Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1820 - 1829

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.


1820 – VA Orange – Will - William Knight – The William Knight who married Delphia Oakes  (Fletcher, p. 98)  died in this year.  In VA Wills and Probate Records, there is an executors’ bond by William Knight and Philip Castelaw to handle the estate of William Knight dec’d.  The children listed are: Sally Knight, William L. Knight, Reuben Knight, Lunsford Knight, Lewis Knight, Thomas Knight and Delphia Knight, all of whom were apparently underage. (VA Wills and Probate Records, images online served by ancestry.com)

1820 - Feb – NC Edgecombe – Will - James Adams - mentions his daughter Sally, married to Charles Knight. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 1) 

Note: This Charles Knight is the son of Peter Epps Knight and Ann Bell Knight.

1820 - Nov 8 – VA Albemarle – Mar - Lucy Knight & John Lamb.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 3)

1820 - Nov – NC Edgecombe – Will - Ann Knight - Widow of Peter Eppes Knight (d. 1809)
*   Leg: Gr. son: John Lawrence, son of Joshua Lawrence, featherbed and furniture. 
*   It is my desire my negro woman Judah shall have her freedom after my death. 
*   Exr: Joshua Lawrence, refused to serve because unable. Wit: William Haynes, SR, Bythal Haynes. (Williams & Griffin, p. 192)

1821 - Jan 1 – GA Wayne – Admin – John Knight - granted Power of Attorney to “my son” Jonathan Knight” to obtain two grants for him, one in Hall County and the other in Habersham County.  He was living in Wayne County at the time.  (Folks Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Vol. 10, pp.257-259)

Note: See 1820 census for Wayne County; no John Knight there, nor a Jonathan Knight.  However, a Jonathan Knight is in Effingham County and has in his household “1 male 45 and over” but apparently, no older female so Rachel must have been dead by this time.  There are several John Knights in the 1820 census, but only that one Jonathan and only one of the John Knights named in that census were over 45 and he was in Jasper County.  But then, see also the next item. 

1821 - Jan 16 – GA Wayne – Admin – John Knight - Lot No. 119 in the 10th District, Georgia, consisting of 250 acres of land, was also granted to John Knight, a Revolutionary Soldier, of Crows District, in Wayne County, Georgia, on January 16, 1821. (Habersham 13, District 5-6, 10-12, p. 6, Sec. of State, Atlanta GA.)

Note: It seems rather certain that it was the John Knight who married Mary Carrington who was in the GA Militia during the Revolution and who died in Wayne County, while John Knight of Effingham served in SC only. I would like to see the actual document that Folks Huxford was working from because I believe he was conflating the two John Knights and perhaps the text did not say "Jonathan" but rather "John". Most of the family of John Knight of Effingham removed to Lowndes County by the time of the next census.

1821 - Jan 30 – NC Jones – Will - Kader Knight -  To wife Catherine, manor house and plantation whereon I now live, all lands on both sides of Mill creek and also land whereon Samuel Knight now lives, in all 57 acres, for her lifetime, all horses, cattle and hogs, all tools, household furniture, and at her death divided between children Tamer Knight, Easter Knight and John Knight; To son Joseph Knight, one shilling, having already advanced him; to daughter Mary Knight, one shilling, having already advanced her; to son Samuel Knight, one shilling, having already advanced him, to son Kader Knight JR, one shilling, etc. Exrs: my wife Catherine Knight. Wts: Enoch Foy, Enoch Ward. (Gwynn 1963)

1821 - Apr 9 – VA Prince Edward – Mar - Thomas Knight & Sally Ellington.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 520)

1821 - Oct 23 – GA Bulloch/Effingham – Admin – John Knight, Thomas Knight - Thomas N. Morel, esq. of Savannah, to Mr. John Rawls, Oct. 4, 1821, for 350 dollars that parcel of land originally granted to John Morel, esq, then in Effingham Co., now in Bulloch, 1000 acres granted AUG. 6, 1788, bounded at the time of grant N.W. by Morel and Bowen's land, NE by land reserved for John and Thomas Knight and on every other side by vacant land and came to Thomas N. Morel, esq, as an heir of John Morel, esq. deceased. Wit: Job T. Bolls, George L. Cope, Rec: Oct 23, 1821 . (Records, Deed Book and Record Book 5, 819-1840 (page numbers are to original records) p. 434)

1822 - Feb NC Edgecombe – Will - Nancy Bell - Mother, Nancy Bell: all estate for her lifetime.  At her death, estate goes to my infant dau Sally Ann.  If she should die before maturity, estate to be equally divided between my sisters: Catherine Bell and Sally Dancy and my nephew Francis Henry Knight and my 2 nieces Elizabeth Stokes Knight and William Ann Knight.  It is my will that my friend Charles Knight take guardianship of said infant dau Sally Ann. Exr: Charles Knight. Wit: Benj. B. Hunter, Honor Bradley. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 34)

Note: This is a very problematical document.  Based on the date, the Charles Knight in question should be a mature man. John Knight and Elizabeth Stokes Knight had a son, Charles, dates uncertain but possibly 1777-1848. On the other side, Peter Epps Knight, also son of John and Eliz. Stokes Knight, and Peter Eppes Knight’s wife, Ann Bell Knight, had a son, Charles Knight; his dates are 1795-1874. Two marriages show up for a Charles Knight in the ballpark for either of them: Sarah “Sally” Adams and Lucy Evans. Who belongs to who? And who are the parents of Francis Henry Knight? And William Ann Knight? And how do they connect to the daughter of Drucilla Knight and Simmons B Staton who was also named “William Ann”? How could Nancy Bell have a child, and a mother named Nancy Bell unless she married a Bell cousin?  How did she connect to the Knights?  The infant daughter, Sally Ann, apparently died in 1837 and a legal action was initiated against Charles Knight for mismanagement of the estate, but no clues found in the documents.

1822 - Aug 12 FL Duval – Admin – Britton Knight - Duval County was created August 12, 1822. On December 16, 1822, the first county court convened at Jacksonville for the transaction of county business. The Justices were Thomas Reynolds, William G. Dawson, Rigdon Brown, and Britton Knight. (Thomas Frederick Davis (1911) History of Jacksonville; Jacksonville Board of Trade)

Note: Britton is the son of Zachariah Knight & Chloe Smart.  Recall also that the wife of George Knight, father of John 1747, was Jean Dawson which may indicate a connection.

1822 - Dec 11 GA Wayne – Admin – John Knight - Resolution of the Senate Committee received and granted a petition from John Knight for his service in the Regular Company of the First Regiment of Georgia during the Revolutionary War.  He was given $400.00 “in lieu of land and as coumpensation for his bounty warrant.” (Huxford)

Note: Again, this John Knight is not the John Knight of Effingham.

1823 - Feb 9 VA Albemarle – Mar - Ann Knight & Fountain Gentry.  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 4)

1823 - Dec 26 GA Bulloch – Admin – Jerusha Knight – Land sale between John Simmons of Henry Co. and John McMichael of sd. Co… consid. of $180… Simmons conveys tract in 1st dist. Henry Co., Lot no. 135 cont. 202 ½ acres drawn by Jarrushed Knight (Jerusha Knight) widow of Bullock Co. and gtd. to her 8 Nov. to John McMichael of Henry Co. Signed: John Simmons. Wit: D. Andrews, Silas Elliott. (Rec. March 15, 1824, Deeds, p. 434)

1823 - Dec 29 GA Bulloch – Admin - Thomas Knight -  planter, to Allen Denmark, Planter, Dec. 29, 1823, for 100 dollars, 250 acres in the 8th District of Early Co., known as Lot #231. Wit James Denmark, Richard A. Lane, A. Rawls. Rec: Jan. 24, 1823  (Unsourced at the moment)

1825 - Mar 15 – VA Albemarle – Mar - Fanney Knight & William Dunnevan (Donovan?)  (VA MG REC 1700-1850, p. 4)

1826 - Sep 2 – GA Bulloch – Admin – John Knight, Robert Knight - Morgan Brown, Allen Rawls and James Rawls, execs. of the will of John Rawls, to Peter Cone, highest bidder at public outcry, for $1,650, land on the Ogeechee River as follows: 100 acres original granted to Oliver Bowen...a tract of 500 acres originally granted to John Knight; 100 acres originally granted to Robert Knight... Wit: Alexander Knight, Abraham Richardson, JP. Rec: 22 Sept. 1826 .

Note:  The estate of John Rawls was settled in 1826, and part of his estate consisted of land that was previously owned by John Knight and Robert Knight that was evidently adjoining. Peter Cone immediately turned around and sold most of the land back to Rawls: Peter Cone to Allen Rawls and James Rawls, $1,650 for the following lands on the Ogeechee River: 100 acres original granted to Oliver Bowen: 200 acres originally granted to John Knight, 100 acres originally granted to Robert Knight ...Rec: Alexander Knight, A. Richardson, JP. Rec. Oct. 7, 1826 . It looks like he kept 100 acs.

1826 – GA Fayette – Admin – Joel Knight – 202 acs. (GA Property Tax Digest, 1926, microfilm online served by ancestry.com)

1827 - May 7 GA Bulloch/Screven – Admin – William Smith & Annath Knight Smith - Deed headed Georgia, 23 Jul 1828 bet. William Smith of State of S.C. and Beaufort Dist. for himself and in right of his wife Annath Smith formerly Annath Knight and as Gdn.. of the orphans and minor heirs of Stephen Knight dec’d. late of sd. State first afsd. and Screven Co. of the first part and Solomon Bryan of Screven Co., Ga. of other sd. William Smith on 5 June 1826 appt’d by Honorable the Inf. Ct. of Screven Co. sitting for Ordinary purposes appt’d Gdn. afsd. of the person, property of the orphas and minor heirs… on 7 May 1827 at public outcry at the Cthse. in Henry County. and publically advertised agreeable to the Ct. on the 1st Tus. being the 6 May 1828 the following described tract of land drawn by heirs of sd. Stephen Knight dec’d. in one of the land lotteries… when sd. Solomon Bryan being highest bidder of same… consid. of $300.50 … convey tract cont. 202 ½ acres adj. Lot no. 67, 61, 69 and 93 as represented by the orig. plat in 6th Dist. Henry Co. and known as Lot no. 68. Signed: William Smith, Guardian. Wit: Seaborn Goodall, Alexander Kemp, J.I.C. (Rec. 18 Aug 1828, GA Land Records online)

Note: As noted already, this Stephen Knight appears to have been the son of Zachariah Knight.

1827 – GA Dekalb – Admin – Land Lottery Grants – Aaron Knight.  (Knight 1920, p. 359)

1827 – GA Walton – Admin – Land Lottery Grants – Thomas Knight.  (Knight 1920, p. 359)

1828 - Jan 26 GA Bulloch – Admin – Jerusha Knight - Inventory and apprisement of estate of JERUSHA KNIGHT. Alexander Knight, admir. by Issac Richerdson, William Lee and George MIKELL. (Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Intestate Records  , Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1986, p. 183.)

Note: Compare to the 1792 Mar 28 entry regarding the sale of land in SC by Joseph Knight of Effingham to George McCall of Darlington Dist., S C  that was granted John Knight 21 April 1775, lying on south side of Pee Dee River. Witnessed by John Moore, William McCall and John McCall. Clearly the name “ MIKELL is a phonetic rendering of McCall. Note also that Elhannon McCall married Elizabeth Knight, dau. of Rev. Samuel Knight and Mary Roberts Knight. John and William McCall were sons of Charles McCall and Celete Ann Williams McCall and uncles of Elhannon McCall. Note also that Alexander Knight is a witness to the sales to and from Peter Cone, and was administrator of the estate of Jerusha Knight. I haven't figured out how Alexander fits it.

1828 - Sep 18 MS Covington – Admin – Knights - Leaf River Baptist Church was formed by Norvell Robertson. First members: Gillis Sumrall, James Reddoch, Albert Knight, John Knight SR, Caleb Hill, William Knight, William Duckworth, John Knight JR, Samuel Ainsworth, Jesse N. Roberts, William Bynum SR, Keziah Speed, Elizabeth Jolly, Mary Young, Sarah Hill, Anna Reddoch, Tolly Knight, Sally Speed, Mason Knight, Tolly Ducksworth, Keziah Thomas, Sally Duckworth, Keziah Bryant, Ferougel Ainsworth, Ruth Duckworth, Jeriah Sellers, Sophia Duckworth, Elizabeth Knight, and seven colored persons: Henry, Lewis, Levin, Ester, Katey, Lucy and Dinah.

1829 - Aug NC Edgecombe – Will - Arthur Knight -  Wife: Sally, bequeath 340 acs. land whereon I live, reversion to “friend and relative by affinity”, Arthur Barlow.  If Arthur Barlow die before reaching age 21 yrs., reversion shall be to Joseph Knight, son of my bro. John Knight, also 11 negroes, etc. to my wife.
*  Arthur Barlow and David Barlow to share my right in land called Bishop Land which I purchased at Arthur Bishop’s sale.
*  Exr: Benjamin Batts, John Lawrence, son of Joshua Lawrence.  Wit: J.R. Lloyd, Benjamin Boykin. 
*  Exr. refused to serve, Sally Knight appointed as Adm., entered into bond of $20,000 with Arthur K. Barlow and David Barlow, Securities. (Williams & Griffin 1956, p. 192)

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