Once a Knight is Enough

Knight Genealogy

by Laura Knight

Knight Records 1710 - 1719

See Knight Records 1166-1549 for key.


1710 - Jan VA Henrico – Will - Henry Jordan – To two sons, Henry Jordan and Thomas Jordan, my plantation I live on to be equally divided, the part with the house to Thomas.  * To each of them a cow and featherbed.  * All the rest to my wife’s discretion.  * To every one of my daughters, 1 shilling.  * Wife to be executrix.  Dated 4 Nov 1710.  Wit: William Wathers, William Whitler, Probate granted to Anne, relict of Henry Jordan January 1710.  (Weisiger 1998, p. 97)

1710 – Feb 6 – NC Bertie – Will – Thomas Carter -  On this day, Thomas Carter… “being very sick and weak of body…” made his will which left his estate to his wife, Magdalen, and devised …"unto my daughter Martha the plantation which I now live on, as long as she lives after my loving wife…." Then,…"after my daughter Martha [dies] I give the plantation to my son Alexander"…. The will was probated 10 April 1710 (Isle of Wight Wills and Deeds # 2, p. 499).

1710 - Feb 15  – VA Northumberland – Will -  Thomas Knight - Leaves whole estate to his wife, Mary and her three grandchildren, Linsfield Sharp, John Sharp, and Mary Sharp. Ex. And Overseer: good Friend, Mr. Hancock Lee”. Probated 21 Mar 1710. (Sparacio, NCDWA 1670-1672 and 1706-1711 p. 87) Note: Thomas apparently died without issue of his own. He married Mary Sharp, a widow, and when he died, she had grandchildren, so both of them must have been elderly. They were married before witnessing the will of Hancock Lee in 1706. Hancock Lee predeceased Thomas Knight by 7 months, so was unable to act as his overseer.

1710 – Apr 10 –VA Isle of Wight – Admin – Thomas Ward - Of Surry:  George Moore and wife Jane, conveyed to Thomas Ward of Surry County 100 acres,…part of a patent of 1,400 acres to Moore in 1669… and adjoining the land …lately bought by Ward from Robert Munger…. The witnesses include George Carter, Moore Carter, and their cousin Henry White (named as a grandson in George Moore’s will).(Isle of Wight Deed Book # 2, p. 145.) 

1710 - Jun 19 VA Northumberland – Admin - James Knight - Of Great Wiccomocco Parish sells to Joseph Knight of same parish, for 3000 lb tobo, 50 acres land “formerly my Father Peter Knight’s”. Adj head of Great Wiccomocco River, adj. land of Edmond Bassey (Basie) JR. Wit: Benjamine Browne, Martha Knight, John (X) Smith.  Re-rec. by Joseph Knight 19 Jun 1713. (Fleet, NC, p. 560) 

Note: Is Martha Knight the wife of one of these men, and if so, which one?  The earliest Joseph Knight I have found in VA are the family of Joseph from James City consisting of him and his three sons, Edward, Joseph and William. We already suspect strongly, with evidence, that Edward Knight married Barbery, the daughter of Anthony Coleman, who was baptized at St Bride’s Fleet Street London where Capt Peter Knight was also baptized. Edward thus became one of the heirs of the Anthony Coleman (just as Samuel Clarke became the heir and next of kin of Peter Knight of Gloucester). See 1654 Jun 1.

However, all of those records are over 60 years in the past relative to this record and up to this point in time, we have not seen a Joseph Knight in Northumberland. Could this be a grandson of Joseph Knight, the patriarch of James City who was probably of a similar age to Capt. Peter Knight? Does this suggest a familial relationship between Capt. Peter and Joseph, perhaps cousins?

Is James, who is in his 50s by now, finally selling off the land his sister, Elizabeth lived on because she has died? Fifty acres would fit the bill of enough land that a couple of hands can manage as specified in the will of Capt Peter respecting his daughter, Elizabeth.

1710 - Aug 1 VA Henrico – Will - Mary Tucker Woodson - Relict of John Woodson:  To son Joseph Woodson, negroes Aggy and Jenny, and items. 
* To daughter Jane Woodson, negro girl Cockey. 
* To son Tucker Woodson, negro man Sambo, and items. 
* To son Benjamin Woodson, negro woman Marea, and items. 
* To grandson John Woodson, son of my daughter Jane, 2 heifers. 
* To granddaughter Mary Woodson, daughter of my daughter Jane, items. 
* To grandson Joseph Woodson, son of my daughter Jane, items. 
* To grandson Sandbourne Woodson, a negro girl Jenny, and if he die, she goes to the child my daughter (in-law) Mary, wife of my son Joseph, now goes with. 
* All the rest to my own son Joseph Woodson, and he to be sole executor.  Dated 24 Sept 1709, Wit Hannah Townsend, C. (Charles) Evans, Recorded 1 Aug 1710.  (Weisiger 1998, pp. 95-96)

Note: Jane Woodson, dau of John Woodson and Mary Tucker Woodson, married Joseph Woodson, son of Robert Woodson and Elizabeth Ferris. They were said, in the Quaker records cited above, to be "second cousins."

1710 - Nov 2 - VA Henrico – Admin - Robert Woodson & Rachel Watkins – Quaker Meeting Records: Meeting held at William Pates: “At this Meeting Robt Woodson Ju. and Rachel Watkins propos. their Intention of Mariage and William Pates JR and Hernry Watkins JR are apointed to enquire into their Clearness from all women and give their report to the Next Mo. Meeting.” (Images of original records served by ancestry.com, p. 64)

Woodson-Watkins 1

Woodson-Watkins 2

1710 – Nov 30 – VA Isle of Wight – Admin – George Moore – Made his will. A codicil was added prior to probate on 1714 Jan 24. The primary legatees were grandchildren among whom Moore named…Moore Thomas White… But George Moore did not have a grandson named Moore Thomas White. He did have a grandson George Thomas White who can be correctly identified in the will of his mother, Ann Moore White, 18 September 1739. George Thomas White left a will, received by the court on 25 June 1744. (See Chapman, Wills, pp. 142, 147.)

Note: The name Moore Thomas White or Moore White appears on no other record than the codicil. The recorder clearly erred in giving George Thomas White the wrong first name: “Moore”. The late Rev. E.S. Lucas of Southern Historical Press opined that this was a mistake of the recorder who confused Moore Carter and his first cousin George Thomas White and mangled the two names to read …Moore Thomas White.  (Chapman, Isle of Wight Wills, p. 54)

1710 - Dec 9 – VA Henrico – Robert Woodson & Rachel Watkins – Quaker Meeting Records: Att a Mo. Meeting held at Wm Pates the 9th of the 12 mo 1710 “Att this Meeting Robt Woodson Ju and Rachel Watkins The Second Time propos their Intentons of Marriage and they that were ass. to enquire Into their Clearness have found nothing against Their sd Intentions.  They have libert from This meeting To accomplish their Intentions where They Think fitt.” (Images of original records served by ancestry.com, p. 65)

Woodson-Watkins 3

Note: For some reason, the marriage must not have taken place at the Quaker meetings. The next time Rachel is mentioned, in April of 1711, she is Rachel Woodson. Obviously, Sarah Lewis, first wife of Robert Woodson, has died. These records completely clarify the order of his wives as well as the mothers of his children.  Any born after 1710 belong to Rachel.

1711 - Mar 13 VA Charles City/Prince George – Will – Edward Richardson - Inventory of Edward Richardson, dec’d, … appraised by Richard Adking, James Fletcher, Valentine Wilson, and John Knight, who were sworn before John Poythress… (VA Gen. Soc. Qrtly. Vol. 29. No. 1, p. 63)

1711 - Apr 28 Apr VA Elizabeth City – Admin - George Walker – Land patent granted to George Walker of sd county for 126 acs in sd. Parish & Co Adj. William Knight: the School land… (Nugent III, p. 113)

Note: Entry 1642 Oct 17 tells us that Henry Coleman patented land in Elizabeth City county with a William Knight as headright. Later, 1672 Aug 10, there was a William Knight who died intestate, leaving widow, Frances. This William was associated with Arthur Smith whose father of the same name, had been associated with Peter Knight of Gloucester.

In 1686 Apr 27, James Knight, prob. son of Capt. Peter Knight, patented land in Nansemond (which absorbed Elizabeth City).
In 1695 Apr 21, Hugh Campbell patented land in Isle of Wight "heretofore recorded in Nansemond County" using Charles, James and Richard Hawley as headrights. He previously used a John Knight in Princess Anne county just south of Elizabeth City and east of Nansemond.

Next, in 1697 Oct 28, Robert Coleman patented land in Nansemond using John Knight as headright.
In 1704, James Knight is on the Nansemond Rent Roll.

So who is this William Knight? A son of the original headright used by Coleman in 1642? Was this first William Knight the same who died in Isle of Wight? Was he related to Peter Knight of Gloucester and/or Peter Knight of Northumberland? Did the first William Knight have two sons, William and John? How were they related - if at all - to James Knight, son of Capt. Peter Knight? It is also possible – even likely - that William Knight and John Knight are the sons of James Knight and therefore grandsons of Capt. Peter Knight.

1711 - Apr 28 VA Lower Norfolk/Princess Anne – Admin - Edward Lammont (Lammount) – Land patent for 304 acres “on the seaboard side… Beg. At Mr. Lewis Conner’s Marsh to the mouth of Griffin’s Cr. Dividing this from Jacob Johnson…. Imp. Of 3 pers: Joseph Knight, Susannah Knight, his wife, & Sarah Harding.” (Nugent III, p. 117) Note: Princess Anne County created in 1691.

Note: No clue. I can only note that the 1682 Nov 20 John Lear Nansemond patent included Thomas Harding along with Samuel Clarke, Michael Thomas, and James Knight as headrights. We have one or two Josephs now in Northumberland county, and here we have a Joseph very close to Nansemond with James Knight who had been dividing his time between Northumberland and Nansemond.

1711 – Jul 28 – VA Nansemond – Admin - John Cotten - was living in Nansemond near the junction of the boundaries of that county with Isle of Wight and North Carolina. Philip Ludwell, one of the commissioners for the “setting the bounds” between N.C. and VA stated, July 28, 1711, that it was agreed next that we meet at John Cotten’s house at South Key. Also, from “Nansemond Indian Town” August 1, 1711, John Lawson, one of Comrs. for N.C. wrote to Benj. Harrison, a commissioner for Va. “I desire your appointment at John Cotten’s and hope it will be by the last of this month”(5 V. 21). (Bodie Vol III p. 82)

1711 Nov 21 VA Northumberland – Admin - Leonard Knight - Gives a deposition  re: survey of land and states that his age is 45. (Fleet, Northumbria Collectanea, p. 643) 

Note: This declaration indicates that Leonard was born about 1666, six years after his grandfather, James Hawley, gave a cow to sister Elizabeth (See entry: 1660 Feb 15) probably as a baptism or birthday gift. His age at this point means that he was about 39 when his father died and quite likely to have already been married for awhile and to have had children; further evidence says that he did despite the fact that no grandchildren were mentioned in the will of his father, though Capt. Peter did mention "heirs" of his sons as though they existed.

1712 - Jul 30 VA Richmond – Admin - Isaac Lee - Of Northumberland Co. Wrnt. 15 May 1711.  Surv. by Mr. Thomas Hooper. 223 acs in Richmond Co. adj. Mr. John Waugh Clk, dece’d, Mr. John Turberville, Thomas Brooks, Mr. Hancock Lee dec’d, Thomas Knight dec’d, above falls of Rappahanock R. (Gray 1987, p. 52)

1712 - Aug 21 VA NorthumberlandJames Knight - Re-rec. Peter Knight’s 1651 land patent. (Fleet, NC, p. 560)

1712 – Dec 23 – NC Bertie – Info – John Cotten - Gov. Pollock in reply – Wherefor would earnestly entreat yr: honor to order the duffells for us at Mr John Cotton’s at Blackwater, Likewise a dozen spades, twenty brass pans and about fifty or sixty hand granads, they being very necessary for the ready takeing of the Forts. I shall have a boat or cannoe at John Cotton’s on Monday next. It will be of extraordinary service to the Countrey at this time For the Army being to march out the first of the next month, If it come not before that time shall have no men to goe out— . . Tom Blount (Blunt), the Indian comeing in befor I had finished hath hindered my sending thes two days, so that i beleive if the boat or cannoe for the duffells be at Mr Cotton’s by Wednesday the last of this month, it may be time enough.  (found in Saunders’s Colonial Records taken from Calendar of Virginia State Papers Vol 1 p 157)

1713 – Jan 15 - NC Bertie – Info – John Cotten - Tho: Pollock to Gov. Spotswood — upon receat of yr honors last letter sent away a runner to Tom Blount (Tome Blunt), to desire him to be in at Mr Cottens on the 20th instant.. (from Calendar of Virginia State Papers Vol 1 p 161)

1713 - Apr VA York – Bap – Edmund Knight – s/o John Knight by Bridget; Charles Parish (Bell 1932, p. 123)

1713 - May 2 – VA Elizabeth City – Admin - Charles Cellie - Land patent in Eliz City Co, adj. William Knight… (Nugent III, pp. 131)

1713 - May 2 VA Henrico – Admin - Tarleton Woodson – Land patent for 102 acres “S. side James Riv. … on W. side of Neca Land Sw. 10 Shill.”  (Nugent III, p.129)

1713 - Nov 13 VA Charles City – Admin - John Stokes – Land patent for 5 ½ acres “being an Island of marsh … bet Windsor, on the E. side of old man’s Cr., & Pott’s neck on the W. side. … 15 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 134)

1713 - Nov 13 VA Nansemond – Admin – John Cotten – Land patent for 91 acres. Also: 158 acres.  (des Cognets)

1714 - Mar 31 VA Westmoreland  – Admin – Richard Knight - Deed from William Lord of Westmoreland County, Gent. to Richard Knight. (VA Hist. Soc. Vol. I, p. 201)

1714 - Jun 16 VA Nansemond – Admin – Samuel Parker - Land Patent for 200 acres “near head of Bennett’s Cr. … Imp. Of 4 pers: John Eye, Oril Hinson, James Gullaway, John Knight.  (Nugent III, p. 155)

1714 - Jun 16 VA Henrico – Admin - John Woodson & Charles Fleming –  Land patent for 1278 acres “on N. side of James Riv., called Elk Island, & land adjacent… Imp. Of 26 pers. Incl: John Harper, John Green, Nathaniel Cock, Thomas Bates, John Davis, George Thompson, William Southall, Peter Dixon, William Hilliard, Nicholas Taylor, John Thomas, Jane Constable, Elizabeth Lee, Thomas Rice, Mary Michell. ” (Nugent III, pp. 150-151)

Note:  All of these names should be familiar by now. Note especially Peter Dixon and recall the 1709 May 28 entry for John Knight who had a brother named Dixon. He left three sons: Charles Knight, John Knight and William Knight.  As it happens, John Knight of Lunenburg, who left a will, named his first son Charles. It was the children of John Knight of Lunenburg who also intermarried with the Colemans.

1714 - Jul 2 VA Northumberland – Admin - Joseph Knight - gives security for Mary Hornsby. (Fleet, NC, p. 560) 

Note: Recall the 1701 Oct 15 will of Mary Hornsby witnessed by Leonard Knight and Elizabeth Knight, children of Capt. Peter Knight.  Later, James Knight sold a tract of land to Joseph Knight. Here, we see another Mary Hornsby in relation to a Knight in Northumberland, perhaps a daughter. How were the Hornsby’s related to the Knights?

1714 - Dec 16 VA New Kent/King & Queen – Admin - William Lea – Land patent for 100 acs. “in St. Stephen’s Par; on W. side of Mr. John Madison’s Mill Sw. on N. side of Mattapony Riv; & Thomas Camp… Escheated from Thomas Ward (Wared), dec’d. by inquisition under Matthew Page, Esqr., Esch’r., … 2 Lbs. Tobacco.” (Nugent III, p. 163)  Note: The grandson of this William Lea, Joseph Lea, married Mary Knight, daughter of John Knight of Lunenburg who married Elizabeth Woodson.

1714 - Dec 23 VA Henrico – Admin - Robert Woodson, JR – Land patent for 1494 acs. on N. side of James Riv; on brs. Of Mill Cr. & Jenitoe Cr; adj. Mr. John Pleasants line; … 7 lbs 10 s. (Nugent III, p. 164)

1714 VA Richmond – Mar - John Knight & Mary Newburne -  Groom was from Spotsylvania County or Richmond County; bride may have been a dau. of Robert Newburne of same parish.  (Headley 2003, p. 216)

1715 - Mar 23 VA Surry – Admin - Samuel Clark – Land patent for 250 acres “S. side the main Blackwater Sw; on land formerly Col. William Randolph’s dec’d. … 25 Shill.” (Nugent III, p. 180)

1715 - Mar 23 VA Surry – Admin – John Cotten – Land patent for 75 acres. (des Cognets)

1715 - Jun 1 VA Richmond – Mar - John Knight & Katherine Phillips -  “Groom was prob. from Stafford County; bride was the only child of James & Isabella (Pannell) Phillips; (Headley 2003, p. 216)

1715 - Aug 16 VA Henrico – Admin - John Woodson – Land patent for 1696 acres “S. side of James Riv beg. At mouth of Giney-Towe Cr; … Imp. Of 32 pers.” Incl: James Gray, Robert Anderson, John Johnson, James Johnson. (Nugent III, pp. 170-171)

1715 - Aug 16 VA Henrico – Admin - Thomas Watkins – Land patent for 400 acres “on N. side the main br. Of Tuckahoe (Cr.) below the Devil’s Wood Yard; … 25 Shill., & Imp. Of 3 pers.”  (Nugent III, p. 172)

1715 - Aug 16 VA Princess Anne – Admin - John Watkins – Land patent for 63 acres in Lynhaven Parish “on a cr. Of Linhaven Riv…. Escheated from Wm. Brown, dec’d., by inquisition under William Randolph, Esqr, Esch’r., … 2 Lbs. Tobacco. (Nugent III, p. 173)

1716 SC Colony – Admin - Thomas Knight, Caleb Knight, petitioners. (Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.. South Carolina Census, 1790-1890. Compiled and digitized by Mr. Jackson and AIS from microfilmed schedules of the U.S. Federal Decennial Census, territorial/state censuses, and/or census substitutes. )

Note: I find no Caleb Knight in any of my records.  There are, however, a couple of them born at about the right time to be a petitioner or juryman at this time: Caleb Knight of New Hampshire, b. 1790, par: Enoch Knight and Anna Eastman; he died in NH in 1797; Caleb Knight b. 1791 in Rhode Island, but he was resident in RI as late as 1870. There was also a Caleb Knight b. 1787 in PA, and died there in 1844.  I didn’t find any of the right age in UK, so it seems that this guy is a complete mystery though he could have come from Bermuda as so many did at that time.

1715 - Sep 21  – VA Northumberland – Admin - Mary Knight - Ariskam Crowder orpht Son of Thomas Crowder deced is hereby bound an apprentice to serve Mary Knight her heirs Execrs & Admrs in all lawfull Services & imploymts until he shall attain the age of One & twenty years (he being Seven years old on the fifth day of last Augt) in Consideration whereof ye sd Mary Knight doth hereby oblige her self her heirs Execrs & Admrs to ye Justices of this County their heirs & Successrs for & on the behalf of the said Orpht in ye penal sum of five thousand pounds of toba to find and allow him ye sd Ariskam during the sd terme Sufficient Apparel, Dyet, Washing & Lodging to teach him or Cause him to be taught the trade of a Weaver and give him sufficient learning & Christian Education according to Law. (OB 1713-19, 130. Haynie 2007)

Note: This is very curious. Is this Mary Knight the daughter of Capt. Peter Knight? Is she the widow of George Knight, now independently established unlike her sister, Elizabeth, living alone on her brother's inherited land? It seems unlikely to be the widow of Thomas Knight, i.e. Mary Linsfield Sharpe Knight, whose husband died in 1710 since she would be rather elderly. Note also the mention of “heirs” of Mary Knight.  If she was the widow of George Knight, did they have children?

1715 - Dec 5 VA Henrico – Will - John Woodson -  To son Tarlton Woodson, tract called “Neck of Land” and 1000 acres at Dover on North side of James River, next to Charles Fleming, John Pleasants, and Bever Dam Creek. 
* To son Jacob Woodson, land at Dover next to Samuel Birk to mouth of Janitoe Creek, next to his brother Tarlton. 
* To son John Woodson, land next to his brother Jacob, the river, except 100 acres I gave Josiah Paine, son of George and Mary Paine, below Mill creek, son John to have part of tract with my corn mill and part of Sabot Island. 
* To son Robert Woodson, land below his brother John’s land, down the river, including my sawmill and part of Sabot Island. 
* To son Josiah Woodson, tract below his brother Robert, on the river, next to John Maxfield. 
* To son Stephen Woodson, tract below his brother, Josiah, down the river, next to John Huckaby’s, and the rest of Sabot Island. 
* To daughter Judith Woodson, the tract below her brother Stephen, on the river, next to land surveyed by William Womack. 
* To daughter Elizabeth Woodson, tract below her sister Judith, down the river.  8 To son Jacob Woodson, tract of land opposite Elk Island where Joshua Stephens now or late did dwell, 348 acres. 
* To sons Josiah Woodson and Stephen Woodson, my land at Half Sink on Chickahominy Swamp, except 150 acres bounded by line of John Pirant and the swamp, divided equally. 
* To sons Tarlton Woodson, John Woodson, Robert Woodson, and Jacob Woodson, each 1/4 of Elk Island 
* Special bequests of slaves to each child. 
* To son Tarlton Woodson, my plantation at Curls. 
* Executors to sell my land called “Bear Forest” on Allens Creek. 
* To son Talton Woodson, Peirces Swamp. 
* Personal estate to be divided equally among my 8 children
* Executors to deed 500 acres of land to John Maxfield for 5000 lbs tobacco, as already contracted, also 150 acres at Half Sink to Thomas Harwood for 3400 lbs tobacco. 
* My son Tarlton to confirm to my brother, Benjamin Woodson, the land he lives on at Chickahominy Swamp. 
* My son Tarlton to confirm to John Canon, son of William and Judith his wife, 100 acres on James River, and 100 acres to said William Cannon provided he pay my executors 10 lbs (money). 
* He is to confirm to Charles Huddesy 100 acres for which I have received payment. 
* Executors also to confirm to Edward Lester, land on Mill Creek, formerly bargained for; also to Henry Lester 200 acres on Mill Creek, provided he pay 20 lbs (money).  Also to Robert Hughes, 300 acres part of 500 for which I have Charles Fleming’s bond, for remaining 200 to John Jones of Manakin Town; also 100 acres to be confirmed to William Thornell, lying between Robert Adams and Richard Woodson, 10 lbs (money). 
* Sons Tarlton, John, Robert, and Jacob to be executors
* Dated 25 Nov 1715, Wit: Arthur Markham, Edward East, Barth. Necome, Mathew Dod.  Recorded 5 Dec 1715.  (Weisiger, 1998, pp. 117-118)

1716 VA Northumberland – Mar - Joseph Knight & Jone ___ - Children: George, Joseph (b. Feb 1719) and Benjamin (b. 27 Dec 1723). D. by 1726. (Wright 2013, p. 206)  Benjamin later marries Winifred ___. Their son, George, b. 10 Dec 1749. (Wright 2013, p. 205)

1716 - Oct 31 VA Henrico – Admin - Francis Epes, JR - Land patent for 690 acres “on N. side of Appamattuck Riv; beg. On a br. Of Wintopock Survey belonging to Capt. Fracis Epes & Company; to W. side of Mr. Henry Anderson’s Branch … 3 Lbs., 5 Shill., & Imp. Of: Margaret Merrimon.” Also: patent for lapsed land, 311 acres… “nigh the Indian Path; on the Old Town Run; upon condition of planting … which he failed to do; now granted…  10 Shill. & Imp. Of 5 pers.” Incl: John Johnson.  (Nugent III, p. 185)

1716 - Nov 24 VA Northumberland – Admin – Leonard Knight – Land record showing that Leonard Knight sold part of his inheritance to Richard Nutt. Land patent to: Joseph, Richard, John, & Benjamin Nutt of Northumberland Co. 257 ac. in Northumberland Co. in Great Wiccomocco Par. Adj. Indian Field Cr. On Great Wiccomocco R., Mr. Richard Neale, corner of 50 ac. bought by Richard Nutt dec’d of Leonard Knight, Col. Peter Presly, Fielding’s mill Pond. Surv. John Coppedge 24 Nov. 1716. (Gray, pp. 70-71)

1716 VA Stafford – Bur - William Knight - St Paul’s Parish Register.  (McGahn 1982, p. 278)  Note: Likely to be an adult since no parents are mentioned.

1716 SC Colony – Admin – Jury List - Thomas Knight, Caleb Knight, petitioners.  Caleb Knight is also on the Grand Jury list for St. Andrew Parish.

1717 - Jul 11 VA York – Bur – Bridget Knight – w/o John Knight. Charles Parish. (Bell 1932, p. 227)

1717 - Jul 15 – VA Nansemond – Admin - Simon Knight – Land patent for 171 acs. Up. Par. Of Nansemond Co; on head of the Honey Pot… adj. Col. Baker; & Mr. Wright;  Imp of 4 pers: Simon Knight, Elizabeth Knight, John Learwood, Anne Persall. (Nugnt III, p. 193)

1717 - Jul 15 – VA Henrico – Admin - Tarlton Woodson Land patent for 2307 acres “Known by the name of Bear Forrest; … N. side of James Riv; on N. side of a br. Of Pamunkey (Riv.); & N. side of Bear Br; … 11 Lbs., 5 Shill., & Imp. Of 2 pers, Robert Reyalls & Thomas Jones.” (Nugent 3, p. 191)

1717 - Jul 15 VA Prince George – Admin - William Coleman SR – Land patent for 100 acres “on W. side of Nansemund Cr., & on W. side of the gr. Branch thereof somewhat parallel to the River Path; adj. Joseph Tucker’s land … 10 Shill. (Nugent III, p. 195)

1717 - Sep 19 VA Northumberland – Admin – Joseph Knight - Anne Lowry, orphan, bound to Joseph Knight. (Fleet, NC, p. 560)

1717 - Oct 7 VA Henrico – Will - Francis Peirce -  To well beloved friend and brother Benjamin Bullington, the plantation where he now dwells, for his and his wife’s life.  * To my cousin Francis Peirce, son of William Peirce, all my land, that is my high land, whereon I now dwell.  * I have sold the swamp to John Woodson, and he is not to be molested.  * To cousin Elizabeth Peirce, daughter of William Peirce, a cow and calf, when of age or married.  * All personal estate to Benjamin Bullington, and he to be executor. Wit: John Woodson, Tarlton Woodson, John Woodson, Jr.  Rec 7 Oct 1717 (Weisiger 1998, p. 125)

1718 - Jul 7 VA Henrico – Will - Samuel Tucker Woodson - Of Henrico Parish written 9 Dec 1717:  To brother Joseph Woodson, land on Four Mile Creek, and 170 acres at Dover, if he pays the executors 5 lbs (money), if not, it goes to my brother Benjamin Woodson. 
* To my sister Jane Woodson, 100 acres at Dover, being the lower part of my land, and to pay my executors 5 lbs (money). 
* To my brother Benjamin Woodson, all my negroes, household goods, etc. 
* To cousin Tarlton Woodson, all my land in Curles, and that I bought of my brother Joseph. 
* Brother Benjamin to be executor. 
* Wit: Thomas Wadley, Charles Homes, Martha Hatcher, and Tarlton Woodson.  Rec: 7 Jul 1718 (Weisiger 1998, p. 127)

1719 – Jun 9 – NC Chowan Precinct – Admin – John Cotten – Land patent for 640 acs. SW side of Ahotsky meadow.  “The Petition of John Cotten was read Shewing that he purchased a Tract of Land of one Thomas Dyal lying at Ahotsky containing 640 acres which sd Land in Lapsable for want of due seating praying a Lapse patent for the same may be granted him.  Ord that the same be granted.”  (Hofmann 1696-1723, pp. 277, 832)

1719 – Aug 29 – NC Chowan Precinct – Admin - Charles Eden, Esquire, Governor to John Hardy, William Charlton, John Holbrook, John Cotten, Thomas Betterley, Samuel Pagett, Thomas Rountree, John Bryan son of Lewis Bryan, John Parker, Luke Mizell (Meazell) esquires By virtue of a commission from the Lord Proprietors appointing me Governor, Captain General and Admiral of the Province of N.C. with full powere and authority to Commissionate and appoint all officers and Magistrates-military and civil – I therefore, being appraised of the Loyalty, Prudence, and Integrity of you and each of you do hereby assign and appoint you Justices of the Peace for the Prect. of Chowan in the Co. of Albemarle to keep his Majesties Peace within the Prect. and John Hardy, William Charlton, John Holbrook, and John Cotton shall keep a Court four times every year, Vizt. on the 3rd Tuesday, in the months of Jan, Apr, July, and Oct. This Commission to continue during my Pleasure given under the seal of this Colony 29 Aug AD 1719 /s/ Charles Eden.  
* CHARLES EDEN, esquire, to JOHN HARDY, WILLIAM CHARLTON, JOHN HOLBROOK and JOHN COTTON By a Commission bearing the date 29 Aug 1719 power to administer the Oaths to be taken, as well as the Oaths of a Justice of the Peace to your associates Given under my hand and seal at Ann(sic) the Day and Year afrsd (Hofmann 1696-1723, pp. 21-22)

1719 - Nov 26 – VA Hanover – Info - County was created from the area of New Kent County called St. Paul's Parish.

VA 1721

1719 - Jun 11 NC Bath – Info – Tobias Knight - Death of Tobias Knight. He appears in North Carolina records as early as 1710 and within two years he figured prominently as the secretary and collector of the colony. He was accused of stealing from the Church after refusing to repay a debt, which Governor William Glover had accrued; Knight had married the Governor’s widow, Catherine, and many felt that he was responsible to pay the debt on her behalf. Then, the notorious pirate, Edward Thache, alias Blackbeard, was killed and some of his slaves were tried; they accused Tobias Knight of working with Blackbeard.  Charged as an accessory to piracy, Knight was tried in 1719 and gave his own defense; the governor, Charles Eden and the council were convinced of his innocence. Nevertheless, Knight resigned as the colony’s chief justice. He was then accused, along with the governor and others, of collusion with pirates.  Before this charge could be investigated, Knight, who had been suffering a long illness, died.  In his will, he made his wife, Catherine, executrix.  All lands etc were conveyed to his wife and step-daughter, Elizabeth Glover.  Witnesses were John Halton, Edward Chamberlayne, Peter Hand. Tobias appears to have been born in Eastington, Gloucestershire, England, his father: Thomas Knight; mother: Mary.

1719 - Jul 7 VA York – Bur – John Knight - Charles Parish.  (Bell 1932, p. 227)

1719 - Aug 4 VA Northumberland – Admin - Thomas Lee Esq. - Of Westmoreland Co. 150 A. in Wiccomocco Par. In Northumberland Co. adj. Lee’s land, Bishops neck old plantation where Mrs. Knight lived, Mr. Charles Lee, 4 Aug. 1719.  (Gray 1987, p. 71) Note: This is probably referring to the widow of Thomas Knight, Mary Linsfield Sharp Knight since that Thomas Knight and Hancock Lee had lands adjacent to each other.

1719 - Aug 17 VA Stafford – Admin - John Pope - son of Nathaniel Pope of Westmoreland Co. 18 Nov 1718 set forth that Elizabeth Jackson of Stafford Co. dyed seized of 950 acs. He will give half the escheat to Elias Hore of Stafford Co. and other half to his father Nathaniel Pope.  Grant to Nathaniel Pope Gent. for 462 ½ acs part of Patent for 1850 acs granted Peter knight & Baker Cutts 13 Oct 1653 & 9 Oct. 1656.  950 acs patented by Eliz. Cutts who m. Capt. Jackson. (50 acs in Stafford Co. Adj. Elias Hore. (Gray 1987, p. 69)


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