President Bashar al-Assad defies NeoCon democrazis with landslide Syria election victory

120,000 dead people later, it has all come to nought. Assad is more popular than ever and the U.S. empire is one step closer to its grave. Stupid, bloody psychopaths.

President Bashar al-Assad defies NeoCon democrazis with landslide Syria election victory

Bashar Assad has won a landslide victory in the Syrian presidential poll with 88.7 percent of the vote. This will secure him a third seven-year term in office amidst a bloody civil war, which stemmed from protests against his rule.

“I declare the victory of Dr Bashar Hafez Assad as president of the Syrian Arab Republic with an absolute majority of the votes cast in the election,” parliament speaker Mohammad Laham said in a televised address from his office in the Syrian parliament.

A total of 10.2 million people voted for Assad. The voter turnout stood at 73.42 percent. No violations have been reported, Syria’s Higher Judicial Committee for Elections said as quoted by SANA news agency.

Syrian officials said the result was a vindication of Assad’s three-year campaign against those fighting to get rid of him.

This was the first multi-candidate presidential election in Syria for almost 50 years. The other two candidates for the top post were Hassan Abdullah Nouri, from the National Initiative for Administration and Change in Syria, and Maher Abd Al-Hafiz Hajjar, formerly from the People’s Will Party.

Despite the high turnout figures, residents of some areas in the country’s north and east were obstructed from voting by rebel forces.

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told

The US-supported Syrian rebels did the Sarin attacks. That makes the US government guilty as well of war crimes.

Iran has not attacked ANY country since 1898… so why does the US want to take it down???

It’s true: the odds don’t matter anymore. It’s now or never.

Allowing those who are in control of our world to stay in control is even more dangerous than taking action NOW. Watch and share.

Doing Something About Syria

We can ALL do SOMETHING to try and stop military action against Syria.

The plan is to flood the White House and all our representatives with paper letters in the mail.

The proposed message is a simple one and can be copied and pasted as the message if you so choose:

The message is: You were elected BY the People and are supposed to act FOR the People! I am one of the people and I am saying NO TO WAR.

Here’s the address of the White House:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Here’s Congressman Boehner’s address:

Washington, D.C. Office
1011 Longworth H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515

If you missed this, listen and watch. It’s not long but it packs a powerful punch:

Sick, sick, SICK of the LIES!?

We have a responsibility as ‘Americans’ to try to DO something to stop the Killing Machine.

Please send a letter ASAP. I’m mailing letters too.

I am so sick of lies! Are you?

It’s time for everyone to start opening up and sharing what they see with others. With polls showing that 90% of Americans are against bombing Syria into submission, we suspect you’ll be surprised just how many folks around you feel similarly. Don’t push it with anyone who is reluctant, just let them be and communicate with those who do give a damn. WATCH VIDEO AND SHARE!

Strange weather and the Syria distraction

And all our “brilliant” leaders can do is quibble over where the next war is going to be…

All eyes on Syria: Russian warships enter Mediterranean to form permanent task force

Warships from Russia’s Pacific Fleet have entered the Mediterranean for the first time in decades. Russia’s Navy Chief says the task force may be reinforced with nuclear submarines, as the country starts building up a permanent fleet in the region.

“The task force has successfully passed through the Suez Channel and entered the Mediterranean. It is the first time in decades that Pacific Fleet warships enter this region,” the Pacific Fleet spokesman, Capt. First Rank Roman Martov told RIA.

Keeps our eyes off the weather, the fireballs, the earthquakes, coming famines, plagues, etc.