Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1770 - 1779

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.


1770 - Mar 18 - VA Sussex - Admin – Elizabeth Knight - With Mary Mannery, Benjamin Phipps, sps. to Ferraby dau of George and Martha Moseley, Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 69)

1770 - Mar 18VA Sussex Admin – Jordan Knight – With Isham Whitehead, Mary Spane, sps to John son of David and Frances Woodroffe, Albemarle Parish. (Richards 1958, p. 102)

1770 - May 13VA Sussex – Admin – John Knight - Albemarle Parish:  John Knight reports death of slave, Esau, who was born 15 Feb 1769. (Richards 1958, p. 252)

1770 - May 13 VA Sussex – Admin – Peter Knight - Albemarle Parish – Peter Knight is sponsor to child of Richard and Mary Felts. (Boddie 1998, p. 45)

Note: If Peter Knight had made a foray down to Georgia in 1765, he has apparently now returned to Sussex. He later removes to Edgecombe with the majority of the Sussex Knights, joining the Bertie County Knights who I believe are closely related, two branches descending from James Knight of Nansemond/Isle of Wight who were all associated with Spiers, Moores, Carters, Jordans and Eppes.

1770 - Nov – NC Edgecombe – Will - John Knight -  In the Name of god, Amen, I, John Knight, of Edgecombe County, In the Province of Edgecombe County, Being of Perfect sence, mind and memory, Thanks be given to God for the same. Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. That is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of almighty God that gave it and My Body I recommend to this Earth To be Buried in Decent Christian Burial at the discretion of my Executors, hereafter mentioned Nothing doubting but at the this life. I give and dispose of the Same in the following manner and form...... General Resurrection I shall receive the same again through the Mighty Power of God to Bless me with in

Inprimeis, I lend unto my loving wife, Isabel Knight one riding horse, also one feather bed and furniture. Likewise the use of all my whole Estate Both Land, Money, Goods and Chattles During her widowhood and after her widowhood to be disposed of in the following manner:

Item, I give unto my son, James Knight Both of my Plantations, to him and his heirs forever By them to be possessed and enjoyed. also one square table, one feather bed, and furniture, one Pewter Dish, also one Pewter Bason.

Item, I give unto my son, John Knight, case of bottles, chest, hand mill, 2 iron pots, wearing clothes.

Item, I give unto my son Moses Knight one desk, also one Brandy Still, also one feather Bed and furniture, one Pewter Dish, one Bason, four plates and six spoons. I likewise give unto my son, Moses Knight Negro boy called Steven, to him and his heirs lawfully begotten to hold and possess forever.

Item, I give unto my grandson, Kindred Knight, son of Moses Knight, one Negro girl called Siva to him and his heirs lawfully begotten forever.

Item, I give to my Daughter, Judah Foreman, five shillings.

Item, I give to my daughter Sarah Boykin five shillings.

Item, I give to my daughter Rachel Hackney five shillings.

Item, I give to my daughter Mary Foreman five shillings.

Item I give to my grandson, Spier Knight, five shillings.

Item, I give to my grandson, Robert Knight five shillings, also one gun, to be paid by my Executors hereafter named.

Item, all the remainder of my Estate, after the widowhood of my Loving wife Isabell Knight to be equally divided between my two sons, John Knight and Moses Knight. And I constitute, make ordain my two sons James Knight and Moses Knight to be whole and sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth Day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-nine.
Signed, Sealed, Published and declared by the Testator to be His Last Will and testament in the presence of us.
Ethd Exum Abraham A Sauls, Ws mark; Rebekah R. Pope, her mark.
Edgecombe County

John X Knight his mark

The within Will was exhibited by the Executors therein named and proved by the oaths of Eth'd Exum and Abraham Sauls, two of the subscribing witnesses & at the same time the Executors therein named was Qualified & then according to Law ordered that the same be certified and the will acknowledged. Test. James Hassett.]

(Wills, 1663-1978; Estate Papers, 1748-1917 (Edgecombe County, North Carolina); Author: North Carolina. Division of Archives and History; Probate Place: Edgecombe, North Carolina. North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998; Ancestry Record 9061 #1973573; Name: John Knight; Probate Place: Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA; Inferred Death Year: Abt 1761; Inferred Death Place: North Carolina, USA; Item Description: Wills, Hu-Sch, Vol 6-8, 1758-1830; Table of Contents 4 images; Cover Page 1; Will Papers 2–4.)

1771 – NC Granville – Admin - Jonathan Knight & Martha Knight - Petition of the Inhabitants of the County of Granville against burdensome Vestry taxation for the building of expensive churches. Signatories include: Jesse parker, William Bryant, William Spiers/Spears, John Knott, Charles Moore, Benjamin Bass, Joseph Bass, Lewis Anderson, Reuben Bass, Edward Bass, Thomas Owen, Richardson Owen, Absalom Ford, Lewis Collins, Thomas Butler, John Gwin, Martha Knight, Jonathan Knight, Willis Roberts, Shadrach Roberts, Nathan Sanders, John Wilkerson.  (The State Records of North Carolina, Vol. 9, Part 1, 1771 to 1775,  by William L. Saunders, Sec. of State)

Note: Who is Martha? Jonathan was married to Judith Woodson. His son, John E. Knight, will not marry Martha Montague until 1788, or so we are told. Could Martha be the wife of his brother, John who has, for all intents and purposes, disappeared?

1771 - Mar VA Norfolk – Bur – Richard Knight - “Last Week died here (Norfolk) Mr. Richard Knight, merchant. (Virginia Gazette, edited by Alexander Purdie and John Dixon, January 1771- January 1772. (McGahn 1982, p. 236))

1771 - Jun 9 - VA Sussex – Admin – William Knight -  With Frederick Fort, Mary Hicks JR, sps to John son of Benjamin and Sarah Barham. (Richards 1958, p. 105)

1771 - Sep 29 - VA Sussex – Admin – Moses Knight - With Benjamin King, Amy Cocke, sps to Meredith son of Joshua and Elizabeth King. (Richards 1958, p. 196)

1771 - Oct 1 - VA Sussex – Admin – John Knight - Albemarle Parish - Vestry Processioning and Business meeting: Pd John Knight a Balance for Repairs at St. Andrews Church. (Davis 2008, p. 160  APVB)

1771 - Oct 27 - VA Sussex – Admin – John Knight -  Reports the death of slave Jacob, b. 15 Feb 1771. (Richards 1958, p. 257)

1771 - Nov 20 – VA Northumberland – Bap – Isaac Knight – s/o George Knight &. Judith __. Family consisted of:
Isaac Knight b. 20 Nov 1771;
Nancy Knight b.  24 Jun 1774;
Winefritt Knight b. 30 Oct 1775. (Wright 2013, p. 205)  

Note: This George is the son of Benjamin Knight and Winifred.

1771 - Nov 21 – VA Spotsylvania – Admin - Stephen Tatum - And Mourning, his wife, of Spts. Co., to Richard Blanton and George Anderson, of same Co. … 150 a. in Spts. Co. Wit: David Anderson etc. (Crozier 1990, p. 286)

1772 - Mar 12 – VA Lunenburg – Will - John Knight -  I, John Knight, of Lunenburg County, being very sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory (thanks be given unto God), etc etc… 
* ITEM. It is my will and desire that my whole estate be kept undivided or separated unto all my lawful debts are paid by cropping or in other ways to be managed by my executors hereafter named and, after that is fully accomplished it is my further desire that the estate be still kept together until the sum of two hundred pounds can be raised and laid out in the purchase of a tract of land for my son Joseph Knight and then to be divided in the form and manner hereafter mentioned. 
* ITEM. I lend to my wife Elizabeth during her natural life all that tract of land whereon I now live, except one hundred and fifty acres hereafter bequeathed to my son Peter Knight.  Also five negroes, vis: Jack, Deely, Agg, Izaac and Nutty, with all my household furniture, stock, etc., and after her decease, it is my further will and desire that the negroes should be disposed of as follows: 
* ITEM. I bequeath unto my son William Knight, after the decease of his mother, one negro man Jack, to him and his heirs forever. 
* I bequeath to my son Joseph Knight after the decease of his mother one negro man Isaac, also a negro man Pater, to be delivered to him at the dividing of the estate. 
* I bequeath unto my daughter Rachel Knight, after the decease of her mother, a negro girl Nutty also two young negroes, Lewis and Millie. 
* ITEM.  I bequeath unto my son Peter Knight one moiety of two negroes Agg and Deely, to be equally divided between him and his brother John Knight, after the decease of their mother, also one hundred and fifty acres of land more or less, joining the tract whereon I now live, to be divided by a branch running from near Shelton’s Bridge, in a straight line to Miner’s land, to the north of that branch is what I bequeath to him and his heirs forever. 
* ITEM.  I bequeath to my son John Knight one moiety of two negroes above mentioned, after the decease of his mother. 
* ITEM.  I bequeath to my son Jonathan Knight one girl named Fanny to him and his heirs forever. 
* ITEM. I bequeath to my son Charles Knight, Jane, Caesar and Bettie to him and to his heirs forever. 
* ITEM.  I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Knight a negro woman named Uraby and her child. 
* I bequeath to my daughter Judith Bagley one negro girl named Beck. 
* ITEM. I bequeath to my daughter, Mary Lea, two negroes Phillis and Tabby, during her natural life and if she should die without issue, to be returned to the surviving part of my children to be equally divided between them; it is my further will and desire that if she should have an heir or heirs that the negroes go as she directs. 
* ITEM.  I bequeath to my son Woodson Knight two negroes Tom and Chloe also that tract of land before devised to his mother during her life, to him and to his heirs forever, being the same I now live on, with all my stock of every kind and household furniture, except three beds which I desire may be given to Charles, Joseph and Rachel, at the discretion of my beloved wife Elizabeth
* ITEM.  I bequeath to my daughter’s daughter, Lucy Cook, one negro girl named Tamer.  
* It is my will and desire that if any of my children die before the dividing of the estate that his or her proportion be equally divided between the surviving parties.  I also desire that every person within mentioned should take possession of their proportion of the estate as is by will devised, provided it does not consist of negroes upwards of ten years of age or that part allotted for the immediate use of my wife Elizabeth.  
* I do hereby constitute and appoint Joseph Knight, Charles Knight and Peter knight executors to this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of September one thousand seven hundred and seventy-one.  John Knight, Senr. (Seal) 
*  Witnesses: Miller Woodson, Francis Amos (his mark), Thomas Jeffries.  The will was granted probate in court 12 Mar 1772.  Teste: Wm. Taylor, CLC, Copy Teste: John L. Yates, Clerk. (Will image online served by ancestry.com)

1772 - Apr 21 – VA Sussex – Admin – Processioning - Albemarle Parish Vestry Meeting for Processioning Reports. Names mentioned: Edward Eppes, Daniel Epps, Moses Knight, Orphans of William Knight, John Knight. (199-206 APVB)

1772 - Jun 10 – VA Lunenburg – Admin – List of Tithables – Selected: Benjamin Evans, Richard Stokes, Shadrack Stokes, Allen Stokes, Elizabet Stokes, Henry Stokes, Henry Walker, Col. David Stokes, David Stokes JR, John Stokes, Charles Stokes, Benjamin Jordan, John Haley SR, Henry Haley, Sylvanus Walker JR, Edward Jordan JR, Edward Jordan SR, Martha Tucker, Joseph Tucker, Isaac Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Michael Johnson, Charles Stokes, Joel Stokes, Lodowick Farmer, John Knight Estate, Joseph Knight: 9; Peter Knight: 4; William Clarke, Daniel Dejarnette,  Reps Jones, William Jones, Robert Jones, Thomas Moore, David Moore, Thomas Walker, Richard Walker, James Anderson, Richard Coleman, William Clark, Benjamin Clarke, Abraham Andrews, Peter Andrews, John Evans, Michael Johnson, William Johnson, Thomas Moore, John Moore, Drury Moore SR, William More, Eddins Moore, James Johnson, Sylvanus Stokes, Peter Jones JR, Richard Jones SR, Richard Jones (Landon Bell, p.308)

1772 - Aug 30 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - David Anderson - Of Spts. Co., land sale to Joseph Ture, of same Co. lll 100 a. in Berkeley Parish, Spts. Co. (Crozier 1990, p. 283)

1772 - Dec 5 – VA Spotsylvania – Admin – John Knight – Land sale: James Ware and Agnes, his wife, of Caroline Co. to John Knight of Spts. Co. 100 a. in Spts. Co. Wit: Nathal. Holloway, Thomas Wisdom. (Crozier, p. 296)

1773 GA Bulloch – Info - The Creek Indians signed a treaty giving up the coastal islands between the mouth of the Ogeechee River and the mouth of the Altamaha River in return for debts they owed to traders. This treaty opened up for settlement a large area which included present day Bulloch County . (Spirit of a People)

1773 - Feb 4 – VA Spotsylvania – Will – Henry Carter - Berkeley Parish, Exs: Wife Elizabeth and sons George Carter and John Carter. Leg. son Henry Carter, dau. Salley Carter, son Charles Carter, wife Elizabeth;  mentions “my five children” : Ann Stevens, Molly Massey, Elizabeth Davenport, Salley Carter and Charles Carter; son George Carter; “all my children, Frances, George, Ann, Molley, John, Henry, Elizabeth, Salley and Charles. (Crozier 1905, p. 30)

1773 - Feb 14 – NC Cumberland – Admin - John Knight - Land patent for 200 acres on the West side of Cape Fear River. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 22, p. 237, Grant no. 541, Entry no. 257, File no. 1192)

Note: Is this John Knight of Sussex, married to Anne, father of William Knight, Benjamin Knight, and Wilson Knight? Could this be why Wilson Knight is later found in Cumberland County NC? See note to 1769 Dec 30 entry.

1773 – Apr 16 – SC St John's Island – Will – Thomas Knight – “Parish of ___” Long philosophical/religious introduction; wants decent burial “without pomp or state”; debts to be paid; to “well-beloved brother John Knight, for life, five negroes, his choice; also to brother John, best feather bed & furniture, two best riding horses; if brother John Knight should die leaving no lawful wife nor heirs, everything to go to the twin children of his “wench Patty”; then gives Patty and her children, Dinah, Billy & Linda, their freedom; leaves money to be invested for Patty and children; something to friend Mrs. Mary Hanscombe; worthy friend Joel Macklennon, money;  to Mrs. Gillet, diamond something;  Doctor Aaron Gillet to be residurary legatee; wishes to be buried on St. John’s Island at the family burial place; appoints brother, John Knight and Aaron Gillet and Thomas Hartley to be executors.  Written 30 Jan 1772.  Wit: Solomon Freer, Mary Jeffries, William Jeffries; Proved 16 Apr 1773.  (SC Wills and probate Records, 1670-1980, Charleston, Wills, Etc, 1771-1779, image online, served by ancestry.com)  

1773 - Jun 10 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - List of Tithes - Selected: William Jordan, Sylvanus Walker SR, Benjamin Walker, John Clark, Benjamin Clark, William Clark, David Johnson, Edward Jordan JR, Michael Johnson JR, Lodowick Farmer, Richard Jones SR, James Jones, Richard Jones JR, William Jones, William Johnson, Jesse Johnson, Edward Jordan SR, Benjamin Jordan, Jeremiah Moore, Isaac Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Edward Hambleton, Abraham Andrews, David Walker, William Hughes, Michael Johnson, Thomas Moore, John Moore, William Stokes, Allen Stokes, James Anderson, Benjamin Walker, Benjamin Evans, Charles Lewis, David Stokes, John Stokes, Elizabeth Stokes, Henry Stokes, Henry Walker, John Evans, John Knight, Estate, Joseph Knight, Woodson Knight: 9; Peter Knight: 4, Richard Stokes, Shadrack Stokes, (Landon Bell, pp.324, 325)  

Note: Woodson Knight is listed for the first time, included with the “Estate of John Knight.”  This means that he must have turned 16 since the previous Tithe and thus would give a birthdate of c. 1757.  John Knight JR is still gone.

1773 – Jun 14 – VA Amelia – Will – James Anderson - In the name of God Amen June the 14th one thousand seven hundred and seventy three I James Anderson of the County of Amelia and Parish of Nottoway being in a low state of health in body but perfect in mind and calling to mind the uncertainty of this present state & that it is appointed for all men to die, do make & ordain this my last will and testament that is to say, principally I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God Almighty that gave it me, and as for anybody I desire it may be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors not doubting I shall receive the same as general resurrection by the power of God and as touching such wordly estates wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in following manner & Form Inprimis I lend my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Anderson during her natural life the following Negroes named York, Dina, Jery & Jesse also all my household goods & stock of hogs and Cattle.
Item I give and bequeath to my son James Anderson to him & his heirs forever the above lent Negroes named York after the death of my wife –
Item I give & bequeath to my son Henry Anderson to him and his heirs forever two hundred & two acres of land being part of a tract which did contain by Patent four hundred & four acres which other part I did give George Martin & joins the sd Henry Anderson.
Item I give and bequeath to my son Charles Anderson to him & his heirs forever the land & plantation whereon I now live also the above lent Negroes Dianr Jerry & Jesse they & their increase from this present date aster the death of my wife also the above lent hogs cattle & household furniture after the death of my wife.
Item my will & desire is that my son John Anderson & my daughters Elizabeth Bagley, Mary Martin, & Mason Knight have no more of my estate than what I have already give them & what they now possess I also desire that my daughter Frances Grigg Dec'd heirs have no part of my estate than what I gave my said daughter in her life time - I do hereby constitute ordain & appoint my sons James Anderson & Charles Anderson the executors of this my last will & testament ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will & testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal the day & year first above written
Sealed & Delivered his
In presence of James ‎{JA}‎ Anderson
Edmd Borum mark, James Bartley, Alexd Bartley. (Will image served by ancestry.com)

Note: The inventory ‎(abridged)‎ and appraisal of James Anderson's estate appears on page 53 of Amelia Will Book 3. It is dated 10/20/1781 and is notable for the inflated values assigned to the goods at the time of the revolution.  Charles Anderson is listed as the Executor and William Watson, Henry Anderson, and Charles Knight are listed as appraisers.  Charles Knight, most likely son of John Knight of Lunenburg, married Mason Anderson.

1773 - Jun 16- VA Sussex – Admin – John Knight - Albemarle Parish Vestry Business Meeting: Paid John Knight for Repairs at St. Andrews Church. (APVB p. 211)

1773 - Sep 26 - VA Sussex – Admin – Moses Knight -  With Thomas Hornby, Patty Spane (Spain), sps to Peter son of James Porch JR and w. Elisabeth. (Richards 1958, p. 153)

1773 – Sep 27 - VA Sussex – Bap – Temperance Knight – d/o Charles and Mary Knight – Birth 27 Sep 1773, Bap. 1774 May 8, Sp. Joel Bullock, Mary Bullock, Anne Capel. (Richards 1958, p. 161)

1773 - Nov 21 - VA Sussex – Admin – John Knight -  With Susanna Carter, Sarah Hay, sps to Lucy dau of William and Elisabeth Prince. (Richards 1958, p. 174)

1773 - Nov 23 VA  Surry – Will - Martha Edwards -  Legatees: Mother Sarah Eppes, brothers: Francis Eppes, Peter Eppes, Hamelin Eppes. Brother Hamelin’s daughter Sarah and Martha; sister, Betty Jones and her daughter Frances Jones; sister, Mary Branch;, sister Rebecca Royal; Sister, Lucy Royal; nephews, Frederick and Cadwallader Jones; nieces, Ann and Martha Jones; niece, Martha Eppes (daughter of Frances Eppes); niece Martha Eppes (daughter of Peter Eppes): nephew William Edwards; friends John Harris and Nicholas Faulcon, Jr. (Parks 1982, p. 592)

1773 – SC Charleston – Will - Thomas Knight -  will probated. (Reconstructed Census records, ancestry.com)

1774 - Jan 6 SC Cheraw – Mar - John Knight & Rachel Anderson – Married by the Rev. Evan Pugh. (Holcomb 1983; Diary of Evan Pugh)

Note: I have already stated that I believe this John Knight to be the son of William Knight of Sussex, the grandson mentioned by John Knight SR of Sussex in his will of 1762. There are other clues that suggest that he is, indeed, the son of William Knight and Mary Knight of Sussex VA, including naming patterns, dates, associations, the presence of his brother, Peter Knight, in what became Effingham County as early as 1765, etc. We can also note that in 1725 in Albemarle NC, a Francis Pugh provided bail to James Spier who was charged with counterfeiting. Then, 1 Nov, 1729, Samuel Pugh Gent is mentioned as late Sherriff of Bertie co NC, and in relation to the estate of John Cotten.  So the Pughs are associated with the Knights of Bertie and Edgecombe Counties, NC and numerous Edgecombe Knights are definitely Sussex Knights as their wills prove.

1774 - Mar 13 - VA Sussex – Admin – Moses Knight -  With Susanna Newsome, Frances Woodroffe, sps to Anne dau of Thomas and Anne Stokes. (Richards 1958, p. 185)

1774 - Jun 10 – VA Lunenburg – Admin – List of Tithes – Selected:  James Anderson, Peter Andrews, Abraham Andrews, Mark Andrews, Benjamin Clark, William Clark, Richard Coleman, Daniel Dejarnette, Richard Evans, Benjamin Evans, William Evans, Lodowick Farmer, Lodowick Farmer JR, David Moore, Edward Hambleton, William Moore, John Halley, Henry Halley, William Johnson, Edward Jordan JR, Samuel Jordan, Edward Jordan, Benjamin Jordan, James Johnson, James Johnson JR, Isaac Johnson, Joshua Johnson, David Johnson, Michael Johnson, John Knight’s Estate, Joseph Knight, Woodson Knight: 9; Peter Knight: 4, James Moore, Jesse Moore, Thomas Moore, Stephen Moore, Drury Moore, Eddins Moore, Ellick Moore, William Moore, Jeremiah Moore, William Walker, William Stokes, Elizabeth Stokes, Henry Stokes, Henry Walker, Richard Stokes SR, Shadrach Stokes, Allen Stokes, David Stokes, John Stokes, Lodowick Farmer.  (Landon Bell, p.105)

Note: Joseph Knight and Woodson Knight are still under the Estate of their father and thus Joseph is not yet 21.

1774 - Jul 18 SC Union – Admin - James Knight - Land grant for 100 acres (or more). (Union County SC Deed Abstracts D, 70-72)

1774 – Sep 20 - VA Sussex – Bap – William Knight – s/o Joseph Knight wife Judith Bap 18 Dec, sps Reuben Rogers, Thomas Weathers, Mary Whitaker. (Richards 1958, p. 211)

Note: Here we have another problem: Where did this Joseph Knight come from and what family does he belong to?  There has been no sign of any such individual up to this point in the Parish vestry book or registry. But we already know that not all births were recorded, and not all records of births survived. We know that John Knight of Effingham GA is found in association with a Joseph Knight who appears to be a brother, so it is possible that this was another son of William and Mary whose birth was not recorded. If this is his first child (and only one in the register), he would need to be born c. 1755 or so. We note that he named his son William, possibly in honor of his father who died when he was 12 yrs old?

1775 - Apr 14 - VA Sussex – Admin – Moses Knight - With Drusilla King, William Sturdivant, sps to Joel son of William and Hannah Cocke. (Richards 1958, p. 108)

1775 - Apr 20 VA Sussex – Admin – Joel Knight - Albemarle Parish Vestry Business Meeting. Pay to: Joel Knight 10 shillings. (APVB, p. 219)

1775 - Apr 21 SC Darlington – Admin – John Knight - land grant to John Knight. This land will later be sold by Joseph Knight.  (South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History, online)

Note: This is undoubtedly the John Knight who has just married Rachel Anderson in this same district.

SC 1785

1775 - Jun 10 VA Lunenburg – Admin – List of Tithes includes : Abraham Andrews, Peter Andrews, James Anderson, Mark Andrews, Benjamin Clarke, John Clarke, Benjamin Evans, James Bell, John Evans, Daniel Evans, Lodowick Farmer, Lodowick Farmer JR, William Hughes, Langford Walker, Jeremiah Moore, John Johnson, Richard Jones, James Jones, Reps Jones, Thomas Jones, Drury Jones, Robert Jones, William Johnson, Jesse Johnson, Peter Jones JR, James Johnson, Edwaard Jordan JR, Edward Jordan SR, William Jordan, Samuel Jordan, Isaac Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Michael Johnson SR, Benjamin Jordan, William Johnson, James Johnson and son James, Michael Johnson, Richard Jones,  John Knight Estate, Joseph Knight, Woodson Knight: 9; Peter Knight: 4; Thomas Moore, John Moore, Stephen Moore, Jesse Moore, David Moore, William Moore, Gideon Moore, Shadrack Stokes, Richard Stokes, Henry Stokes, Henry Walker, Elizabeth Stokes, Allen Stokes, Young Stokes, Peter Stokes, John Stokes, William Stokes, William Tucker, George Tucker, Martha Tucker (Landon Bell, pp.355, 359, 360)

Note: Joseph and Woodson are still listed under the estate of their father, thus Joseph is not yet 21.

1775 - Jul 2 - VA Sussex – Admin – Moses Knight - With Drusilla King, Mary Sturdivant sps to Polly dau of James and Amy Cocke. (Richards 1958, p. 153)

1775 Oct 30 VA Northumberland – Bap - Winefritt Knight – d/o George Knight. (Fleet, VCA, p. 468)

1776 Apr 19 VA Jamestown – Info - Patrick Henry - Elected to the Virginia Convention of 1776, where he helps draft the Virginia Constitution and Declaration of Rights. (VA Hist online)

1776 - May 16 VA Spotsylvania – Will - Nathaniel Dickinson (Dickenson)- Proved.  Witnesses: Andrew Manning, John Coleman, Hannah Coleman – Wife Elizabeth all my estate, real and personal, during her natural life and then to be divided among the following: Nathaniel Dickinson, Richard Dickinson, William Dickinson, Elijah Dickinson, Betty Dickinson Pulliam, Fanny Dickenson Garton. But if the said Fanny Garton should marry, she may enjoy her part during her life, and at her death it shall return to Elijah Garton’s children. (Crozier 1955, p. 157)

1776 – May 21 – SC St John’s Island – Will – John Knight – “I John Knight of Johns Island, planter, being weak in body, etc. to Mrs. Amy Arnold, widow of the late Thomas Arnold deceased, 400 pounds, to be paid one year after decease, also one feather bed; to Thomas Arnold, son of the late Thomas Arnold, 400 pounds with interest arising thereunto to be paid at the age of 18 years; to George Freer, son of Solomon Freer, “all my accoutrements, saddle, bridle & one gun; to Edward Freer, my bay horse; to J__ Freer Jun by bay maer with her future increase;  Solomon Freer SR to be residuary legatee and executor. Wit: Benjamin Mathewes, Isaac Weatherly, William Roach. Proved 21 May 1776 by Solomon Freer, executor. (SC Wills and Probate Records, 1670-1980, Charleston Wills, Etc, 1776-1786, image online, served by ancestry.com)

1776 - Jun 10 VA Lunenburg – Admin – List of Tithes – Selected: Mark Andrews, Abraham Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Peter Andrews, Thomas Andrews, James Anderson, Daniel Dejarnette, Lodowick Farmer, Lodowick Farmer JR, Benjamin Farmer, Joel Farmer,  John Haley, Henry Haley, John  Haley SR, Ambrose Haley, Edward Jordan, SR, Edward Jordan, Samuel Jordan, Benjamin Jordan, Elizabeth Knight’s Tithes, Woodson Knight: 8; Peter Knight: 4, Gideon Moore, Drury Moore, William Moore, William Moore JR, Peter Moore, Jesse Moore, Allen Stokes, Richard Stokes SR, Henry Stokes, Henry Walker, Elizabeth Stokes, William Tucker, George Tucker, William Tucker SR, Martha Tucker, Thomas Walker, David Stokes, William Stokes, (Landon Bell, p.374-378) 

Note: Woodson Knight is still included under his mother, thus not yet 21. John Knight still missing, and now Joseph Knight is also gone. He apparently received his inheritance, sold up, and moved to Mecklenburg where he died in 1789, leaving a will mentioning his brother, Jonathan Knight. His will is included in the proper chronological time slot.

1776 - Jul 4 PA Philadelphia – Info - The Second Continental Congress issues the Declaration of Independence, which labels King George III a tyrant and calls him "unfit to be the ruler of a free people." (VA Hist. online)

1776 - Sep 16 VA – Mil – John Knight - "Dr John Knight was a Revolutionary Soldier.   enlisted in thirteenth Virginia Regiment in 1776; made sergeant and was in battle of Brandywine and Germantown: appointed Surgeon's mate of 9th Va. Regiment, Sept 14th, 1778; transferred to the 7th Va. Reg., Feb 12th. 1781 detailed to accompany the expedition under Col. William Crawford against the Indians on the Sandusky in what is now Wyandotte county, Ohio, and on the defeat of the Americans was forced to witness the torture and death at the stake Jan 11, 1782, of Col. Crawford, being assured by his captors that the same fate awaited himself.  He escaped however, returned to Virginia, and served until he was retired January 1, 1781.  On October 14, 1784, Dr. Knight married Polly Stephenson, daughter of Richard Stephenson (the half brother of Col. William Crawford), and the sister of Mrs. Winlock Stephenson.  The two families subsequently moved to Shelby County, Kentucky (See "Washington-Irvine Correspondence" by C. W. Butterfield, page 117, and Heitman's Historic Register.) See: John Knight Pension Statement for details on this individual.

1776 - Oct 12 VA Prince William – Admin – John Knight - Petition of a Baptist Church at Occaqon, asking for freedom to worship in their own way without having to pay tithes to other churches, etc. Signed by (selected): Nicholas Anderson, John Harper, Thomas Bland, William Williams, Robert Mosley, John Knight, John Moon. (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 35, No. 2, p. 102)

1776 VA Stafford – Info - Uriah Knight, Zachariah Knight and Elijah Knight - signatories on the “Ten Thousand Name Petition” for religious freedom for Baptists. Some other names in the same group: Richard Palmer, Moses Lunsford, William Moor, John Rose, Spilsby Stone, Charles Carter, James Jeffries, Edward Jeffries;  Orange County: Thomas Coleman, John Harper and Timothy Carrington, James Abbott, George Moore, David Anderson, James Coleman, John Collins; Fluvanna County: William Giles, George Anderson JR, Rene Woodson, Benjamin Lee, John Pace, Thomas Devane, Sylvanus Bryant, Isaac Bryan, Thomas Farrer, George Anderson, Daniel Lightfoot SR, James Crocket, Joseph Barbee, William Porter, Samuel Porter, Thomas Coleman, James Gregory, Daniel Coleman, Julius Coleman, Christopher Ferris, William Gregory, John Gooch, John Phillips, Edward Hughes, John Anderson, William Vaughan, Marmaduke Lee, Henry Chambless, Peter Rice, Richard Rice. Bedford County: John Bell, John Anderson, Joseph Bunch, Charles Bunch, John Lee, George Anderson, Zachariah Bunch; Bedford County: Bartelot Anderson, William Vaughan, Matthew Anderson, John Vaughan, __ Taylor, ___ Farmer, Jeremiah Pate, John Coleman, Isham Farmer, John Childress, Nathaniel Eppes, Spencer Walton, James Farmer, James Bell, Richard Hancock, John Wimbish, Thomas Cason; Orange County: Matthew Carter, George Moore, William Tucker, John Tucker, Francis Tucker, William Cason, Thomas Cason, Benjamin Farris, Joseph Farris, William Stokes, John Carter, Charles Rice, Hughes Woodson, John Meador, Miller Woodson, Samuel Moore, Joh Evans, Chastain Moore, George Carter, Henry Bell, Joseph Carter, James Welsh, William Cason, William Woodson, Shadrach Woodson, Matthew Anderson, Jesse Woodson,    (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 35-42; Vol. 37., No. 1, pp. 143-157)

Note: Since Zachariah Knight of SC appears to have been very active in the Baptist Church, as will be seen further on, I think he is the same Zachariah of Stafford VA, descended from Capt. Peter Knight via his son Leonard.

1777 - Mar Jun VA Nansemond – Mil - James Knight - Corporal in the 4th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army commanded by Col. Robt Lawson. Other members of this regiment include: John Davis, John Ennis, James Fleming,  Andrew Flood, Joseph and Charles Cole. (U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, 4th Reg., Folders 97-105 and 106-111, National Archives and Records Administration.) 

Note: The 4th Virginia Regiment was raised on 28 Dec 1775 at Suffolk Court House, Virginia.  Col. (Later General) Robert Lawson was born 23 Jan 1748 and died 28 Mar 1805 in Richmond, Virginia.  He was the son of Benjamin Lawson and Elizabeth Claiborne. He married Sarah Meriwether Pierce 13 Dec 1769 in VA, daughter of John Pierce and Sarah. This James Knight was most likely descended from James Knight, son of Capt. Peter Knight and thus also related to the Sussex VA/Edgecombe NC Knights in the upline, and related to the Northumberland/Stafford/Spotsylvania Knights laterally.

1777 - May 28 VA Northampton – Mar - William Knight & Mary Benhall.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 430)

1777 – Jul 10 – SC Cheraw – Mar – Thomas Knight & Fanny Newnam – Mar by the Rev. Evan Pugh.  (Holcomb 1983; Diary of Evan Pugh)

Note: This Thomas Knight, apparently associated closely with John Knight of Effingham, as though a brother, is also problematical. I can only suggest that he was yet another son of William and Mary Knight of Sussex whose name did not get recorded. I would also suggest that the close association between John Knight of Effingham who married Rachel Anderson, and this Thomas Knight and his wife, Fanny Newnam, is the reason there is the confusion about the name of Rachel. There was no record giving her name as "Rachel Frances Anderson"; such a person is a myth. But it could have been passed down among some family members that there was an "aunt Rachel" and an "Aunt Fanny" married to two brothers, and the two became conflated.

1777 - Sep 11 SC Beaufort – Admin - John Knight, Thomas Knight and Zachariah Knight - named as executors in the will of William McCormack.  Wit: Elizabeth Smart. (Wills of the State of South Carolina, 1760-1784)

Note: This trio is often confused with John Knight of Effingham because there is also a Thomas Knight associated with John of Effingham. One has only to look at the map above, note the distance between Cheraw's District and Beaufort District to realize that there are two completely separate John Knight's here each with a Thomas Knight attached. I spent a lot of time tracking Zachariahs at one point and the family group associated with this name is the one in Stafford/Spotsylvania VA.

1777 – VA Northumberland – Mar - John Knight &. Hannah Webb - Widow of Aaron Webb and dau Of Sarah Marsh.  Hannah d. 1789. I her LWT she named children: John Knight, Nancy Knight, William Butcher Knight, Isaac Webb, Aaron Webb and Salley. (Wright 2013 p. 205, Headley 2003, p. 216)

1777 - Oct – NC EdgecombeWill - Kindred Carter – Wife: Mary, 6 negroes. Plantation where I live, all land, stock, household furniture and remainder of my estate except otherwise devised, reversion to my grandson, Moses Carter Knight.
*  Dau: Priscilla Knight, 4 negroes
*  Dau: Charity Knight, 5 negroes now in her possession during life of herself and husband Moses Knight.
*  Dau: Winnefred Taylor, 4 negroes;
*  Dau: Penelope Whitaker, 4 negroes.
*  Exr: James Knight, Carey Whitaker. Wit: Exum Lewis, Coulam Winstead, Peter Tatum. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 68)

Note: Kindred's daughter, Priscilla, was married to James Moore Knight (d. 1793, leaving a will). His daughter Charity was married to 1) Moses Knight (d. 1781, leaving a will) and 2) Absalom Benton.

Bill of complaint (no date but around 1820, 43 years later!) by Allen Knight of Alabama Territory, Elijah Ward and Phereby his wife of Georgia, and James S. Benton of Edgecombe County, stating the deceased [Kindred Carter] died in 1777, leaving a will of which James Knight and Carey Whitaker were executors but are now both dead. Wilson Whitaker was executor of the said Carey Whitaker. 
*  In his will he [Kindred Carter] bequeathed certain Negroes to his daughter Charity Knight, being a life estate for her lifetime and the lifetime of her husband Moses Knight, with reservation to their children. 
*  Record indicates both Charity Knight and Moses Knight were dead, leaving heirs: 
1. Allen Knight,
2. Phereby, wife of Elijah Ward,
3. James Benton, and
4. Polly, wife of William Corbin of Tenessee
, who has already received her share. 
*  Wilson Whitaker had not allotted any other shares as there were several children who predeceased said Charity and Moses
5. Sally Pace, of Georgia, who left a son James Pace and others whose names were unknown,
6. Kindred Knight of Halifax County, who left heirs James Allen Knight and Kindred Knight, both minors of Halifax County, and
7. John C. Knight who left James Coffield Knight, a minor of Edgecombe County, with Gresham C. Pittman his guardian, and
8. Elizabeth Nicholson, who is dead leaving an only child Sally M. Nicholson, a minor with her guardian, Thomas Nicholson of Halifax County.  This petition requested that all shares of the Negroes be allotted to the heirs. 

Answer:  12 Jun 1820 by Thomas Nicholson and the other heirs, agreeing with the bill:  The answer, 24 May 1820, of Wilson C. Whitaker states he did not know if Charity Benton was the daughter of Kindred Knight (sic) or the wife of Moses Knight, but that he had often seen a certain Negro in question in the possession of Absalom Benton and Charity Benton, his widow.
**  Report of sale of slaves (no date) to make a division among:  1. Allen Knight, 2. Pheraba Ward, 3. Speir Whitaker as executor of James Benton, deceased, 4. representatives of Sally Pace, 5. representatives of Kindred Knight, 6. representatives of John C. Knight, 7. representatives of Elizabeth Nicholson
*   Record (undated) shows the heirs of Sally Pace were:  1. Wilson Pace who died leaving a son Freeman Pace, 2. William Pace of Indiana, 3. Elizabeth Pace, 4. Sarah, wife of Robert Dixon, 5. Kindred Pace, 6. James Pace and 7. Charity Pace, all of Georgia except William Pace.  (Edgecombe County NC Records of Estates, Vol 1, 1761-1825, p. 155, Kindred Carter – Will dated 1777.)

1778 - Sep 3 – VA Fluvanna – Will - Benjamin Woodson IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I. Benjamin Woodson of Fluvanna County, being Sick of Body but of Perfect Sence and Sound Memory to make and ordaine this my Last Will & Testament in manner and form as followes:
*  First - my desire is that all my just Debts be paid and then what the Lord has bestowing upon of this worlds wealth I give asd followeth:
*  Item - I bequeath unto my son Benjamin Woodson, Jr, the whole of my Estate that he the said Benja. Woodson has now in his possession to him and his Heirs forever.
*  Item, I give unto my Son John Woodson the estate I before have given him now is his possesion to him & his heirs forever, he paying to William Fitzpatrick fifteen pounds current money & making Rene Napier a right to one hundred acres of land in Goochland County on Lickinghole Creek.
*  Item - I give to my son Rene Woodson one Negroe Man named Mark now in his possession and all the estate I have before given him now in his possession to him & his heirs forever.
*  Item - I give & bequeath unto my son Patrick Woodson the whole of my Estate now in his possession except Negro Frank and Janny, which I lend unto my wife Frances Woodson during her life and after her decease to return to my son Patrick Woodson.
*  I lend to my Daughter Mary Perrin Fitzpatrick Negro Moll and Toby during her life and after her decease, Toby to return to Benjamin Fitzpatrick and Moll to Joseph Fitzpatrick to them and their Heirs forever.
*  I lend to my Daughter Frances Anderson and my Son in Law George Anderson, one hundred acres of land and the Plantation whereon they now live during their Lives and after their decease to return to George Anderson, Junior to him & his Heirs forever. I also lend my said son in law & Daughter four Negroes - Lucy, Isbell, Sharod & Amey during their lives and after their decease to be equally divided amongst their children then living, except Benjamin Anderson.
*  I give & bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Buth Woodson five head of cattle to her and her heirs forever.
*  I give and bequeath to my grandson Benjamin Anderson one Negro man named Ellick which he has in his possession to him & his Heirs forever.
*  I do appoint my sons Benjamin Woodson, Rene Woodson & Patrick Woodson Executors and my Wife Frances Woodson Executrix of this my last Will and Testament revoking all other will or wills by me made.
*  IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this 25th day of October 1777.
Benja X Woodson (SL)
Signed sealed & acknowledged in presence of us
George Clough, Senr., Archibald Sneed (Archbill), George Clough Jr.
*  AT A COURT Held Thursday, 3 Sept. 1778, and by the oath of the witnesses, will was proved, and on the motion of Rene Woodson and Patrick Woodson, the Executors named, who took the necessary oathes, will was proved and ordered to be recorded. Teste: John Cobbs, C.C. (Will image online served by ancestry.com)

Note: Benjamin Woodson was the son of John Woodson and Mary Tucker Woodson.

1779 - May 25 – NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Land patent for 300 acres south side of Trent joining John Austin’s and John Smith’s lines, and the widow Robert’s and Abner Nash’s, the place called the Collwash pond. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 2)

1779 – NC Jones – Admin - Tax list -  Kader Knight. (Reconstructed Censu, ancestry.com)

1779 - Jun 1 – Georgia – Mil - John Knight - Listed as “Sergeant”; served from 1779 Apr 1 to 1780 Feb 1.  Other names of possible interest on this list: John Walton, Jesse Walton, Thomas Hill, John King, Hugh Bell, George Jones, (Revolutionary War Roll, 1st Battalion , Natl. Archives and Rec. Adm. served by ancestry)

Note: The association with Waltons identifies this John Knight as belonging to the LunenburgVA / Granville/Orange NC Knights. He was most likely the son of John Knight JR of Lunenburg VA/Granville NC, grandson of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson Knight; he married 1) Mary Carrington, 2) Temperance Head Bullard, widow. Marriage bond dated November 17, 1792 in Orange County, NC.  In May, 1793, for a sum of 500 pounds John Carrington, Jr., sold 172 acres to John Knight. On February 3, 1798, John sold this same land for the same sum to George Carrington of Orange County, NC.   On October 3,1808, he bought land in Baldwin County, GA (that portion that is now Jasper County). This land was situated in the 13th District of the county at the town of Hillsboro. This, of course, means that this John Knight is not John Knight of Effingham.

John Knight R.S. GA

John Knight R.S. 2

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - Thomas Knight - Served in the militia during 1779, 1781, and 1782. (Moss 1983, p. 543)

1779 - June 1 – SC Beaufort – Mil - Zachariah Knight - Served forty days as a sergeant in the Granville County Regiment of Militia. (Moss 1983, p. 543)-  Zachariah Knight of Winton Co SC served 44 days as Sgt. Of foot in the Granville County Militia. (Revolution File No. 4357, SC Archives, Columbia, SC)

Note: In 1769, the four proprietary counties (Craven, Berkeley, Colleton, and Granville) were abolished in favor of seven new Judicial Districts, with Beaufort District taking the area formerly occupied by Granville County. Then in 1785, Granville, along with Hilton, Lincoln and Shrewsbury, became counties of the Beaufort District, but these counties never became functional and were all abolished in 1798.

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - Aaron Knight - Served with Lewis Boan. (Moss 1983, p. 542)

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - James Knight - Served thirty seven days in the militia.  (Moss 1983, p. 542)

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - James Knight SR - Served as a lieutenant in the Volunteer Company of St. David’s Parish Regiment.  (Moss 1983, p. 542)

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - John Knight - Served sixty days in the militia under Col. Marshall during October and November 1781. (Moss 1983, p. 542)

1779 - June 1 – SC Kershaw – Mil - John Knight - b. 1747, d. 1848, m. Polly Rutledge. While residing in Kershaw District, he served under Capts. John Weathers and Benjamin Hale, Cols. Taylor and Washington and Gens Sumter, Marion and Greene. He was in the battles at Washaws, Hanging Rock, Camden, Kings Mountain, Rugley’s Mill and Eutaw Springs, where he was wounded in the breast by a bayonet.   (Moss 1983, p. 542)

Note: This John Knight is also often conflated, in part, with John Knight of Effingham. This one is the son of George Knight and Jean Dawson of Stafford County VA and his birth was recorded in the Overwharton Parish Registry. There are some few further records for him, the most remarkable showing that he lived almost 100 years, if not longer. I have also transcribed his pension statement and it will be placed in the appropriate time slot. Moss was wrong about his wife, she was not "Polly" Rutledge, she was Elizabeth "Betsy" Douglas Rutledge, a widow. Together, they had two children, John Knight JR and Delilah Knight. There may have been Rutledge children also because I found the JR living very close to Rutledges in a census later on. Moss may have confused Polly Stephenson who married Dr. John Knight with Betsy Rutledge.

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - John Knight enlisted in the Fourth Regiment on 20 Dec 1776.   (Moss 1983, p. 542)

1779 - June 1 – SC Cheraw – Mil - John Knight - Served one hundred fifty-three days under Col. Benton during 1781 and 1782 in the Cheraw District. (Moss 1983, p. 542)

Note: This is most likely John Knight of Effingham. The Bentons are closely associated with the Carters, Spiers, and Knights of Edgecombe NC. (See the will of Kindred Carter above for connections.)

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - Moses Knight - b. 27 Aug 1763 Brunswick Co VA,  d. 1 Oct 1836, m. Francis ___. While residing in South Carolina, he enlisted first in a North Carolina unit. In 1782, he enlisted under Capt. Claudius Pegues, Cols. Floyd and Benton, and Gen. Marion. He was in engagements at Beatties Bridge, Wambaw Creek and Eutaw Springs. (Moss 1983, p. 542)

Note: This Moses was the son of John Knight and Charity Latimore Knight of Stafford VA - a Capt. Peter Knight descendant.

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - Samuel Knight - Enlisted in the Second Regiment on 4 November 1775. He served as a wagon-master during 1779. (Moss 1983, p. 542)

Note: Samuel was another son of John Knight and Charity Latimore Knight.

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil – Knight Knight – He enlisted in the Sixth Regiment under Lt. Brown, Capt. John Buchanan, and Col. Henderson on 21 May 1778.  When the Sixth Regiment was broken up, he entered the First Regiment under Maj. Thomas Pinckney and Co. Charles Pinckney.  He was taken prisoner at the fall of Charleston, but was paroled.  Moved to Ky and Ill.  (Moss 1983, p. 542)

Note: There is a Knight Knight who died in Taylor Co WVA 1855 Jul 25 whose father was Bailey Knight and mother Susan. That suggests this may have been a naming pattern of that branch. This Knight was probably a brother of Bailey Knight who was also associated with Harpers and Fletchers.  John Knight – On the same payroll sheet with Knight Knight as entered above, there is also a John Knight. Page is headed: “Pay Roll of Capt. John Buchanan’s Company in the 6th S. Carolina ~ The Continental Establishment Commanded by Lt. Col. William Henderson ~ From the first August to the first December 1779".  Other names on the page: John Harper, several Hamiltons, William Campbell, Robert Collins, John Harrison, George Yates, David Anderson. The names on this list strongly suggest that these Knights are from the Northumberland/Stafford VA Branch. A John Knight married an Elizabeth Yates in Stafford VA in 1758. He was probably a son of Leonard Knight and Eleanor.

John Knight 2

John Knight 2

John Knight 2

John Knight 2

John Knight 2

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - Benjamin Woodson - Served as a lieutenant in the militia under Col. Brandon before the fall of Charleston. (Moss 1983, p. 1013)

Note: Probably son of Benjamin Woodson whose will is included above.

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - James Woodson - Served two hundred eighty days as a captain in the militia. (Moss 1983, p. 1013)

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - James Woodson JR - Served in the militia under Capt. Joseph Hughes and Col. Brandon.  (Moss 1983, p. 1013)

1779 - June 1 – South Carolina – Mil - Robert Woodson - Served as a lieutenant in the militia under Col. Brandon before and after the fall of Charleston. (Moss 1983, p. 542)

1779 - Jun 26 NC Jones – Admin - Arthur Smith - Land grant for 100 acs south side of Trent, beg. in James McDonald’s line and running along his line to Arthur Smith’s own line…(Hargett Gwynn 1963. p. 2)

Note: A Kader Knight is shown in Jones County and here we have an Arthur Smith, probably descended from the Arthur Smith associated with Peter Knight of Gloucester. It doesn't seem that this Peter Knight had any male heirs because a Samuel Clarke was his "heir and next of Kin", but there are good reasons to think that this Peter was related in some way to Capt. Peter Knight of Northumberland and we know that Capt. Peter's son, James, settled in Isle of Wight/Nansemond area adjacent to Gloucester. The connections being made here are tenuous, but worth considering.

1779 - Jun 29VA Sussex – Admin – Knight’s Child - Albemarle Parish Vestry Business Meeting. Processioning ordered.  Payments made: To Rob Bonds for Knights Child. (APVB, p. 228)

Note: Later, we will learn that this child is named Henry. A Henry Knight of the right age later shows up in Cumberland County NC 1830 census along with Wilson Knight.

1779 – Jul 1 – NC Edgecombe – Admin – James Knight – Land patent for 700 acres, “Beginning at a Red Oak…” (State Archives of North Carolina MARS database)

Note: This is likely James Moore Knight or his son, James Knight.

James Knight Edgecombe

1779 - Nov 10 – NC Nash – Admin - John Knight - Land Patent for 100 acres on Pig Baskett Creek, Beg. at Thomas Horns corner. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 39, p. 416, Entry no. 40, File 6.) 

1779 – NC Jones – Admin – Kader Knight - Tax list -  88 pounds, in possession as factor of Enos Harrold, 333 acres in Jones Co., 1018 pounds; ** Thomas Lee: 331 acres in Jones Co., 2000 pounds; ** Christopher Reynolds: 250 acres in Jones, 7138 pounds. ** Robert Reynolds: 123 pounds; ** Sharp Reynolds: (Hargett Gwynn 1963 pp. 76 – 86)

Note: Here we find Kader Knight in the same area with Reynolds and Lees. Thomas Knight of Northumberland was a great friend of Hancock Lee and his wife was a Sharpe widow leaving Sharpe children. The Sharps intermarried with the Reynolds. It's suggestive, but there is no clarity.

1779 - Oct 18 – NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Land grant for 200 acres on south side of Trent between the head of Island creek and the Collawash Pond joining my own and Jones’ and widow Robert’s lines.  Second entry: Kader Knight, 100 acres on south side of Trent east side of Reedy Branch joining my own line.(Hargett Gwynn 1963, pp. 3, 4)

1779 - Nov 1 NC Jones – Admin - Christopher Reynolds - 100 acres joining John Richards on both sides of Trent river. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 5)

1779 - Nov 2 NC Jones – Admin - Edward Whitty & Kader Knight – Land grant for 100 acres on Mill creek joining Kader Knight in the Main Pocoson. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 5)

1779 – VA Gloucester – Admin – Rent Rolls -  Two Henry Knights probably father and son..

1779 – VA Amelia – Admin – Rent Rolls - Two John Knights probably father and son.


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