Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1780 - 1789

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.



1780 - Feb 17 – VA Spotsylvania – Mil - Charles Knight – “Served as a Sarjant till properly discharged in the year 1758”… John Chew JR DC (verso] “I assign the within to Thomas Allcock. Given under my hand the 17 Day of February 1780” [signed] Charles Knight. (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly, Vol. 36, No. 1, p. 23)

1780 - Mar 2 – NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Land grant for 200 acres on south side of Trent on head of Great Branch joining his own line. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 8)

Note: Other names patenting land on this date: Lee, Sanders, Johnson, Davis, Smith, Green,

1780 - Apr 28 – VA Goochland – Mar - Howel Lewis & Betsey Coleman – Bride was dau. of Robert Coleman, who is surety. Wit. James Terry and James Johnson. Howel, 21 years of age the 2nd of April 1780, is son of Howell Lewis, Sr. This is in a letter written from Granville County, North Carolina. (Williams 2003, p. 54)

1780 – Nov 20 – NC Edgecombe – Admin – Peter Knight – Land Grant #2121 issued Oct 9 1783, Book 50, p. 61: 63 acs. on the East side Averits Swamp – bet. Peter Knight and Solomon Pippin. (State Archives of North Carolina MARS database, book 50, p. 61)

Peter Knight Edgecombe Patent

1780 – SC Beaufort – Admin – Zachariah Knight -  On the Petit Jury list for Parish of St. Peter.  (name found on the reverse side of page 11: Jury Lists, 1778, Acts #1078 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 11; Family Number: 405)

1780 – SC Cheraw – Admin - James Knight - On the Petit Jury list for the “District of Cheraw (name found on reverse side of p. 7: Jury Lists, 1778, Acts #1078 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 7; Family Number: 540, U.S. Census Reconstructed, 1660-1820)

1780 – NC Rowan – Admin - Reuben Knight, Matthew Knight, James Knight - (text: Rhuben) – Tax list: resident in Capt. Calldwell’s District.  (Lists of Taxable Property - 1778 [NC State Archives]; Call Number: C.R. 085.701.5; Page Number: 17; Family Number: 6)

1780 – NC Surry – Admin - Thomas Knight, William Knight, Abner Knight – Signatories on petition to the House of Assembly from inhabitants of Surry Co. seeking redress for the way titles for vacant lands are obtained. (Series: General Assembly; Box: Jan - Feb 1779 [North Carolina State Archives]; Call Number: Folder: Petitions; Page Number: 4; Family Number: 30)  Note: was formed in 1771 from Rowan County.

1780 – SC Cheraw – Admin - James Woodson & James Knight - On the Grand Jury list.  James Knight on the “List of Petit Jurymen and Jurymen in Civil Causes.” (Jury Lists, 1779, Acts #1127 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 4; Family Number: 141)

1781 - Jun 14 – NC Edgecombe - Will - Moses Knight - No Probate Date.  Wife & Extx: Charity, use of my estate during her life or widowhood.  
Son: Kindred Knight, 3 negroes at legal age;
*  Son: Allen Knight (Alan),
100 acres of land lying on Wolfpit Branch, purchased of Robert Parker, ½ of new entry lying on N side of Whiteoak Swamp, furniture, 3 negroes, at legal age;
*  Son: John Carter Knight
, plantation where I live with remainder of my land, 5 negroes, furniture, gun, sword, and case of bottles.
*  Daus: Sarah Pace, Mary Knight, Phereby Knight, one negro girl each. Latter two shall receive their negroes at age 18 or when married.
*   Exr: John Nicholson, James Pace. Wit: Jonathan Pope, Exum Lewis, Spier Knight. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 194)

Note: Moses was the son of John Knight and Isabell Carter Knight. See 1769 for John's will.

1781 - Jun 18 – VA Prince Edward – Mar - Woodson Knight & Martha “Patty” Walton.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 520)

Note: Martha Walton was the daughter of General George Walton and Martha Hughes. She married Woodson Knight, youngest son of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson who we have seen a number of times in the Tithes lists of Lunenburg County following the death of his father when he was 15 years old.  It was only after this marriage that the names “Hughes” and “Walton” entered the Lunenburg Knights family. Woodson and Patty's son, John Hughes Knight, b. 8 Sep 1792, was the first “John Hughes Knight”.  John Hughes Knight JR was b. 29 Oct 1829.  So, if you see a “John Hughes Knight” on a family tree before this date, or outside of this connection, you know you are seeing the tree of a clueless person who just copies and pastes nonsense. John Hughes Knight married Sarah Everett Carter. Also, let me note here, for the record, that there could be no “William Hughes Knight” born 1758 (son of Jonathan and Judith); it’s a myth and you are a sucker if you have that nonsense on your tree.

1781 - Aug 12 – VA Lunenburg – Admin – John Knight - Petition  to Thomas Nelson Esq, Governor etc.: “The petition of the inhabitents of Lunenburg County humbly sheweth, That in a late excursion of Col. Tarleton’s Legion through this county, many citizens were greatly injured in their property; and compelled (in order to obtain their personal liberty) to sign such paroles as their captors thought proper to dictate.  We know these paroles, by Law, are not binding on peaceable citizens, thus taken from their own homes: But your Petitioners beg leave to represent to your Excellency and your Honors, the peculiar case of the Reverend James Craig, rector of Cumberland Parish in this county; a person eminently distinguished for his zeal & attachment to the cause of American Liberty; a rule of conduct adopted in the very earliest period and pertinaciously persisted in, through every vicissitude of the present contest; no less esteemed for his charity, devotion and exemplary piety in his public character, than respectable for his virtues in private life, equally alert in engaging in every scheme for the welfare of his country and the success of its arms; and successful in removing dangerous prejudices from the minds of the people, by drawing the proper line, and pointing out the true distinctions between resistance of Lawless power and Rebellion.” 

The bottom line is that the Reverend was subjected to a raid that destroyed his property, detained as a prisoner, etc. The petition was to have a prisoner exchange to get their pastor back.  The petition was signed by a long list of citizens, residents at that time, of Lunenburg County.  That list includes: D. Stokes, JR. Colo., Daniel Dejarnett, David Moore, John Knight. The original source is the Calendar of Virginia State Papers, Vol. II, 323-4. (pp. 105-108, Bell, Lunenburg Vestry.) 

Note: I’m not sure what to make of this. It appears to indicate that John Knight, or a John Knight, was in Lunenburg in 1781 and apparently, as though he had been there all along "petition of the inhabitants of Lunenburg County".

1782 - Jun 11 – OH Wyandotte – William Crawford & John Knight - Col. Wm. H. Crawford: …[I]n 1782, Crawford led a combined force of Virginians and Pennsylvanians in a attack on Mingo Indians and Delaware Indians along the Sandusky River.  …  Crawford and his men fought off the natives and their British allies at the Battle of the Olentangy on June 6, 1782, but the following day the American forces were divided and Crawford and a number of his men were captured.  In revenge for the Gnadenhutten Massacre, the natives tortured Crawford... branding his body, removing his scalp, and cutting off his nose and ears... before burning him at the stake on June 11, 1782.  Another prisoner, Dr. John Knight, managed to escape and spread the news of Crawford's terrible death.  According to Knight's account, Simon Girty had stood by and watched the torture, refusing to give in to Crawford's pleas for Girty to shoot him.  (See Washington-Irvine Correspondence by C. W. Butterfield, page 117, and Heitman's Historic Register.)

Note:  See entry 1776 Sep 16. This “Dr. John Knight” does not appear to have been a real doctor trained at a university, but a surgeon’s mate who learned his craft on the job working under a Dr. McKenzie, principal surgeon of his regiment.  He married Mary “Polly” Stephenson.  See the John Knight Pension Statement.

1782 VA Gloucester – Admin - Tax List - Henry Knight. (Mason 1946, p. 113)

1782 – VA Sussex – Admin – Continental Census -  Moses Knight; Jonathan Knight SR.

Note: I have no idea why Jonathan Knight SR, apparently son of John Knight of Lunenburg, is found in Sussex County at this time. Perhaps it was due to activities during the Revolution. It could also be an error.

1782 – VA Amelia – Admin – Continental Census -  John Knight  **  William Knight.

1782 – VA Northumberland – Admin – Rent Rolls -  Hannah Knight.

1782 – VA Frederick – Admin – Continental Census – William Knight SR.

1783 - Jan 22 – VA Sussex – Admin – Knight’s Child - Albemarle Parish Vestry Business Meeting. Payment made to Robert Bonds for Knights child. (APVB, p. 236)

1783 - Jun 10 – VA Lunenburg – Admin - List of Tithes – Selected:  Daniel Dejarnett, Jesse Johnson, William Johnson, William Johnson JR, Jesse Moore, John Moore, Thomas Moore SR, Joel Moore, Benjamin Walker, Benjamin Farmer, Abraham Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Peter Andrews, Frederick Andrews, William Hughes, Thomas Jones, David Walker, Mark Andrews, John Andrews, George Andrews, John Clark, Field Clark, Shadrack Clark, Lodowick Farmer, Estate of Lodowick Farmer, decd., Sarah Farmer, Jeremiah Farmer, William Moore, William Moore JR, Jeremiah Moore, Martha Tucker, Branch Tucker, Robert Tucker, William Tucker, George Tucker, Joel Tucker, Thomas Haley, William Johnson, John Jordan, James Moore, Jesse Moore, David Moore, Ussery Moore, James Jones, Thomas Walker, Edward Jordan Gent., Michale Johnson, James Johnson, Edward Jordan, James Johnson JR, William Stokes, Abraham Tucker, David Stokes JR, John Tucker, Peter Knight: 4; Woodson Knight (Charlotte): 7; Benjamin Clark, Benjamin Willson Clark, Henry Haley, David Johnson, Morris Johnson, James Anderson, Edward Jordan SR, Samuel Jordan, Isaac Johnson, John Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Richard Jones, Young Stokes, Sylvanus Walker, Henry Stokes, William Evans, Mary Evans, David Stokes, Peter Stokes, Richard Stokes, Martha Stokes, Allen Stokes, Elizabeth Stokes, Shadrack Stokes, Henry Stokes, Joseph Tucker, Ellick Moore. (Landon Bell, pp.391, 395)

Note: Elizabeth Woodson Knight has apparently died.

1783 – VA Nansemond – Admin – Tax List -  John Knight  **  James Knight SR.

1783 – VA Greensville – Admin – Tax List -  Joel Knight.

Note: Greensville VA is right next to Sussex. There were two Joel Knights in Sussex. The first was the son of John Knight SR. He married Hannah Porch and they had 3 girls, Mary, Lucretia and Sylvia; he is last seen in Sussex in 1775. Apparently he removed to Greensville because we find the daughter of Joel and Hannah, Lucretia Knight, marrying Lattana Jones in Greensville. Joel appears to have married a second wife who was the mother of Silas Knight and William Knight. Silas married twice in Greensville County 1) Elizabeth Fielding; 2) Mary Ann Davis. Silas Knight and Mary Ann Davis Knight were the parents of Rev. Silas Knight of Laurens County SC. The second Joel Knight was the son of William Knight and his wife, Mary, and was brother to John Knight of SussexVA/Effingham GA. This is probably why the name Joel was passed down in that family.

1783 – SC Beaufort – Admin – Jury List - John Knight - is on the Petit Jury list. (Jury Lists, 1783, Acts #1172 [at SC Archives]; Page Number: 7; Family Number: 289)

1783 – VA Gloucester – Admin – Tax List -  Henry Knight.

1783 – VA Greensville – Admin – Tax List -  Joel Knight.

1783 – VA Shenandoah – Admin – Tax List -  Emanuel Knight.

1783 – VA Amherst – Admin – Tax List -  John Knight.

1783 - Oct 13 NC Pitt – Admin - John Knight - Land Patent for 400 Acres “In the Indian Well Swamp.” Adjacent Sarah Allen, John Blount. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 54, p. 215, Grant 492, Entry 680, File 713.)  Same day, person and Co.: Land Patent for 100 Acres “On the South side of Tar River and South side of Indian Well Swamp.” Adjacent Sarah Allen, John Blount. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 54, p. 215, Grant 492, Entry 680, File 714.)

1783 - Oct NC Nash – Will - John Knight -  In the Name of God, Amen. I John Knight of North Carolina and County of Nash do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say. 
* IMPRIMIS.  I lend to my wife Ann Knight one hundred and fifty acres of land with the plantation where I now live and one hundred acres more of pineywoods for and during her life or widowhood and at her day of marriage or death, I give and bequeath the same lands to my son Kinsmore Knight to him and his heirs and assigns forever, but in case he dies without lawful heir or his body then the same land is to my grandson John Knight.
* ITEM: I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of lands to my son Elisha Knight to him his heirs and assigns forever. 
* I give to my son Elisha Knight one bed and furniture and one puter dish. 
* I give to my son Kinsmore Knight one bed and furniture and two put dish and one Iron pot and on horse cold one cow and yearling. 
* I give to my daughter Kiddey Knight one bed and furniture and one heifer and six puter plates.  (Kitty or Katherine?)
* I give to my daughter Sarah Harte one cow. 
* I give and bequeath all the residue of my estate to my wife Ann Knight during her life or widowhood and then to be equally divided among my children as follows.  Elisha Knight, Kinsmore Knight, Sarah Harte, Appy White and Kiddey Knight, to them their heirs and assigns forever. 
* I do constitute and appoint my friend Hardy Griffin and Elisha Knight executors to this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of September one thousand seven hundred and eighty three.  John Knight (his mark). 
Witnesses: William Williams, Jesse Powell.
Proved and recorded in October Court, 1783. (Will image served by ancestry.com)

Note: This John Knight was the son of John Knight of Nansemond-to-Bertie-to-Edgecombe who married Isabell Carter. I’ve drawn a bit of a blank on following this line down.  I found Kinsmore in the 1830 census in Newton GA. Twenty years later, in the 1850 census, there is James M. Knight, 57, there and Obedient Knight, 46, who could be his sons. I’ll be doing a review of the 1840 census to see if I missed him there.  I found an Elisha Knight Edgefield SC in 1790; then in Walton GA in 1820, male 45 and over; and in Troup GA, aged 70-79; then an 80-89 year old Elisha Knight in the 1840 census in Coweta GA; finally, an Elisha Knight, aged 41, again in Troup GA, who is likely a son.  

1783 - Nov 11 VA Amherst – Mar - William Knight & Temperance Bibb -  John Bibb, surety. Consent of his father, John Knight. Consent of her mother, Sarah Bibb.  

Note:  William Knight, resident of Franklin County TN, age c. 70, declared 27 Oct 1828 that he was a citizen of Amherst Co., VA in 1776, well-acquainted with Joseph Newman, and knew he served in the Revolution. (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 12., No. 2, queries.)

1783 – NC Bertie – Will – Robert Carter – I, Robert Carter of N. Carolina State in Bertie, being well stricken in age & weak & ___ in body, but of sound mind & memory, etc… Son: Isaac Carter, all my land and plantation whereon I now live; if he die without lawful heirs, land to go to son George CarterSon Robert Carter: one mare, one feather bed, pewter items; all items already delivered to him; Daughter Rachel Carter: feather bed, pewter items already in her possession; Son: George Carter: one mare, pewter items which he already has; Daughter Olive Carter: feather bed, pewter items, choice of a cow and calf;  Son Isaac Carter: feather bed, pewter items, hunting gun; After all items named above distributed, anything remaining to be equally divided among “all my children” namely: Michael Carter, Rachel Carter, George Carter, Olive Carter, Robert Carter, Isaac Carter; Son George Carter and James Purvis to be executors. Wit: James Purvix, Matthew Hodges, Alan Purvis. (Bertie Original Wills, image served by ancestry.com)

1784 - Aug 12 VA Lunenburg – Mar - William Dudley of Lunenburg & Rachel Knight - marriage bond. Sur. Woodson Knight. Married 19 Aug by Thomas Grymes. (Matheny & Yates, p. 36)

1784 - Feb 19 – VA Spotsylvania – Admin – William Knight - Court:The following served as soldiers in the Continental Army and died in the service of the States:  William Knight, to whom John Knight is heir. (Crozier, p. 524)  

Note: Not sure where and how this William fits in. Is this a John, son of William?   William Knight, son of Leonard, died and left his brother John as heir with his father, Leonard, as co-heir and executor. But that was in 1766, before the Revolution. So, this could be another case of the father being heir to the deceased son. There was a John Knight (1747-1791) son of George, son of Leonard, who could have had a son named William, but he would have been too young to serve in the army. And George himself had a William, but he died at two years old. The best fit as parents is John Knight m. Winifred Garton, which would make this William brother to John (1747-1838).  The Revolution ended in 1783, so it’s hard to say when this William died, exactly; the latest muster roll on which he appears is dated 8 Nov 1779 as a Private in the Virginia 6th Regiment.

1784 - Nov 17 – VA Sussex – Admin – Knight’s Child - Albemarle Parish Vestry Business Meeting. Payment made to Robert Bonds for “Knight’s child”. (APVB, p. 240)

1784 - Nov 17 – VA Amelia – Mar - Misannah Knight & Worsham Anderson.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 16)

1784 – VA Gloucester – Admin – Joseph Knight - Listed in census. (Head of Families - Virginia Census - R - 975.5293 VIR - Macon Library, Georgia)

1785SC Beaufort – Admin - Zachariah Knight, Thomas Knight, and John Knight - Signed a petition from Coosawhatchie Baptist Church to the South Carolina Legislature. (Huxford Genealogical Society, Homerville, Ga)

Note: Recall that Zachariah Knight and Elijah Knight of Stafford VA were signers of the "Ten Thousand Name Petition" for religious freedom for Baptists back in 1776. This Zachariah was a very active Baptist!

1785 - Feb 16 NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Land patent for 16 acres on a fork of Mill creek joining his own line. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 13) Note: other names on patents issued that date: Richard Reynolds, Sharp Reynolds, William Bush, Bridger Jones.

1785 - Jul 4 SC Beaufort – Admin – John Knight - Land grant for 200 acs, Coosawhatchie Swamp. (Huxford Genealogical Society, Homerville, Ga)

Note: Again, this is a Stafford VA Knight, possibly/probably John Knight b. 1747.

1785 - Nov 24 VA Lancaster – Mar - John Knight & Elizabeth Rivere -  marriage bond. Bondsman Peter Rivere. (Headley 2003, p. 216)

1785 VA Amelia – Mar - John Harrison & Sally Knight - (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 6, No. 2)

1785 – VA Botetort  – Admin – James Knight - Tax List - In Capt Bollars Company. (Reconstructed Census, ancestry.com)

1786 - Feb – VA Northumberland – Will - Hannah Knight -  Names children: John Knight, Nancy Knight, William Butcher Knight, Isaac Webb, Aaron Webb, and Salley Webb. Leaves various bequests, and then, the entire estate to be divided among John, Nancy and William Knight and not her Webb children. (Who probably received the estate of their father.)  John Knight must have been at least 21 because he appeared in court to present the will and petition for probate. (Wright 2013 p. 205, and image of Will of Hannah Knight, ancestry.com).

1786 - Apr 25 – SC Beaufort – Admin - Zachariah Knights - Plat for 280 acres on Bloodhill Branch, Coosawhatchie River, surveyed by Robert Stafford.   (South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History, Series: S213190, Volume: 0018, Page: 00171, Item: 002, online)

Note: Stafford VA Knight. See previous notes re: Zachariah Knight and Beaufort.

1786 - Sep 20VA Sussex – Admin – Henry Knight - Albemarle Parish Vestry Business Meeting. Payment made to Robert Bonds for Henry Knight. (APVB, p. 242) Note: Apparently formerly “Knight’s Child.”

1786 - Oct 2 SC Beaufort – Admin – John Knight - Land grant to John Knight for 246 acres, Beach Branch and Bloodhill Branch.  Same day: Land grant to Zachariah Knight for 280 acs, on Blood Hill Branch adjoining John Knight’s. Thomas Knight also rec. land grant same time. (South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History, online)

Note: Again, these Knights are not the “John  Knight of Effingham” Knights, they are Stafford VA Knights.

1786 - Dec 27 – VA Lancaster – Mar - James Galloway & Nancy Knight - Marriage bond, Samuel Sutton bondsman. (Headley 2003, p. 141)

1787 - Apr 27 NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Land patent for 30 acres on west prong of Reedy Branch joining the given line of a patent of his own for 300 acres. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 16)

1787 - Jul 10 VA Amelia – Mar - Mary Knight & Thomas Coffee – The record says she was dau. of Charles Knight; no further info. (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 28)

1787 - Oct 11 – VA Lunenburg – Mar - Lodowick Farmer JR & Elizabeth, “Betsy” Knight. (his 2nd or 3rd marriage)  Bond. (Bell 1930,  p. 208.)

1787 - Dec 14 – VA Amelia – Mar - Coleman Knight & Nancy Knight – (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 52)

Note: Coleman was the son of Charles Knight and Mason Anderson.  Charles was the son of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson Knight.  Nancy Knight was the daughter of Peter Knight who was brother to Charles, thus, the couple were first cousins.

1787 – VA Gloucester – Admin - Joseph Knight - Listed in property tax records in Gloucester Co., VA. No further records for him in this county found after this time. (Land and Tax records served by ancestry.com)

1788 - Jan 28 VA Amelia Mar - Molly Knight & James Barnes.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 18)

1788 - Aug 6 – GA Effingham – Admin - John Knight and Thomas Knight - Bounty land record. The original is lost but is referred to in a land sale 33 years later as follows:  Thomas N. Morel, esq. of Savannah, to Mr. John Rawls, Oct. 4, 1821, for 350 dollars that parecil of land originally granted to John Morel, esq, then in Effingham Co., now in Bulloch, 1000 Acres granted Aug. 6, 1788, bounded at the time of grant NW by Morel and Bowen's land, NE by land reserved for JOHN AND THOMAS KNIGHT and on every other side by vacant land and came to Thomas N. Morel, esq, as an heir of John Morel, esq. deceased. Wit: Job T. Bolls, George L. Cope, Rec: Oct 23, 1821 (Bulloch Co., GA Records, Deed Book p. 434 and Record Book, 5, 819-1840)

Note: Recall that John Knight who married Rachel Anderson in Cheraws District in 1774, one year later, in 1775, patented land in Darlington (which is within Cheraws). In the 1850 census, which was the first one that recorded the age and place of birth of the individuals, we find that William Anderson Knight is living in Lowndes County GA, aged 73, and stated he was born in SC in 1777. Jonathan Knight, aged 69, living in Duval FL, says he was born in SC 1781. Abraham Knight, aged 61, then living in Wayne County GA, states that he was born in GA in 1789. Finally, Samuel Knight, apparently the youngest of John of Effingham's sons, said that he was born in GA in 1793. So it is certainly at this point in time that John and Rachel removed to Effingham after living in Darlington/Cheraws for the previous 14 years.

1788 - Aug 16 – VA Lunenburg – Mar - Jeremiah Farmer & Mary “Polly” Knight -  Sur. John Knight. (Bell 1930, p. 208; Matheny & Yates 1967, p. 43)

1788 - Aug 16 – NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Two land patents for 200 acres each. Other names noted on this date: Arthur Stokes, Thomas Lee, John Burton Lee and William Taylor, John Sanderson, Zachariah Roberts, John Gregory. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, pp. 22-25)

1788 - Aug 23 VA Louisa/Hanover – Admin - John Knight - of Louisa & Elizabeth his wife, land sale to William Harden 100 a. St Paul. (same bought by John Knight of Davis Johns.) (Parks 1982, p. 129)

1788 - Oct 4 SC Winton – Admin - Zachariah Knight – Claim for a black horse lost in the service under Capt. James ___ Payment order signed by Thomas Knight, J.P. (SC Archives online)  

Note: Winton County is now Barnwell County and is located close to the SC/GA line.

1788 - Nov 19 VA Greensville – Mar - Lucretia M Knight & Lattana Jones.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 219)

Note: Lucretia is the daughter of Joel Knight, granddaughter of John Knight of Sussex and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Eppes.

1788 - Nov 29VA Northampton – Mar - Peggy Knight & Hillary Clegg.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 415)

1789 VA Amherst – Mar - Augustine Knight & Elizabeth Ham. (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 415)

1789 – Feb – VA Mecklenburg – Will – Joseph Knight – Sell as much of estate to pay debts; To William Woodson Andrews, 250 pounds current money of VA to be raised out of estate “by the labor of my negroes and stock”; said William to have money to maintain him and give him a good education; William also to receive colt; to Winefred Andrews, mother of said William, 20 pounds current money out of estate; to Sarah Prince (?), my mare; to my brother Jonathan Knight, residue of estate. Reuben Vaughan and Josiah Daly, executors. Signed with his mark. Wits: Betsey Vaughan (mark), Jeremiah Vaughan, Ingram Vaughan, Charles Osbourne. Probated 12 Feb 1789. (Mecklenburg Will Books, Vol 1-3, 1765-1798)

1789 - May 18 – NC Randolph – Admin - John Knight - Land Patent for 100 acres on Little River waters. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 72, p. 152, Grant no 553, Entry no. 251, File no. 513, online.)

1789 – NC Jones – Admin - Land patents/sales:  Levi More, Wallace Moore, Abigail Moore, Thomas Lee, James Green, John Morris, Richard Reynolds, Cox, Bush, Gregory, John Collins, Benjamin Collins, Richard Griffin, (Hargett Gwynn 1963, pp. 27- 31)

1789 - May 19 – GA Effingham – Admin - John Knight - Land Patent for 200 acres. Registered in Secretary's office in Book S.S.s. for 168 acs, bounding SW by Belcher’s and vacant land on all other sides by vacant land. Signed John Knight. Wit: William Steward, Willis Spier. … In 1800, this grant was sold to Moore Spier of Effingham County and signed by John Knight and Rachel Knight. (Huxford Genealogical Society, Homerville, Ga)

Note: Moore Spier was the son of John Spier and his wife, Christian of Edgecombe County, NC.  Willis Spier was the son of Wright Spier and his wife, Elizabeth, also of Edgecombe.

1789 – Sep 20 – GA Burke – Admin - John Knight - Land Patent for 250 acres.  (Huxford Genealogical Society, Homerville, Ga)

1789 - Nov 6 – VA Lunenburg – Mar - Barbee Betts & Judith Woodson Knight - By James Shelburne. (Matheny & Yates 1967, p. 9)

1789 - Dec 11 VA Spotsylvania – Admin - John Knight - Of Stafford Co. and Winifred Knight, his wife, to Ephraim Knight of Spots. Co. … 79 a. in Spots. Co., etc. Wit: Zachariah Knight, James Knight, Elizabeth Knight. (Crozier, p. 436)

1789 - Dec 12 SC Beaufort – Admin - Zachariah Knight - Represented the Coosawhatchie Baptist Church at the Charleston Baptist Association.

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