 21 year Lease, as above.” (Nugent I, p 18) Knotts are later neighbors of Capt. Peter Knight in Northumberland County VA.

1632 – Mar 18 – UK Middlesex Chiswick – Will – Marie Knight – To brother, Nicholas Knight, 40 shillings to make a ring;  to brother Charles Knight, 3 pounds to buy him a mourning suit; to cousin Dorothy Knight, 40 shillings to buy her a ring; to friend, Richard Ponsonby the elder, 40 shillings to buy him a ring; to William Bedbonnonor (?), 5 pounds; to Margaret Durden (Durken?) 30 shillings; to Thomas Dollon, 20 shillings; to Robert Bedbonnonor, 10 shillings; to Dudley Jones, 10 shillings; to Jane, maid of brother-in-law Thomas Wanley, 5 shillings; to sister Elizabeth Wanley, all jewelry, rings and wearing apparel; remainder of goods, chattels, money, plate, household stuff, to brother-in-law, Thomas Wanley who is to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 163: Russell, Quire Numbers 1-57 (1633))

1632 - Apr 2 – UK London - Info - Captain John Mason reports that the Hollanders in about 1621 began to trade on the coast of America and have published a map showing the coastline as the “New Netherlands” and the river on which they are planted as Manhatan. They have given Dutch names to other places discovered by the English. (Coldham 1987, p. 101)

1632 – Apr 27 – UK Kent Woodnesborough – Bur – Edward Knight (Tyler)

1632 – May 3 – UK London St Bride – Bap – William Knight - s/o Arthur & Ursula (London Met Arch)

1632 – Jun 20 – UK London / Virginia Colony - Info - William Claiborne & Lord Calvert - While the Claiborne settlement on Kent Island was progressing, the Privy Council had proposed to Sir George Calvert, former Secretary of State for the King that he be granted a charter for lands north of the Virginia colony, in replacement for the unsuccessful settlements of his earlier colony of Avalon in Newfoundland (eastern modern Canada), in order to create pressure on the Dutch settlements further north along the Delaware and Hudson Rivers (modern states of Delaware, New Jersey and New York). Calvert accepted, though he died in 1632 before the charter could be formally signed by King Charles I, and the Royal Grant and Charter for the new colony of Maryland was instead granted to his son, Cecilius Calvert, on 20 June 1632. This turn of events was unfortunate for Claiborne and his associates, since the Maryland charter included all lands on either side of the Chesapeake Bay north of the mouth of the Potomac River, a region which included Claiborne's proposed trading post on Kent Island, mid-way on the Bay. The Virginia Assembly, still in support of Claiborne and now including representatives of the Kent Island settlers, issued a series of proclamations and protests both before and after when the news of the granting of the Maryland charter reached across the ocean, claiming the lands for Virginia and protesting the charter's legality. (VA Hist online)

Kent Island in Red The word "Chesapeake" is right at the mouth of the part of the upper bay shown in the image at left. Kent Island is not in view in this image, but it shows the eventual location of what would become Northumberland County as well as the horizontal line that would demarcate VA from MD.
Kent Island
Northumberland County VA

1632 – Jul 31 – UK London Southwark – Bap – John Knight - s/o Leonard Knight (London Met Arch)

1632 – Aug 6 – UK London Stepney – Bap – Peter Knight - s/o George Knight: St Dunstan (London Met Arch)

1632 – Aug 18 –UK London Stepney – Bur – Peter Knight - s/o George Knight: St Dunstan (London Met Arch)

1632 -Sep 1 VA James City – Admin - John Pott - “Doctor in Phisick, of Harrop within the Corp. of James Citty, 200 acs. upon Skiffes Cr. that parts the same from land of Mr. Thomas Nowell, Nly. towards land of Mr. Jacob Avery. Due for the adv. of 4 servants: John Milward, Randolph Holt, Ruth a maid servant & Thomas Popkin whoe came in the George 1621.” (Nugent I, p. 15)  Note: I include this record simply because it reinforces my point about the so-called “Doctor”, John Woodson.

1632 - Sep 9 VA James City – Admin - William Spencer - Of James Island within the Corp. of James Citty, Yeoman, “250 acs. on the W. side of Lawnes Cr. at the mouth… Extending up the Cr…. accrewing due in the right of James Tooke whoe came in the George 1621 the charges of whose passage hee defrayed unto William Dum (?), Carpenter, of the sd. ship.; 100 acs in right of Hugh Wynn & Robert Latchett whoe both came in the George 1621 at the charges of Capt. William Peirce whoe in open Ct. hath transferred the land accrewing by virtue of their passage unto sd. William Spencer; 50 acs. in right of James Robinson whoe came in the Charitie whose passage sd. Spencer defrayed unto Mr. Weston, Merchant of the sd. Shipp; & 50 acs. in right of Joseph Deane whoe came in the Abigall 1622 whose passage sd. Spencer defrayed unto John Tooke, Marriner.” (Nugent I, p. 16) Note: I include this record because it is a good example of how headrights were traded. Notice that this land patent is over 10 years after the said headrights individuals were imported! 

1632 – Sep 13 – UK Rutland Stoke Dry – Will – Andrew Knight, Gent – To Sir Francis Duncombe of Broughton in Bucks, and Robert Abraham, same county, yearly rent charge of 20 pounds a year for certain properties to be paid to them, and they are to manage this money and pay annuity to Maude Knight, wife of testator, during her natural life;  if the renters of the properties fall behind, Sir Francis and Robert Abraham have the right to enter and seize the property; to wife Maude, bed, furniture, etc; to son Edward Knight, 50 pounds; to daughter Mary Knight, 100 pounds at age 21 or when married; to daughter Susan Knight, 100 pounds at 21 or marriage; to daughter Ann Knight, annuity from the rents on specified property for her natural life; all the land, property, etc, not bequeathed, to son John Knight and he to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 162: Audley, Quire Numbers 66-126 (1632))

1632 - Sep VA Jamestown - Info - An act in the September session of the assembly establishes monthly courts in remote parts of the colony. (VA Hist online)

1632 – Dec 4 – UK Hampshire Medhurst – Will – Mabel Knight – “Whereas Sir Richard Titchbourne of the Castle of Winchester, Knight, has lately obtaine of the king’s court of wards, by several grants, the wardship of the body of Robert Knight, my son, and the said ward’s lands, with power of liberty granted to him, the said Sir Richard Titchbourne, during the minority of the said ward, Robert Knight, my son,” apparently appropriated to himself either property or profits, though it is all written in legalese of the time; Mabel makes her will and appeals to the said Sir Richard Titchbourne to support and enforce same; mentioned are the manors of Ludshott and Parrefield (?); she mentions her father-in-law, Robert Knight, and his wife, Constance; she has two daughters, Constance and Mary; when son, Robert, comes of age, he must pay 100 pounds to each of his sisters. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643)

Note: The entire will is an interesting historical document and requires an expert to figure out all it says and the ramifications.   Ludshott was already a manor in Saxon times; it occupies roughly the northern third of the parish of Bramshott and Liphook in East Hampshire.  I found a list of the owners of Ludshott and include only a portion of it:  
1523–1571 - Sir Wm. Paulet, 1st Marquis of Winchester
1571–1577 - Richard Knight
1577–1584 - Alice Knight, widow of Richard
1584–1603 - Robert Knight, son of Richard and Alice
1603–1617 - Richard Knight, son of Robert
1617–1638 - Robert Knight, son of Richard
1638 – sold to one Andrew Wall
(L C Giles; Stephen Perkins (1991) Ludshott manor court rolls, Bramshott and Liphook Preservation Society)

Ludshott Manor

Ludshott Manor

1632 – Dec 9 – UK Kent New Romney – Bap – Margarett Knight - d/o Peter Knight (Tyler)

1632 – UK Gloucestershire Winchcombe – Will – Peter Knight, Yeoman – To sister Mary Pirkoff and family, 40 shillings; mentions late sister, Bridgett; sister-in-law Ann Knight and her son, William Knight, “my kinsman” are the main heirs. (Gloucestershire, England, Wills and Inventories, 1541-1858)

1632 – UK Cambridge – Camb Alum – Walter Knight - Adm. pens. at CLARE, Jan. 24, 1631-2. Matric. 1632; B.A. 1635-6; M.A. 1639.

1632 – UK Dorchester England – General observation of Rev. John White of Dorchester for the plantation of New England, made in a letter to Gov. Winthrop.  “The young should be sent there for it is a great work but a fundamental error has been made in seeking profit and not the propagation of religion. The scum of the earth have been sent over.” (Coldham 1987, p. 99, my emphasis)

Note that the good reverend was talking to the governor of the New England Colony; was he talking about the VA colony?  He refers to the profit motive as an error, and thus he must mean that the merchants and people of that ilk going to the colonies were “the scum of the earth.” He may also have meant that indentured servants, sent to work for the merchants were the “scum of the earth.”  Hard to say.

1633 - Jan 3 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Henry Coleman, Planter -  of Eliz. Citty, land patent for 60 acs. within sd. Precincts…granted to Christopher Windmill by lease for 10 yrs. dated 20 Sept. 1628 & assigned to sd. Coleman by Francis Hough whoe married the relict & widdowe of sd. Windmill. 21 yr. lease. (Nugent I, p. 19)

1633 – Jan 10 – UK Bedfordshire Luton – Will – Michael Knight, Yeoman – “I Michael Knight, alias Brother of Lutton”; “determined to go on a journey beyond the sea and knowing not whether I shall ever return again”; (will written in 1624);  to Uncle Richard Knight, alias Brother of Lutton, Maltster, and to Michael Knight alias Brother, his son,  all my tenements, houses, cottages in Hog Lane now in the occupation of William Katton, also all my other houses, lands arable meadows, pasture, all rights, benefits,  etc, in Luton, for his natural life, to receive rents, income, etc, “Until such time as I shall arrive again”; after the decease of said uncle, the said lands, tenements, etc shal immediately descend and come to Michael Knight and to his heirs mail, forever; Richard must pay to Thomas Knight alias Brother, and Henry his brother, 20 pounds apiece for their advancement and preferment at age 21; if kinsman Michael Knight die without heirs, lands etc descend to “Thomas Knight alias Brother and to his heirs male forever,  and so from brother to brother and to their issue male forever and to no other”; Wit: Edward Farry, Jacob Crowdon, Oliver Farry, so to Sir Henry Farry. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 165: Seager, Quire Numbers 1-64 (1634))

1633 - Mar 21 VA Henrico – Admin - Leonard Moore, Planter -  of the Necke of Land in the upper part, land patent for 100 acs. On W. side of the 4 Mi. Cr. W. towards 3 Mi. Cr. & S. upon the maine river.  (Foley 1983, p. 1)  Note: Probably the same Leonard Moore born 1600 and baptized 23 Jul 1600, St Giles Cripplegate, London, father John Moore. John Moore likely brother of Thomas Moore, father of Cicely Moore of St Bride Parish, who married Peter Knight, Haberdasher, and was mother to a Peter Knight born 1620 in London and baptized at St Bride’s.

1633 – Mar 31 – UK Kent Hythe – Bap – Bennett Knight - d/o Thomas Knight (Tyler)

1633 - Jun 1 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Capt. William Tucker, Esq - One of the Councell of State of Va., 100 acs. at the back river within the precincts of Eliz. Citty, at or within the mouth of the Broad Cr…Due for trans. of Richard Heale & William Elberry whoe came in the Elianor 1622. (Nugent I, p. 16)  Capt. Tucker turned around and sold this land to Lancelott Barnes. Tuckers will be associated with Knights.

1633 - Jun 5 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Elmer Phillips - Of Eliz. Citty, “100 acs. neare unto Foxhill knowe by the name of the Indian Spring… Along bancke of point Comfort Cr. Trans. of himselfe & his servant Daniell Franck whoe came in the Southampton 1622.” (Nugent I, p. 16)

1633 – Jun 24 – UK Kent Chillenden – Mar – Katherine Knight & Thomas Dixon of Wonington (?) (Tyler)

1633 – Jul 14 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Samuel Knight - s/o Arthur & Ursula. (London Met Arch)

1633 – Jul 25 – UK Kent – Mar – Thomas Knight & Phebe (PPRS, Kent Parish Registers, Marriages, part 2, 1538-1837, Vol 151;  W Phillimore;  1910;  Kent, Kent, England)

1633 – July – UK London / Maryland / Virginia Colony – Info - William Claiborne's first appeal to royal authority in the dispute over Kent Island, which complained both that the lands in the Maryland charter were not really unsettled, as the charter claimed, and that the charter gave so much power to Calvert that it undermined the rights of the settlers, was rejected by the Lords of Foreign Plantations in July 1633. (VA Hist online)

1633 - Aug 13 – UK London – Admin - William Cloberry - of St. Andrew Holborn (Hubbard), examined in the High Court of Admiralty, made one voyage to Canada on behalf of the Canada Company as Master of the ship “Thomas”. (Coldham 1984, p. 38)

1633 - Aug 26 VA James City – Admin - Jeremiah Clements - “sonn & heire to Elizabeth Clements, dec’d., 350 acs. upon the Ely side of Upper Chippoackes Cr., W. upon the same, extending Ely. &c… Due in right of his mother for adv. of 7 pers: herselfe, Jeremiah Clements, Nicholas Clements, Ezechiell Clements, her sons, Elizabeth Clements her daughter, Dorothy Greene & Jefferie Huff her servants, whoe came all over in the George 1617.” (Nugent I, p. 17)

1633 – Sep 27 – UK London St Bride – Bur – Mary Knight - d/o Arthur Knight (London Met Arch)

1633 - Nov 7 – UK England London – Admin - Barnabas Cutts -  of St. Andrew, Holborn, London, scissor merchant aged 42; examined in the High Court of Admiralty and stated he was employed as a tobacco broker and in 1631 sold Virginia tobacco on behalf of Reginald Parker, linen draper in Tower Street, to Gabriel Bonner, grocer against St. Sepulchre’s Church; and on behalf of Mr. Michael Herringe, merchant dwelling in Walbrook, to Mr. William Tickner, grocer in Red Cross Street.  In 1632 he sold Virginia tobacco on behalf of Capt. John Preene to Tickner. (Coldham 1984, pp. 41-42)

Note: A gentleman named “Baker” Cutts will be associated with Capt. Peter Knight, further on. A Baptism record for a Barnaby Cutts, 1635 Jul 29 at St Andrew, Holborn, London, can be noted, as well as a burial record for Barnaby Cutts, 1636 Sep 5, same parish.  Several children are born to Barnaby and his wife, Katharine, none named “Baker”; one may assume that the name is a nickname for “Barnaby”.

1633 – Nov 18 –UK London St Bride – Bur – Stillborn child of Francis Knight (London Met Arch)

1633 – Nov 27 –UK Kent Cowden – Will – Richard Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of Cowden, 5 pounds; to the poor of Grimstead, Kent, to the poor of Kingfield in the county of Surrey, 20 shillings;  a long section is devoted to the inheritance of three daughters: Elizabeth, Bridgett and Mary who each get 100 pounds and he wishes to ensure that they get it and it isn’t frittered away by potential husbands; sons John Knight, Robert Knight, Richard Knight; brother George Knight, 40 shillings;  Mary Knight, daughter of George, 20 shillings;  several servants;  George Knight, godson and kinsman (nephew), 20 shillings; wife, Elizabeth, gets a share of real estate which appears to be extensive, mills, lands, and so forth, in several locations, including the county of Sussex; son John Knight and his wife Elizabeth also receive shares of same; son, Richard Knight receives shares and real estate; Richard is underage; son John to pay Robert and Richard 100 pounds each since he gets more land; another daughter, Anne Knight, to receive annuity and care for her natural life;  wife, Elizabeth, executrix, friend John Bottinger, George Knight, brother, overseers. Altogether, appears to be quite an extensive estate! (Abstracted from image:  PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 164: Russell, Quire Numbers 58-117 (1633), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1633 – Dec 22 –UK Kent Hollingbourne – Bap – Richard Knight – s/o Blaze Knight (Tyler)

1633 –UK Hampshire Chawton – Chancery – John Knight, Esq - Knight v Rolfe.  Plaintiffs: John Knight, esq of Chawton, Hampshire (son and heir of Steven Knight of Chawton).  Defendants: William Rolfe.  Document type: bill and answer. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K10/56)

1633 –UK Sussex Arlington – Chancery – John Knight - Knight v Yardelie.  Plaintiffs: John Knight.  Defendants: Sibyl Yardelie.  Subject: personal estate of William Knight, Arlington, Sussex.  Document type: bill only. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 8/87/260)

1634 Virginia Colony – Info - The colony is divided into eight shires: James City, Henrico, Charles City, Elizabeth City, Warwick River, Warrosquyoake, Charles River, and Accomack. Lieutenants are added to the monthly court structure "to take care of the warr against Indians." (VA Hist online)

Va Counties 1634

1634 – Jan 4 –UK London Southwark – Bap – John - s/o Leonard Knight (London Met Arch)

1634 – Jan 23 –UK London St Bride – Bap – Thomas Knight - s/o John Knight & Katherine (London Met Arch)

1634 – Jan 29 –UK London St Bride – Bap – Elizabeth Knight - d/o Thomas Knight & Katherine (London Met Arch)

1634 – Feb 5 –UK London Stepney – Bap – Elizabeth Knight - d/o Peter Knight of Patrocliffs (? or Northcliff?), mariner (London Met Arch)

1634 – Mar 12 –UK London St Bride – Bap – Susan Knight - d/o Francis Knight & Katherine (London Met Arch)

1634 – Mar 13 –UK Worcestershire Upton on Severn – Admin – John Knight - Recognizance before Thomas Woodward by John Perrey Husbandman John Cotterell Yeoman and Richard Higginbotham all of Upton on Severn for the appearance of the said John Perrey at Sessions and for his keeping the peace towards John Knight. (Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service, Ref: 1/1/24/4)

1634 – May 10 –UK Northamptonshire Crick – Nunc Will – Augustine Knight – Bequests to brother, Richard Knight and his children; estate to wife, Frances Knight. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 165: Seager, Quire Numbers 1-64 (1634))

1634 – May 25 –UK Kent Hythe – Bur - John Knight, Gent - Monumental inscription in the church at Hythe: On a Flat Stone – with this Coat, is ye following Inscription. [Az. a chevn. arg. betw. 3 martlets or]. (G. note: KNIGHT). Here lieth interr’d the Body of John KNIGHT, Gent of this Towne, who was buried the 25th Day of May, at the Age of 47 Yeares, An.D. 1634. And also here lieth interred The Body of Thomas Knight, Sonn of the said John KNIGHT Gent who died the 19th Day of February at ye Age of 22 Daies A.D. 1626/7. And, alsoe, here lieth ye Body of Ann Knight, Daughter of John Knight, Gent. who was buried ye 12th Day of January A.D. 1637/8. being ye Age of 10 Yeares. And, alsoe, here lieth interr’d the Body of Sarah Knight, Daughter of John Knight, Gent; who died The 17 Nov. 1633 being the Age of 2 Yeares. (Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett, 1757, transcribed by Christine Pantrey)

1634 – May – UK Berkshire Hurst – Bap - John Woodson – s/o John Woodson. (London Met Arch)

1634 - May 30 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Henry Coleman -  “Planter, of Eliz. Citty, land patent for 60 acs. Within sd. Precincts, abutting Sly. Upon the plantation called the Indian Howse Thickett & formerly in like manner graunted unto Thomas Flint, N. upon land of Jonas Stockton, Minister, dec’d., & W. upon Southampton Riv. Sd. Land graunted to Christopher Windmill by lease for 10 yrs. Dated 20 Sept. 1628 & assigned to sd. Coleman 3 Jan. 1633 by Francis Hough whoe married the relict & widdowe of sd. Windmill. 21 yr. Lease. 30 May 1634.” (Nugent I, p. 19)

1634 – Jun 1 –UK Norfolk Lessingham – Bap – Christopher Knights – s/o Edward Knights. (London Met Arch)

1634 - Jun 11 VA Accomack – Admin - James Knott - of Acchawmacke sells Wm. Mellinge of Acchawmacke an ox and 3 heifers, each described and “they beinge wylde in the woods at Acchawmacke with the Lady Dales cattell ever since they were calves”. Dated 11 June 1634, Wit: William Cotton, Daniell Knight. (Fleet, Accomack, p. 17)

1634 – Jul 19 – UK Surrey Wandsworth – Nunc Will – Thomas Knight – To Nathaniel Coney (Conie), 5 pounds; to kinsman James Knight, 5 pounds; to his 2 sisters children in Oxfordshire, 10 pounds to be equally divided; to Thomas Durke, son of Edmund Durke, 40 shillings; Edmund Durke, Gent, to be executor and residuary legatee. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 166: Seager, Quire Numbers 65-114 (1634)) Note: See 1627 – Jun 28 - John Knight entry for mention of a Richard Coney.

1634 – Jul 19 – UK Kent Cowden – Will – Edward Knight – To the poor, 20 shillings; to Anne Sayers, daughter of sister Ann, all the money that is due from certain lands and tenements in Cowden; to Bridget and Joane, daughters of brother John Knight (John or Jonas?), 20 pounds divided, age 21; to Alice White and Grace Tomlinson, 40 shillings, divided; to John Smithland, 30 pounds; to Mary Barnabas, 30 shillings; to Mary Allen, 10 shillings; brother-in-law, Robert Sayers, executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 166: Seager, Quire Numbers 65-114 (1634))

1634 – Aug 1 – UK Sussex East Grinstead – Will – Edmund Knight Gent -  To the daughter of Robert Saxbie (Saxbye), my brother-in-law, 20 pounds at the age of 16; to my sister Saxbie, 32 shillings;  to Bridget Knight and Johanna Knight, daughters of my late brother, Jonas Knight, 20 shillings apiece; to my brother Edward Knight, 150 pounds; if Edward dies without heirs, the 150 pounds to go to the children of brother Oliver Knight who is appointed executor; to Ann Lisney, silver bowl and silver spoon;  residue of estate to Oliver Knight.  Wit: William Lisney, John Shrade, John Underhill. (England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 166: Seager, Quire Numbers 65-114 (1634)) Note: this is obviously the brother of Edward Knight whose will was probated 1634 Jul 19. See further family chancery suits below.

1634 – Sep 10 – UK Staffordshire Bramley – Ox Alum – John Knight – s/o John, of Bramley, co. Stafford, pleb. Trinity Coll, matric. 10 Sept. 1634, aged 19; B.A. 11 Feb 1636-7; M.A. from All Souls Coll. 25 Feb 1640-1; one of these names rector of Calverton, Bucks, 1640, and father of Richard 1672. See Foster’s Index Eccl. (Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886, pp. 861-863)

1634 – Oct 1 – UK Devon Ottery St Mary – Mar – Peter Knight & Ursula Gardner (London Met Arch)

1634 – Dec 18 – UK Kent Hythe – Admin – Richard Knight - Ecclesiastical cause papers: Plaintiff: Rich KNIGHT bro exor; Defendant: Alice Knight relict; William Knight, John Knight, Elizabeth Knight, Ann Knight & Susan Knight childn; Documents: Alleg & sent; Case: Testator: John KNIGHT Hythe. (Canterbury Cathedral Archives and Library, Ref: DCb/J/J/55/34)

1634 – UK Kent Cowden – Chancery – John Knight & Bridget Knight – Knight v Knight; Plaintiffs: Bridget Knight, Joan Knight and Bridget Knight, widow.  Defendants: Oliver Knight, George Knight, Robert Swaisland, Robert Saxbie (Saxbye), Tristram Succlemore, [unknown] Clifton and William Listney [Lysney].  Subject: property in Cowden, Kent and Arlington, Sussex.  Document type: bill and two answers. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 8/40/73)

1634 Maryland Colony – Info - Lord Calvert & William Claiborne - The main body of Calvert's settlers arrived in the Chesapeake and established a permanent settlement on Yaocomico lands at St. Mary's City. With the support of the Virginia establishment, William Claiborne made clear to Calvert that his allegiance was to Virginia and royal authority, and not to the proprietary authority in Maryland. Some historical reports claim that Claiborne tried to incite the natives against the Maryland colonists by telling them that the settlers at St. Mary's were actually Spanish and enemies of the English, although this claim has never been proven. (VA Hist online)

1635 – Feb 9 – UK London St Mary at Hill – Mar – Peter Knight & Jone Hewes (London Met Arch)

1635 – Feb 22 – UK Norfolk Whitwell – Bap – John Knights – s/o John Knights. (London Met Arch)

1635 – Mar 4 – UK Herefordshire Leinthall Starkes – Admin – John Knight – Release:  (1) Sir Samuel Awbrey of city of Hereford, Kn.  (2) William Rudhall of Rudhall, co., Herefs., gent.  Recites: Conveyance, 20 October, 1632  (1) Sir Samuel Awbrey and Harbert Westfaling, esq.  (2) William Ruchall (Rudhall).  All messuages and tenements in occ. of John Knight, Ansell Knight, Rowland Wright (Knight?) and Francis Goodyer and all other lands in Leinthall Starkes, Leinthall Earles, Burrington and Elton.  Now William releases all claim in the property to Sir Samuel.  (Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre, Ref: F76/II/84)

1635 – Mar 18 –UK London St Bride – Bap – Ann Knight - d/o John Knight & Adria (London Met Arch)

1635 – Apr 12 – UK Kent New Romney – Bap – Margery Knight - d/o Peter Knight (Tyler)

1635 – Apr 17 – UK Somerset Cuckington – Ox Alum – William Knight – s/o Thomas Knight of Cuckington, Somerset, pleb. New Coll, matric 17 April 1635, aged 17; B.A. 12 Dec. 1639; M.A. from Hart Hall, 11 June 1642. (Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886, pp. 861-863)

1635 – Apr 23 - Maryland Colony Info - William Claiborne & Thomas Cornwallis - In 1635, a Maryland commissioner named Thomas Cornwallis swept the Chesapeake for illegal traders and captured one of William Claiborne's pinnaces in the Pocomoke Sound. Claiborne tried to recover it by force, but was defeated; although he retained his settlement on Kent Island. These were the first naval battles in North American waters, on 23 April and 10 May 1635; three Virginians were killed.  During these events, Governor John Harvey of Virginia, who had never been well liked by the Virginian colonists, had followed royal orders to support the Maryland settlement and, just before the naval battles in the Chesapeake, removed Claiborne from office as Secretary of State. In response, Claiborne's supporters in the Virginia Assembly expelled Harvey from the colony. (VA Hist online)

Note: Thomas Cornwallis was the grandson of John Knight, Alderman of Southampton, England (d. 1602), via his daughter Aberin.

Pinnace: A boat/small ship that can be rowed or use sails.


1635 – May 4 – UK Yorkshire Shipton – Will – Thomas Knight, Sailor, ship Dolphin – To John Wilson, fellow sailor on the ship Dolphin, 30 shillings; everything else to his father and mother, Richard Knight and Margery Knight dwelling in Shipton in the county of  Yorkshire; sisters, Margaret Knight and Katherine Knight; father Richard Knight, executor. Signed with a mark. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858 for Thomas Knight, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 168: Sadler, Quire Numbers 45-92 (1635))

1635 – May 23 – UK Worcestershire Bedwardine – Will – William Knight, Gent – Long preamble discussing numerous properties and business interests in several counties; mentions his late father, William Knight and mother Joane; Walter Yarrington of Hamblebury and his brother, Lancelot Yarrington,  appear to be involved in his business dealings and receive instructions;  annuities to sisters Jane Knight, Joane Knight and Margaret Knight heiresses to properties; wife, Anne, residuaary legatee and executrix; William Nichols of Timberton Farm in Worcester, Yeoman, and William Reed of Madderfield, Yeoman, overseers. Wit: George Drummond, Margaret Chiles, Thomas Chiles, Thomas Boys. ( Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 168: Sadler, Quire Numbers 45-92 (1635))

1635 - Jun 24 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Capt. Adam Thoroughgood (Thorowgood) – Land patent for “5350 acs. lying Nly upon Chesopean Bay.. (skip lengthy description of land) & if in case these bounds or neck of land doe not include the sd. 5350 acs. then he shall measure upon the sd. first Cr. soe farr as the remainder of his sd. acres shall extend. Sd. land graunted at the especiall recommendation of him from their Lordshipps & others his Majesties most Honble. privie Councell to the Govr. & Councell of State for Va…. Also due as followeth: 50 acs. for his per. adv., 50 acs. for per adv. of his wife, Sarah Thoroughgood & 5250 acs. for trans. of 105 pers": The list that follows is a veritable Who’s Who of early Virginia settlers, including:  John Leake, Thomas Johnson, John Moyse, Edward Parish, Thomas Melton, Augustine Warner, Thomas Chandler, John Percie, Edmund Wallis, Thomas Boulton, John Harris, John Lock, Andrew Boyer, Thomas Boyer, Thomas Keeling, William Hines, Edward Reynolds, Edward Palmer, Edward Jones, John Dyer, Casander Underwood, John Ennis (Enies), John Reynolds, Patrick Blacock, Stephen Swaine, William Fletcher, Edward Windham, Henry Hill, William Kempe, George Whitehead, John Hill, Joseph Sedgwick, Arthur Eggleston, Richard Poole, Christopher Nugent, William Burroughs, Ann Burroughs, Elizabeth Curtis, and more. He mentions numerous ships in which he transported these people: Hopewell, True Love, “the French ship”, The Christopher, The Ark, Bona Adventure, Merchants Hope, The John & Dorothy, etc. (Nugent I, pp. 22-23)

1635 - Jun 26 VA Warrasquioake/Isle of Wight – Admin - Richard Bennett – Land patent for 2000 acs. upon Nansamund Riv. … adj. to land granted to Georg Fawdon… Trans of 40 pers: Incl. Richard Bird, Gilbert Lee, Ambrose Bennett, Robert Moore, Richard Morris, Ralph Hughes (Hewes), Richard Glascock, Richard Bennett and “Tho. kild with a tree”. (Nugent I, p. 23)

1635 - Jun 26 VA Warrasquioake/Isle of Wight – Admin - Robert Bennett – Land patent for “700 acs… neare the mouth of Nansamund Riv., beg. at a pine marked with the letters of his name & bordering land marked by Robert Newman… Trans. of 14 pers”: List includes: James Leonard, Peter Rice, Richard Hayes, John Ford, John Lee, Edward Mayo. (Nugent I, p. 23)

1635 - Jul 1 VA Warrasquioake/Isle of Wight – Admin - William Clarke – Land patent for 250 acs on S. side of Nansamund Riv., running S. W. along same, E. S. E. into the woods, beg. at a great poplar tree marked with 3 notches, butting upon land of Georg Fawder. 50 acs. for his per. adv. & 200 for trans. of 4 pers: Alexander Tucker, Frances Costerdine, Thomas Southern, Joseph Spring. (Nugent I, p. 24)

1635 - Jul 2 VA Warrasquioake/Isle of Wight – Admin - Thomas Jordan – Land patent for “900 acs. Warrasquioake Co., … Near the head of Warrasquioake Riv., beg. On Wly. Side of an old Indian Towne at an oake marked with 3 nothces, being upon the N. W. side of the river, running W. N. W.  into the woods a mile, soe coming down to river to a Crosse Cr. A small oake being there marked with twoe notches. Trans. Of 18 pers.” List of names not included.  (Nugent I, p. 27) Note: Since Knights are also associated with Jordans, they will be tracked to some extent.

1635 - Jul 3 VA Warrasquioake/Isle of Wight – Admin - John Moore – Land patent for 200 acs… “No. upon little Poquoson Cr., E. upon land of Thomas Boulding, W. upon land of Thomas Garnett & S. towards the head of the broad Cr. Trans. of 4 pers.” (no names given). (Nugent I, p. 24)

1635 - Jul 7 VA Warrasquioake/Isle of Wight – Admin - John Upton – Land patent for 1650 acres "About 3 mi. up Pagan point Cr., bounding almost W. from the Cr. Into the woods a little Cr. Running in by the sd. Land out of the Pagan Pt. Cr. To a great poplar tree.  Trans. Of 33 pers:" List includes:  Richard Young, Savage Merrie, William Scott, Francis Savage, Nicholas Bushell, John Parker, Lewis Phillips, Morgan Roberts, William Davis, John Fitchett, Morgan Evans, Christopher Lewis, Elizabeth Larkin. (Nugent I, p. 30)

1635 - Jul 28 VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Christopher Stokes (Stoakes) – Land patent for “300 acs At the new Pocoson…trans. of 6 pers:” Miller Freeman, Samuel Watson, Richard Shatboule (or Stratboule), Henry Hickman, William Wattye (Waddy?), Henry Powell. (Nugent I, p. 29)

1635 – Aug 2 – UK London St Andrew – Bur – Nicholas Knight (London Met Arch)

1635 – Aug 24 – UK Worcestershire Hatfield – Will – Edmund Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of the parish of Norton, 10 shillings; to son Thomas Knight, bed, furniture, table, pewter items, “implements of husbandry… ploughs, yokes…”;  wife, unnamed, to remain in house her natural life; 4 cows to Thomas after decease of his mother;  if she marries, Thomas gets everything on that day; daughter Margaret, 40 pounds, featherbed and bedclothes etc, pewter plates, napkins, etc; bro George Knight to be one of the overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858 PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 168: Sadler, Quire Numbers 45-92 (1635))

1635 - Aug 26VA Charles City – Admin - Capt. Francis Eppes (Epes) – Land patent for “1700 acs. In the Co. of Chas., … E. upon Bayly his Cr., S into the maine land, W. upon Cason his Cr. Up Appamattuck Riv. & N. upon the maine river. 50 acs for his per. Adv. & 1650 acs. For trans. Of 3 sons: John Eppes, Francis Eppes, Thomas Eppes & 30 servts (I omit names here as none of them appear interesting)… Note; Surrendered & renewed by Sir George Harvey. Richard Kemp, Secr.” (Nugent I, p. 31)

1635 – Sep 26 – UK London St Botolph – Bur – Peter Knight - s/o Paul Knight & Ann (London Met Arch)

1635 – Oct 17 – UK Devonshire Uffculme – Will – Humfrey Knight, Husbandman – To oldest daughter, Bridget Knight, 20 pounds; daughter Elizabeth Knight, 20 pounds; daughters to share all property after wife’s decease; wife, Ellen (Elyn). Apparently, no male heirs and mentions no other Knights. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858 for Humfrey Knight, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 169: Sadler, Quire Numbers 93-132 (1635))

1635 – Oct 26 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Warner Knight - s/o Arthur Knight & Ursula (London Met Arch)

1635 – Oct 27 – UK Berkshire Reading – Will – Roger Knight, Gent – “Aged and weak…” To wife, Anne, income from all free land (that not entailed) to be paid to her by son, Thomas Knight and his heirs during her life; to youngest son, William Knight, 400 pounds; mentions one of his tenements where Andrew Wright lives;  to the poor, 3 pounds; to wife Anne, and then son Thomas, all household stuff, plate, etc; the yearly rents of certain tenements in Reading to be given to the poor “forever”;  discussion about how this charity is to be managed/paid; to brother John Knight 20 shillings; to kinsman Roger Knight, 40 shillings; to sister Anne Knight, 5 pounds; to friend William Willmon, 20 shillings to buy a ring; to kinswoman and good servant, Mary Emerson, 50 pounds; another servant __ Gransom, 20 shillings; to my boy servant, John Greenfield, 10 shillings; to all my godchildren, 12 pounds apiece; residue of estate no bequeathed to eldest son Thomas who is to be executor; overseers, brother-in-law William Kendrick and Edmond Bostock. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 169: Sadler, Quire Numbers 93-132 (1635))

1635 – Nov 5 – UK Kent Tenterden – Bap – Stephen Knight - s/o Thomas Knight & Joane (Tyler)

1635 – Nov 6 – UK Oxfordshire Banbury – Will – Bezaleel Knight, Gent – To son, William Knight, all the lands left to me by my father, William Knight; appoints wife, Elizabeth, as guardian of son, William; to son John Knight, 350 pounds at age 21; to son Bezaleel, 350 pounds at age 21; to son Charles Knight, 350 pounds at age 21; to daughter Elizabeth Knight, 400 pounds at age 18 or day of marriage; to daughter Mary Knight, 400 pounds at age 18 or day of marriage; then follows almost two pages of discussion of land and property and instructions to executors on how to manage same to increase the benefit to the main heir, son William Knight; to wife Elizabeth, best pieces of plate; to children John Knight, Bezaleel Knight, Charles Knight, Elizabeth Knight and Mary Knight, residue of lands as tenants in common; references brother, William Knight; son William to pay to younger children, 100 pounds a year; wife to be executrix; Anthony Hall, brother-in-law, Richard Halhed and William Pyme mentioned; father-in-law, John Turson and brother-in-law, William Turson, Anthony Hall, Richard Halhed and William Pyme overseers; Wit: William Whately, Martha Whately, Richard Halhed, Richard Kent, John Downes and others. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 169: Sadler, Quire Numbers 93-132 (1635)) This is a long, detailed and complicated will, very difficult to read because of the loose secretarial hand of the scribe. It deserves the attention of an expert. There were several names and details I was unable to extract.

1635 – Nov 27 – UK Berkshire Greenham – Ox Alum – Roger Knight – s/o Roger of Greenham, Berks, arm, Magdalen Hall, matric. 27 Nov. 1635, aged 16.  See Robert 1689. (Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886, pp. 861-863)

1635 – Dec 20 – UK London St Andrew – Mar – Richard Knight & Hester Tucker (London Met Arch)

1635 - Dec 23 – UK London St Giles Cripplegate – Bap - Anne Hawley – d/o James Hawley, grocer. (London Metropolitan Archives, Saint Giles Cripplegate Parish register of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812, available in photographic images of the register on Ancestry.com This might be a very fruitful register to read over carefully.)

1635 – UK Berkshire Waltham St Lawrence – Chancery – John Knight, Esq - Knight v Sharp.  Plaintiffs: John Knight, esq and Elizabeth Knight his wife (one of the daughters of John Sharpe yeoman deceased) all of Lawrence Waltham [Waltham St Lawrence], Berkshire.  Defendants: Mary Sharpe, widow.  Document type: bill and answer. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K27/146)

1635 – UK Huntingdonshire Brinton – Chancery – John Knight, Clerk - Knight v Grimbold.  Plaintiffs: John Knight, clerk of Brinton, Huntingdonshire.  Defendants: Robert Grimbold, John Grimbold, John Jackson, gent, William Langley and John Bariffe.  Document type: bill and answer. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K13/48)

1636 – UK LondonInfo - Epidemic - There were over 10,000 deaths due to plague during this year in the city of London.

1636 – VA Elizabeth City  - Info - Elizabeth River Shire was established in 1634 as an Original Shire. It was renamed to Elizabeth City County about 1636.

1636 - Feb 9 VA Charles City – Admin -  William Tucker, Maurice Tompson, George Tompson, William Harris, Thomas Deacon, James Stone, Cornelius Lloyd, and Jeremiah Blackman of London, mariner, London Merchants, and their associates - Land patent for 8000 acres “being a tract of land commonly knowne by the name of Burckley hundred (Berkeley)… bounded on the East by the land of Captain Thomas Paulett…due to the said Tucker by deed of sale… (Foley 1983, p. 4)

1636 – Feb 19 – UK Kent Canterbury – Bur – Richard Knight; St Dunstan’s (Christenings, Marriages and Burialls in St Dunstan's, Canterbury, 1559-1800; by J Cowper; 1887; Canterbury, Kent, England)

1636 – Mar6 – UK Kent Ulcombe – Bap – Margaret Knight – d/o Thomas Knight and Mary. (Tyler)

1636 – Mar 9 – UK London St Andrew – Bur – Nicholas Knight (London Met Arch)

1636 – Apr 21 –UK Kent Shipbourne – Will – Joanne Knight - Widow of Richard Knight of Tonbridge – Apparently she was married to a Mr. Skinner before she married Richard Knight. I, Joanne Knight of Shipbourne, widow of Richard Knight;  to the children of Thomas Skinner of London, 40 shillings; to the children of Robert Skinner, 40 shillings; children of John Skinner, 40 shillings; to the children of Thomas Knight, 40 shillings; to the children of John Medhurst, 40 shillings; Thomas Skinner of London, my eldest son, 40 shillings; second son Robert Skinner, 5 shillings; third son, John Skinner, 3 shillings; to Elizabeth Knight, my eldest daughter, 5 shillings and all my wearing apparel and my side-saddle; to Margarett Medhurst, my second daughter, five shillings; other items to daughters and wives of sons (apparel); residue of estate to youngest son, William Skinner who is executor. Wit: Anderson Stanford and Nicholas Knight. (Abstracted from image:  PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 170: Pile, Quire Numbers 1-42 (1636), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1636 – May 14 – UK Dorset Winford Eagle – Will Thomas Knight – To Eleanor Ford (Elynor), the daughter of Elizabeth Rossiter, 25 pounds when turns 21 yrs; to Katherine Ford, another daughter of the said Elizabeth, 25 pounds when 21; both of them are my grandchildren; to the five children of Edmond Rossiter, 12 pounds apiece; to Mary Gallibon, my sister, 10 shillings; to Margery Knight and to Jone Knight, daughters of my son John Knight, 40 shillings apiece at age 21; to Elizabeth Rossiter, my daughter, one robe and petticote to made fit for her wearing; 20 shillings to the poor and my daughter, Elizabeth, shall distribute it; to Edmond Rossiter, my son-in-law, one shilling;  40 shillings to Simon Knight, my brother (Symond); I give and bequeath to Thomas Knight, my son, all the rest of goods moveable and unmoveable and he to be executor; Edmond Knight, my brother, ___ Symes, and John Knight, and John Hallet of Adderbury to be my overseers to get 10 shillings apiece for their pains. (Abstracted from image:  PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 171: Pile, Quire Numbers 43-89 (1636), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1636 - May 20 VA James City – Admin - William Carter - Land patent for 700 acres “for the per. Adv. Of his first wife, Avis Turtley, 50 acs. For the per. Adv. Of his second wife Ann Mathis & 50 acs. For the per. Adv. Of his now wife Alice Croxon” and for the transportation of 11 “servts” including Richard Cooke, Alice Watkins, Edward Bland. (Nugent I, p. 42)

1636 - May 31 VA Henrico – Admin - Nathan Martin – Land patent for 500 acs. “being called the great field… for his owne per. Adv., 100 acs. By surrender from Robert Hollom… 50 acs. By surrender from William Farrer, Esqr.” (Foley 1983, p. 3)

1636 - Jun 2 VA Henrico – Admin - Robert Hollom - Land patent for 1000 acres for transportation of 20 persons, including Richard Ferris, Uriah Clarke, Bartholomew Cooke. (Nugent I, p. 41) On 27 Oct 1642, Daniell Lewellyn, Gent., patented 856 acres and included Robert Hallome and Frances Hallome as headrights.  (Foley 1983, p. 11)

1636 – Jun 28 – UK Gloucestershire Gloucester – Will – Richard Knight – “Of Barton Street in the city of Gloucester”;  son, Toby Knight (Tobias?): his house on Burton Street, with all land and everything that is in it etc, to him and his heirs male, forever, etc; if he dies or has no heirs, then to go to son William Knight; if William has no heirs, then to Richard Knight his godson and nephew, son of his brother Henry; Alice, his “now wife”, 6 pounds a year during her natural life; two daughters, Joane Knight and Mary Knight to receive money upon marriage; son William Knight, 20 pounds; brother James Knight’s four daughters to receive 20 shillings each etc. (Abstracted from image:  PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 171: Pile, Quire Numbers 43-89 (1636), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1636 – Jul 12 – UK Kent Folkstone – Bap – Ann Knight – d/o Richard Knight and Ellen. (Tyler)

1636 Sep 29 VA Henrico – Admin - William Clarke – Land patent for 1100 acs….Due in right of his now wife Dorothy Garner, late widdowe to Edward Garner, to whom it was due for trans. Of 22 pers. (Foley, 1983, p. 91)

1636 – Oct 6 – UK Kent Bicknor – Bur – James Knight (Tyler)

1636 – Nov 10 – UK Kent Bicknor – Will – James Knight – To be buried in the churchyard at Bicknor; wife Anne and son William Knight to be executors; sons William Knight, Robert Knight, James Knight, Richard Knight; daughters Anne Knight, Joan Knight.

1636 – Nov 13 – UK Kent Hollingbourne – Bap – Cicely Knight – d/o Blaze Knight (Tyler)

1636 – Dec 9 – UK Surrey Southwark – Will – Henry Knight, Shipwright – St Olave’s parish; To sister, Margarett Knight who is servant to Mistress Chreke of St Olave’s parish, 6 pounds; to father, Gabriel Knight of Maidstone, Kent, 40 shillings; to brother, Gabriel Knight of Maidstone, 20 shillings; to sister Jane Wall, wife of ___ Wall of ___, 20 shillings; brother Edward Knight of Maidstone, 20 shillings; to sister Elizabeth Camber, wife of Thomas Camber of ___ Essex, 20 shillings; to sister Mildred Knight of Maidstone, 20 shillings; to brother William Knight of Chatham, ship carpenter, 20 shillings; to sister Jane Moreton, the wife of William Moreton of St Olave’s, 10 pounds; to Thomas Oland of St Olave’s a suit of clothes; to William Draper, servant to William Moreton, clothing; to Annis Jenning (?), servant to William Moreton, 10 shillings; to brother-in-law, William Moreton of St Olave, cloth maker, all my lands, goods, chattels, moveable and unmoveable, together with all my bonds, bills, writings, debts and wages due me from the Company of the East India merchants or from any source whatsoever; making William Moreton sole executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 172: Pile, Quire Numbers 90-123 (1636)) (Note that Moreton is spelled several different ways within this same will: Moorton, Moreton, etc.)

1636 – Dec 18 – UK Kent New Romney – Bap – Thomas Knight - s/o John Knight & Amye (Tyler)

1636 – UK Essex Wix – Chancery – John Knight - Knight v Harwood.  Plaintiffs: John Knight of Wix, Essex.  Defendants: Silvanus Knight, Prudence Harwood, widow and George Purchas.  Document type: bill and two answers. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K16/57)

1636 – UK London - Chancery – Knight vs Knight - Plaintiffs: Alice Knight, widow, William Knight, John Knight, Elizabeth Knight, Ann Knight, Susan Knight and Alice Knight. Defendants: Richard Knight, gent and Thomas Knight, gent. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K26/119)

1637 VA Lower Norfolk County - Info - Established in 1637 from New Norfolk County. It was abolished in 1691. Records can be found in the City of Chesapeake.

1637 VA Upper Norfolk County - Info - Established in 1637 from New Norfolk County. It was renamed to Nansemond County in 1646. Under the Virginia Company of London, in 1619, the area which became Nansemond County was included in Elizabeth City County.

1637 VA Isle of Wight County Info - New name of formerWarrosquyoake County.

1637 – Jan 28 – UK Kent Tenterden – Bap – Anne Knight - d/o Thomas & Jane (Tyler)

1637 – Feb 18 – UK Wiltshire West Knoyle – Bur – Christopher Knight. (London Met Arch)

1637 – Mar 12 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Stephen Knight, twin - s/o Arthur & Ursula

1637 – Mar 12 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Salter Knight, twin s/o Arthur & Ursula

1637 – Mar 26 – UK Norfolk Whitwell – Bap – Christopher Knights – s/o John Knights

1637 – May 16 – UK Hertfordshire Coddington – Will – Henry Knight, Yeoman – To Anna Allynde… my late servant, 10 pounds; to cousin and goddaughter, Jane Hales, 5 pounds; to my cousin Ann Rickette, the daughter of my cousin William Rickette, 5 pounds, featherbed and all that belongs to it and one brass candlestick and one pewter flagon; to William Rickette the younger, 5 pounds, one brass pot and brass pan and one iron ___ which belongs to the said pan; to cousin Katherine Rickett, 10 pounds; the rest of my goods and chattels to William Rickette the Elder and he to be executor; Robert Williams of Coddington to be overseer. ( PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 174: Goare, Quire Numbers 59-118 (1637), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1637 – May 19 – VA Upper New Norfolk – Admin – Thomas Hampton, Clerke – Land patent for 300 acs. Ely. upon Nansamund Riv., W. into the woods. S. upon land of Thomas Hampton & Nly. downward the sd. Rov. Trans. of 6 pers: John Bagworth, Edward Dudley, John Bass, Thomas Hampton, John Browne, Richard Egleston. (Nugent I, p. 57)

1637 – May 31 – UK London Stepney – Bap – Giles Knight – s/o Peter of Patrcliffs mariner & Elizabeth (London Met Arch)

1637 - Jun 11 VA Henrico – Admin - William Farrar  -  sonne & heire to William Farrar, late of Henrico, dec’d., 2000 acs. … Trans at his owne costs of 40 pers.” Including Richard Johnson, John Hughes (Hues), William Thomas, William Richardson, Robert Coleman. (Foley 1983, p. 6)

1637 – Jun 27 – UK Kent Lympne – Bur – Peter Knight (Tyler)

1637 – Jul 9 – UK Kent Tenterden – Bap – Anthony Knight – s/o Nicholas Knight & Mary (Tyler)

1637 – Aug 11 – UK Surrey Battersey – Will - Richard Knight, Yeoman – 12 pounds for funeral expenses including entertainment of those friends and neighbors who attend; to the poor of the parish, 3 pounds to be distributed on the day of funeral;  to daughter Marie Webb, wife of John Webb of Guildford, clothier, 53 pounds 10 shillings; if daughter dies, to grandson, John Webb to be paid to his father who must sign a bond for 100 pounds to guarantee grandchild gets the funds at age 21; to grandchildren Anne Boswell and Francis Boswell, daughters of daughter Anne Boswell and her husband Andrew Boswell of Battersey, 44 pounds apiece at age 21; funds to be put out to interest at the rate of 7 pounds per 100 per annum until that time;  to son-in-law John Spencer of Battersey, 10 shillings; to his wife, daughter Elizabeth, 10 shillings; to grandchild Thomas Spencer, 20 pounds to be put in the hands of his godfather, Thomas Taylor of Battersey, to be put out to interest at the rate of 7 pounds per 100 per annum; if Thomas Spencer dies, money to go equally to his siblings; to daughter Pandora Knight, 20 pounds; residue of estate to Anne and Andrew Boswell and he to be executor; to minister, 20 shillings to preach funeral sermon; John Spencer, Yeoman of his Majesty’s Chamber owes 200 pounds by bond to testator; he is to pay 150 pounds to Elizabeth, Maria and Joane, the 3 daughters of John Spencer; my executor to take special care of the bond and get the said money for the children; wants grandson John Spencer, nephew Nicholas Wood, William Wood and Thomas Taylor the younger to be funeral bearers and 10 shillings apiece to them. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 174: Goare, Quire Numbers 59-118 (1637))

1637 - Aug 14 VA Charles City – Admin - Christopher Stokes – Land patent for 400 acres, due for his own pers. Adv., the adv. Of his wife, Elizabeth Stokes & 4 children: Christopher Stokes, William Stokes, Henry Stokes & Elizabeth Stokes.  (Nugent I, p. 76)

1637 - Aug 17 VA Henrico – Admin - Elizabeth Packer/Parker - “widdowe”, patents 950 acres “Due in right of her late husband Serjant William Sharpe & Thomas Packer, whoe at their own costs & charges trans. 19 pers.” Including John Thomas, Lewis Jones, William Cooke, Edward Jones, Jacob Dewitt.  “Note: Henrico County index to Patents carried this name as Parker.” (Foley 1983, p. 7)

1637 - Sep 10 – VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Arthur Smith – Land patent for 1450 acs. “Being a neck running s. E. behind Pagan shore. Trans. of 29 pers: Richard Hughes…Wm. Jones, Alice Smith, Jonathan Barcroft, Jane his wife, Thomas Wilkinson, Thomas Carter, Cicely Cotton… (Nugent I, pp. 82-83)

1637 – Oct 14 – UK Devonshire Plymouth – Mar – George Knight & Mary Brooking (London Met Arch)

1637 – Dec 11 – UK London Islington – Bur – Leonard Knight (London Met Arch)

1637 MD Kent Island – Info - An attorney for William Cloberry and Company, who were concerned that the revenues they were receiving from fur trading had not recouped their original investment, arrived on Kent Island. The attorney took possession of the island and bade William Claiborne return to England, where Cloberry and Company filed suit against him. The attorney then invited Maryland to take over the island by force, which it did in December 1637. By March 1638 the Maryland Assembly had declared that all of Claiborne's property within the colony now belonged to the proprietor. (Lord Baltimore)  At the time of the Catholic takeover, in 1637, a number of men fled to Northumberland County including Maj. Andrew Monroe, John Sturman, Francis Gray, and Thomas Youell. They “fled by night to the house of Mr. John Mottrom at Chicacoan”. ( Nathaniel Claiborne Hale, Virginia Venturer, 1951)
***Note that this is the same Kent Island purchased by Cloberry et al. These men are probably all associated with Cloberry. Cloberry and Mottrom will be associated with Capt. Peter Knight further on.

1637 – UK Kent Burmarsh – Chancery – Alice Knight, Widow - Knight v Knight.  Plaintiffs: Alice Knight, widow.  Defendants: Richard Knight, gent (executor of John Knight, deceased) and others.  Subject: accounts of sale of land in Burmarsh, Sellingde, Kent.  Document type: answer and four schedules. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K27/54)

1637 – UK Worcester Radnor – Chancery – Knight vs Cave - Peter Knight, John Knight. v. Richard Cave: Dealings between the plaintiff Peter (defendant's apprentice, a grocer in Presteign (Radnor), and defendant, a mercer in Worcester city, in grocery and mercery. Worcester; Radnor. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: E 134/12Chas1/Mich37)

1637 – UK London – Chancery – Oliver Knight - Knight v Webb.  Plaintiffs: Oliver Knight.  Defendants: David Webb, George Knight and John Knight, gent.  Document type: bill and answer. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K10/3)

1638 – Feb 5 – UK Kent Folkstone – Bap – Mary Knight – d/o Thomas Knight & Ellen  (Buried May 8) (Tyler)

1638 – Feb 12 – MD St Mary’s – Admin – William Claiborne - Grand Jury of 24 freemen including Francis Gray, Thomas Baldridge, Nathaniel Pope, Robert Vaughan, etc. for an inquest into William Claiborne's attack upon Capt. Thomas Cornwallis (Cornwaleys) in his pinace which shot and killed Cornwallis' apprentice, William Ashmore. (Maryland State Archive: Vol. 5, 169)

1638 – Feb 18 – MD Kent Island – Info List of Freemen - Know all men by these presents both present and to Come that we the freemen of the Isle of Kent whose names are hereunder written have elected and chosen our Loving Friend Nicholas Brown, Planter, to be our Burgess or deputy during the next General Assembly at Saint Marys summoned to Begin on the 25th. of February next in Our names to assent to all and only such things as our Burgess shall think fit thereby Giving as free and full Consent unto all Laws and matters whatsoever within the said Assembly shall be agreed and Concluded of as if we our selves in person had Consented thereunto.  In witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands this 18th. february 1638: 

Thomas Allen        Thomas Hales
John Smith             Edmond Parry
William Medcalfe John Thompson
Philip Conner         Robert Cooper
Walter Weebs        Henry Huett
John Parry              Henry Crawley
Dieck Genitz          Thomas Ewell
Roger Bayster        Henry Bellamie
John Abbott           William Risbrooke
Matthew Price       Walter Cottrel
Thomas Woolfe     Richard Browne
John Glantham       John Bennett

(Liber M C, p. pp. 39-40, Assembly Proceedings, February--March 1638 /9. 31, Archives of Maryland, Vol. I)

1638 – Feb 19 – MD St Mary’s –  Info - Election of Burgesses - This day came Thomas Gerard, Nathaniel Pope, Thomas Baldridge....Francis Gray.....James Baldridge.....John Hillierd.....{etc.} Freemen of St. Marys hundred and chose for their Burgesses of that hundred Thomas Gerard and Francis Gray and have Given unto the said Thomas Gerard and Francis Gray full and free Power for the Freemen of the said hundred. (Maryland State Archive: Vol. 1, ACTS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY 1637 - 1664,29 and 32)

1638 - Mar 2 VA James City – Admin - John Watkins – Land Patent for “150 acs. James Citty Co. at the Low. Chippokes for trans. Of 3 pers”: incl. Robert Knight. (Nugent I, p. 103)

1638 - Mar 13 – VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Peter Knight, Merchant – Land patent for 200 acs…  “S.W. into the woods upon land of Leift. John Upton.  Sly., & upon the Batchelors plantation Nly. Due by assignment & exchange to & with sd. Leift. Upton to & with Mr. Thomas Hill for 200 acs. in any other place ungranted & by sd. Hill sold to sd Knight for a valuable consideration. (Nugent I, p.105) Note: This is Peter Knight, Merchant of Gloucester. He is the older Peter Knight and will sell this land to James Ennis in 1665.

1638 - Mar 15 – VA Upper New Norfolk – Admin - Epaphroditus Lawson – Land patent for 250 acs. N. side of Chuckatuck Riv., adj. His own land … Due for trans. Of 5 pers: Incl. Mary Peirce, Edmund Knight. (Nugent I, p. 106) Note: I’m really glad I had a reason to include this guy because he has such a cool name! I suspect that this Edmund Knight is related in some way to a John Knight further on who has a son named Edmund. Also, consider all the previous Edmund Knights in England. Notice also that Peter Knight, Merchant, in the following month, patents land in Upper New Norfolk County.

1638 - Apr 10 – VA Upper New Norfolk – Admin - Peter Knight, Merchant – Land patent for14 acs., being an island in Nansamund Riv.,  … S. side the Riv. Opposite land of Oliver Sprye & adj. Land of Robert Newman and Randolph Crew.  Sd. 14 acs. & 36 acs. Not yet taken up, due for his own per. Adv. (Nugent I, p. 83) Note: Again, Peter Knight SR is described as “Merchant”.

1638 -Apr 23 – UK Southampton – Admin - Peter Knight, Merchant - We find in the Chancery records that, in 1638, Peter Knight was known as a “merchant” and paid 60 shillings for a license to retail tobacco in the Twyford and Hursley, and Southampton areas. (Library of Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; Chancery Patent Rolls. 14 Charles I, Part 16; Public Record Office Class: C 66/2811; Survey Report 10943)

Note: There is a Twyford in Berkshire and one in Hampshire; Hursley is in Hampshire. The two places in Hampshire are less than 5 miles distant from each other.   These licenses are for sales in England. There was a family of Peter Knight’s in Kingsclere, Hampshire, and a Peter Knight was born to a Christopher Knight in East Tisted, Hampshire in 1597; that’s about 20 miles distant from Twyford and Hursley. None of the other names of licensees on the list match with any immigrants to Virginia. Nevertheless, this record is highly suggestive of a link between Peter Knight, Merchant of VA and Capt. Peter Knight of Northumberland, who was most likely the Peter Knight baptized at St Bride's, London, in 1620, and whose widowed mother may have married a Thomas Collins of Hampshire. See comments on the marriage record above.

1638 – Apr 28 – UK Sussex Yapton – Will – Elizabeth Knight, Widow – To the poor of the parish of Yapton, 10 shillings; to the poor of the parish of Barneham, 10 shillings to be distributed on the day of burial; to Henry, John and Richard Christmas, the sons of Henry Christmas, 40 shillings apiece at age 21; to Alice, Marie, Katherine and Elizabeth Christmas, daughters of Henry Christmas, 10 pounds apiece at age 18; to the children of daughter Elizabeth Ondes, 100 pounds to be divided equally at 21; to son, Richard Knight, 40 pounds to be used for his children; to children of son John Knight, 77 (?) pounds at 21; to Elizabeth Knight and Barbary Knight, daughters of son Thomas Knight, 20 pounds apiece which 40 pounds is already in the hand of my son, Thomas; to his son, Lewis Knight, 10 pounds at 21; to children of son William Knight, that 100 pounds which I lent him shortly after his father’s death; to daughter(in-law), wife of son Richard Knight, riding suit; to Anne, the wife of son John Knight, taffeta gown; to daughter Elizabeth Ondes, flannel petticoat, feather bed, bolster, coverlet, blanket, curtains;  to son William Knight, all my free land in Yapton and Barnham and all my monies, chattels and goods not bequeathed on condition that he pay the other heirs some amount of money; lengthy conditions for managing the monies left to grandchildren designed to ensure that they get it; son William to be executor; cousins William Elson and John Tilley of Burneham to be overseers; instructions to overseers to keep an eye on the money. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 176: Lee, Quire Numbers 1-51 (1638)) 

1638 - May 8 VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Ambrose Bennett – Land patent for 300 acs. Trans. of 6 pers: Morris Bennett, William Morris, Richard Jones, Anthony Cole, Henry Eaton, Humphry West. (Nugent I, p. 82)

1638 - May 29 – VA Charles City – Admin - Capt. Francis Eppes (Epes) – Land patent for1700 acs E. upon Bayly his Cr., S into the maine land, W. upon Cason his Cr. Up Appamattuck Riv. & N. upon the maine river.” (Nugent I, p. 84) 

1638 – Jul 1 – MD St Mary’s – Admin – Thomas Cornwallis – Francis Gray and Robert Sedgrave were brought before Capt. Cornwallis, one of the Commissioners of Maryland, for writing a petition to Sir John Harvey, the governor of Virginia, which said in part:

“.....abuses and scandalous reproaches....doe daily suffer by William Lewis of St. Ingego's {St. Inigoe's - Lewis was the overseer on this Jesuit Manor}, who saith that our Ministers are the Ministers of the divell; and our books are made by the instruments of the divell.....Therefore we beseech you brethren..... and Savir XSt Jesus that you who have power, that you will doe in what lieth in you to have these absurd abuses and hereticulous crimes to be reclaymed, and that God and his ministers may not be so heinously trodden downe by such ignominious speeches; and no doubt but he or they wch strive to uphold Gods ministers and word, he shalbe recompenced wth eternall joy and felicity to reigne in that aeternall kingdome wth XSt Jesus, under whose banner we fight for evermore. ”

"Robert Sedgrave admitted being the author of the petition, and that he and Francis Gray were much disturbed by the speeches of William Lewis. Before circulating the petition Gray wanted to speak with Father Copley. On Sunday morning at the fort, Sedgrave asked Gray whether he had spoken with Copley, and Gray replied that he had and that ‘Mr. Copley had give him good satisfaction in it & Blamed much William Lewis for his contumelious speeches and ill-governd zeale and said it was fitt he should be punished."

“Ellis Beach swore in court that William Lewis came into the room where Francis Gray and Robert Sedgrave were reading ‘Mr. Smith’s sermons’ and Lewis stated that the ‘booke was made by the instrument of the divell’. Richard Duke, a witness produced by Francis Gray who declared himself to be a Protestant, swore that Lewis stated that Gray could not read such books in his house. William Lewis defended himself in that the book stated that the ‘Pope was Anti-christ and the Jesuits Anti-Christian ministers’. He told the servants that it was a ‘falsehood & came from the Devill as all lies did’. The court found Lewis guilty of an offense and indiscreet speech against Protestant ministers,... He was committed to the Sheriff and fined 500 lbs of tobacco.” John Medcalfe and Richard Browne gave bond of 3000 lbs tobacco (for Lewis).

Newman provides a footnote: “Mr. Smith’s sermons were most likely not of the orthodox Episcopal order, for both Sedgrave and Gray were radical Dissenters and became accomplices of Ingle during the 1645 Puritan rebellion.” (William F. Milam, M.D., Newman 2001, p. 156-157)

Timothy B. Riordan, chief archeologist of St. Mary’s City, remarks about this incident in The Plundering Time: Maryland and the English Civil War :

“This case clearly demonstrates how far the Maryland authorities were willing to go in pacifying the Protestant faction. The court, comprising only Catholics, imposed a heavy fine on Lewis, a fellow Catholic, but did not punish Sedgrave or Gray at all....."

“Francis Gray bears most of the responsibility in this case. He seems to have been the instigator of events. Gray was present  in the house when the book was read, it was his idea that Sedgrave write the petition, and he was going to get the Protestant freemen to sign it. Lewis claimed that the petition was aimed against him personally, but the request for assistance is not specific and could have been used as an excuse  for overthrowing the Proprietary government.....It may be that Cornwaleys’s prompt action is the only thing that kept the first Protestant rebellion from occurring in 1638.” (Riordan 2004, p. 158.)

1638 – Jul 14 – MD Kent Island  – Info - William Cloberry - dispute with Cecil, Lord Baltimore:the disposition of the dispute in 1638 was: 14 July: “The King advises Cecil Lord Baltimore not to interfere with William Clobery, David Moorehead and other planters in Kent Island” (CSPC) (Coldham, p. 199)

1638 – Aug 24 – UK Kent Cowden – Nunc Will – Robert Knight – No issue; bequests to sisters and brother John Knight, father Robert Knight. ( PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 177: Lee, Quire Numbers 52-114 (1638), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1638 – Sep 2 – UK Kent Tenterden – Bap - Martha Knight - d/o Nicholas Knight & Mary (Tyler)

1638 – Sep 9 – UK London St Bride – Robert Woodson – s/o Phillip Woodson and wife Sarah. (London Met Arch)

1638 – Sep 14 – UK Kent Bicknor – Bur – Anne Knight – widow of James Knight (Tyler)

1638 – Oct 7 – UK Kent Hollingbourne – Bap – Robert Knight – s/o Blaze Knight (Tyler)

1638 - Nov 2 VA JamestownPeter Knight, Merchant's Factor - VA Jamestown - Info - On 11 October 1638, the Flower de Luce of Weymouth, of which John White was Master, left newfoundland for Virginia, and, on 21 October following, arrived at Point Comfort [VA]. Later, on 2 November, the vessel reached James Town. On 11 April, 1639, the homeward voyage was started. However, the day before the ship set sail from Point Comfort, White and Samuel Leddoye, the purser, on behalf of the owners of the vessel, protested against Nicholas Stourfield, George Grace and Simon Hake, freighters of the said ship, at the terms of schedule made over to them. Grace and Hake returned to Weymouth in the Flower de Luce. Leddoye and White, protesting at their failure to load the ship in time, went to James Town where their complaint was lodged in the suits of the “Quarter Court.” (Public Record Office of the British High Court of Admiralty. Instance and Prize Courts: Examinations, May 1639 to May 1640 (Vol. 55))

Note: From the depositions in this case we find the following involved by their dated depositions: 11 July 1639: Samuel Pearce of London, a merchant, aged 24.  Same date: Thomas Davis of “Chuckatucke”, Virginia, a merchant, aged 26.Joseph Sanders was cited as Chief Merchant of the venture and Peter Knight, his factor

Testimony of Joseph Saunders of London, merchant.  His factor in Virginia, Peter Knight, advised him to come to account over the lading of the Flower de Luce with Thomas Burbage. […] Peter Knight, Joseph Saunders’ factor in Virginia, made satisfaction in tobacco which was shipped aboard the Flower de Luce for London.   (Coldham 1984, p. 81)

Note: The name Sanders/Saunders is spelled both ways; that was typical for the time. These records establish some of the associations of Peter Knight, as well as the fact that he acted on behalf of a consortium of merchants, including Thomas Davis of Chuckatuck, also associated with Jordans and Reynolds families. We also note the association with Thomas White. Finally, notice the ages of Pearce and Davis, 24 and 26 respectively; they were both described as "merchants". Can we think that this Peter Knight was of a similar age? Let's say 25 to 35? That opens up some search possibilities.

1638 – Nov 14 – UK London – Will – Andrew Knight, Cit & Haberdasher – “I desire to be decently buried with a solemn knell in the afternoon and a sermon for the loving, but if it shall please the lord to take me by the visitation of the pestilence, for what am I … that I should be spared…” To wife Susannah Knight, all my goods and chattels, and she to be executrix; to son James Knight, 50 pounds; to daughter Susannah Knight, 50 pounds; to daughter Anne Knight, 50 pounds; all of them to have a death head ring; to daughter Margaret, 40 pounds; to daughter Elizabeth Knight, 40 pounds; if any of them die, their share to be divided amongst the rest; they get their money if they do not marry against the consent of their mother;  to mother, Mistress Hester Cardall, a plate and an annuity of 3 pounds a year; to sister Mistress Anne Reeves, a plate;  to each of sister Reeves’ children, a silver spoon with gilding and the initials AK on them; to sister Elizabeth Talbot, 20 shillings; to the poor at London, 20 shillings; to the poor at Banton, 10 shillings; to the poor of St Bennet Pauls 20 shillings; to Christian friend, Mrs. Spark the wife of Zachary Spark, in case she be left a widow, 3 pounds; I do desire my father(in-law) Leonard, my brother(in-law) Robert Leonard, my brother Edmond Bryant, my brother Hunt, to overseers of my will; codicil about annuity to wife and business matters. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 178: Lee, Quire Numbers 115-183 (1638))

1638 - Nov 18 – VA Upper New Norfolk – Admin - Peter Knight, Merchant – Land patent for “400 acs. Up. Co. of New Norf., 18 Nov 1618 p. 543, On S.E. side of Nansamund Riv., & about 3 mi. up the E. side of a Cr., lying over against land of Richard Bennett & adj. Land of Robert Bennett, Due by assignment from Thomas Burbage. (Note error in date).  (Nugent I, p. 85) 

Note:  Edward Bennet was, for a time, an elder of the Ancient Church at Amsterdam. When he left Holland is not known, but he was the owner of several merchant ships. It is conjectured that he owned the ship Gift of God that arrived in Virginia in 1618 bringing 200 emigrants to settle at Martin’s Hundred that year. The ship, Neptune, also left England in 1618 bringing emigrants. This latter ship brought Thomas Bennett and Richard Evans who were living at Basse’s Choice in 1625. I see no reason why Peter Knight, as a merchant, could not have come to Virginia that early. As a merchant and merchant’s factor, he could very well have traveled back and forth between England and the colonies numerous times. 

1638 – Nov 22 – UK Wiltshire Salisbury – Will – Edward Knight, Gent – To Mary Knight, dutiful and loving daughter, all freehold land in the borough of Downton for her natural life; after Mary’s decease, property goes to son, Edward Knight for his life; after death of Edward, property goes to grandson Abraham Paine, the son of Anne Paine, to his heirs forever; in default of his heirs, to heirs of the body of daughter Elizabeth Paine; to son Arnold Knight, 10 pounds; to daughter Elizabeth Paine, 40 shillings; to daughter Anne Harwood, 20 shillings; to grandchild Abraham Paine, 5 pounds; to grandchild Anne Wigg, 20 pounds at age 18 or day of marriage; the rent and profits of three properties in Storkbridge and other land there belonging, to go to the said Anne Wigg until she is 18, for her maintenance and education; to son Edward Knight, 10 shillings; residue of estate to wife Anne and daughter Mary Knight who is to be executrix; friends John Windover, Phillip Davis and Francis Arhman, Gent, to be overseers; 20 shillings apiece to them.

1638 – Dec 5 – UK Hampshire Hartley Mauditt – Will – Nicholas Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of Alton, 5 pounds; 10 pounds to cover cost of burial, any left over to go to the poor; to wife Elizabeth, 40 shillings;  apparently, the wife has lands of her own that bring her 30 pounds a year; to daughters of brother, William Knight, viz Mary and Alice, 10 pounds each at 21; to sister Anne Thorpe, wife of Hugh Thorpe, of Stratford,  10 pounds a year for life; to children of Anne Thorpe, 20 pounds apiece at 21; to Rose Morris (Moorys) of Eartham, wife of Thomas, 40 pounds to be paid to her after the death of her husband; to brother William Knight of Yapton, 40 shillings; to brother-in-law, Hugh Thorpe, 40 shillings; to cousin Joane Cornwall, 20 shillings;  to Dennis Knight, 20 shillings;  residue of estate to John Revell of Gilford and George Thorpe of Stratford who are to be executors; John Alderslade of Chawton and Francis Woolridge of Peterfield to be overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 178: Lee, Quire Numbers 115-183 (1638)) 

1638 – UK Kent Hythe – Chancery – Alice Knight, Widow - Knight v Knight.  Plaintiffs: Alice Knight, widow of Hythe, Kent, William Knight, John Knight, Elizabeth Knight, Susan Knight and Alice Knight (children of said Alice Knight), infants by their mother and next friend.  Defendants: Thomas Knight.  Document type: bill only. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 2/ChasI/K23/36)

1638 – UK Kent New Romney – Chancery – Peter Knight, Vicar - Peter Knight, clerk v. Percival Brett: Town, vicarage, and parish of New Romney, and other parishes in the liberty of Romney Marsh in the county of Kent. Tithes.: Kent. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: E 134/13Chas1/Mich51)

 The vicarage of New Romney was endowed by archbishop Arundel, in 1402, and a competent portion assigned to the vicar for his maintenance.

There were formerly continual controversies between the vicars of New Romney and their parishioners, concerning the payment of tithes in kind, and especially for setting aside the custom for the payment of two-pence an acre in money, in lieu of tithe-wool and pasturage in kind, other tithes being paid by composition at such rates as could be agreed on; and two suits were commenced in particular, by Knight, vicar, against Brett and Clark, on the same custom, the former in 1637, and the latter in 1640, at the king's bench bar. In the first of which, the jury gave their verdict against the vicar, and in the latter he was nonsuited; but the custom in the latter trial was so plainly proved, that it has been uniformly acquiesced in by the vicars to the present time.

1639 – Jan 13 – UK Kent Maidstone – Bap – Robert Knight – s/o Robert Knight and Alice. (Tyler)

1639 – Feb 5 – UK London St Bartholomew – Admin – John Knight, Bricklayer - Indictment of George Collins of London, carpenter, and John Knight of London, bricklayer, for assault in parish of St Bartholomew the Great. (The National Archives, Kew England, Ref: E 192/17/4)

1639 – Feb 10 – UK Worcestershire Norton – Will – George Knight – To George Knight, son of brother John Knight, 20 pounds; to daughters of brother John Knight, viz. Margarett Knight, Cicely Knight, Mary Knight, 10 pounds apiece; to widow of his brother, John Knight, 5 pounds; to brother-in-law Allen and to George Allen, sister’s son, 5 pounds apiece; to Margarett Mason, Margery Mason, and Elizabeth Fall, sister’s daughters, 20 shillings apiece; to John Sayce JR, my kinswoman’s son, 40 shillings; to Margarett Woothen, my sister’s daughter, 40 shillings; to the poor of the parish, 20 shillings;  to 2 godchildren, 3 shillings 4 pence apiece; to all other godchildren, 12 pence apiece; to George Mason, godson, 3 shillings 4 pence; to Richard Mansell a student in Hanford, son of Mr. Mansell of ___ all my books; to Margaret Justed, my brother’s daughter, 20 pounds; residue of estate to Thomas Knight of Hatfield son of my brother Edmond who is also to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 182: Coventry, Quire Numbers 1-53 (1640))

1639 – Mar 4 – UK Middlesex Limehouse – Will – Samuel Knight, Mariner – Wife, Elizabeth, use and benefits of one half of all his lands, fields, tenements, etc lying in Dartford and Crayford in the county of Kent, or elsewhere; the other half to go to daughter, Elizabeth Knight; brother, William Knight; Grace Knight (MIL), John Ogburn (or Osborn), bro-in-law and Martha, his wife;  John Moore, William Poore.  (Very difficult to read from a bad image but it basically looks like he wrote a lot of instructions to ensure that his daughter and heiress, was surrounded by people who would look after her interests; it looks like a sizeable estate.) ( Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 182: Coventry, Quire Numbers 1-53 (1640))

1639 – Mar 8 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Barbery Coleman – d/o Anthony Coleman and wife, Ann. (London Met Arch)

1639 – Mar 21 – MD St Mary’s – Will – Richard Lee - The Inventory of Richard Lee, gent deceased, payment:  "....to ffrancis Gray for making two coffins for him & his wife for Mr Lee's buriall &c." (Maryland State Archive: Vol. 4, p. 108)

1639 – May 24 – MD St Mary’s – Admin – Justinian Snow – Inventory of the goods of one Justinian Snowe, late of St. Mary’s, planter, deceased, taken in the presence of Mr. Giles Brent, Esq and James Baidridge, by Thomas Gerard, administrator of the estate: after 3 pages of itemized good, we come to the following:

It 14 Barrels of Corne at thirty pound p barell   0420
 It 2 servants John Langworth and Perter Heyward rated at: 1520
 It: Thomas Knight servant rated at:  0700
 It: Rich: Scotfoord rated at:  0300
 It Christopher Morland rated at:  0800
 It a parcell of Buttons:  0030 (Maryland State Archive: Vol. 4, p. 81)

That is to say, human beings valued between the corn and the buttons.

1639 – Jun 19 – UK Hampshire Kingsley – Will – John Knight, Yeoman – To the high church at Winchester, 1 shilling; to the Parish church of Kingsley, 5 shillings; to the poor of Kingsley, 10 shillings; to daughters Joane Knight and Bridgett Knight, and James Knight, youngest son, all my free land lying in the parish of Binstod called Pudforke (Pudsorke?) and parcel of land called James Hill and another parcel of land called Hathen lying in the Okehanger, to be divided among them together with all my goods and chattels to be equally divided among them; to William Larke in the parish of Binsted, to William Knight, my brother, in the parish of Binsted, full rights and authority to sell these my lands with what convenient speed they may, money to be divided among the three children when they come of age; William Larke and William Knight to be executors. Wit: Edmund Pargiter, John Apsler. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 180: Harvey, Quire Numbers 66-135 (1639))

1639 – Jul 1 – UK Kent Tenterden – Admin – Peter Knight - Indenture of a recovery by Edward Godwin of London, haberdasher, and Thomasine, his wife, from Thomas Chase of Middle Temple, London, esquire, and Edward Norden of Canterbury, Kent, gentleman, in consideration of the marriage between Edward and Thomasine, of the lands of Stephen Brett, deceased, father of Thomasine, currently in controversy in the Court of Wards and Liveries by one fine 'sur connizance de droit come ceo' levied by Thomasine to Thomas Chase and Edward Norden, of all messuages, marshes, grounds, lands, tenements and hereditaments in New Romney, Midley, Aldington and Thurnham alias 'Thounham', Kent, lately in the possession of Edward Harrison, Peter Knight, Thomas Brett, Thomas Jordine and [blank] Graye, and messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Tenterden, Woodchurch, Snave, Ivychurch, Midley, Old Romney and New Romney, Kent, granting full seisen to Edward and Thomasine Godwin, except for a messuage with appurtenances in the possession of John Smith, gentleman, and six acres of marsh in the possession of James Claybrook, gentleman. Signatures of Thomas Chase and Edward Norden On dorse, witnesses: Thomas Suston?, Anthony Godwin, Richard Phillippes and Richard Milner. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: WARD 2/64/242/28)

1639 – Jul 3 – UK Cambridge – Camb Alum – Nicholas Knight - Adm. pens. at TRINITY, July 3, 1639. Matric. 1640; Scholar, 1641.

1639 – Aug 25 – UK Kent Woodnesborough – Bap – Anne Knight – d/o Augustine Knight (Tyler)

1639 – Sep 20 – UK Gloucestershire Gloucester – Will – Henry Knight, Inn Holder – To second son Henry Knight, lands and tenements in the parish of St John the Baptist, Gloucester occupied by Richard Beaton lately purchased of Edward Willoughby, Gent; son Henry to pay his sister Margaret Knight, 50 pounds; if Henry refuses to pay, then the income from the property to go to Margaret until the 50 pounds is fulfilled; to youngest son, Richard Knight, lands and tenements in Gloucester occupied by Oliver Stephens, Sadler; son Richard to pay to his sister, Anne, 50 pounds under the same conditions as above between son Henry and sister Margaret; to daughter Mary, lands and tenements occupied by John Weaver and another parcel of “Garden ground” occupied by John Cook; if Mary dies, the land to be divided between her other sisters; to Elizabeth Knight, eldest daughter, 5 pounds; to kinswoman and goddaughter Mary Knight, 3 pounds; to Eleanor, Mary and Margaret Knight, daughters of James Knight, 10 shillings each; to Susan Knight, “my second daughter”, 44 pounds to be paid to her by eldest son, Robert Knight out of his legacy; to second son Henry, feather bed and other furnishings;  to youngest son, Richard Knight, feather bed and other household items; to second daughter, Susan Knight, feather bed and household items; to daughter Margaret, similar items as given to Susan; to Mary Knight, similar items as given to Margaret and Susan; daughter Anne Knight, same as previous; to son Robert Knight, signet having “the Spread Eagle” engraved on it; residue of estate to wife, Alice Knight and son Robert Knight, he to be executor; George Gwynnett and Henry Oswald (?), Gent, to be overseers. Memorandum at end: to father, Toby Knight, 12 pence per week for life. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1624-1643, Piece 181: Harvey, Quire Numbers 136-202 (1639)) 





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