Insanity! UK govt wants nurseries to report potential terrorist toddlers

Outrageous! Sowing the seeds of mistrust, division, alienation is just what the Prevent strategy is designed to do. These nurseries are being used to instill fear in toddlers and potentially program them into becoming informants under the guise of protecting them. Don’t buy it folks.

“It is unworkable. I have to say I cannot understand what they [nursery staff] are expected to do,” David Davis, the Conservative MP and former shadow home secretary, told the Telegraph.

“Are they supposed to report some toddler who comes in praising a preacher deemed to be extreme? I don’t think so. It is heavy-handed,” he added.

“Turning our teachers and childminders into an army of involuntary spies will not stop the terrorist threat,” Isabella Sankey, the policy director at human rights body Liberty, told the Telegraph.It will sow seeds of mistrust, division and alienation from an early age.”

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September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor

David Ray Griffin says: “People who have been promoting 9/11 truth for many of these years will see that their labors have been well-rewarded: There is now a high-quality, carefully-documented film that dramatically shows the official story about 9/11 to be a fabrication through and through.”

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told

The US-supported Syrian rebels did the Sarin attacks. That makes the US government guilty as well of war crimes.

Iran has not attacked ANY country since 1898… so why does the US want to take it down???

It’s true: the odds don’t matter anymore. It’s now or never.

Allowing those who are in control of our world to stay in control is even more dangerous than taking action NOW. Watch and share.

SOTT Talk Radio: All and Everything part 3

 SOTT Talk Radio: All and Everything part 3

‘Worldwide travel alerts’ urging Americans to remain within the US; wild weather; missing crop circles; strange lights in the sky; trains running off their tracks; animals dying in droves; record profits for some while debt explodes for most; hunting down al-Qaeda in the War on Terror; sending weapons to al-Qaeda in the War on Syria; countless senseless murders; crops failing; food prices skyrocketing; chemical plants exploding; “solar flare killshots”; fireballs raining down from the sky… Is this the end of the world or something?

‘All and Everything’ returns to SOTT Talk Radio this week to offer our listeners a show packed with ‘condensed Truth’ on various different current (and perhaps not-so-current) topics. We’ll aim to deal with each discrete topic in about 5 minutes and then see if our analysis leads us to an overall view of ‘life on planet earth’.

What’s the weather like where you are? More importantly, what are the people like where you are? Are they getting worked up about the state of the economy? Are they noticing the extreme and unusual weather events? Or are they just totally oblivious to anything beyond their daily routines?

Pallin’ around with terrorists: Hezbollah declared ‘terrorist group’ for fighting al-Qaeda-in-Syria

Pallin’ around with terrorists: Hezbollah declared ‘terrorist group’ for fighting al-Qaeda-in-Syria

wait a minute – wasn’t al-Qaeda supposed to be the worst terrorist group in the world? Isn’t the West leading a “global war on terror” whose main target is al-Qaeda? Shouldn’t the West be thanking Hezbollah, and showering it with rewards, for turning against global terrorist enemy number one?

Apparently not.

Al-Qaeda is now the West’s darling in Syria. So anybody who resists al-Qaeda – as Hezbollah recently decided to do – is a “terrorist.”

The irony doesn’t get any thicker than that.

One terrorist, a million psychopaths, eight million sociopaths

More and more people are getting it.

One terrorist, a million psychopaths, eight million sociopaths

“If one shoe bomber caught without having followed through on his intended crime can evoke billions in defensive policies and procedures, how can we be ignoring a million psychopaths and eight million sociopaths? Instead of the GOP legislators worrying about 30,000 gay immigrants, out of 12 million, how about worrying about 120,000 psychopaths and half a million sociopaths– maybe more. I am saying that I want to see more research funding invested in developing better ways to identify sociopaths. One thing I’m seeing in the comment threads on the articles in this series is a lot of misinformation or wrong assumptions about sociopaths.”

Fake Terror And The War For Your Mind

Something to remember.

The Miami 7, the Fort Dix 6,the Newburgh 4, the Underwear Bomber, the Portland Car Bomber… The FBI has set up then knocked down dozens of terrorist straw men in an effort to convince you that the ‘war on terror’ is real. This is a very real war for your mind and we may all pay a high price for ignoring it.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was ‘radicalized’ by Truth, not Islam – ‘Extremist websites’ he visited described intelligence agencies’ role in 9/11

Oh, this is RICH! Basically what they are saying is that Tamerlan got taken in by 9-11 truth movement, therefore, anybody else who demands a new investigation into 9-11 or says it was anything other than the government conspiracy theory about 19 terrorists, is liable to do what Tamerlan is claimed to have done. All very neatly tied up. Peeps, this could be the nail that closes the coffin on alternative news and Truth of any kind!

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was ‘radicalized’ by Truth, not Islam – ‘Extremist websites’ he visited described intelligence agencies’ role in 9/11

In the years before the Boston Marathon bombings, Tamerlan Tsarnaev fell under the influence of a new friend, a Muslim convert who steered the religiously apathetic young man toward a strict strain of Islam, family members said.

Under the tutelage of a friend known to the Tsarnaev family only as Misha, Tamerlan gave up boxing and stopped studying music, his family said. He began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Jews controlled the world.

“Somehow, he just took his brain,” said Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, who recalled conversations with Tamerlan’s worried father about Misha’s influence. Efforts over several days by The Associated Press to identify and interview Misha have been unsuccessful.

Tamerlan’s relationship with Misha could be a clue in understanding the motives behind his religious transformation and, ultimately, the attack itself. Two U.S. officials say he had no tie to terrorist groups.

Boston Marathon bombing: More justification for repression and endless global war of terror

Boosting fear and paranoia to reinforce the global police state.

Boston Marathon bombing: More justification for repression and endless global war of terror

We might never learn the motive behind the Boston Marathon bomb attack on Monday, April 15, which is reported to have killed three people and injured more than 170. It could be as simple as an unhinged individual going postal on tax day or a sinister message to Americans from a foreign national illustrating the proverb “You can run, but you can’t hide.” In any case, the improvised explosive devices (IED) were amateurish and ineffective at causing maximum casualty. According to investigators, the crude IED were made from rigged pressure cookers loaded with gunpowder, nails plus ball bearings, and triggered by egg timers. The clumsy work suggests an unbalanced individual rather than an organization. Nevertheless, all day Monday and Tuesday the United States and world media talked about a “terrorist attack,” and the story became the only story. What matters more, however, is the way the incident will be exploited worldwide by policy makers and their media sycophants.