Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight


Knight Records 1650 - 1654

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.

1650 - Mar 20 VA Gloucester – Admin - Anthony Elliott – Land patent for 1150 acs. “Lyeing on the NW side of North R. in Mockjack Bay on the NE side of a creek dividing from Thomas Chapman and running up same to Mr. Holdens land & SW down the river 125 poles.” Trans of Richard Nevill… Mary Carter, William Carney…Christopher Hughes… (Mason 1946, p. 28)

1650 – Apr 20 – UK Gloucestershire Bristol – Will – Henry Knight, Yeoman – To son, Valentine Knight, 20 pounds at 20; to daughter Sarah Knight, 20 pounds at 18 or day of marriage; to daughter Anne (or Hannah), 20 pounds at 18 or day of marriage; to each child, a feather bed with its furnishings; residue of estate to wife Wilthiam (?) and she to be executrix; John Wroxhall of Bristol, merchant, Mr Joseph Yeoman of Bristol ___, and Elias C___ of Bristol, Farrier, overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 212: Pembroke, Quire Numbers 55-109 (1650))

1650 - May 13 VA NorthumberlandWilliam Knight - is witness to a bill of sale of a yellow heifer from John Bennett to Thomas Kingwell. (Sparacio, 1650-1652, p. 9)

1650 - May 24 - VA Northumberland – Admin - Peter Knight, William Knight - Court: According to sufficient proofe made to this Court, there is due to Mr. Peter Knight One hundred & Fifty acres of Land for the transportation of these persons into this Colony, Viz his own transportation, William Knight, John Cloberry (Claborry). (Haynie, p. 11)

1650 – May 25 – UK Northamptonshire Carleton – Admin - John Knight, Gent – Settlement: Parties 1)a) Ferdinando Hastings, 4th son of Sir Henry Hastings late of Braunston, alias Brawneston alias Brandeston alias Braunceston, deceased;  b) Sir Walter Hastings, son and heir of Sir Henry;  c) Edmond Hastings, 2nd son of Sir Henry;  d) Henry Hastings, 3rd son of Sir Henry;  e) Dorothy Hastings, eldest daughter of Sir Henry;  f) John Butler of Bilston, gentleman.  2)a) Benjamin Kinge of Kirby Mucklesse, gentleman;  b) George Vincent of Leicester, gentleman;   c) John Knight of Carleton, Northamptonshire, gentleman.  In consideration of the performance of certain agreements lately made between Sir Walter Henry Edmond Ferdinando and Dorothy Hastings, and in consideration of the payment by Ferdinando and John Butler of £1,000 to Sir Walter, £1,250 to Dorothy and £450 each to Edmond and Henry, and to the intent to settle the estate hereinafter mentioned and to bar Sir Walter Henry and Edmond their heirs and assigns from all title and claim in the estate, Ferdinando Walter Edmond and Henry bargain and sell to Benjamin Kinge and George Vincent their heirs and assigns for ever the Manor or Lordship of Braunston with all its lands and tenements within the county of Leicester [fully specified] to hold to Benjamin and George forever to the only use and behoof of Benjamin and George and John Knight and their heirs and assigns, and they covenant to levy a fine sur cognisance de droit come ceo before the end of the Trinity Term next ensuing concerning the said manor after which Benjamin and George shall stand seized of the said Manor to the abovestated use.  ( Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office, Ref:             DE728/34)

1650 – May 29 – UK Gloucestershire Bromsberowe – Will – James Knight, Gent - Wants to be buried in the Parish of Eastnor in the county of Hereford; “my land lyinge in Horlington in South Choriton in the countie of Gloucester I give to Thomas Baton my kinsman of Bromfield in Gloucester, yeoman; my brother John Baton, my bay mare with the furniture belonging to her; my sister Elizabeth Baton, wife of John Baton, my trunk with all that is in it; my kinswoman Elizabeth Baton and Deborah Baton, fifty pounds; overseers: John Baton, yeoman, and Edward Stephens, Gent; to kinsman Tobias Dighton, ten pounds, to Richard Dighton, ten pounds, to Debora Dighton, ten pounds, to Judith Dighton, ten pounds, and to my kinswoman Marie Stephens, ten pounds; everything remaining to Thomas Baton.  etc. Wit: Edmund Bradford SR, Edmond Bradford JR, Richard Rolfham. ( PROB 11: Will Registers 1644-1654, Piece 212: Pembroke, Quire Numbers 55-109 (1650), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1650 - May VA Northumberland – Admin – Capt. William Knight - Court: Whereas it appears to this Court that Capt. William. Knight hath abused William Cooke by Strikinge the said Cooke and rasinge him to fight in the presents of the Court, the Court hath therefore ordered that the said Capt. Knight shall by the last day of November next satisfie and pay the quantity of Three hundred pounds of tobacco to Publique Use or else Execucon.  (Sparacio, 1650-1652, p. 12-13)

1650 - Jun 18 VA Lower Norfolk – Admin – Edmund Bowman - Certificate for 200 acres for transportation of himself, Richard Knight, Thomas Scarbrocke, Edward Powell. (Fleet, III, p. 448)

1650 – Jul 18 – UK Berkshire Lawrence Waltham – John Knight, Gent – Lease for 99 years; William Thorold the elder of Arborfield, co. Berk. to Bartholomew Smith of the Soake in Winchester, esq., Robert Pleydell of Shaw, Berks., gent., and John Knight of Lawrence Waltham, Berks., gent.  Property: as in Thor 2/3/1 obviously in an obsolete form of description (has "late in the tenure" in each case for the farms and cottages).  Covenant for further assurance;  Endorsements. Witnesses.  18th July, 1650 no. 3.  Has some small holes made by mice. (Lincolnshire Archives, Ref: THOR 2/3/2)

1650 – Aug 10 – UK Northamptonshire Northampton – Will – William Knight – Tanner, “being aged and weak in body…” to grandchildren:  Elizabeth Maynard, 100 pounds; grandchild John Maynard, 40 pounds; grandchild Thomas Maynard, three pounds; grandchild Jane Maynard, fifty pounds;  lands and chattels to son John Knight; son in law Thomas Maynard, daughter Jane Maynard, wife of said Thomas; several other bequests, long discussion about details of handling debts and such. (Abstracted from image: PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 213: Pembroke, Quire Numbers 110-156 (1650), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1650 - Sep 25 VA James City – Admin - Edward Knight – Land patent for 140 acs. …Lying at the head of Chiskroes Cr. On the e. side of Chickahominy Riv., bounded N. upon land of Mr. Robert Holt, S. upon Mr. Samuel. Abbott, W. upon the head of the Cr. & E. upon Mr. Robert Witherall. Being part of 560 acs. Granted to Mr. Richard Bell, who by will bequeathed same to his sonn in Law Thomas Morecock, and due sd. Knight by purchase from Morecock. (Nugent I, p. 202)

1650 - Sep 25 – VA James City – Admin - Edward Knight – Land patent for 400 acs. … Lyeing neare the Southermost br. Of Warreny Cr. On the E. side of Chickohamony Riv., beg. At the extreame of Joseph knight, his father, running N. thence E. to Richahock Path. Trans. Of 8 pers. (Nugent I, p. 202)

1650 - Sep 25 – VA James City – Admin - Joseph Knight, 1600 acs.  …Lyeing between the branches of Jones Cr., Morgans Cr. & Warrany on E. side of Chickohominy Riv., beg. Close by Richahock Path. Trans. Of 32 pers. (Nugent I, p. 202)

1650 – Oct 19 – UK London St Bride – Bap – John Knight - s/o Henry Knight & Margaret

1650 - Oct 26 – VA Charles City – Admin - Mr. Stephen Hamelin – Land patent for 1250 acs. Chas. City Co., Lyeing at the head of Weyonoke … and land of Mr. Cantrell. Due for trans. Of 25 pers: Names include Peter Mason, William Hurt, Robert Taylor, John Woodson. (Nugent I, p. 203) (See also 8 Dec. 1656 patent of Henry Chichley, Knt. Below.)

1650 – Oct 28 – UK Gloucestershire Bristol – Will – Alice Knight, Widow – To the poor of Temple parish, 52 shillings; to son, Thomas Hawthorne, silver bowls; to his wife, Margery, 12 shillings to buy a ring; to grandchildren, Thomas Hawthorne and Anne Hawthorne, 5 pounds apiece; to son-in-law, Christopher Pope, gold signet ring; to Charity Pope, my daughter, clothing and luxury household items; to granddaughter Charity Pope, gold ring; to Mary, daughter of William Colston, gold ring; to daughter Mary Wortham, real estate, house, rents, etc, but she must pay 40 shillings a year, part to her sister, Charity Pope, wife of Christopher Pope of Budleigh, Somerset, Gent, and part to the granddaughter, Charity Pope; to grandchildren, Edward Poole, Thomas Poole, Elizabeth Poole, 40 shillings apiece at 21; to grandchildren Christopher and Charity Pope, 5 pounds apiece;   (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 213: Pembroke, Quire Numbers 110-156 (1650))

1650 – Nov 25 – UK London St Bride – Bur – Sarah Knight - “in the w lane”(?) (London Met Arch)

1650 – Nov 26 – UK Worcestershire Worcester – Will – William Knight the Younger – To now wife, Ann, gray nag; wife is pregnant and if the child lives, horse to be used for child’s benefit; to sister Joan, all monies due “for my salary as Clerk to the Surveyor for the County”; to sister Joane, 5 pounds 16 shillings 9 pence owed by Mr. John Mott of St Albans; to sister Joane, 46 shillings 9 pence owed by Mr. Henry Hill of Hollow in Worcestershire; to sister Joane, bay mare; to sister Ann, now wife of Cornelius Goddard, 7 pounds 11 shillings; to uncle Richard Leake alias Rudge and his now wife Dorothy, five shillings apiece to buy rings; to Aunt David, 2 shillings to buy ring; to Lisette Cartwright of Worcester, widow, 5 shillings to buy a ring; to cousin William David, brace of pistols; to father William Knight of Worcester, all clothing and books; to mother Ann Knight, 4 pounds in gold; sister Joane to be executrix. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 214: Pembroke, Quire Numbers 157-211 (1650))

1650 – Dec 18 – UK Devonshire Kentisbeare – Will – John Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of the parish, 40 shillings; to son John Knight, release from all the debts he owes me and 5 pounds; to daughter Agnes Stanberry, 5 pounds; to grandson John Stanberry, 20 shillings; to granddaughter Johane Stanberry, 100 pounds and 40 sheep to be chosen by her, 3 of my best rams, my best horse, and the box that stands at my bed head with all that is in it at the time of my death; to Jane Knight, daughter of my grandson, John Knight, 20 pounds; to Elizabeth Cates (?) daughter of sister-in-law Grace Kifto, 20 shillings; to Grace kifto, 20 shillings; to godson John Thorne, 5 shillings; to goddaughter, daughter of David Huxtable, 2 shillings; to goddaughter, daughter of Gilbert Yollaton, 2 shillings; to goddaughter, daughter of Richard Thorne, 2 shillings; residue of estate to grandson John Knight who is to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 215: Grey, Quire Numbers 1-51 (1651)) 

1650 – UK Herefordshire Titley – Chancery – Knight vs Knight - Plaintiffs: Peter Knight.  Defendants: John Knight and others.  Subject: property in Titley, Herefordshire.  Document type: bill only. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 3/450/64 and C 8/96/24)

1651 Lancaster County established from Northumberland and part of York counties. Gloucester County was formed from part of York County

1651 – Feb 1 – UK Leicestershire Market Bosworth – Will – Annis Knight, Widow – To Annis Boswell, household items; to David Dunkly, household items; to his son David, small amount of money; to Roger Boswell, 5 shillings; to Abram Dunkly, items; to Elizabeth Cave, items; to her daughters, 12 pence; to the poor of the parish, 10 shillings; to the Ringer, 5 shillings; to goddaughter Anne Dixon, 2 shillings; to Anne Penny, half crown; to Elizabeth Poash, 5 shillings; to Alice Knight, 2 shillings; to Annis Shoshire of Clipston, wearing apparel; David Dunkly and Abraham Dunkly, executors; friend Richard Ward and Roger Buford, overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 218: Grey, Quire Numbers 156-200 (1651))

1651 – Feb 11 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Mary Knight - d/o John Knight & Anne

1651 - Feb 17 VA Northumberland/Westmoreland – Admin - Thomas Youlle - And Ann Youlle his wife,  assign land to Rice Maddocke wit: Isaac Knight, The mark of Robert Wyard, Abraham Moone. (Fleet, Westmoreland, p. 653)

1651 - Feb 20 VA Northumberland – Admin - William Knight - Court – pages missing and index shows: p. 57: Trussell, John. Agt. Mr. Peter Knight; Wilsford, Thomas Agt. William Knight. (Sparacio 1650-1652, p. 26)

1651 – Mar 10 – UK Wiltshire Fonthill – Will – Francis Knight, Yeoman – to wife, Frances, all her household goods and stuffs she brought to the marriage and ten pounds; to Stephen Knight, my godson, the son of my brother, Richard Knight, 30 pounds; kinsman Thomas May, the son of Richard May, 5 pounds; wife of his brother and their children, 20 shillings each; main estate to go to son, George Knight; brother Stephen Knight, brother George Knight; signed with his mark. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 221: Bowyer, Quire Numbers 52-106 (1652))

1651 – Mar 18 – UK Yorkshire Marton – Nunc Will – William Knight, Husbandman – To grandson Tobias Riley, son of Tobias Riley of Marton, all lands and tenements; to granddaughter Mary Riley, 20 shillings; to brother Thomas Knight, clothing; Tobias Riley the elder to be executor.  (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 221: Bowyer, Quire Numbers 52-106 (1652))

1651 Mar 25 – VA Northumberland – Admin – Thomas Thornbrough - Land patent for 700 acs. …”Abutting Sly. Upon a branch issueing out of Nomeny Riv.” Trans. Of 14 pers. Incl. Richard Knott, William Knight, Jane Davis. (Nugent I, p. 212)
Note: This is not a son of Capt. William Knight or Capt. Peter Knight because the headright would likely be at least 18 yrs old and Capt Peter is only 31 and his brother, 5 years younger (assuming the pair are the ones from St Bride's). Considering the fact that a Richard Knott is also included, who is likely the son of George Knott of Northumberland, who was a business associate of Capt. Peter's, it seems more likely to be a "borrowing" of associated persons for headright purposes by Thornbrough and Capt. William Knight volunteered. We can't exclude that it is another relative coming from England.

1651 Apr 28 VA Northampton – Admin – Edmund Scarborough - Land Certificates granted for 3600 acres for: Rowland Evans, Jenkin Llewellyn (Lleullen), Edward Evans, Lewis Rowland, John Jones… Jester Yeoman… John Martin, John Surry, Francis W. Knight, Thomas West, Alice Price… (Parks 1982, p. 375)

1651 – Apr 30 – UK Kent New Romney – Will – John Knight, Yeoman – “I, John Knight of New Romney Smithman (?), son of John Knight late of Aldington, Kent, yeoman deceased, I the said John Knight of New Romney aforesaid, being sick and weak in body, but of sound remembrance etc etc…”; to “brother” William Langston, gent, to be executor; I have lying in the hands of Mr. George Thatcher of London S___, my brother, the sum of one hundred pounds, the interest on this money to pay to Katherine Grove, my sister, widow, 5 pounds a year for her life; 3 pounds a year for life to her daughter, Deborah Grove; certain article made between the said George Thatcher and myself  etc …; to sister Mildred Wrake, wife of John; to John Wybourne, Francius Wybourne, and Mary Wybourne, children of Mary Wybourne my sister, house and land situated at ? in the parish of Kennington, Kent ? tenanted by John Hubbard … John and Debora Knight late of Allinton, my father and mother, deceased, said house and lands … annuity or yearly rent of six pounds, power given to executor to sell property if necessary; William Langston married to sister of John, Deborah; sister Joanna Thatcher, Mary Wybourne, Katherine Grove, Mildred Wrake, Debora Langston; etc etc (Abstracted from image:  PROB 11: Will Registers 1644-1654, Piece 216: Grey, Quire Numbers 52-104 (1651), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1651 – May 2 – UK Somerset Congresbury – Will – Edmund Knight, Husbandman – To the parish church, 2 shillings; to the poor of the parish, 5 shillings; to daughters Elizabeth and Joane Knight, all estate to be equally divided; wife, Dorothy, to receive rents from the properties and manage the monies until daughters are grown with the advice and assistance of Edmund Walter regarding investing; wife to be executrix, brother William Knight to be overseer. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 216: Grey, Quire Numbers 52-104 (1651))

1651 – May 14 – UK Somerset Elworthy – Will John Knight – Daus: Mary, Joan, Christian Honboro, son-in-law Thomas Honboro; sons James Knight and Robert Knight main heirs and executors; Abram Knight (bro?) Overseer. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 216: Grey, Quire Numbers 52-104 (1651))

1651 – May 14 – UK Norfolk Wigginhall St Peter – Ox Alum – Thomas Knight – pleb. Christ Church, matric 14 May 1651, B.A. 11 Feb 1652-3, M.A. 28 June 1655; one of these names vicar of Wigginhall St Peter, Norfolk, 1661.  See Foster’s Index Eccl. (Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886, pp. 861-863)

1651 – Aug 8 – UK Devonshire Thornbury – Will – Thomas Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of the parish, 2 shillings; all goods and chattels to wife, Willmott who is to be executrix. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 218: Grey, Quire Numbers 156-200 (1651))

1651 – Aug 20 – VA Northumberland – Admin – Lieut. Col. Giles Brent – Land patent for 768 acs… Abutting N.E. upon Potomeck Riv., S.W. upon a branch of Potomeck Cr., & Nly. upon Ocquiah river.  Trans of 15 pers: Dorothy Bottomly, Ellinor Colt, Margaret Carkawdy, Cor. an Irishman, Katherine his wife, John Hutchinson, William Cooper, 1 Negrowoman, Mr. John Underhill, Henry Jones, Giles Wright, Joseph Randall, Staynes ___, Clement Stell, Sanders Udday.  (Nugent I, p. 218)

1651 – Sep 18 – UK Cambridgeshire Linton – Admin – John Knight - Will copy of William Rudhall of Rudhall esq.;  Manor or farm of Revells in Linton in occ.of John Knight;  Davids or Daubies Farm in Upton Bishop in occ. of Edward Fisher;  Tedwoods lands in Upton Bishop in occ. of Edward Hichmand;  Harwood Farm in occ. of John Beal; Another in occ. of James Elsmore;  Gatsfords Farm in Brampton Abbotts in occ. of Richard Powell;  And other farms.  Court House in the manor of Kingston, Weston under Penyard in occ. of James Palmer;  Various lands near Ross.;  To his sister Mary for life with power to sell Revells, Daubies and Tedwoods Farms.  Reversion after death of Mary to grandson Herbert Westfaling of Mancell with the capital messuage Rudhale and Perpetual Advowson of the Rectory of Lynton.  Rest divided in 18 parts.  (          Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre, Ref: AW28/28/20)

1651 – Oct 17 – UK Kent Hackington – Will – Nicholas Knight, Tanner – Wife, Sara, to be sole executrix: To Peter Knight, son of my brother, Peter Knight, 20 pounds; if the said Peter, the son, shall be living;  I give to Joan the now wife of Thomas Poure, daughter of the said brother, Peter Knight, 10 pounds if she be living; to John Knight, Richard Knight, and Francis Knight, the sons of my brother, Richard Knight, twenty pounds apiece; to Elizabeth, daughter of brother Richard, 10 pounds; to John Knight and Thomas Knight, sons of John Knight my brother, 20 pounds apiece; to Joan Knight and Andrea Knight, daughters of my brother John Knight, ten pounds apiece; to Thomas White, son of John White and Joane, my sister, his late wife, 20 pounds; to Jane ___ widow, and Joan, the wife of William Cooke, daughters of the said John White and his wife (deceased) Joane, 10 pounds apiece; to John Windbolt and Robert Windbolt, sons of Stephen Windbolt and Margery, my sister,  and the other son of his, Stephen, whose name I do not know, 20 pounds apiece; to Joane Windbolt, daughter of the said Stephen and Margery, and another daughter whose name I do not know, 10 pounds apiece; to Thomas Jesault (?), son of Thomas Jesault and Jane, my sister, 20 pounds; and to the daughter of the said Thomas Jesault, 10 pounds; to my said executrix, I give all my goods, (long list); to Joseph Knight my nephew, son of my brother, Richard Knight, and Sarah his now wife, apparently to receive some real estate, etc.; then, Nicholas Knight, son of Mary Knight, the widow of my son, Walter Knight, to be main heir and receive house, lands, at Highgate, Whitstable …  my brother, “Walter Knight of Reading”, William Knight, the son of said Walter Knight, my brother, 20 pounds; to Joane, wife of Richard Beale, and Anne the wife of William Lansing, daughters of the said Walter Knight, 10 pounds apiece; lands in Kent, “Wolfsborne”(?) to go to Elizabeth Osborne and Jane Osborne, daughters of Alexander Osborne and Margaret, his wife; lands to Joseph Knight, nephew; lands in Sturry, Kent, to daughters of Alexander Osborne. (PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 218: Grey, Quire Numbers 156-200 (1651),  Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1651 - Oct 18 – VA Gloucester – Admin - Col. Richard Lee, Esqr – Land patent for 500 acres, Gloucester Co., Upon the head branches of Poropotank Swamp & upon the S. & N. side of Mattapony Path… Trans. Of 10 pers: Incl: Matthew Peacock Robert Kemp, John Gray, William Mathews. (Nugent I, p. 219)

1651 – Oct 29 – UK Kent Godmersham – Bap – Nicholas Knight – s/o Nicholas Knight, gent. (Tyler)

1651 – UK Southampton – Peter Knight alias Farrington/Farringdon, Will – No other details provided by ancestry.com, but this could be administration of the estate of 1649 Peter Knight, thus giving us his home location not his name.  (Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1649-1654)

1651 – UK London St Giles Cripplegate – Will - Thomas Knight – No details available. (Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1649-1654)

1652 – Apr 5 – MD Kent Island – Admin – Oath of Allegience to Cromwell - Isle of Kent 5th April 1652: We, whose names are hereafter subscribed, do promise and engage ourselves to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England, without King or House of Lords. Thomas Ward, Thomas South,  Thomas Wetherell,  Thomas Pett,  Thomas Taylor,  Henry Carlyen,  John Hud,  Robert Martin,  John Smith,  Henry Ashley,  John Philips,  John Gould,  Edward Ebes,  John Smyth,  John Richeson,  Henry Taylor,  Will Leedes,  John Sepsen,  Anthony Calliway,  Robert Vaughan,  Philip Commins,  Thomas Ringgould,,  Thomas Bradnox,  Henry Morgan,  William Elliott,  Robert Halters,  Richard Blunt,  Matthew Read,  Will Jones,  John Ringgold,  Francis Bright,  Edward Copedge,  Edmond Weebe,  John Russell,  Richard Salter,  Marke Benton,  Will Band,  Francis Barnes,  Henry Clay,  Roger Baxter,  James Horner,  Henry Weest,  Isaiah Ilive,  George Croutch,  Edward Burton,  Abraham Hollman,  John Winchester,  Nicholas Picurd,  Nicholas Browne,  David Geldersen,  Will Price,  Thomas Hill,  John Dean,  Edward Coxe,  Robert Dun,  Francis Lumbard,  John Gibson,  John Maconick,  Thomas Weest,  Joseph Wickes,  John Coursey,  John Errickson,  Andrew Hanson,  Andrew Anderson,  To ye truth of this I here subscribe
Note: Compare this list to the census of 1642 Sep 5; almost total replacement of population.

1652 VA Surry – Info - In 1652 Surry County was formed from that part of James City County lying south of the James River. The new county included two parishes that had been created earlier out of James City County: Lawne's Creek Parish (1640) and Southwark Parish (1647).

1652 - Jan 17 VA Lower Norfolk – Admin – Peter Knight - Court: Judgt. ack by Peter Knight, merchant, for paymt of 1200 lb tobo with 4 yeares forbearance (interest) to Thomas Bridge, gent.  (Fleet III, p. 441)

1652 - Jan 20 VA Northumberland - Will - Thomas Keene - witnessed by Henry Rainer, John Knight.  (Fleet, pp. 91-92 )

1652 - Jan 20 VA Northumberland – Admin – Peter Knight - Rec. of George Knott in pt. of a greater sume the sume of Foure thousand five hundred forty nine pounds of tobco. Reced. By me. Peter Knight. (Sparacio, 1652-1656, p. 79)

1652 - Jan 30 VA Northumberland – Admin - Thomas Knight - sells to John Rosier a cow and calf and two guns. Witnessed by John Powell and Thomas Philpott. (Sparacio, 1650-1652, p. 61)

1652 - Apr 13 VA Northumberland – Admin - Peter Knight - signs oath to Commonwealth of England. (Fleet, p. 560)

1652 - Apr 30 VA Northumberland – Admin - Thomas Knight - discharges Thomas Baker from all debts. Signed Thomas Knight Wit. John Rosier. Rec 20 July 1655 (Fleet, Westmoreland, p. 660)

1652 – May 27 – UK Somerset Kingston – Will – Hugh Knight, Yeoman – To the poor, 40 shillings; to brother, Richard Knight, 40 shillings annuity for life to be paid out of my estate, Oately in the parish of Cannington; to daughter-in-law, Anne Kidner and to son-in-law Richard Kidner, 10 pounds apiece at 21 (step-children); to wife Dorothy, use and benefit of all household stuff and implements as long as she remains a widow; if wife remarries, all goes to daughter Mary; to Hugh Knight, son of George Knight, 10 shillings; to sister Magdalen Ordland (?), 4 pounds and to her son John and daughter, Margery, 10 shillings apiece;  to Dina Oakley, 10 shillings; to Magdalen Morley, daughter of Richard Morley of Northampton, 10 shillings; if kinsman George Ordland, son of sister Magdalen, can pay to the poor 40 shillings, and pay to my brother, Richard Knight one annuity of 40 shillings for life, and to my sister, 4 pounds and to her son and daughter, 10 shillings, etc, I give to him, the said George Oudland my chattel at Oatly, rights, titles, lease, etc etc; but if kinsman refuse, then said kinsman not to have any benefit of estate and I leave all my estate to my daughter, Mary; Richard Storkman, Thomas Lawrence, Robert Cowell, overseers; to my daughter, Mary Knight, my tenement in East Lydiard in the parish of Bishop Lydiard and all the rest of my goods and chattels, implements, household stuff, and she to be sole executor when she achieves the age of 21; above mentioned overseers to be executors until daughter is of legal age; if Mary dies, estate to be divided among nieces and nephews. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 223: Bowyer, Quire Numbers 154-195 (1652))

1652 - Jun 20 - VA Northumberland - Admin – Peter Knight – Court: Mr Knight’s acquit to George Knott (Nott) – “R’d the 20 June 1652 of George Knott in part of a greater sum the sume of 4549 lbs Tobacco By me Peter Knight”. Recorded 20th Jan. 1652/3 (Fleet I, p. 99)

1652 – Jul 5 – UK Kent Westram – Will – Bostocke Knight the Elder, Gent – To Bostocke Knight, youngest son, 6 pounds; to daughter Dorothy, wife of John Saxbie, 40 shillings; to servant Susan Chapman, “in regard of her long honest and painful service”, 5 pounds; to the poor of the parish, 40 shillings to be distributed day of burial; residue of estate, all goods and chattels, etc, to eldest son Thomas Knight who is to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 222: Bowyer, Quire Numbers 107-153 (1652))

1652 - Jul 16 - VA Gloucester - Admin - Peter Knight - Land patent for 1,000 acs. … On S. side of Poropotank Cr., on N. side of York Riv., & bounded from the head of gutt issueing out of sd. Cr. Dividing this from land formerly surveyed by Mr. Richard Lee &c. Trans. Of 20 pers: William Vert (or Uert), Robert Young, Godfrid Niren (or Nixen), William Evans,  Law. Evans, Humph. Hawoods, John Fulcher, John Knighthill, John Farmer, Wm. Chamberlin, Mathew Bradford, John Lastly, James Foster, Ursela Smith, William Wright (Right), John Smith, Thomas Jervis, Stephen Collin, Thomas Powell, Eliza. Monke, (or Mouke.) (Nugent I, pp. 258-9)  Resurvey 1668 Apr 3 showing 574 acs. instead of 1000 acs. as by patent of 1652. Adjoining Mr. Francis Ironmonger, Francis Morgan & corner of Purton Dividend. (Mason 1946, p. 44)

1652 - Jul 26 – VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Christopher Lewis – Land patent for 750 acs. …Trans. Of 15 pers incl John Knight. (Nugent I, p. 261) (Christopher Lewis was listed as headright by John Upton 1735 Jul 7 for 1650 acs Warresquioake Co. (Nugent I, p. 25) The Upton name is connected to Knights, Hawleys and their other connections in several patents; they freely borrowed one another’s kith and kin for headrights.

1652 – Jul – UK Warwickshire Barrells – Will – Nicholas Knight – To be buried next to wife; forgives 5 pound debt of son, William Knight; to son, William Knight, and grandson John Knight, old weapons, furnishings, tools, a dulcimer, books, tables, carpets, 8 pounds and 1 shilling, window curtains, linens, chairs, cushions, bolsters, coffers, andirons, hogsheads, barrels, shovels, planks (long and interesting list of household furnishings!); out of the said goods the said William Knight and John Knight shall pay to Susannah Hopkins 10 pounds at age 16 or marriage; to youngest son, John Knight, my house in Willonhall street called Challongow in the tenure of Susannah Knight, Widow, with the gardens and orchards and additional lands, to him and his heirs; if no heirs from John Knight, property then to go to son Robert Knight and his heirs; if no heirs, then to grandson Henry Lea; if no heirs, then to grandson Thomas Knight and his heirs; to son John Knight, 10 pounds, the remainder of the legacy given to him by my sister Moonestone; to daughter Anna Lea, daughter Lea’s daughter, 7 pounds at age 16 or marriage; to maid, Anne Willis, 6 pounds and bed and bed furnishings; to grandchildren Elizabeth Hanbury and Thomas Knight, 10 shillings each; to daughter Adams, daughter Hopkins, daughter Lea and daughter Brooks, 10 pounds apiece; residue of estate to be disposed of by my daughters Adams and Lea as they see fit; to my son, Robert Knight, 10 pounds; son Robert Knight, son (in-law) Robert Adams, and grandson John Knight to be executors; Thomas Lea and William Hurlston to be overseers; Wit: Robert Adams, Mary Adams (mark), Susanna Knight (mark), Elizabeth Lea, Anna Willis (mark). (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 222: Bowyer, Quire Numbers 107-153 (1652))

1652 - Aug 25 – VA Gloucester - Admin - Mr. Peter Knight - Land patent for 700 acs. …Upon Easternmost side of Poropotank Cr. Towards the head of same, beg. At a branch dividing this & land of Mr. Blunt &c. Trans. Of 14 pers: John Ball, Alex. And Richard Weston, John Henton, Thomas Cobb, Thomas Taberer, Richard Lathberry, James Clarke, Samuel Clarke, Margery Chamber, Thomas Miller, Kath. Huse, Arthur Carpenter, John Simson. (Nugent I, p. 277)

1652 Sep 17 - VA Northumberland – Admin – Isaac Knight - Court: Regarding the foregoing. Signed “per me Isaac Knight (Isaack) thirty yeares old…” Sworn before Thomas Speke. (Fleet I, p. 78 )

1652 – Sep 25 – UK London St Bride – Bap – William Knight - s/o William Knight & Elizabeth

1652 Sep 20 – VA Northumberland – Admin – Capt William Knight - Court: Mr. Richard Turney agt Thomas Wilsford: “The Court doth order that the 330 lb. Of tobacco attached in the hands of Tho Wilsford being the estate of Capt William Knight and due unto Mr Richard Turney from the said Knight shall be paid unto the said Mr Turney by the 20th of Novem next with charges of Court.” (Fleet, p. 6)
Note: This is the only notification we get that William Knight, probably the brother of Capt. Peter Knight, has died since his appearance in court 1651 Feb 20, being sued by the above-mentioned Thomas Wilsford. I'm still looking for any additional records that might give clarification.

1652 Oct 6 – VA Lancaster – Admin - Salter Knight - At a Court holden for Lancaster at ye house of Mr. James Bagnall on ye 6th of October 1652… Certificate of Land granted to Wm Clapham (SR) for two persons vizt. Salter Knight, Thomas Orange. (Parks 1982)

1652 - Oct 16 – VA Lower Norfolk – Admin – Thomas Knight - Court:  Thomas Knight confesses he owes Wm Basnett 3 bbl Indian corn. He is ordered to pay. Signed Hen. Woodhouse. (Fleet, III, p. 434)

1652 – Oct 21 – UK Worcestershire Hatfield – Will – Thomas Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of the parish of Hatfield and Norton, 100 pounds to be used to purchase land to build a poor house; to be distributed to the poor, 20 shillings; to the poor of another parish, 50 shillings; to another parish, 10 pounds; to son George Knight’s 4 children, 20 pounds apiece; to cousin George Knight, release from debt bonds; to cousin George Knight, all my fleece wools; to cousin Ursula Horbolt’s 3 children, 30 pounds apiece; to cousin Margaret Henry(?) 10 pounds; to her daughter, Sephora 20 pounds; to cousin Mary Knight, 10 pounds; to cousin John Cox the younger, 20 pounds; to Humphrey Fowler, 20 pounds; to Thomas Bayley, (?) 15 pounds; to his son, Thomas, 20 shillings; to Nicholas Saylor 15 pounds; to cousin Edward Wight, 15 pounds; to cousin George Allen of Stanton, 30 pounds; to cousin Margaret Wooton, 10 pounds; to Humphry Jenkins, 20 pounds; to John Longmore, 5 pounds; forgive John Cober the Elder and Humphry Fowler what they owe by bond; to godchildren, 20 shillings apiece; to my man, Thomas, my best suit and coat; to my man William, my next best suit and coat; to both of them, a ewe and lamb; to Humphry Batos, kinsman, 10 pounds; to Margery Mason of Hanley and to Joseph her son, 40 shillings apiece; to Margaret Mason of Birlingham, widow, 40 shillings; to Bridget, wife of cousin Richard Mason of Birlingham, 40 shillings; to Humphry Jenkins the younger, 5 pounds; to mother, all leasy land in parish of Kemsey; to cousin Elizabeth Jules, 110 pounds at 21; to cousin Samuel Juels, 40 pounds at 21; to cousin Ursula Horbolt’s 3 children, 10 pounds apiece; brother-in-law to be executor; Richard Mason and John Cox to be overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 223: Bowyer, Quire Numbers 154-195 (1652))

1652 - Nov – VA Northumberland – Admin - Ralph Horsley – Land patent for 495 acs. … upon Potomeck Riv… Trans. Of 10 pers incl Jane Horsley, Joseph Horsley… (Nugent I, p. 266)

1652 - Nov 20 – VA Northumberland – Will – Thomas Keene -  This will was proved by the Oathes of Henry Paine & John Knight & execucon thereof was committed to Mary Keene, Widdow & principall legatee & is recorded. (Sparacio, 1650-1652)

1652 - Nov 25 – VA Northumberland – Admin – Thomas Knight - Nathaniel Jones his Deposition Novem. The 22th 1652:  Nathaniel Jones aged 24 yeares of thereabouts sworne & examined saith that he heard Thomas Baker & Thomas Knight both say unto him in the time that Thomas Baker & Thomas Knight did live upon the Plantacon wch was John Hiller’s that then this Depont. Heard Tho. Baker being in discourse concerning the Boare of Mr. John Ha(__) deceased. Tho. Baker replyed saying my dogg and I killd. The Boare and this Depont. Saith that Tho. Knight confessed the same being at that time both copartners in Estates and also this Depont. Saith Thomas Th(__) said Baker & Knight said they did bury the same within the plantacon. And further this Depont. Saith not. The marke of Nathaniel Jones. Taken before Mr. Nathaniel Pope & Major Tho. Baldridge, recorded the 25th Novem 1652. (Sparacio, 1650-1652, p 68)

1652 – Nov 25 – VA Westmoreland – Info – Court: Whereas divers of the Inhabitants of this County doe imploy Indians with guns and power and shott very frequently and usually to the great danger of a Massacre, The Court doth think fitt to declare....that if any person....deliver either gun powder or shott to any Indian....shall be proceeded {against} with all according to Act of Assembly in that case provided. And that....persons that have any guns out amongst the Indians shall get them in with all convenient speede.... (WESTMORELAND COUNTY ORDER BOOK 2 (1652 - 1665), 15)

1652 - Nov 26 – VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Henry Watts - Land patent for457 acs.  states that it borders the “land of Peter Knight”. (Nugent I, p. 275)

1652 – Dec 21 – UK Kent Godmersham – Bap – Margaret Knight – d/o Nicholas Knight, gent. (Tyler)

1652 – UK Wales Glamorgan – Will – John Knight, Yeoman – Will and inventory. Parish: Gileston (National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services, Ref: LL/1652/19)

1653 – VA Westmoreland – Info – County was separated out of Northumberland County. The territory of Westmoreland County encompassed much of what later became the various counties and cities of Northern Virginia, including the city of Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, and Prince William County. These were part of Westmoreland until 1664, when Stafford County was formed.

1653 - Jan 17 – VA Lower Norfolk – Admin – Peter Knight - Court – Judgt ack by Peter Knight mercht for paymt of 1200 lb tobo with 4 years forbearance (interest) to Thomas Bridge gent. (Fleet, III, p. 441)

1653 Jan 20 – VA Northumberland – Admin – Thomas Knight - Court: Francis Gray agt Thomas Knight – referred to next court. Mr. Hallowes agt Thomas Knight – Knight owing Hallowes 1440 lb of tobo “and the said Knight hath been arrested and doth not appear by himself nor attorney the Court orders x x that if the said Knight do not appear the next Court and Answere the suite then ordr shall pass agt Mr Rosier, Knight’s security.” (pp. 10, 18, 19. Fleet)

1653 Jan 23 – VA Charles City – Admin - Col. Francis Eppes, Esqr -  One of the Councill of State, land patent for 280 acs. on S. side of James Riv. & S. side of Appamattock Riv., … Bounded Sly. On Capt. Batts, Nly. On the heads of Walter Brookes, Nathaniel Tatum & John Bakers land & Ely. On his own 1700 acs. Trans. Of 6 pers. (Nugent I, p. 281)

1653 – Jan 27 – UK Kent Hollingbourne – Will – Richard Knight, Yeoman – Richard Knight of Ripple Court, Yeoman, to be buried next to late wife, Anne; to eldest son, Blaze Knight (Blaise?), near Milgate, Kent, laborer, 19 pounds 2 shillings 6 pence, part to be paid one year after “it shall please Almighty God to take me out of this miserable world” and part the year following; to the seven children of Blaze, Richard Knight, Robert Knight, Jeremy Knight, John Knight, Susan Knight, Margaret Knight, Anne Knight, 2 shillings 6 pence apiece; to my daughter Barbery, the wife of Edward Meredith, 5 shillings and 8 pence; my daughter, Anne Knight, the wife of William Knight of Broadgate, 5 shillings and 8 pence; son, Robert Knight, who has been careful in the getting, preserving, and gaining together of that little it hath pleased the Almighty to bless me with, all those my cattle and chattels without doors, and all my wagons, ploughs etc and all the furniture belonging to the house, the oxen and all other belongings to husbandry whatsoever that I shall die seized of, and all my goods whatsoever, woolen bedding, bed, tables, stools, chairs, formed brass, pewter and all other things, in or about the house etc, to my son Robert and his heirs etc.  Robert Knight to be executor. “If this is too much trouble on my executor, then 5 pounds shall be taken off from my son Blaze Knight’s portion and fall to Robert, my executor, to bear his charge in the suite that shall by him, the said Blaze, commented he would start in the Court”, and words saying that if Blaze causes trouble, he gets nothing at all. Ends with “And so, having finished my last will and testament, and intreating my said son, Robert, my executor, he (Blaze?) will answer in a higher place, to see all performed, praying heartily to the Almighty to bless and prosper you all and so to meet again with all joy and gladness at the resurrection.”  ( PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 239: Alchin, Quire Numbers 303-356 (1654),  Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)
Note: This Richard is "almost certainly the Rychard Knight and Margret Iden married in Stockbury on 20 Oct 1600 ... He was actually married twice. His first wife was called Margaret, and was buried in Boughton Monchelsea on 20 Sep 1605. She was the mother of Richard's first two children. Perhaps there was a complication from the birth of their short-lived daughter Anne earlier that year."
    Blaze Knight  ( b. Abt 1601)
    Anne Knight,   (c. 17 Mar 1605- 20 Jun 1605, Boughton Monchelsea)
"He then married Anne Hopper (shown in the transcript as Agnes) at nearby Loose on 23 Jun 1607 and had three more children."
    Robert Knight   (c. 28 Aug 1608) obtained possession of Ripple Court in 1659, but passed to William Knight by 1664.
    Barbara Knight  ( c. 3 Jun 1610) married Edward Norditch of Chatham. (Meredith?)
    Anne Knight  (c. 30 Jan 1613, Broughton Monchelsea -  bur. 25 Jul 1663, Hollingbourne)   married her cousin William Knight in Hollingbourne 17 Feb 1642. William was the eldest son of James Knight and Anne Coullen and christened in Bicknor's parish church on June 30 1606.
CHILDREN of William and Anne Knight:
    Richard Knight  ( c. 5 Feb 1642/17 Jun 1643, Bicknor)
    Anne Knight ( c. 27 Sep 1645, Bredgar -  bur. 24 Aug 1698, Hollingbourne) married Thomas Doo. - "Doe, Thomas, of Huckinge, husb., ba., 27, son of John Doe, s. p., husb., who consents, and Ann Knight of Hollingbourne, maiden. 21, d. of VVm.Knight, s. p., who also consents. At Hollingbourne. Robert Knight of Huckinge, husb., and Henry Poore of Hollingbourne, yeom., bonds. Feb. 2, 1666." Canterbury Marriage Licenses, vol 3
    Barbara Knight (c 24 June 1647, Bredgar)
    William Knight (c. 4 Sep 1649, Bredgar - bur. 9 Mar 1655, Bredgar)
    James Knight ( c. 28 Jun 1651, Bredgar, Kent, England -  bur. 21 Jun 1709, Stockbury)
    Susanna Knight (c. 13 Jul 1653, Bredgar)
    Richard Knight (c 22 Sep 1655 - Bur Mar 10 1655/6)

1653 - Jan 30VA Northumberland – Admin - George Nott - His patent: Grant. Sir William Berkeley to George Nott, senr., 200 acres in Northumberland “on the west side of the head of Youocomocoo River abutting South East upon the head of the said river Southwest upon an Indian Bridge and a Vallye Northwest and North east upon the main woods”.  50 acres being due to Nott by assignment of George Berry and the other 150 acres granted for the transportation of 3 persons into this colony. Dated 22nd December 1650. (Fleet, p. 111)
 ** Know all men by the prsts. That I George Nott doe assigne & make over all my right & title of this Pattent unto Mr. Peter Knight his heires & assignes for ever; And further I the said George Nott doe binde me my heires & assignes to warrant ye within specified Land unto ye said Knight his heires and assignes from all men whatsoever. Witness my hand ye 30th of Janu: 1652 Geo. Nott, his marke. Witness Natha. Hickman, Rich. Holden, his marke.  20 Septem 1653 this Assignmt. Was acknowledged in Court by ye said Nott & is recorded with ye Pattent. (Sparacio, 1652-1656, p. 95)
Note: Previously, George Knott has been seen to be indebted to Capt. Peter Knight; possibly this land transfer was in final payment of that debt.

1653 - Feb 26 –VA Northumberland - Peter Knight - of Wicocomoco, land patent for 500 acs. Northumberland Co., on S. side of great Wicocomoco Riv., ... Beg. At branch of sd. Riv. Dividing this & land of Thomas Scoggin, extending E.S.E. to another branch of sd. Riv. To a point near or against the Island &c. Trans. Of 10 pers: William Fluellin, James Donnell, Marmaduke Atkins, William. Saines, Silvester Jones, William. Jenking, Mary Wilkey, James Traverse, Mary Sealing, John Allinton. (Nugent I, p. 248)

1653 – Mar 7 – UK London – Nunc Will – Roger Knight, Esq – “Roger Knight Esq being very weake in body but in perfect memory said all others besides Timothy Dewitt, Clerk and William Hall, Clerk, to go out of the chamber and to them he spoke in manner and form following: I find myself very weake and I thought for to acquaint you how I intend to dispose of that little God has given me. Concerning yourselves, that married my daughters, for the portion I promised the one, it is wholly paid, for the other I have promised to him, I … hoped I should handle it myself… which now I am not like to do; And therefore that there may be no difference after I am goine, I tell you what I would have done. … There is a thousand pounds in very good debt … this I would have equally divided among my younger children except Francis and Rachel. Francis need not have so much in regard that other provision is made for him. And as for Rachel, she has been disobedient and therefore I leave these two to their mother to hand out of that estate I give to my children what she shall appoint… It was asked him whether our sister Martha, being his eldest daughter, were reckoned in the number of his younger children and he answered she had been a very dutiful and loving child but she must be content to take her part with the rest. … as for my wife, I have left her enough to live plentifully on; about 200 pounds per annum, whom I have made my sole executrix. And as for all the things in the house, I leave them for her to dispose of to her children as she shall see good. There is one thing more that is contingent, in which I would have you to be very private and that is this, Roger’s mother-in-law , Mistress Webbe, had of me 200 pounds which is to be paid back again in case he die and his wife” has not enough from him to pay it; brother(-in-law) Robert Long and his son Burdett Long to be overseers. “He desired us on the morrow to write down these things that we might not forget whet he had spoken which was done accordingly. Signed Timothy Dewitt and William Hall.  Wife is Martha. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 240: Alchin, Quire Numbers 357-409 (1654))  (Nowhere does it say where all this took place.)

1653 – Mar 9 – UK Devonshire Iddesleigh – Will – Thomas Knight, Gent – To the parish church, 10 shillings; to son John Knight, 4 score pounds (80); to son George Knight, 4 score pounds; son Roger Knight, 3 score pounds; to son William Knight, 1 (one) penny; to son Charles Knight, 100 pounds yearly; to daughter Margery Knight, 200 pounds; residue of estate to son Thomas Knight who is to be executor; brother-in-law John Lethbridge, Gent, overseer. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 233: Alchin, Quire Numbers 1-50 (1654)) (This will was written in 1636) 

1653 - Mar 10 – VA Elizabeth River – Admin - John Barten – Land patent for 200 acs. In Deep Cr. A branch of the Southern br. Of Eliz. Riv. … Trans. Of 4 pers: Jane Harvey, Thomas Harvey, John Hawley, William Scott. (Nugent I, p. 232)

1653 – Mar 22 – UK Essex Goldhanger – Will – Richard Knight, Yeoman – Daughter, Mary Knight, to receive several properties in Goldhanger with all goods and chattels associated; friend Mr. Thomas Plummer of Maulson to receive residue and to be executor; friend Rowland Humphrey to be overseer.  Oral codicil added: if daughter, Mary, dies, everything to go to Thomas Plummer. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 239: Alchin, Quire Numbers 303-356 (1654))

1653 – Mar 28 – UK Devonshire Little Hempston – Ox Alum – John Knight – “ser.” Exeter Coll., matric. 28 March 1653, B.A. 15 Oct 1656; M.A. from New Coll 2 June 1659, rector of Little Hempston, Devon, until ejected 1662.  See Calamy, ii. 40. (Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886, pp. 861-863)

1653 – Apr 21 – UK Essex Chigwell – Will – William Knight, Blacksmith – Wife, Bridget, daughter Jane; wife to have all benefits of goods and chattels for her life, to go to daughter Jane, and to give daughter Jane 20 pounds on the day of her marriage or when she is 21; wife to be executrix. Wit: Edward Cotton, John Medows, Anthony Brown.  (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 225: Brent, Quire Numbers 1-53 (1653))

1653 – Jun 6 – UK Hampshire Petersfield – Admin – John Knight, Yeoman – Grant by JOHN KNIGHT of Sheete in the parish of Petersfield, co. Southants, yeoman, to JOHN LUFFE of Harting, co. Sussex, yeoman, - for £120 - of 3 closes of land called the Clayes, containing 12 ac; And also a coppice and woodground containing 5 ac., parcel of the wood called the Lith adjoining to the said three closes; Also 2 closes of land called the Crafts adjoining to the lane called Foxcombe Lane containing 6 ac;  Also Common of pasture for 40 sheep on the Downes and commonable places in Harting; All in West Harting in occupation of John Pitt;  To hold of the chief lords of the fee, & c;  Signature, John Knight and seal;  Witnesses to deed and livery of seisin:- Robert Harrison, Robt. Lanne (mk), Nichs. Sherrier (mk), Wm. Jaman.  (West Sussex Record Office, Ref: SAS-K/41)

1653 – Jun 7 – UK London St Bride – Bap – Lydia Knight (Ledyah) - d/o John Knight & Anne

1653 – Jun 15 – UK Kent Cowden – Will Katherine Knight, widow – To son-in-law Henry Swaylands, 12 pounds; to son George Knight, 10 pounds and all household stuff that is now in his keeping;  to daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Jackson, 15 pounds and all my stuff that is now in her keeping;  to daughter Katherine, wife of George Say__, 10 shillings and all my household stuff that is now in her possession; to daughter Anne, 40 pounds; to son Edward Knight, 35 pounds and all goods and chattels not already bequeathed, and he to be executor. Signed with her mark in the presence of John Osbourne and Nicholas Wirking.  (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858 for Katherina Knight, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 230: Brent, Quire Numbers 269-318 (1653))

1653 – Jun 28 – UK Northamptonshire Slapton – Will – Thomas Knight, Gent – To daughter Elizabeth Knight, 250 pounds; to George Knight, youngest son, 150 pounds; this money should be put into the hands of John Knight, Thomas Knight, my sons, and Richard Clemons, son-in-law, each one 50 pounds apiece to use for the advantage of George; I give unto all my other children 12 pounds apiece: John Knight, Thomas Knight, Valentine Knight, and Samuel Knight; to the poor of Slapton, 10 shillings; all my servants, 5 shillings apiece; residue of estate to wife, Elizabeth Knight, and she to be executrix; son John Knight and son-in-law Richard Clemons to be overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 225: Brent, Quire Numbers 1-53 (1653))

1653 - Jul 1 – VA James City – Admin - Joseph Knight – Land patent for 2000 acs.  On the E. side of Chickahominy Riv. …formerly granted to said Knight 25 Sep 1650; 400 granted to Edward Knight by patent of same date, and assigned by him unto Joseph Knight. (Nugent I, p. 229)

1653 – Jul 7 – UK Staffordshire Norton in the Moors – Will – Thomas Knight, Husbandman – To eldest son James Knight, all freehold lands in Norton with all appurtenances;  James must pay to the younger children 35 pounds in equal portions; executors to pay youngest son, Matthew Knight, 2 pounds 10 shillings a year during his natural life;  all the younger children to enjoy the lands for the term of 40 years; to second son, Thomas Knight, land in the parish of Caverswell, paying to youngest son, Matthew, 1 pound 10 shillings yearly during his natural life; if Thomas refuses to pay, then Matthew gets the land for 20 years; household items given out to James and Matthew; to Elizabeth knight, oldest daughter, 4 score pounds; to Frances Knight, youngest daughter, 3 score and 10 pounds; to Alice Johnson, 5 pounds; to Thomas Knight, William Knight, John Knight, Joseph Knight, Elizabeth Knight and Frances Knight, items to be divided among them; to William Knight, John Knight and Joseph Knight, all goods, chattels, whatever, to be divided among them; sons Thomas Knight and William Knight to be executors. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 231: Brent, Quire Numbers 319-367 (1653)) 

1653 – Aug 14 – UK London St Bride – Bap – William Knight - s/o John Knight & Katherine (London Met Arch)

1653 – Sep 24 – UK Middlesex Stepney – Will – Giles Knight, Boatswain and Mariner – “…being outward bound in the good ship called the Exchange where under god, Joseph Blow (Blore?) is Master thereof.”  To Elizabeth Arthur, wife of John Arthur of Limehose, “the remainder of all my wages if I shall happen to die in this my intended voyage.”  Elizabeth to be sole executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 231: Brent, Quire Numbers 319-367 (1653)) This will was made 20 Aug 1642 and probated in 1653, over ten years later.

1653 – Sep 26 – UK Devonshire Kentisbeare – Will – Henry Knight, Husbandman – To son John Knight “all that estate that I have in our Tenement at Sewell within the parish of Kentisbeare with all appurtenances, profits, etc” if the said John Knight and Hanna Knight, my daughter, agree to the terms; wife, Winifred,  gets life estate, after which son John is to pay to his sister, Hanna, 30 pounds for her share in the property; if son John dies, daughter inherits; to daughter Hanna, 20 pounds; to daughter Agnes Rogers, 20 shillings; to son-in-law Henry Rogers, 5 pounds; to Mary Rogers, 3 pounds; to John Rogers JR, son of John Rogers of Southampton, 40 shillings; to son John Knight, 5 pounds; residue to son and he to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 228: Brent, Quire Numbers 166-217 (1653))

1653 - Oct 13 – VA Northumberland – Admin - Peter Knight – Patent for 1,000 acs. … Upon N.W. side & on the head of Wicocomico Riv., 200 acs. Part thereof S.E. on the head of sd. River, N.E. on land of one Pallen, dec’d.  450 acs. S.E. on the main branch of the head of Yeocomico Riv. & N.E. on sd. 200 acs., & 350 acs. S.E. upon this land & N.E. upon land of John Shakley. 200 acs. Formerly granted unto George Knott & assigned to sd. Knight & 800 acs for trans of 16 pers: Charles Roe, John Roe, Edward Morris, Mary Morris, William Stephens, Nicholas Allen, Francis Leake, John Skiddiner, Jane Stoe (or Aloe), Alice Howell, George Shaw, Ann Shaw, Marjary Green, Ralph Millett, Abraham Stronge, Robert Barnett. (Nugent I, p. 252) 

1653 - Oct 13 – VA Northumberland – Admin – John Earle - Land patent for 1,000 acs. … on the N. W. side of Yeocomoco Riv & a branch of the same towards land of George Knott. Trans. Of 20 pers: includes John Knight, Mary Knight. (Nugent I, p. 246) Note that John Earle had land in Northumberland before 1649. See Horsly patents Nugent I, p. 185 and 266, also Earle patent p 266, both granted in Nov. 1652.

1653 - Oct 13 – VA Northumberland – Admin - Thomas Keene - Land patent for 527 acs…. Abutting N.W. upon the several lands of Ralph Horsly & Edward Coppedge… trans of 11 pers…. John Earle & his wife, Thomas Keene, Mary Keene, William Keene. (Nugent I, p. 251)
Note that Keene used John Earle and his wife in his patent application. Keene prev. appears as a headright for Col. William Clayborne (Nugent I, p. 244) and a Thomas Keane is listed as headright 11 Nov. 1635 by a Thomas Harris for land in Henrico Co. (Nugent I, p. 33) Also recall that a William Coppedge will be married to an Anne Knight in 1666. This Edward must surely be the father of William.

1653 - Oct 13 – VA Northumberland – Admin - Peter Knight - & Baker Cutts (Cutt) - Land patent for 1850 acs…. Bounding Sly. Upon Capt. [Giles] Brent’s land, Ely. Upon Potomeck Riv. & Nly. Upon Chapawansick Cr. Trans. Of 37 pers: William Clayre, John Sysone, (or Sipsone), James Westbrooke, William Valence, Elinor Ramzee, John Fairbanks, Fra. Mott, Richard Spurnell, Rice Morrice, Robert Knott, Eliza. Lawrence, Eliza. Morrice, James Barber, John Drap, Toby Ingram, Wilmott Jones, Adam Daniell, Thomas Charnold, Mary Davis, Michael Poope, John Fuller, John Robinson, John Spreatt Susan Pungly, Rice Thompson, Christopher Bennett, Emanuel Wille, Elizabeth his wife, & 6 children; William Murdure, Georg Airea (or Acrea), 3 Negros: Robt., Sampson & Thomas & one Indian Thomas. The three last names due. (Nugent I, p. 282) Note: I wonder how Giles Brent felt with Capt. Peter Knight obtaining land right next door to him after all that went down during Ingle's Rebellion?

A Photo of the Patent entered in the record book of Northumberland County

Knight-Cutts List

1653 - Nov 7 – VA Northumberland - Admin - Isaac Knight -  witnesses sale of two brown cows and a calf from John Stanley to Tho. Orlye witnessed by Ralph Horsley (his marke) also. (Sparacio, 1650-1655, p. 102)

1653 - Nov 21 - VA Northumberland – Admin – Peter Knight – Court: Peter Knight agt Edmond Perry, his estate – Perry owing Knight 274 lb tobacco. The Court orders payment from his estate. (Fleet, p. 36)

1653 - Nov 21 - VA Northumberland – Admin – Peter Knight -  Court: This page mutilated – Peter Knight agt Mr Turney – Richard Turney having arrested Knight and not appearing against him is ordered to pay him 50 lb. Tobacco, and to pay Court charges. (Fleet, p. 38)

1653 - Nov 21 - VA Northumberland – Admin – Peter Knight -  Court:  Peter Knight agt John ffaucett - Faucett having arrested Knight and not appearing against him, is ordered to pay him 50 lb tobacco and to pay Court charges. (Fleet, p. 39)

1653 - Dec 8 VA Lancaster – Admin – Thomas Roots -  Assigns 300 acres to Margaret Grimes, widow of Edward Grimes, for life. Wit: James Williamson, Peter Knight. (Fleet Abstracts I, p. 221)

1653 – Dec 31 – UK Kent Cranbrook – Will – Elizabeth Knight, Widow – “The relict of Richard Knight late of Cranbrook, Clothier, deceased.” To my sister ___ (blank in the will copy) and my sister Lynda, wearing apparel; to father-in-law Thomas Pooks of Sandhurst, Gent, my sole executor, and my brother-in-law, Mr Harman Shease of Cranbrook, and my brother Anthony Wood, Clothier, overseers of my will, to each of them, 40 shillings;  all other goods and chattels to son, Thomas; if Thomas dies before 21, all estate to be divided between brothers and sisters of testatrix. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 236: Alchin, Quire Numbers 152-201 (1654))

1653 – UK London Limehouse Stepney – Giles Knight, Bachelor, Mariner, Will – Died overseas. No details.  (Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1653-1656)

1653 Virginia/Maryland – Admin – William Claiborne - William Claiborne made no overt legal attempts to re-assert control over Kent Island during the commission's rule of Maryland, although a treaty concluded during that time with the Susquehannocks claimed that Claiborne owned both Kent and Palmer Islands. Claiborne's legal designs on Maryland were once again defeated when Oliver Cromwell returned Calvert to power in 1653, after the Rump Parliament ended.

1654 – Jan 3 – UK Wiltshire Codford St Mary – Bur – Henry Knight. (London Met Arch)

1654 – Jan 13 – UK Berkshire Beach Hill – Will – Mary Knight, Widow – To daughter, Mary Knight, 4 score and 10 pounds (90); to daughter Anne Knight, same, i.e. 90 pounds, and items; to daughter Alice Knight, the same amount and items; to son Francis Knight, 5 pounds and 5 pounds to his children to be divided; to daughters Mary, Anne and Alice, feather beds each, sheets, blankets, coverlets, etc; to son, Thomas Knight, 90 pounds; to son William Knight, 90 pounds; sons Thomas Knight and William Knight to be executors; lands and tenements that she has purchased from her son, Francis Knight, to go to her sons Thomas and William; sons to pay 2 younger daughters 3 pounds a year apiece;  kinsman George Sanders and two others (names indecipherable) to be overseers. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1655-1659, Piece 243: Aylett, Quire Numbers 1-50 (1655))

1654 - Jan 30 VA Northumberland – Admin – John Knight -  Court: John Stanley his sale of Cattle to John Knight.  Mr. John Stanley of the Co. of Northumberland, Planter, sells certain cattle to John Knight of the same place, planter.  Dated 7th Nov. 1653. Signed John Stanley his marke. Witness Ralph Horsly his marke.  Recorded 30th January 1654.  Knight assigns foregoing cattle to Tho. Orley. Dated 31st December 1653. Signed John Knight. Witnesses Thomas Broughton, George Courtnell his marke. Recorded 30th January 1654. (p. 120 Fleet)

1654 – Feb 12 – UK Gloucestershire Bristol – Will - William Knight, Mariner – Died overseas. To wife, Ursula, entire estate and power to distribute same; mentions “son”, but does not name him. Witnessed by John Knight SR.  (Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1649-1654)

1654 – Feb 15 – UK Devonshire Bratton Fleming – Will – John Knight, Yeoman – To the poor of the parish of Bratton, 20 shillings and same to the parish of Loxhor; to Thomasina Knight, daughter, 100 pounds out of lands in Loxhor; son, Emanuel Knight, 50 pounds; to son, John Knight, all the lands prev. described, and he is to pay the legacies to his sister and brother out of said lands; wife, Helen Knight, to have all the goods she brought at the time of marriage and further,  all goods in his house at Bratton Fleming, there at the time of death to remain there as long as wife chooses to remain;  after decease of wife, house and lands to go to Emanuel Knight, son; son John to be Executor. ( PROB 11: Will Registers, 1655-1659, Piece 247: Aylett, Quire Numbers 210-263 (1655), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1654 – Feb 21 – UK Hampshire Hound – Nunc Will – Katherine Knight, Widow – “I give to my son Peter Knight my best gowns and best ___ and two of my best handkerchiefs; I give to the maid that attended me in my sickness my best petticoat and one of my waistcoats which will fit her best; I desire my sister Joane, the wife of William Read, to bring up my children and to pay all my debts; residue of estate to William Read for his pains. Wit: Peter Knight. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1655-1659, Piece 247: Aylett, Quire Numbers 210-263 (1655))  Note: Apparently, a will made in haste.

1654 – Feb 23 – UK Devonshire Bratton Fleming – Will – Helen Knight, Widow – To brother Christopher Hoddon of Barnstaple, 20 shillings; to John Hoddon, son of William Hoddon of Charles, 40 shillings; to Hugh Hoddon’s 2 daughters, 40 shillings apiece; to Tristram Pope of Tawton Bishop, 40 shillings; to brother Paschal Hoddon of Swimbridge, 20 shillings; to Christopher Hoddon, son of Paschal, 40 shillings; to the rest of Paschal Hoddon’s children, 20 shillings apiece; to William the son of Anthony Hoddon of Swimbridge, 20 shillings; to goddaughter Helen, the daughter of Rose Moore, 20 shillings;  to goddaughter Marie Wall, daughter of Rose Wall, 20 shillings; to all the rest of godchildren, 10 shillings apiece; to Thomasine Knight, daughter-in-law, numerous household items, furnishings, clothings, etc; to Emmanuel Knight, son-in-law, household items; Charity Borry, daughter of Henry Borry late of Wolfburkland, Devon, a “little dog”(?); to Lucie Pope, clothing; to Anne Hoddon, daughter of John, 20 shillings and clothing; to Christian, daughter of Paschal Hoddon, clothing; to John Knight, son-in-law, household items;  to Mary Barrow, wife of Robert Barrow, clothing; to Dennis Collins, clothing; to children of Paschal Hoddon, all linen not otherwise bequeathed; to kinsman John Hoddon of Swimbridge, all lands in Marwood; residue of goods and possessions to John Hoddon, kinsman and he to be executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1655-1659, Piece 247: Aylett, Quire Numbers 210-263 (1655))  Note: The Knights mentioned here must be step-children to this Helen.

1654 Mar 16VA Northumberland – Admin – Giles Brent - Capt. Giles Brent appeared at the quarterly court held at Jamestown to request action be taken to protect the residents of the Northern Neck from the encroachments of Lord Baltimore who was trying to claim authority over the region.
**In 1654, Governor Stone of Maryland tried to reclaim authority for the proprietor and declared that William Claiborne's property and his life could be taken at the Governor's pleasure. Stone's declaration was ignored and Claiborne and Bennett again overthrew him, creating a new assembly in which Catholics were not allowed to serve. Calvert, now angry at Stone for what he perceived as weakness, demanded that Stone do something, and in 1655 Stone reclaimed control in St. Mary's and led a group of soldiers to Providence (modern Annapolis). Stone was captured and his force defeated by local Puritan settlers, who took control of the colony. Given the new situation, Claiborne and Bennett went to England in hopes of convincing Cromwell to change his mind but, to their dismay, no decision was made and, lacking royal authority, the Puritans gave power over to a new governor appointed by Calvert. Going behind Claiborne's back, Bennett and another commissioner reached an agreement with Calvert that virtually guaranteed his continued control over Maryland through the remainder of the Protectorate.
**With no authority left in Maryland, William Claiborne turned to his political offices in Virginia. However, as a consequence of his continuous conflict and disruption, over several years, of authority and government in both Maryland and Virginia in pursuit of his commercial interests, as well as his alliance with the Parliament faction during these activities, upon the restoration of the British monarchy in 1660 he had few friends left in government. Claiborne therefore retired from political affairs in 1660 and spent the remainder of his life managing his 5,000 acre (2,023 hectare) estate, "Romancoke", near West Point on the Pamunkey River, dying there in about 1677. Claiborne married Elizabeth Butler of Essex, who would remain his wife at least through 1668.

1654 – Mar 20 – UK Northamptonshire Easton Maudit – Will – Edmund Knight alias Bryan, Yeoman – Son, John Knight alias Bryan; debt bonds from John Temple, William Dougoe, Williand Bond, Esq, William Jarret, Thomas Altonbury, William Baude Esq, Charles Progoro, Gent; William Daugor, John House, deeds of mortgae from Thomas Rogers, Robert Parson, John Houghton, Thomas Moore, Edmund Knight, Richard Clark, Lawrence Clark, Emanuel ___, James Ortibary, William Chapman JR, Richard Frooman, Richard Lucas; all these debt bonds to son, John Knight; to brother Thomas Knight ‘otherwise Bryan’; wife, Margaret; signed with his mark. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 239: Alchin, Quire Numbers 303-356 (1654))

1654 – Mar 20 – UK Gloucestershire Hanksbury – Will – Henry Knight – To wife, Juliana Knight, the upper part of house, from the kitchen upward, and part of the shop and part of the stable and orchard and garden, etc; to son Henry Knight, Minnuts Meade (?), the parts of the house that his mother has, after her decease; then “Minnuts Meade” to be divided equally between sons Henry Knight and Robert Knight; when they take full possession of same, Henry must pay son Thomas Knight 10 pounds and Robert must pay daughter Margery Hanes, 10 pounds; otherwise, son Thomas and daughter Margyer will inherit the property; to son Henry, the mare I bought of Nathaniel Osbourne; to son Francis Knight, something that looks like several horses; when son William completes his apprenticeship,  son Francis must pay him 40 pounds and give him a mare worth 6 pounds; residue of estate to wife Juliana who is executrix. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 235: Alchin, Quire Numbers 101-151 (1654))

1654 – May 29 – UK Llanarth Carmarthenshire - Will – William Knight – To wife, Catherine, lands in Llanarth occupied by John Morgan; to wife Catherine, another tenement of land called Moddey in the occupation of Griffith Thomas; to Richard Sheisser, Thomas Cheisser, John Sheisser, and Richard Llewellin, one tenement of land called Glasgod; to Henry Knight, 6 heifers, 2 yrs old May next; to Mary Knight, 6 young beasts of my own breeding 2 yrs old May next; to Susan Thomas, 2 young beasts, 2 yrs old etc; to children of Hugh Owens, 2 young bullocks; to nephew, William Thomas, 14 pounds; to nephew William Jenn (?), 1 tenement of land; to Elizabeth Owens 4 young beastes; to daughters of Harry Givens, 3 yearlings; to Altam Vaughan, one colt; to maidservant Margaret, 1 heifer; wife Catherine/Katherine (spelled both ways throughout the document), to be executrix; list of debts Henry Gwynn, 50 pounds; to Lady Ann Vaughan, 31 pounds; to Mary Gwynn, 13 pounds. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 242: Alchin, Quire Numbers 463-516 (1654)

1654 - Jun 1 – VA James City – Admin - Majr. Francis Morrison – Land patent for 24 acs. Commonly knowne by the name of the Glasse House, James City Co., …The sd. Land being formerly by Sr. John Harvey, Knt. by bill of sale assigned to Anthony Coleman, & by Edward Knight & Joseph Knight the heires of sd. Coleman, assigned to John Senior etc… (Nugent I, p. 240) 
Note: Apparently Edward Knight married the daughter of Anthony Coleman thus becoming a co-heir on behalf of his wife, with Coleman’s own son. Morrison will renew his patent on 6 Sept. 1655 with the additional information: “”Formerly by Sir John Harvey by bill of sale made over unto Anthony Coleman, & by Edwd. Knight his heir & Joseph Knight, Att. Of William Coleman, joynt heir to sd. Anthony Coleman, assigned to John Senior” etc.  (Nugent I, p. 313) When we check on William Coleman, the first reference is a patent to a Henry Coleman dated 10 Mar 1635 for 100 acs. Eliz. Citty Co., “for the per. Adv. Of his wife Katherine Coleman & 50 acs. For trans of 1 servt: Jaques Dela Rey.
Note: There are several other entries for a Henry Coleman without such marginal notes or variances between the index and the entry; it seems, therefore, that this latter entry should be that of William Coleman, heir of Anthony Coleman, and there was also a Henry Coleman who was likely related, but not a son of Anthony; possibly his brother.
The birth record of Anthony Coleman’s daughter is included above 1639 Mar 8. At this time, she would have been just 15 years old. This is probably the origin of the branch of Knights I call the "Coleman-Woodson Knights". John Knight of Lunenburg who married Elizabeth Woodson apparently descended from this union. The will of an Anthony Knight was probated in Henrico VA 1700 May 1; he had no apparent issue, but he certainly may have had brothers and his presence there is a clue.
A grandson of John Knight of Lunenburg, who married Elizabeth Woodson, via his son Charles, was named Coleman Knight (1760-1840). This Coleman married  Nancy Knight in 1787, his first cousin, daughter of  Peter Knight, son of John and Eliz. and brother to Charles, father of Coleman.  
The question is: how to get from Edward Knight, son of Joseph Knight, to John Knight of Lunenburg? The trail is obscured by lack of records.

1654 – Jul 20 – UK Kent Allington – Will – Henry Knight – Wife, Mary, to have all use and benefits of lands and chattels until son, Thomas Knight, achieves 26 years; wife to use estate to maintain all children and provide portions for them: Mary Knight, Elizabeth Knight, Richard Knight; details on that. When Thomas takes possession of a fairly sizeable estate, he has to give his mother an annuity etc. Wit: William Moore, Robert Lott. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 234: Alchin, Quire Numbers 51-100 (1654))

1654 – Aug 19 – UK Wiltshire Codford St Mary – Will – Henry Knight the Elder, Wheeler – To son John Knight, 1 shilling; to daughter Sarah Knight, 10 pounds; to son Gabriel Knight, 5 pounds; to daughter Sarah Knight the younger, 5 pounds “which is in the hands of John Morgan of White Mill, Somerset; to Elizabeth Knight, my now wife, the upper rooms in my now dwelling house; also to said wife, half of garden and orchards, barns, meadows, land, etc, bed, furniture, she paying half the rent; residue of estate to son, Henry Knight who is to be executor; if son Henry dies, daughter Sarah the Elder to have his portion; brother John Knight and John prior the Elder of Codford St Peter to be overseers.  (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 234: Alchin, Quire Numbers 51-100 (1654))

1654 – Aug 30 – UK London – Admin – Nathaniel Basse - Lord Mayors Court of London: Major Edward Basse, citizen and merchant of London aged 60, and Dame Mary Poole (signs Pole) wife of Sir John Poole of Bromley, Middlesex, age 62, depose that Hester Hobson of Bromley, widow, Abigail Thorpe of Chelsea Hampton, Oxon, widow, and Sarah wife of Thomas Hastler, citizen and barber surgeon of London, are sisters and are daughters of Humphrey Basse of London, Merchant, and Mary his wife, both long since deceased. The sisters are co-heirs of Luke Basse who died a bachelor and was brother of Nathaniel Basse lately deceased without issue in Virginia. Thomas Hastler is appointed attorney. (Coldham 1987, p. 274)

1654 – Sep 4 – UK London – Will – Robert Knight, Dyer – To daughter’s husband, George Anhor, 20 shillings; to son John Knight, 5 pounds; to sons Obadiah Knight and Robert Knight, 30 pounds each; residue of estate to wife, Judith Knight for life, and afterward to go to sons Obadiah and Robert; wife, Obadiah and Robert to be executors. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 233: Alchin, Quire Numbers 1-50 (1654))

1654 - Oct 2 VA Northumberland – Admin - Peter Knight – Patent for 1200 acs.   on the S. of great Wicocomoco Riv... On the head of the Swd. Branch of sd. River, E.S.E upon land of Tho. Coggen &c Trans. Of 24 pers: Robert Burrell his wife & 3 children out of Holland; James Haly, Ann his wife; Fra. Ann & Alice, their children; John Foster, Ruth Darling, James Hill, James Lloyd, Deborah Come (Cone?), James Jones, John Jerrell, William Bradly, Wm. Slinton, Jno. Waddington. (Nugent I, p. 295)

Photo of the Patent from the Northumberland County Record Book

Knight-Hawley Patent

1654 - Oct 20 – VA Northumberland – Admin – William Knight - Mr. Turney his acquit to Thomas Wilsford: “20 Octo 1653 Recd of Tho Wilsford 330 lb of tobo in full for order of Court dated 20th Sept 1653 wch tobacco was attached in his hand for the debt of Mr. Wm Knight. Signed Richard Turney, Witness John Sampson. Recorded 31 Jan 1654. (p. 121 Fleet)  Note: So, finally, Turney got his tobacco. I have not found the mentioned record of 1653 Dec 20, but see the 1653 Nov 21 record above.

1654 – Oct 20 – UK Isle of Wight St Helen – Will – Michael Knight – To the poor, 20 shillings to be distributed at funeral; to wife, Barbara Knight, land and tenement during her life, after her decease to daughter Jane Knight; to son Edward Knight, 100 pounds; to daughter Mary Knight, 50 pounds; to daughter Barbara ___, 20 pounds; residue of estate to wife, Barbara, and she to be executrix.  (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 234: Alchin, Quire Numbers 51-100 (1654))

1654 – Oct 20 – UK Essex Worley – Will – John Knight, Blacksmith – To youngest daughter Madeline, 5 pounds at 21; to daughter Mary Knight, 1 shilling; to son Jeffrey, 1 shilling; to wife, properties in the parish of Great Worley and after her decease, to son Jeffrey Knight who must pay Madeline 4 pounds; if Jeffrey dies, lands to go to son John Knight; if son John died, lands to go to daughter Madeline; residue of estate to wife Madeline and she to be executrix.  Wit: John Burton (mark), Richard Blackmore. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858, PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 237: Alchin, Quire Numbers 202-253 (1654))

1654 - Nov 7 - VA Northumberland – Admin – Peter Knight -  Mr Knight, his gift to Thomas Prichett – “XX I  Peter Knight in consideration of my love unto Thomas Pritchett Junr” gives a heifer. Dated 7th November 1654. Signed Peter knight. Witnesses William Spicer his marke, George Marsh. Rec. 20 Nov. 1654. (Fleet, p. 126)

1654 Nov 17 - VA Northumberland – Admin – Peter Knight - Mr Knight, his gift to Thomas Waddy “XX I Peter Knight in consideration of my love unto Thomas Waddy” gives a calf. Dated 17 Nov. 1654. Signed Peter Knight. Witnesses: Robert Yeo, Daniel Foxcroft (ffoxcroft). Recorded 20 Nov. 1654. (p. 126 Fleet)

1654 - Nov 20 - VA Northumberland - Admin – Peter Knight -   Mr. Knight agt William Jones – Mr. Peter Knight to have attachment agt. Estate of Wm Jones for 1500 lbs tobacco due to Mr. Edward Bland in the hands of Hugh Lee. (p. 56 Fleet)

1654 - Nov 21 – VA Northampton – Admin - William Thorne – Land patent for 387 acs. … Trans of 8 pers. Incl Richard Knight, Dorothy Jordan, William Jordan. (Nugent I, p. 296)

1654 – Nov 24 – UK Wiltshire - Will – George Knight – Estate to be divided between brothers Stephen Knight of Donhead St Mary, and Richard Knight of Tisbury. No issue. (PROB 11: Will Registers, 1644-1654, Piece 241: Alchin, Quire Numbers 410-462 (1654), Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1384-1858)

1654 – UK Lincolnshire – Admin – John Knight, Gent - Extract from a common recovery brought by John Knight, gent., against Thomas Tourney, gent., and John Rastell, gent., concerning 150 messuages, 10 tofts, 6 watermills, 5 windmills, 20 dovehouses, 150 gardens, 4000 acres land, 400 acres meadow, 1000 acres pasture, 100 acres wood, 5000 acres marsh in Barholm, Stow, East Deeping, Boker, Binbrook, Bourne, Dike, Cawthorpe, Morton, Harnethorpe, Braceborough, Carlby, Thurlby, Brinkhill, Crowland, East Kirkby, Hanby, Greatford, Sutterton, Kirton in Holland, Miningsby, Stanford, Stickney, Waddington, Wainfleet and Wilsthorpe, Lincs., John Earl of Exeter being vouched to warranty.  (West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds, Ref: WYL230/1277)

1654 – UK Devonshire Iddesleigh – Chancery – Knight vs Knight - Plaintiffs: John Knight, George Knight, Charles Knight and Margery Knight. Defendants: Philippa Knight widow.  Subject: personal estate of the deceased Thomas Knight, of Iddesleigh, Devon.  Document type: bill, answer. (National Archives, Kew England, Ref: C 6/125Pt2/11)

1654 – UK London – John Knight, Bachelor, Will – Died in the State’s service overseas.  (Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1649-1654)


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