Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1730 - 1739

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.

The reader may notice that there are not a whole lot of actual Knight records in certain parts of the collection. Often, many of them only mention Knights tangentially. However, I continue to follow and collect records from those families known to have been associated earlier or later, watching the trajectory, and keeping in mind that Knights were somewhere around, though most of the time they flew under the radar, so to say. You will notice that I keep track of Basses, but so far I have never found a direct link between any Bass and Knight. Hard records for Knights will pick up in frequency shortly.

SC Districts


1730 SC Berkeley – Admin - Caleb Knight - Is on the Petit Jury list for St. Thomas and St. Denis parishes. (Jury Lists, 1731, Acts #530 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 32; Family Number: 40) Caleb Knight is also on the Grand Jury list for St. Andrew Parish. (Jury Lists, 1731, Acts #530 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 25; Family Number: 67, U.S. Census Reconstructed 1660-1820)

1730 - Jan 29 VA Goochland – Admin – Elizabeth Jordan – Court: On the motion of Elizabeth Jordan she is permitted to choose John Harriss Gent. her Guardian who accept the charge. Thomas Dickins and John Quin Securities. (Blomquist 2007, p. 181)

1730 - Mar 17 VA Goochland – Admin – John Lewis - Court: John Lewis having been taken into the Custody of the Sheriff pursuant to an order of the last Court for a Breach of the Peace by him committed and for Striking William Cabell Gent… ordered to pay a fine of five pounds sterling.   Apparently, it was a free-for-all.  David Pattison JR was fined 20 shillings for attempting to prevent the sheriff from carrying a prisoner to jail.  Apparently, he also assaulted and beat George Davis and William Davis and was fined 20 pounds sterling for that. Robert Napier was fined ten pounds sterling.  Looking back at prev court, it seems that Pattison beat up Davis and was ordered to be taken to jail at which point Pattison’s friends, John Lewis and Robert Napier tried to prevent his arrest. (Blomquist 2007, pp. 196,  202-203)

1730 - May 19 VA Goochland – Admin – William Knight – Court: Samuel Gregory acknowledges a deed with the Livery of Seizin endorsed from himself to William Knight to be his Act and deed and it is thereupon admitted to Record.”  (Blomquist 2007, p. 214)

Note: This may be the actual record out of which the "John Knight & Elizabeth Woodson" tale previously mentioned has been spun. However, notice that there is no mention of a John Knight at all, nor any account of the provenance of the land as previously belonging to Joseph Woodson.

1730 - May 27 VA Goochland – Admin - Henry Anderson, Gent – Land patent for 1500 acs. On N. side of Appamattock Riv., on Henry Clay’s land. (Foley 1983, p. 76)

1730 - Jul 21 VA Goochland – Court – James Hambleton & Agnes Nolan (Nolun) - In the Action of Debt between James Hambleton Pl. and Agnes Nolun Administratrix &C of Thomas Nolun decd Deft. the Pls. files a new declaration and an Imparlance is granted the Defendant. (Blomquist 2007, p. 248)

1730 - Sep 28 VA Prince George – Admin - William Coleman SR – Land patent for 400 acs. On the  upside of the gr. Branch of Winticomiack Cr; 40 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 376) Same county, date: 235 acs. On low. Side of the Sweat House Br. Of Deep Cr; above his Cabin; 25 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 377)

1730 - Sep 28 VA Prince George – Admin - William Pride - Of Henrico Co. Land patent for 850 acs on S. side of Appamattox River 4 Lbs, 5 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 377)

1730 - Sep 28 VA Goochland – Admin - Honorable John Carter ESQ – Land patent for 9350 acs … in the fork of the James Riv. Adj. Charles Hudson, on W. side of a gr. Mountain, crossing a cr. of the Fluvanna. (Foley 1983, p. 76)

1730 - Sep 28 VA Goochland – Admin - Thomas Carter JR – Land patent for 200 acs N. side of James Riv; adj Leonard Ballow, near brs. Of Fleming’s Park Cr; on brs. Of said river falling into Rock Castle lowgrounds; 20 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 394)  

1730 - Nov 18 VA Isle of Wight – Admin - John Bass - Witness to will of James Salmon. (Chapman, p. 111)

1731 - Jan VA Brunswick – Admin – William Knight - John Robinson of [torn] to William Knight of Surry Co. [torn] joining Harrison. Also signed by Mary (x) Robinson. Wit: Moses Dunkley, Mary Dunkley, Proved 7 Sep 1732. Drury Stith CC Note: Probate indicates that the grantors were John & Mary Robinson. (Bradley 1997, p. 1)

1731 - Mar 7 VA Henrico – Admin - James Hambleton, Gent – Land patent for 18 acs …adj. His own & land of William Ford. (Foley 1983, p. 73)

1732 - Apr NC Pasquotank – Will - Lewis Alexander Knight - Sons: Emmanuel Knight and Lewis Knight; Wife and executrix: Ann. Wit: Jer. Sweeny, Timothy Meades, Mary Sweeny. (Grimes 1910, p. 205)

1731 - Aug 25 VA Goochland – Admin - William Chamberlayn – Land patent for 400 acs. (Foley 1983, p. 85)

1732 - Jan 18 NC Bertie – Will – John Bass - February Court.  Sons:  * Moses Bass: all land on north side of “Baire Swamp”,
 * John Bass, Edward Bass: “my maner plantation”,
 * William Bass: “my land at ye Beaver dam”,
 * Aaron Bass “plantation on south side of Baire Swamp”. 
 * Grandson: Aaron Johnston 100 acres of land. 
 * Daughters: Judith Canady 100 acres of land, 
 * Sarah Anderson 100 acres of land,
 * Lovey Bass 100 acres land,
 * Mary Bass 100 acres land,
 * Patience  Bass (Paceunce) “plantation on south side of Baire Swamp”
 * Wife: Mary. Executors: John and Edward Bass (sons) Wit: Thomas Bryant, James Guie, Edward Bass. Clerk of Court: Rt. Forster. (Grimes 1910, pp. 22-23)

1732 - Apr 11 VA Goochland – Admin - William Woodson, Benjamin Woodson, JR, Joseph Woodson, JR., John Woodson, JR., & Robert Woodson, JR. – Land patent for 1500 acs on brs. Of Deep Cr; on Watson’s Br; adj. Capt. Henry Anderson; Warham (Warram) Easly; John Phelps; & John Woodson. 7 Lbs. 10 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 416)

1732 - Jul 12 VA Surry – Admin - Richard Knight – Purchase of 100 acres for 6 pounds from Nicholas and Joyce Calleham on the south side of the Nottoway River and south side of the Hunting Quarter Swamp. Subsequent deeds mention that Richard, as well as his son, Ephraim, were carpenters. (Knight & Harlander 1984)

1732 - Sep 28 VA Surry – Admin - William Epes - of Prince George County, Land Patent for 185 acs on S. side of Poplar Sw; at mouth of the Crooked Pole Br; by the Myery Br. 20 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 423)

1732 - Sep 28 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Robert Coleman – Land patent for 400 acs. In St. Mark’s Parish in the Goardvine fork; adj. Francis Brown & Daniel Brown, 40 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 426)

1732 - Sep 28 VA Goochland – Admin - John Woodson – Land patent for 710 acres “on a ridge bet. Jennytoe & Indian Grave Creeks; adj. Majr. Philip Lightfoot, William Cabell, Roger Powell, Joseph Parson, William Woodson & Benjamin Woodson … 600 acs. Part formerly ptd. In the Name of sd John Woodson & the residue ptd. in the Names of Josiah & Stephen Woodson.” (Nugent IV, p. 6)

1733 - Mar 23 VA Surry – Admin - John Stokes - of Surry Co., land patent for 430 acs. NL in the sd Co. on both sides of Spring Br., adj. Richard Norcross.  (Nugent IV, p. 33)

1733 - Jun 20 – VA Hanover/New Kent – Admin - Robert Anderson - of Hanover Co., 400 acs. NL in sd Co. on both sides Owens Cr. Adj. Mitchel. (Nugent IV, p. 14)

1733 - Jul 7 – VA Spotsylvania – Will - Jael Johnson - witnessed by Sarah Garton. (Crozier 1905, p. 4)

1733 - Aug 3 VA Henrico – Will - John Anderson -  To brother Edward Anderson, my plantation, 400 acres, commonly called Wintopock”, joining my father’s plantation, negroes, and livestock. 
 * To brother Henry Anderson, negroes.
 * To sister Martha Anderson, sister Frances Anderson, sister Ward, and sister Judith Cocke, each, negroes.
  * All the rest to brother Edward, and he to be executor.  Wit: Elizabeth Crawford, William Cheser, Thomas Bryan.  Rec. Dec 1733 (Weisiger 1998, p. 166)

Note: John Anderson apparently pre-deceased his father, Henry Anderson, below.

1734 - Feb 27 VA Goochland – Admin - Robert Hughes – Land patent for 125 acs. S side of James Riv., crossing Hughes’s Cr. & Righthand Br.; adj. Stephen Hughes, John Pleasant, Bartholmew Cox dec’d & sd Robert Hughes. (Nugent IV, pp. 67-68)

1734 - May VA Henrico – Will - Henry Anderson - To wife Elizabeth, the use of the plantation where I live, for life, and then to my son Claiborne Anderson, and all of that tract on the south side of the road that leads through my land on Beaver Pond branch in Prince George County, being part of 1145 acres, the other part going to my son Edward Anderson, with negroes and items to said son.
  * To son Henry Anderson, daughter Ann Ward, and daughter Judith Cocke, and daughter Frances Anderson, each, 1 shilling.
 * To son Claiborne Anderson, negroes and items.
* To daughter Elizabeth Anderson, negroes and items.
 * To daughter Sarah Anderson, negroes and items.
 * Wife to be Executrix.  Wit: William Branch, Edward Osborne, Walter Chiles  Recorded May 1734. (Weisiger 1998, p. 168)

1734 - May 3 VA Hanover/New Kent – Will - John Burridge - Legacy to Lancelot Cookson, witnessed by Johanna Knight. (Crozier, Vol. VI, 1909, p. 18)

1734 - May 25 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Robert Coleman SR - Of K & Q Co., land patent for 400 acs. NL in St. Marks Par. Spotsyl. Co. In the great fork of Rappahannock Riv., on Normands Mountain, over a Fork of Buttock run, adj. Conrade Amburger. (Nugent IV, p. 37)

1734 – Aug 1 – VA Surry – Admin – Valentine Williamson – Land patent for 275a, NL,  Surry Co. S. side of Nottoway R.; S. side of the S. Prong of the Poplar Sw.  (Land Patent Book 15, Mag VA Genealogy, VA Hist. Soc.)

1734 - Nov 21 VA Isle of Wight – Admin - John Jordan – Land patent for 190 acs. N side of Nottoway Riv., up Horspen Br., adj. Edward Windom. (Nugent IV, p. 63)

1734 - Nov 21 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Thomas Farmer – Land patent for 400 acs in the great Fork of Rappahannock Riv., on a ridge in a fork of Meander run.  (Nugent IV, p. 63)

1734 - Dec 26 – VA Stafford – Mar - William Knight & Jane Butler - Overwharton Parish. (Fletcher, p. 98)

Note: This William is apparently of an age to be a son or even grandson of Leonard Knight who, as we know, removed to Stafford County, Overwharton Parish.

1735 - Jan 10 VA Surry – Admin - William Knight - Of Surry Co., land patent for 285 acs. Surry Co., both sides of the little Sw., on S side of Nottoway Riv., adj. John Evans. (Nugent IV, p. 95)

1735 - Jan 10 VA Goochland – Admin - John Carter, Esq – Land patent on both sides of Hardware Riv. (Nugent IV, p. 96)

1735 - Mar 15 VA Hanover/New Kent – Admin - Jacob Burras (Burrus, Burris?) - Of Caroline Co., 400 acs. Hanover Co., both sides Hiccory Cr.; adj. Sd Burrus & George Brack. (Nugent IV, p. 103) 

Note: An Elizabeth Burras married a David Anderson, pos. grandfather of Rachel Anderson of SC who married John Knight of Effingham in SC.

1735 – Mar 24 – VA Surry – Admin – John Mason, Gent – Land patent for 673a, Surry Co., S. side of the main Black Water Sw; a small br. on E. side of Atsamoosock Sw. which br. divides this L. from L. of Mr. Richard Bland; (p. 480) c. James Jones lines; William Roses L.; Nicholas Partridge's L.; 223a part of the afsd. tract formerly sold to sd. John Mason by John Hardiman & Henrietta Maria, his wife, Francis Hardiman & Sarah, his wife, Elizabeth Duke & Frances Greenhill by Deed dated 18 Dec 1723; 250a another part, formerly sold to sd. John Mason by Samuel Clark 17 Jun. 1724, residue never before ptd. (p. 481). 24 Mar. 1734/5. (Land Patent Book 15, Mag VA Genealogy, VA Hist. Soc.)

1735 - Jul 19 VA Isle of Wight – Admin - Henry Clark – Land patent for 150 acs. On S side of Maherin Riv., W side of the Great Sw.; adj. Samuel Clark, sd Henry Clark & William Douglas (Duglas).  (Nugent IV, p. 79)

1735 - Sep VA Brunswick – Admin – William Knight -  Court minutes: John Robertson and Mary his wife (she being first privately examined) came into Court & presented and acknowledged their Deeds of Lease and Release to William Knight which at the sd Knights mo[torn]…  (Bradley 2000, p. 7) Note: See Brunswick entry above where the names are given as “Robinson”.

1735 - Sep 11 NC Bladen – Admin – Henry Simmons - A patent to a Henry Simmons for 640 acs. “opposite Mr. Knight”. (Hofman 1982, p. 95)

1735 - Oct 6 VA Lancaster – Bap - Hannah Knight -  d/o Amos Knight and Hannah Kendall Knight.  Hannah Knight married Joseph Beaman 1755 Jul 23 in Lunenburg. Hannah died 1835 May 29. (North American Family Histories, ancestry.com – not the most reliable source.)

1735 – NC New Hanover – Will – Edward Carter – Plantation and Tract of Land I now live upon on East side of the No. East branch of Cape Fear River be sold by my Executor in conjunction with my eldest grandson William Carter who shall immediately upon the sale receive his share and the other two shares to be lodged in the hands of my executor for the use of my grandchildren Edward Carter & Solomon Carter til they be of the age of 21; grandchildren William, Edward and Solomon money from the sale of three fourths of all my cattle; granddaughter Thomasin the other fourth part of all my cattle, my riding mare, the feather bed she now lies on, what pewter I have and one half of all the hogs, likewise sum other things such as the chairs, the table and a pott and the chest; negro man Peter to be free for himself and I thereby publish and decleare him free from the moment of my death unto the space of sixty years and that none of my heirs no my executor shall have any power over him and in consideration of his faithful service he shall have and enjoy all the catle and hogs now running with mine that have of long crop in each ear as also a cow unmarkt and if he pleasant during the fords term of sixty years may settle upon and occupy the part of my fords. tract of land lying beyond the branch to the east ward of the plantation also all my earing apperrell together with an ax & hoe delivered to him as soon as I die.  Extr: Friend Mr. William Gray; wit: Armond de Rossett.  M.Drs. Berriah Grant, Philemon McIntosh; signed: Edward Carter.  (Genealogical Abstracts Duplin County Wills 1730-1860 by William L. Murphy. Duplin County Historical Society, p. 29.) 

Note: The grandchildren of this Edward Carter were counted on the census as African Americans or Mulatto. Research shows that this Edward, and his brother Thomas Carter, were former slaves who had been freed in Northampton VA and somewhere along the way married white women. See discussion: http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/Campbell_Charity.htm  Scroll down to Carter.  This line may be fruitful for some Carter descendants.

1736 - Jan 10 VA Goochland – Admin - Thomas Anderson, Gent – Land patent for 290 acs on both sides of the Little Byrd; adj. John Sim dec’d. & Valentine Amos dec’d. (Nugent IV, p. 97)

1736 - Jan 10 VA Orange – Admin - George Anderson – Land patent for 350 acs. In the Fork of Robinson Riv., up Elk Run, adj. Nicholas Ware & William Phillips. (Nugent IV, p. 98)

1736 - Jan 26 VA Isle of Wight – Admin - James Bass & Charles Bass – witnesses of will of Edward Brantley of Nottoway Parish, Isle of Wight. (Chapman, p. 128)

1736 - Feb GA Savannah – Info – John Wesley - On 14 Oct 1735, John Wesley and his brother Charles sailed on The Simmonds from Gravesend in Kent for Savannah in the Province of Georgia in the American colonies at the request of James Oglethorpe, who had founded the colony in 1733 on behalf of the Trustees for the Establishment of the Colony of Georgia in America. Oglethorpe wanted Wesley to be the minister of the newly formed Savannah parish, a new town laid out in accordance with the famous Oglethorpe Plan.

The brothers arrived in Feb of 1736. Wesley's High Church ministry was controversial among the colonists and it ended in disappointment after Wesley fell in love with a young woman named Sophia Hopkey. He hesitated to marry her because he felt that his first priority in Georgia was to be a missionary to the Indigenous Americans, and he was interested in the practice of clerical celibacy within the early Christianity. Following her marriage to William Williamson, Wesley believed Sophia's former zeal for practising the Christian faith declined. In strictly applying the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer, Wesley denied her Communion after she failed to signify to him in advance her intention of taking it. As a result, legal proceedings against him ensued in which a clear resolution seemed unlikely. In December 1737, Wesley fled the colony and returned to England.

The most significant accomplishments of Wesley's Georgia mission was his publication of a Collection of Psalms and Hymns. The Collection was the first Anglican hymnal published in America, and the first of many hymn-books Wesley published. It included five hymns he translated from German.

Later in his ministry, Wesley was a keen abolitionist, speaking out and writing against the slave trade. He published a pamphlet on slavery, titled Thoughts Upon Slavery, in 1774. To quote from one of his tracts against the slave trade: "Liberty is the right of every human creature, as soon as he breathes the vital air; and no human law can deprive him of that right which he derives from the law of nature".  Wesley was a friend of John Newton and William Wilberforce, who were also influential in the abolition of slavery in Britain. 

Women had an active role in Wesley's Methodism, and were encouraged to lead classes. In 1761, he informally allowed Sarah Crosby, one of his converts and a class leader, to preach. Because of his charitable nature he died poor, leaving as the result of his life's work 135,000 members and 541 itinerant preachers under the name "Methodist". It has been said that "when John Wesley was carried to his grave, he left behind him a good library of books, a well-worn clergyman's gown and the Methodist Church.” (Collins, Kenneth J. ed. A Wesley Bibliography (5th ed, First Fruits Press, 2016). online)

Note: Compare the life and works of John Wesley to those of George Whitefield, recounted further down.

1736 – Feb 5 – NC Bertie – Admin - Magdalen Carter, widow - and Martha, her daughter, of Bertie Precinct NC to Alexander Carter of Chowan NC for £3 Va money 350 acres where Thomas Carter dec’d lived , part of a patent to William Miles which Thomas Carter bought of William Cook in 1669. Thomas Carter died in 1709 and left this land by will to Madgalin, his wife, and Martha, his daughter, for their lives and then to Alexander Carter, his son. (Isle of Wight Deed Book 5, p 85. NCGSJ 2-125.)

1736 - Feb 7 – UK London – Admin – John Knight - John Cornthwaite of the Inner Temple, London, gent, deposes that George Burrington, Esq., of St. James, Westminster, signed an indenture of 9 Jan last conveying land in North Carolina to Anne Knight of Gosfield, Essex, widow and executrix of John Knight of the same. (Coldham: Lord Mayor’s Court of London Depositions 1641-1736, Natl. Gen. Soc. DC, 1980, p. 11) 

1736 - Mar 12 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - John Anderson - Of King William Co. to Robert Williamson of Caroline Co. … 400 a. in Spts. Co., granted Anderson by pat. Jan. 10. 1735.  Wit: John Hawley (Haley), Thomas Sparkes, Thomas Holcomb, Rec June 7 1737. (Crozier 1990, p. 143)

1737 - Apr 5 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - David Moore -  and Sarah, his wife, of Spts. Co., to George Carter of sd. conty. 183. a. in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Col. – part of pat. granted to Larkin Chew, decd., and by him sold Lazarus Tilly, as by deeds, July 4, 1722, and conveyed by sd. Tilly to sd. Moore as by deeds Nov. 2, 1731. Wm. Waller.  (Crozier, 1990, p. 143)

1737 – May 17 – VA Surry – Admin – William Knight & wife Alice – Conveyed 285 acs to Thomas Moore. This was the same land granted to William in 1735. (Harlander, p. i)

1738 - Jan 2 VA Hanover – Admin - James Coleman – Land patent for 400 acs. Bet. The 2 ledges of Mountains; adj. Mr. Henry McKillikett, William Carr & Majr. Carr. (A second patent close to the first on the same page.) (Nugent IV, p. 147)

1738 - Jan 2 VA Amelia – Admin - William Coleman  - Land patent for 202 acs upper side of the Great Br. Of Winticomaick Cr. Adj. His own, Tucker, Judkin & Bevill (Beavill). (Nugent IV, p. 148)

1738 - Feb 9 VA Henrico – Admin - John Farmer – Land patent for 400 acs. S side of James Riv., crossing a Br. of the licking Br of falling Cr., adj. Col. William Byrd. (Nugent IV, p. 151) 

1738 - Jul 20 VA Goochland – Admin - John Carter Esq – Land patent for 10,000 acs near to the blue Mountains on both sides of Piny Riv. & Buffaloe Riv., W side of a small Run of Buffaloe Riv., W side of Stone-house Cr., crossing a Bent of Buffaloe Cr. (Nugent IV, p. 166)

1738 - Jul 20 VA Goochland – Admin - Robert Lewis Gent – Land patent for 5,200 acs in the North Garden on the head of the North br. Of Hard War Riv., adj. Robert Davis. (Nugent IV, p. 168)

1738 - Jul 20 VA Goochland – Admin - Young Stokes – Land patent for 263 acs bet. Deep Cr. & Appamattox Riv., W side of Watson’s br. Of Deep Cr; adj. Francis Eppes ded’d & Henry Anderson dec’d & sd Young Stokes. (Nugent IV, p. 167)

1738 - Jul 20 VA Henrico – Admin - William Bass – Land patent for 800 acs. On N side of the East br. Of Skin Quarter Cr., on the Co. Line adj. Edward Haskins & Flournoy. (Nugent IV, p. 170)

1738 - Jul 20 VA Henrico – Admin - Thomas Bass – Land patent for 320 acs on the S side of Skin Quarter Cr., W side of Horsepen br; adj Edward Hoskins & James Gates. (Nugent IV, p. 170)

1738 - Oct DE Lewes to Georgia  - Info – George Whitefield and The Great Awakening - The Anglican itinerant George Whitefield arrives at Lewes, Delaware, where he begins a preaching tour of America that sparks the Great Awakening. Pulling away from ritual and ceremony, the Great Awakening made religion intensely personal to the average person by fostering a deep sense of spiritual conviction of personal sin and need for redemption, and by encouraging introspection and a commitment to a new standard of personal morality. It brought Christianity to African-American slaves and was an apocalyptic event in New England that challenged established authority. It incited rancor and division between old traditionalists who insisted on the continuing importance of ritual and doctrine, and the new revivalists, who encouraged emotional involvement and personal commitment. It had a major impact in reshaping the Congregational church, the Presbyterian church, the Dutch Reformed Church, and the German Reformed denomination, and strengthened the small Baptist and Methodist denominations. It had little impact on Anglicans and Quakers. 

Whitefield was one of the founders of Methodism. Whitefield received widespread recognition during his ministry; he preached at least 18,000 times to perhaps 10 million listeners in Great Britain and the American colonies.  In 1738 he went to Savannah, Georgia, in the American colonies, as parish priest. While there he decided that one of the great needs of the area was an orphan house. Like Jonathan Edwards, he developed a style of preaching that elicited emotional responses from his audiences. But Whitefield had charisma, and his loud voice, his small stature, and even his cross-eyed appearance (which some people took as a mark of divine favour) all served to help make him one of the first celebrities in the American colonies. Whitefield included slaves in his revivals and their response was great. Historians see this as "the genesis of African-American Christianity."

John Wesley denounced slavery as "the sum of all villainies," and detailed its abuses. However, defenses of slavery were common among 18th-century Protestants, especially missionaries who used the institution to emphasize God's providence. Whitefield was at first conflicted about slaves. He believed that they were "human", but he also believed that they were "subordinate Creatures".

Slavery had been outlawed in the young Georgia colony in 1735. In 1747, Whitefield attributed the financial woes of his Bethesda Orphanage to Georgia's prohibition of slavery. He argued that "the constitution of that colony [Georgia] is very bad, and it is impossible for the inhabitants to subsist without the use of slaves."

Between 1748 and 1750, Whitefield campaigned for slavery's legalisation. He said that the colony would not be prosperous unless farmers had slave labor. Whitefield wanted slavery legalized not only for the prosperity of the colony, but also for the financial viability of the Bethesda Orphanage. "Had Negroes been allowed", he said, "I should now have had a sufficiency to support a great many orphans without expending above half the sum that has been laid out." Whitefield's push for the legalization of slavery "cannot be explained solely on the basics of economics." It was also that "the specter of massive slave revolts pursued him."

Slavery was legalized in Georgia in 1751. Whitefield saw the "legalization of slavery as part personal victory and part divine will."
Whitefield now argued a scriptural justification for slavery. He increased his number of slaves, using his preaching to raise money to purchase them. Whitefield became "perhaps the most energetic, and conspicuous, evangelical defender and practitioner of slavery." By propagating such "a theological defense for slavery" Whitefield "participated in a tragic chapter of the nation's experience."

Whitefield left everything in Georgia to the Countess of Huntingdon. This included 4,000 acres of land and 50 slaves. Whitefield  also left almost £1500 to friends and family. That would be some £185,700 in 2014 pounds.  "Questions concerning the source of his personal wealth dogged his memory. His will stated that all this money had lately been left him 'in a most unexpected way and unthought of means.'" (Schlenther, Boyd Stanley (2010) [2004]. "Whitefield, George (1714–1770)". Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press.)

1739 - Feb 2 NC Bertie – Admin - William Knight - Witness to deed of land at mouth of Blundering Branch at Catawatskey Swamp between John Browne and John Battle. Also Witnessed by Isaac Carter. (Bell, p. 156)

1739 - Feb VA Goochland – Admin – Frances Woodson - Court: Patrick Napier and Rene Napier, with Frances, wife of Benjamin Woodson, all of Goochland, were charged with the kidnapping of Martha Claiborne, an orphan minor of Thomas Claiborne.  She was, at the time of the alleged abduction, living with her sister and brother-in-law, Joseph and Frances (Claiborne) Thompson.  Frances Woodson was found not guilty.  The two Napier's involved were Frances Woodson’s brothers.  No animosity seems to have resulted. A couple of years later, Martha Claiborne married Patrick Napier, one of her accused abductors. (This record is not yet verified; handle with caution. If you know the source, send it to me please; it was too interesting to omit.)

1739 - Jun 7 NC Edgecombe – Admin - John Spier – Land patent for 160 acs. on the Great Marsh near Conentnea, joining near Norhunty Swamp and a point near Slue Bridge Swamp. (Hofman 1982, p. 169)

1739 - Jun 17 NC Tyrrell – Admin - Peter Cone – Land patent for 300 acs. (Hofman 1982, p. 160)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Amelia – Admin - Daniel Coleman – Land patent for 800 acs. On the S side of the long br. of Winticomaick Cr. on both sides the road adj. Bevills & Newmans lines, in Porridges Br., at the Mouth of the Hurricane br. (Nugent IV, p. 198)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Goochland – Admin - John Carter - Of Corotomon in Lancaster Co, Esq., land patent for 400 acs Goochland Co., on the N side of the Fluvanna Riv. & on both sides of Hardware Riv., adj. Captain Charles Hudson & Thomas Sowell. (Nugent IV, p. 198)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Amelia – Admin - Thomas Anderson – Land patent for 254 acs. N side of Whetstone Cr. In the fork of Nottoway Riv., down the long br., adj. Peter Binford. (Nugent IV, p. 204)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Goochland – Admin - William Moore – Land patent for 400 acs. On both sides of Ballinger’s Cr. A br. Of the N side of the Rivanna Riv., adj. John Graves & John Robinson. (Nugent IV, p. 205)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Goochland – Admin - David Walker – Land patent for 400 acs. Among the brs. Of the Byrd Cr.; adj. James Nowland, Abraham Venables, & John Anthony. (Nugent IV, p. 205)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Goochland – Admin - Joseph Lewis – Land patent for 350 acs. On the brs of the Byrd Cr. On the N side of James Riv., on the Hanover Co. line. (Nugent IV, p. 205)

1739 - Sep 22 VA Goochland – Admin - John Woodson - Son of Richard Woodson late of Henrico Co., decd, land patent for 990 acs Goochland Co., on both sides of Dover Mill Cr. Of the N side of James Riv.; adj. Robert Payne, Joseph Johnson, Samuel Richardson, Robert Adams, Maj. John Woodson, William Randolph & Philip Webber… 498 acs. Being part of a larger Tract formerly gtd. Robert Woodson [Junr.] by Pat. 23 Dec 1714 & by divers Mesne Conveyances the Right & Title is become vested in sd. John Woodson. (Nugent IV, p. 207)


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