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cameraThis page is just a collection of photo albums I’ve uploaded.

To view an album, click a link below.

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Auch Cathedral: Fulcanelli’s Mystery
(Also Read: Fulcanelli and the Da Vinci Code)

Snow Chateau

QFG Christmas Album

Ark and Laura Go To Florence September 2005
LOTS of GRAPHICS, give it a few minutes to load!

Quantum Jumps Conference, Trieste and Mali Losinj, September 2005 Part I

Quantum Jumps Conference Mali Losinj 2005 PART II

Clifford Algebra Conference 2005

“Official” Clifford Algebra Conference Album

Laura’s Birthday Party 2005

Christmas With Ark and Laura and the SotT Team

Thanksgiving With Ark and Laura and the SotT Team

The SotT Team Goes to Rennes-le-Chateau

The SotT Team goes to Carcassone

IMP Debut

We Visit the Louvre

Paris Trip August 2004

Visit to France 2 TV

Cosquer: The Cave Beneath the Sea

Flamenco in Paris

Ark and Laura Go To Mexico

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