Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1800 - 1809

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.


1800 – May – NC Granville – Admin – Joseph Knight, Jonathan Knight – Know all men by this present that we, Jonathan Knight, John Washington  & Jeremiah Bullock, are held & firmly bound unto John Brodie, John Tieggs & Lewis Reavis, Justices of the county Court aforesaid in the just & full sum of four hund pounds to be paid to the said justices their heirs, executors or administrations in Trust for the benefit of the Orphan hereafter named committed to the tuition of the said Jonathan Knight to which payment will and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves our heirs, executors & jointy and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 9th day of May 1800.  The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Jonathan Knight is constituted & appointed guardian to William Woodson Andrews, orphan of Joseph Knight.  Nof if the said Jonathan Knight shall will & faithfully execute his said guardianship by securing & improving all the estate of said William Woodson Andrews that shall come to his possession for the benefit of the said orphan, until lawfully called out of the same & in all other things comply fully with the act of assembly in that case made & provided then the above obligation to ve void & of no effect, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue.  Signed and sealed by Jonathan Knight JR, John Washington, Jeremiah Bullock. (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, Estate Records, images online served by ancestry.com)

Note: Review the 1789 Feb Will of Joseph Knight of Mecklenburg VA where he left pretty much his entire estate to the benefit of William Woodson Andrews and the residue to his brother, Jonathan. This confirms his connection to the Lunenburg Knight family and takes him completely out of the running as a candidate for the Joseph Knight associated with John Knight of Effingham GA.

1800 - May 14 NC Cumberland – Admin - John Knight - Land Patent for 200 acres on N.E. side of Cape Fear river. (State Archives of North Carolina, Book 109, p. 4, Grant no. 2141, File no. 3897.)

1800 NC Cumberland – Will -  Henry McNeill SR - There was a Henry McNeill “JR” son of Roger McNeill the brother of Henry SR.  The estate of Henry McNeill mentions John Knight, the most likely father of Lucy Knight who married Neill McNeill, second son of Roger. John Knight is also the most likely father of William Knight m. Mary, who acted as guardians for Henry McNeill Sr’s children. The Henry McNeill Estate was probated in 1800. (See: http://www.ccrodinternet.org/II_main.asp ) 

1800 GA Liberty – Admin - Chloe Knight - Appears on tax digest owning 250 acres of pine land. (GA Reconstructed census, ancestry.com)

1800 Nov NC Edgecombe/Halifax – Will - Ephraim Knight - The widow, Mary Knight entered her dissent to the will. Administration grtd. Meredith Knight and Abner Knight (sons of the dec’d.)… Lands ordered divided May 1801. … James Knight, Ephraim Knight, Sarah Knight and Joshua Knight, orphans of Ephraim, Merydith (mother of the said minors) (sic) was apptd. their gdn. Feb 1801. (David B. Gammon, Records of Estates Halifax County NC Vol. II, p. 51) 

Note: Meredith was the brother, the scribe made an error. Ephraim was, apparently, a cantankerous sort based on all previous records.

1801 - Aug 4 GA Glynn – Admin – John Knight - Of Glynn County to Moore Spier of Effingham County:- deed dated 15 Jan 1801, Consideration: four hundred dollars for tract of land containing 200 acres of land in Effingham Co., originally granted to the aforesaid John Knight on 19 May 1789, Registered in Secretary’s office in Book S.S.s. for 168, bounding SW by Belchers and vacant land on all other sides by vacant land. Signed John Knight. Wit: William Steward, Willis Spier. (Helmer 2014, p. 292)

Note: This is the second tract of land that John Knight has sold to Moore Spier.

1802 - Jun 21 VA Lancaster – Will - Peter Revere - Whole est. to wife Hanna Revere; at wife’s death, land to return to son, Isaac; dau. Betty Knight; rest of pers. Est to be eq. Div. Among rest of my children; James Bush & Peter Bush exors; Wits: William Revere Jr, Eppey Norris, James Robinson, Thaddeus Goodridge (LC WB 28:62) 

Note: In 1785 Nov 24, John Knight of Lancaster VA married Elizabeth Rivere. The bondsman was Peter Rivere, probably a brother of the bride rather than the father. Peter Revere, the father of the bride, was the son of John Revere (c. LC, 1787); Hanna Revere was prob a dau. Of James Bush.

1802 - Jun 23 VA Norfolk – Mar - Lucy Knight & John Wallis (Wallace?).  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 377)

1802 - Nov NC Edgecombe – Will - Joseph Braddy -  Dau: Sukey Knight (Sarah), grandchildren Anna Knight, Mary Knight. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 45)

Note: A Joseph Braddy married Patty Fryer in 1785, in Gates County NC. (North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868)  There was a Joseph Braddy in Chowan County NC in 1753 according to the census.

1802 – Nov – NC Granville – Admin – Stephen Knight & Leah Knight – Inventory of the estate of Stephen Knight by his widow/executrix, Leah. (North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, online served by ancestry.com)

1803 – Jun 3 – FL Clay Middleburg – Admin – Jonathan Knight -  Cattle Brand Registered: Captain Jonathan Knight's Cattle Brand was a J merged with the K to form his initials JK. Captain Jonathan Knight (1781-1852) registered his cattle brand in Glynn County, Georgia on June 3, 1803, Deed Book E-75, page 221. In the mid 1800's the Knight family settled in Middleburg, Florida by Black Creek where their cattle was branded with the Knight cattle brand. (Huxford)

1803 - Sep 2 FL St. Augustine – Admin - John Knight - and his son, Jonathan Knight, granted land in Spanish Florida. They signed Oaths of Allegiance to the Spanish Government, stating that John was married, a farmer, born in Virginia, that he had with him one son, one daughter, two negroes, two horses, and 30 head of cattle.  His residence was listed as Fernandina. Jonathan’s grant and oath (married, no children), were listed below John’s.  On the same day, they requested permission to return to the United States, to bring their families and property to Florida. (Huxford)

Note: If anyone can acquire images of these documents and send them to me, I will greatly appreciate it!

1805 - Mar 12 NC Edgecombe – Admin - Garrett Knight - Will of James Barnes witnessed by Garret Knight (text: Garreot), William Bridgers. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 17)

1805 - May 20 VA Prince Edward – Mar - Walton Knight & Nancy Hughes Yarbrough.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 520)

1805 May NC Edgecombe – Admin – Garret Knight - Will of Aziel Barnes witnessed by Jesse Farmer, Garret Knight (text: Garriet), Jacob Barnes. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 13)

1805 - Oct 8 FL St. Augustine – Admin - John Knight - asked to be released from his Spanish Land Grant due to the loss of his eyesight and permission to return to Augusta, Georgia, which request was granted on October 17, 1805. (Huxford)

1805GA Burke – Admin – John Knight - Heads of Family: John Knight w Rachel. (Maddox, Information on Some Georgia Pioneers - (GAF281.L3.M3))

1806 – Dec 24 VA Lunenburg – Mar - Tarlton W. Knight & Elizabeth W. Farmer – Bond date Nov 24.  Married 17 Dec 1806 by James Shelburne. (Bell 1930, p. 210; Matheny & Yates p. 74)

Note: Elizabeth Farmer was the daughter of Lodowick Farmer JR & Elizabeth “Betsy” Knight. Bell notes: “The date of the marriage – Nov. 24-1806 – is that given in the return of marriages by James Shelburne, the minister who performed the ceremony. That date is probably incorrect, and should be December 24, 1806. In the clerk’s office of Lunenburg County, Virginia, is preserved the letter of consent from Lodowick Farmer, for the issuance of the license for this marriage.  It is dated December 12, 1806. The early ministers were sometimes careless in making returns of marriages, apparently sometimes making up the lists from memory a considerable time after the event.” (p. 210)

1808 - Feb NC Gates  – Will -  James Knight. **  I James Knight of Gates County State of North Carolina, being very sick and weak in body but of sound and well disposing mind and memory thanks be to God for it, I do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following -
*  Imprimis, soul to God, decent burial etc.
Wife Rachel Knight: my plantation and land whereon I now live during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided between my two sons, John Knight and Benjamin Knight.
*  Sons Miles and Reubin: my Virginia land and Miles to have all the land that lies on the East side of the old Road that leads from Joseph Hares to Josiah Ellises and all the land that lies on the West side to Reubin Knight.
*  Son James Knight: all my land called the Whitefort pocosin binding on the lines of Timothy Sasselor, deceased…
Wife Rachel: Six negroes named, Fill, Demsey, Suke, Jinny, Peg & Pat… after her death to be equally divided among all my children at her discretion.
*  Daughter Elizabeth Knight: one negro girl named Siller, one feather Bed and furniture, one pine chest, one cow and calf
*  Daughter Nancy Knight: girl named Prudence, one feather bed and furniture, one pine chest, one cow and calf
*  Son Miles Knight, one negro boy named Jack, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one pine chest
*  Son Reubin, one negro by named Harry, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one pine chest.
*  Son James Knight: One negro boy named Peter, one feather bed and furniture one cow and calf, one pine chest
*  Son John: two small negro girls named Annaca and Rose, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one pine chest.
*  Son Benjamin: two small negroes named Ama, the boy named Jim, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one pine chest.
*  Daughter Patsy Knight: two small negro girls haned Pat and Vilate, one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one pine chest.
*  Son Dempsey Knight, one cow and calf, one Carpenters jointer, one hand saw, one smoothing, plane, one foot adz, and the use of my still to still his own liquor.
*  Dau. Mary Costen: one negro boy named Jo, one feather bed and furniture, one pine chest, one cow and calf.
*  Item: One hundred dollars of my money towards schooling my children Miles Knight, Reuben Knight, James knight, John Knight, Benjamin Knight, and Patsy Knight.
*  Balance of money to be equally divided between James Knight, John Knight, and Benjamin Knight after arriving to age.
*  Son Benjamin to have my brandy still.
*  The remainder of my Carpenter tools go to my son James Knight and the remainder part of the utensils to belong to the plantation and co.
Miles Knight: my young colt named Starling.
*  My other horses to the use of my wife and Plantation.
*  I appoint my well beloved wife Rachel Knight and my son Dempsey Knight to be my joint executors. etc etc
Wit: John Hare, John Sanders, Thomas Wiggins (mark) (North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, Book 1-3, 1779-1867, ancestry.com)

Note: Notice that he mentions "my Virginia Land" which he leaves to two of his sons. There's not enough information to determine where those lands are. In the will of his son, Dempsey, there is a mention made of his good friend Thomas C. Hines of Nansemond VA which strongly suggests that the lands must be there. That, and the associated names strongly suggest that this family comes down from James Knight of Isle of Wight/Nansemond, son of Capt. Peter Knight. That would make him a 2nd or 3rd cousin of John Knight of Sussex VA. I've had to insert a placeholder for a father for him which is not satisfactory, but with the dearth of Nansemond records, not much else to do.

1808 - Aug – NC Edgecombe – Will - Francis Eppes Knight – (b. 11 Feb 1766 Albemarle Parish, Sussex VA, son of John Knight & Elizabeth Stokes).
*  Wife not named. The whole estate be kept together during widowhood of my wife, or  until son Henry Knight arrive at 21.
Son: Jesse C. Knight, 1 negro, all my lands, tenements, and $500.
*  Son and Exr: Henry Knight, to have equivalent.
*  Should sons die without heirs, my negro man Dick shall fall to Betsy Cooper, dau. of Sukey Cooper of Southampton Virginia.
Bro. Lewis Knight’s son, Daniel: Negro Tom.
Sarah Howard: Negro girl Silvy.
Children of Rebecca Mayo, wife of Liventon (Livingston?) Mayo: Negro man, Pat.
* Everything else to my two brothers Charles J. Knight and John Knight.
Exr: Bro., Charles Knight.  Wit: Nathan Mayo, Sarah Howard. 

Note: See Will of John Knight, 1791 to cross-reference. He refers to his brothers Lewis, Charles and John, all named along with Francis Eppes Knight in the will of John Knight who married Elizabeth Stokes. Note that in this will, Francis leaves a bequest to “The children of Rebecca Mayo, wife of Liventon (sic) Mayo, but does not call her his daughter though she probably is, as is Sarah Howard. 

1809 - May 18 VA Lunenburg – Mar - Samuel Knight & Sarah Knott - Married by James Shelburne. (Matheny & Yates 1997, p. 74)

1809 – May 22 – GA Wayne – Admin – Passport -  Executive Department, Monday 22d May 1809: On the recommendation of William Clements, William Knight, and James Jones Esquires three of the justices of the peace for the County of Wayne, ORDERED That passports through the Creek nation be prepared for the persons after mentioned – to wit – One for Hubbard Parker and his family, and one for Lewis Parker and his family, which were presented and signed. (Potter 1982, p. 238)

Note: The William Knight named here was likely William Anderson Knight who married Sarah Cone.

1809 - Nov NC Granville – Will - Jonathan Knight, SR - *  In the name of God amen, I Jonathan Knight Senior of the State of N. Carolina &  County of Granville, being in a ---(bad or loe?) state of health though of a Sound mind and  memory doth make and ordain this my last will and Testement in manner  and form following to wit. 
** First: I lend unto my loving wife Judith Knight (Judath) all the land the East side of the road  bound as follows beginning at a white oak on the bank of the Tar River above the  bridge running South with the road as it now stands to where the line crosses  the east to middle Creek thence down the sd creek to the mouth thence up  the river to the first beginning, also three negroes to wit: Jim, Nell & Peter  and one mare caled (sic) Bedford, also all my household & kitchen furniture together with  my stock of hoggs, cows & plantation utencils during her natural life, and after  the death of my wife, I give unto my daughter Sarah W. Roffe all the (estate?) lent my wife except the negroe boy Peter to her & her heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item: I give unto my son John Knight all the land lying on the left side of the ----(road?) -----(where he?)  now lives bounded as follows, to wit. beginning at a white oak on the bank of the tar river  above the bridge, running up the -------(meanders?) of said river to Nailings corner thence ----  with Nailings line to the main road, thence North with the road as it now stands  to the first beginning to him his heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item: I give unto my grandson Jonathan Knight son of John Knight all the ---(land?)  lying on the East side of middle creek bound by Thos. Person's line & Tarr river &  sd creek to him his heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item:  I give unto my son Woodson Knight two hundred & fifty nine acres  of land whereon my said son now lives in Mecklingburg County Virginia and  one negroe man Jacob to him his heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item: I give unto my son William Knight five shillings besides what --(I?)  have allready (sic) given him to him his heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item: My will & desire is that after my death that all my estate not  given away in this my last will & testement be sold at the descression (sic) of  my executors hereafter named & the money arising therefrom after paying  my just debts be equally divided between Elizabeth Amis, Rachel Dejarnet,  Judath Amis, Polly Amis, Jonathan Knight & John Knight to them their  heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item: My will & desire is that after the death of my wife the negroe  boy Peter, lent my wife be sold at the descression (sic) of my Exrs (sic) & the (money?)  arising therefrom to be equally divided between Elizabeth Amis, Rachel Dejarnet, Judath Amis, Polly Amis, Jonathan Knight & John Knight to (them?)  their heirs & assigns forever. 
** Item: I do hereby appoint Jonathan Knight and William Amis Exrs. (sic) (of?)  this my last will & testement & do revoke all other wills heretofore made  by me in witness whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and affixed  my seal the 24th day of October 1807.  Jona'th Knight (seal)    
** Wm. Walker  James Richards  Nelson Nailling    
** State of N. Carolina  Granville County          November Court -- -- 1809  The foregoing last will & testement of Jonathan Knight Senr. was duly (proven?)  in open court by the oaths of Wm. Walker & James Richards two of the subscribing  witnesses to the same & ordered to be recorded.  At the same time William Amis  named as Executor of said Will refused to qualify --- --- (as such?) wherefore  Jonathan Knight also named as Executor came into court & qualified (as?)  such.     Witness  (can't read clerks signature) (Recorded in Will book 7. p. 80, Granville County, North Carolina, transcribed by Mary Knight)

Note: Jonathan Knight, Sr. b. ca 1735 Virginia d. bef Nov. 1809 Granville County, NC. was the son of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson of Lunenburg County Virginia. Jonathan married Judith Woodson February 24, 1757, Goochland Parish, Goochland County, Virginia. Their son John Knight b. ca 1760 Granville Co., NC. above mentioned in his will married Martha Montague March 29, 1788, in Oxford, Granville co., NC. This means, of course, that several of his children, including Jonathan, were by an unknown first wife.

Many think that Jonathan, son of John and Elizabeth Woodson, was born c. 1721, however, a close examination of the tithable lists of Lunenburg County show when he turns age 16 in 1751 and thus establishes his birth year as about 1735.

We are unsure of the year John Knight, son of Jonathan, moved from Granville Co, NC to Tennessee, but it was likely very shortly after the affair entered at 1812 May 30 wherein John and his son Jonathan appear to have run afoul of creditors and the law.  On 1815 Nov 17 John purchased 188 acres of land in Smith County Tennessee, on the North side of the Cumberland River, from Ellis B. Beasley.  John paid $600.00 for this land on Defeated Creek that bordered the land of Miles West, John Reeves & Jonathan Beasley.  Considering he could not pay a 24 pound debt in 1812, one wonders, of course, how he came by this sum. (The Deed was witnessed by Miles West & Shadrack Moore.  Recorded in Smith County Deed Book E. page 351.)

Shortly after Martha's death, John Knight made a deed of gift to his children for this same 188 acres of land on Defeated Creek, and 7 slaves, in December of 1838. On February 1, 1839 the heirs of John Knight divided the land and the 7 slaves that were gifted to them by their father. The heirs were Thomas Latane Knight, William Montague Knight, Henry M. Knight, Ellis E. Knight,  Caty (Catherine Knight) Ramsey (husband unknown), Charlotte Knight - Smith (wife of Daniel Smith) and (Martha Knight) "Patsy" West (Wife of Robert West) (Recorded in Smith County Deed book P, pages 119 through 121.)

Martha Montague was b. ca 1758 VA and died September 09, 1838, Smith Co. TN.  John Knight October 19, 1843, Smith Co. TN.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it appears that William Knight, son of Jonathan, was more or less given short shrift in the will and one wonders why.  Read the entry for 1833 – Dec 20 – KY Henry below for the further adventures of this William.

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