Books by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The following are the books written by yours truly:

Comets and the Horns of MosesComets and the Horns of Moses

The Secret History of the World, Volume II

Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s series, The Secret History of the World, is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken to provide a cogent, comprehensive account of humanity’s true history and place in the cosmos. Following the great unifying vision of the Stoic Posidonius, Laura weaves together the study of history, mythology, religion, psychology and physics, revealing a view of the world that is both rational and breathtaking in its all-encompassing scope.

This second volume, Comets and the Horns of Moses, (written in concert with several following volumes soon to be released) picks up the dangling threads of volume one with an analysis of the Biblical character of Moses — his possible true history and nature — and the cyclical nature of cosmic catastrophes in Earth’s history.

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Secret History of the WorldThe Secret History of the World, Volume I

Conspiracies have existed since the time of Cain and Abel. Facts of history have been altered to support the illusion. The question today is whether a sufficient number of people will see through the deceptions, thus creating a counter-force for positive change – the gold of humanity – during the upcoming times of Macro-Cosmic Quantum Shift.

Laura argues convincingly, based on the revelations of the deepest of esoteric secrets, that the present is a time of potential transition, an extraordinary opportunity for individual and collective renewal: a quantum shift of awareness and perception which could see the birth of true creativity in the fields of science, art and spirituality.

The Secret History of the World allows us to redefine our interpretation of the universe, history, and culture and to thereby navigate a path through this darkness. In this way, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shows us how we may extend the possibilities for all our different futures in literal terms.

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The ApocalypseThe Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes

For untold millennia, comets and asteroids have struck fear into the hearts of humankind. Their stark radiance was observed everywhere with a sense of impending doom and interpreted as signs of the gods’ judgment, omens of plague, mass destruction and the end of time.

Astronomers recorded their appearance the world over, building large scale observatories to track their movements and predict their ominous arrival. What was it about these majestic wonders of the heavens that inspired such dread? Was it simply a product of mere superstition and social hysteria?

The latest scientific analysis and historical analysis strongly suggest otherwise.

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The Noah SyndromeThe Noah Syndrome

After twenty-six years, Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s unpublished book is now in print for the first time. And it’s more relevant than ever.

Drawing on prophecies ancient and new – from biblical narratives to modern-day visionaries – yet grounded in cutting-edge scientific discoveries about earth’s cataclysmic history, this book presents a remarkable vision of humanity’s dramatic past and extremely hazardous future.

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Amazing GraceAmazing Grace

In this absorbing and evocative biography, Laura takes us back to her beginnings in 1950s Gulf Coast Florida and explores the individuals and experiences that set her on her life-long path of research and discovery.

From her first experience with a terrifying Face at the Window in childhood, to her eventual meeting with ‘her Ark’, the reader is swept along by Laura’s compelling prose and, at times exquisitely poignant reflections on life and the challenges it presents.

As she pursues her remarkable quest for truth that will ultimately lead her to ask perhaps the most profound question of human existence – what is love and does it really exist? – Laura invites us to share in the fruits of her labors and the important lessons learned.

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High StrangenessHigh Strangeness – Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction

High Strangeness is an enlightening attempt to weave together the contradictory threads of religion, science, history, alien abduction, and the true nature of political conspiracies. With thorough research and a drive for the truth, Laura Knight-Jadczyk strips away the facades of official culture and opens doors to understanding our reality.

The Second Edition adds new material that explains the hyperdimensional mechanisms by which our reality is controlled and shaped by the ‘alien’ overlords. The self-serving actions of unwitting puppets – psychopaths and other pathological types – who may have no knowledge that they are being used, become the portals through which an agenda that is hostile to humanity as a whole, is pushed forward.

High Strangeness takes the study of ponerology into a whole new dimension!

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Political PonerologyPolitical Ponerology

A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

by Andrzej M. Lobaczewski, edited by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The first manuscript of this book went into the fire five minutes before the arrival of the secret police in Communist Poland. The second copy, reassembled painfully by scientists working under impossible conditions of repression, was sent via a courier to the Vatican. Its receipt was never acknowledged, no word was ever heard from the courier – the manuscript and all the valuable data was lost. The third copy was produced after one of the scientists working on the project escaped to America in the 1980s. Zbigniew Brzezinski suppressed it.

Political Ponerology was forged in the crucible of the very subject it studies. Scientists living under an oppressive regime decide to study it clinically, to study the founders and supporters of an evil regime to determine what common factor is at play in the rise and propagation of man’s inhumanity to man.

Shocking in its clinically spare descriptions of the true nature of evil, poignant in the more literary passages where the author reveals the suffering experienced by the researchers who were contaminated or destroyed by the disease they were studying, this is a book that should be required reading by every citizen of every country that claims a moral or humanistic foundation. For it is a certainty that morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of Evil. Knowledge of its nature, how it creates its networks and spreads, how insidious is its guileful approach, is the only antidote.

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9/11 The Ultimate Truth9/11 The Ultimate Truth

by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Joe Quinn

In the years since the 9/11 attacks, dozens of books have sought to explore the truth behind the official version of events that day – yet to date, none of these publications has provided a satisfactory answer as to WHY the attacks occurred and who was ultimately responsible for carrying them out.

Taking a broad, millennia-long perspective, Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s 9/11: The Ultimate Truth uncovers the true nature of the ruling elite on our planet and presents new and ground-breaking insights into just how the 9/11 attacks played out.

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The Wave 1Riding the Wave: The Truth and Lies About 2012 and Global Transformation

The Wave Series, Volume 1

Drawing on decades of research into history, religion, and the esoteric, Laura Knight-Jadczyk introduces the concept of “the Wave” to describe the possible phenomena behind all the hype surrounding global transformation. Riding the Wave not only collects the most probable scenarios we may face in the near future it provides the context to make it all intelligible.

With roots in the science of hyperdimensions made popular by physicist Michio Kaku and the Fortean theories of the late John Keel, Riding the Wave suggests that many of the noticeable changes to our world in the last century are symptoms of the approaching Wave.

From climate change, extreme population growth and technological development, as well as novel social and political movements, to the advent of UFO sightings, crop circles, and a variety of otherworldly experiences, something is up on the Big Blue Marble, and it all seems to be leading to a sea change in the way we see and interact with the world. The only question is, will it be for the better or the worse?

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The Wave 2Soul Hackers: The Hidden Hands Behind the New Age Movement

The Wave Series, Volume 2

Why are we here? Why do we suffer? If this is an infinite school, what are we here to learn? And why do our efforts at “fixing” our lives often do exactly the opposite? As mystic and researcher Laura Knight-Jadczyk writes in this volume of her expansive Wave Series: “When you ask a question if the question is a burning one your life becomes the answer. All of your experiences and interactions and so forth shape themselves around the core of the answer that you are seeking in your soul. In [my] case, the question was: ‘How to be One with God,’ and the answer was, ‘Love is the answer, but you have to have knowledge to know what Love really is.'”

Soul Hackers is a deeply personal and insightful account of this very process of burning questions and transformative answers. Through the story of her own struggle with mainstream and alternative religion and the solutions they claim to offer, Knight-Jadczyk lays bare the problems inherent in the New Age movement as a whole from Reiki, Wicca, and the phenomenon of channeling, to the very real problems of spirit attachments, mind control, and otherworldly predators posing as benevolent beings. She asks what it really means to “create your own reality.” Is it merely self-hypnosis, or is something more hidden in this New Age truism?

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The Wave 3Stripped to the Bone: The Path to Freedom in the Prison of Life

The Wave Series, Volume 3

Media propaganda. Official cover-ups. Dishonest science. “Non-lethal” weaponry. Mind control technology. Racial stereotypes. Social engineering. Religious programming. The cold pursuit of profit. And the unrelenting pull of materialism… In a world where “freedom” is exported at the barrel of a gun, true freedom seems more like a distant fairytale, blocked for us in more ways than we can imagine.

In Stripped to the Bone, author Laura Knight-Jadczyk lays bare the forces seeking to keep humanity in a prison of its own creation. She lucidly describes evil’s place in the cosmos, from the dark world of political conspiracy and government mind control to the reality behind the UFO phenomenon. But in response to the grim state of affairs on the Big Blue Marble, she also asks: Is there a solution? What can we learn from those who came before us? Stripped to the Bone suggests that this knowledge was not only known and widely practiced in humanity s prehistory, but that it can be rediscovered.

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The Wave 4Through a Glass Darkly: Hidden Masters, Secret Agendas and a Tradition Unveiled

The Wave Series, Volume 4

In Through a Glass Darkly, Laura Knight-Jadczyk continues to make it clear that nothing is what it appears to be. From the stories stitched together to make up our own personal identities to the myths of history on which nations are founded, we live in a sea of lies and half-truths. Just as we lie to ourselves and each other about who we really are, often putting ourselves in the best light possible, there are those who manufacture, manipulate, and shape current and past events to suit their own vested interests. And the current events of today will become the history of tomorrow, erroneously shaping our notions of who we are as a people, just as those of the past have done before.

But behind this sorry state of affairs, the truth awaits discovery. In this fourth volume of her series The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea, Knight-Jadczyk follows the trail of the hidden masters of our planet, exposing the agenda behind the alleged secret society, the “Priory of Sion”, and that mystery’s connections with alchemy, Oak Island, and the Kabbalists of old. In the process she reveals aspects of the tradition kept under wraps by these very groups. By exposing the agendas and conspiracies of the elite, we can come to know the truth about ourselves, and why it is has been kept hidden.

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The Wave 5 and 6Petty Tyrants & Facing the Unknown

The Wave Series, Volumes 5 & 6

From the myths of romance to the tales of the hero’s journey, the quest for knowledge and being has always been portrayed in terms of struggle. Far from home, the hero faces obstacles and tests of his or her courage, will and cunning. But how do the labyrinths and monsters of those ‘messages in a bottle’ from our remote ancestors relate to our lives in the 21st century?

In an age of mass media, the worldwide web and multinational corporations, how do these archetypal dramas play themselves out? In these two volumes of her revolutionary series, The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea, Laura Knight-Jadczyk continues her project of laying bare the nature of our reality.

Through her own experiences and interactions over the course of the Cassiopaean Experiment, many of which just go to show that truth is stranger than fiction, Laura describes the real-life dynamics only hinted at in myth. Most importantly, she gives the tools and clues necessary to actually read the symbols of reality: the theological substrate in which our ordinary psychological motivations are embedded.

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The Wave 7Almost Human: A Stunning Look at the Metaphysics of Evil

The Wave Series, Volume 7

In this latest volume of her prescient Wave series, Laura Knight-Jadczyk brings order to the chaotic and labyrinthine world of murder, conspiracy, and the paranormal. In a unique and probing synthesis of science and mysticism she presents a detailed series of case studies and application of her hypothesis of hyperdimensional influence.

From interpersonal relationships and their expression of archetypal dramas to the vectoring of human behaviour to achieve hyperdimensional purposes, Almost Human reveals the mechanics of evil, how it creeps into our lives, and what we need to be aware of in order to avoid it.

The case studies of John Nash, the schizoidal creator of Game Theory, and Ira Einhorn, the New Age psychopath who murdered his girlfriend, are the window through which Knight-Jadczyk unravels the intricate web of deception, aims, and counter-aims of the Powers That Be.

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The Wave 8Debugging the Universe: The Hero’s Journey

The Wave Series, Volume 8

The Path of the Fool, the Hero’s Journey, the Great Work – by whatever name it takes, the path of self-development and growth of knowledge is one fraught with difficult lessons and intense struggle. But what exactly is the nature of those lessons, and what insights can the latest advances in modern science provide for us along the way?

Debugging the Universe takes us into the heart of what it means to be human, from the molecules of our DNA to our life purpose and true place in the universe, and everything that separates us from embodying that higher potential. Explored within are real-life applications of the Hero’s archetype, the relevance of neuroscience and the ‘molecules of emotion’, the hidden meaning behind the enigmatic symbols of esoterica, and what it means to live inside a complex system: the universal breath of chaos and order.

This volume concludes the publication in print of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s unparalleled and controversial magnum opus: The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea.

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