Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1810 - 1819

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.

1810 - Apr 21 VA Greensville – Mar - Silas Knight & Mary Ann Davis – d/o William Davis who gave his consent.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850)

Note: Silas is the son of Joel Knight and grandson of John Knight of Sussex.

1811 - Nov NC Edgecombe – Will - Peter Eppes Knight - Written May,1809: Wife & Extx: Ann, I lend plantation I now live on reversion to son: Peter Epps Knight, 1 negro wench, cattle, sheep, stock, furniture, loom and weaving gear, ploughs, cart, puter dishes, basons, 12 spoons, etc. 
*  Son & Exr: Jesse Knight tract of land bought of John Hodge, also 73 acres I took up adjoining same. 
*  Son: Arthur Knight, tract bought of James Jones, another tract bought of Benjamin Pippen, tract adjoining James Adams and my own land. 
*  Son & Exr: John Knight, tract of land lying on Fishing Creek, bought of Joseph Hart
*  Son: Willis Knight, I lend plantation bought of Allen Hardy during his life, reversion to his son, Jordon Knight
*  Dau: Lucy Batts, 2 Negroes. 
*  Son: Charles Knight, Plantation bought of Elias Fort, also tract I took up adjoining Benujamin Batts and 1 negro. 
*  Dau: Mary Lawrence, 1 negro. 
*  Son: Peter Epps Knight JR, 110 acre tract of land bought of James Howard, and 1 negro boy. 
*  Dau: Elizabeth Knight, negro. 
Walker Knight’s 5 youngest chil: James, Martha, Sisley, John and Charles Knight, $25 each. 
*  Wit: David Lawrence, James Weeks. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 195)

Note: This Peter Knight is son of John Knight and Elizabeth Eppes Knight of Albemarle Parish, b. 8 Jan 1739 where his birth is recorded. Peter refers to  Walker Knight, son of his brother, John. He refers to purchasing land from Benjamin Pippen, and his father mentions his daughter, Lucretia, married to Joseph Pippen, so the connexion is sound. He left a bequest to the five youngest children of Walker, apparently excluding Walker’s eldest child, dau. Lucy Knight Hammond. I believe that this is due to the fact that Elizabeth Knight, dau. of Peter, was mother to the five youngest children of his brother, but that the eldest was child of a first wife who had died. Walker 18 years older than his second wife was 44 when his first child by Elizabeth Knight was born in 1806; Eliz. was 26 at the time, so the family might have been glad that she married at all! Cousin marriages were common enough in those times, but I think they were still possibly considered not the usual way things should be done. I have not found the name of Walker’s first wife.

1812 – May 30 – NC Granville – Admin – Jonathan Knight – “To any lawful officer of (any) County (Granville) to execute and return in 30 days from the date hereof, Sunday excepted, I command you to take the body of John Knight & Jonathan Knight, Executors of Jonathan Knight dec’d, if to be found in your County under .___ to cause to appear before the me or ___ other Justice of the Peace in said County to answer the complaint of John ____ for the non-payment of twenty-four pounds four shillings and two pence due by note given under my hand and seal this 30th May 1812 Signed: H. Williams. 

Followed by: The Defendants appeared before me and acknowledged the service of this warrant and confessed judgment to the Plaintiff for twenty-four pounds, four shillings, 2 pence debt granted by me. Signed: H. Williams. 

Followed by:  July 15 1812: I command you to levy on the goods & chattels of John Knight & Jonathan Knight, executors of Jonathan Knight deceased, sufficient to satisfy the above judgement with all legal cass for the want of such goods & chattles you are to levy on the land, tenements & make known where the land lyes & whose adjoining at return to the next County Court the same. Given under my hand, etc, H. Williams.

Followed by: No personal property found of John Knight therefore levyed on 100 acres of land more or less adjoining the widow Ralph & Nelson Nailing (Nayling) on the south side of Tarr River near Dickinson’s Bridge. July 16, 1812 Signed: Richard Wood, CL. (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998 for Jonathan Knight, Granville, Estate Records, images online, ancestry.com)

Note: The “Widow Ralph” is likely to be Sarah Knight Rolfe, sister of the John involved in the above affair. See Jonathan Knight SR's will 1809 Nov for other details.

1813 - Mar 15 NC Jones – Admin – Kader Knight – Land say byJoseph Knight to Kader Knight, Jr. for $200.00, 100 acres on Mill Creek to Island Branch. Wts: Nicholas A. Bray, Elijah Simmons.  (Hargett Gwynn 1963, p. 505)

1813 - Aug 23 GA – Mil - Meredith Knight - Captain Benjamin Henry’s Company of Drafted Infantry, 2nd Reg’t Georgia Militia.  The record shows that he died in service 1813 Oct 1. (National Archives served by ancestry.com)

1814 - Mar 14 - VA Northumberland – Admin - Zephaniah Knight - Orphan of John Knight chose Seth Lunsford as his gdn. (NC OB 1811-15:21) 

Note: See the 1793 Jan 2 Marriage of Joseph Edwards & Nancy Lunsford with John Knight as bondsman. (Headley 2002, p. 122)  This John Knight, prob. friend of Edwards, may have also married a Lunsford before this or later.

1815 SC Laurens – Mar - William Smith Puckett & Delilah Knight - Daughter of John Knight and his wife Betsy Rutledge who was a widow at the time of her marriage to John Knight. “She was probably a Douglass of Lancaster or Chesterfield Counties before her first marriage.” (The Pucketts of South Carolina, p. 29)

1815 - May 8 VA Greensville – Mar - Silas Knight & Elizabeth Fielding.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 257)

1815 - Nov 17 TN Smith – Admin - John Knight - Of Jackson County TN purchases 188 acres on the North side of the Cumberland Riv. on Defeated Creek,  from Ellis B. Beaseley adj. Miles West, John Reeves & Jonathan Beasley. Wit: Miles West & Shadrack Moore. (Smith County Deed Book E. page 351)

Note: John Knight b. ca 1760 Granville Co., NC. above mentioned in his father’s will 1809 Nov, married Martha Montague March 29, 1788, in Oxford, Granville co., NC. Martha Montague was b. ca 1758 VA and died September 09, 1838, Smith Co. TN.  John Knight died October 19, 1843, Smith Co. TN. It appears that after the attachment of his property for debt in Granville NC, John headed for Tennessee.

1816 - Feb NC Edgecombe – Will - Jesse Knight - Feb. Ct, 1816, Wife: Mary (Cobb), during her widowhood, plantation and land, 2 negroes, stock, cattle, furniture, cotton wheel, cotton cards, flax wheel, case of knives and forks, iron pot and hooks, Dutch Oven, chairs, table, riding chair, Brandy still, 12 months provisions, etc. 
Son & Exr: Allen Knight, land and plantation I purchased of Amos Johnston, saddle, furniture, etc.;
*  Dau: Temperence Knight
, bed furniture, $350.;
*  Dau: Martha Miller
, furniture and $350;
Son: Peter Knight, land purchased of Henry Anderson and James Cook, also piece purchased of Samuel Wren
Dau: Nancy Knight, 1 negro.
*  My two sons: Jesse B. Knight and Edwin Knight, 6 negroes. 
Dau: Lydia Knight, 1 negro. 
Son: Lewis Knight, land purchased of Noah Pippin and Benjamin Pippin, another piece purchased of John Knox;
Son: Arthur Knight, land and plantation my father gave me and two other tracts I took up adjoining same. 
Dau: Sylviah Knight, 1 negro.  Property lent wife during widowhood to be sold and equally divided. Exr: Eaton Cobb. Wit: John W. Cherry, Theophilus Cherry. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 194)

Note: Jesse Knight was the son of Peter Eppes Knight and Ann Bell Knight, both of whom left wills. He was the brother of Arthur Knight, whose will we have, Willis Knight/Will, Walker Knight/Will and Peter Eppes Knight JR/2. Peter Eppes Knight 1, was the son of John Knight/Will and Elizabeth Stokes Knight. This latter John Knight is the son of John Knight of Sussex and Elizabeth Eppes Knight.

1816 - Dec 16 NC Jones – Admin - Kader Knight – Land sale to Thomas Hall, esq., for $200.00, the following tracts of land on southside of Trent river and on Reedy Branch in the counties of Jones and Craven… Wts: Richard Foscue, Samuel Knight. (Hargett Gwynn 1963, pp. 546-547)

1817 - Feb 28 KY Christian – Admin - Thomas Knight - of Humphreys County, Tennessee, to James Turbeville (Turbyville) of C. for $950, a certain tract of land in C. on Pond River containing about 323 acres, entered in the name of John Knight on certificate #213. Signed: Thomas [T his mark] Knight  witnesses: Jethro Oats, Richard Mason; (Recorded: March 3, 1817, Deed Book G, page 339)

1817 – May 8 – GA Laurens – Mar – Elizabeth Knight & Daniel Trammel (GA Marriage Records, microfilm image online, served by ancestry.com)

1818 - Apr 28 VA Albemarle – Mar - Elizabeth Knight & James Burns.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 3)

1818 - Aug NC Edgecombe – Will - Charity Carter Knight Benton -  Son & Exr: James Benton, 1/3 of whole estate – reason: attended to me and my business.  Dau: Pheraba, 20 shillings, already provided for; Gr. daus: Salley Nicholson and Evelina B. Benton, 1 dress each. Son: Allen Knight; Daus: Elizabeth C. Benton and Polly Corbin; dec’d dau: Sally; dec’d sons: Kindred Knight, John C. Knight; dec’d dau: Elizabeth Nicholson.  Wit: John Jenkins, William Howerton. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 37)
Note: Charity Carter married Moses Knight, son of John Knight and Isabell Carter.  She was the daughter of Kindred Carter and Mary Brown.

1818 – Dec 8 – NC Orange – Will – Ephraim Carrington – Wife Priscilla to rec 1/3 of land including the plantation “whereon I now live during her natural life.”  After her death to be divided among three sons: Morgan, Sion (Sihon) & John.  To Wife: horse named Colonel, cows, hogs, furniture, household items, money, etc.  Remaining goods, cattle, etc, to be divided among sons, Morgan, Sion and John and daughters: Charlotte, Dicey and Polly. Herbert Linus (?) and John J. Carrington executors. (North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998, Vol 1-3, 1785-1865, image served by ancestry.com)

Note: The John J. Carrington listed as executor is most likely a brother.  His father did not name all his children in his will, and a John JR seems likely. This John J. is the father of Mary Carrington who married John Knight, grandson of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson Knight of Lunenburg. This John was the sergeant in the GA militia during the Revolution. After the death of his wife, Mary Carrington Knight, John married Temperance Head Bullard, a widow.

1818 - Dec 15 VA Greensville – Mar - Kindred C. Knight & Rebecca B. Brown - (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 257) 

Note: Son of Kindred Knight who was the son of Moses Knight and Charity Carter Knight. His father was deceased as mentioned in the will of his grandmother, Charity Carter Knight Benton.

1819 - Jun 15 GA Jasper/Randolph – Mar - William Knight & Catharine Nelson -  Robert Richardson, J.P. (Image online served by ancestry.com).

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