RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism

No solution, but he describes the problem very well and the animation really helps. The problem is that when anyone starts talking about alternatives to capitalism, that programmed bugaboo “socialism” starts flying around. Most people who use it don’t have a clue what it really means. Modified socialism would be a very good thing.

2 thoughts on “RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism

  1. And yet so very few think outside the box, the so-called ‘thinkers’ like this guy giving the speech, remains inside that box of limited thinking, which probably leads to the inevitable ‘revolution’, which then leads to the inevitable cycle of corruption after a few generations. The wheel of Purgatory goes round and round and so very few seem to want off, they just keep screaming and spinning, and wondering why we are back on Go!

    Nature has to come to clean up the mess so it can begin all over again, until some catalyst breaks their House of Glass thinking and forces them to look outside their box, and then realize the problem isn’t the Wheel spinning round, but them sitting upon it as it does so, never thinking to jump off. On the ‘right’ the concept of individualism usually allows the negation of any concern for those that can’t keep up within the rules of the day, while on the ‘left’ the concept of community leads to the concept of socialism in which the masses are cared for and trained to be ‘useful members of society’, which then feeds back into those on the right helping to spin that wheel round and round, which they are happy to do. One hand meets the other in mutually satisfactory applause and their egos are content. Only those thrown from this wheel of life can ever see it for what it is, a catapult of consciousness, a way to see out of the box.

    The use of animation by this series is excellent, combining the audio with the visual for a fuller effect, and IMO, it helps distract as well as highlight this problem on the ‘left’ of over indulgence in intellectual self-stimulation and applause. Yes, one can clap with one hand, as those on the ‘right’ enjoying doing so the most, but only together can they spin the wheel faster and faster to throw the sheep off the wheel and out of sleep.

    Interesting to watch but it does get monotonous and if not for the comedians who illustrate our lives, the dullness would really take the sheen off the sword.

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