In Broad Daylight

If you have never watched this movie, do so. It’s about a psychopath who terrorized an entire town, and what the town did when the law failed:

Yes, the book is much better and more detailed. What is interesting to me is that it reveals the very same dynamic at work over the entire US (and other countries) between the masses and the ruling elite. It also reveals the probable solution that may be taken at some point when the elite finally lay on the straw that will break the camel’s back.

One thought on “In Broad Daylight

  1. What is amazing is how much it takes to push that town into action, which is most likely because they’ve never been ‘pushed’ or goaded before, at least not enough to break their shell. They’ve grown up without that stare of the jaguar looking down into their eyes that can freeze you in fear yet reminds you how very alive you are, and rarely is it a single instance but one after another that builds up pressure within the system that requires relief. It seems they finally lost their fear and the lone predator was left like a lone feeding lion surrounded by a pack of hyenas. Natural instincts say leave, yet this one chose to stay and push another straw unto their backs, obvious of their load. Seems this predator was already past his expiration date and wasn’t aware of it, perhaps it was lack of friction that didn’t sharpen its instincts, but rather let them grow dull from lack of use, lack of competition, which does remind me of the current situation with the US/Western empire.

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