The Weight of Chains

This is a stunning film. Please watch and share. Many lessons for all.

     “The Weight of Chains” is a Canadian documentary film that takes a critical look at the role that the US, NATO and the EU played in the tragic breakup of a once peaceful and prosperous European state – Yugoslavia. The film, bursting with rare stock footage never before seen by Western audiences, is a creative first-hand look at why the West intervened in the Yugoslav conflict, with an impressive roster of interviews with academics, diplomats, media personalities and ordinary citizens of the former Yugoslav republics.  The film began with production in late 2009 in several cities throughout Canada including Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, continued in early 2010 in the United States – Columbus, Dayton, New York and Washington, and was finalized in the Summer of 2010 in Slovenia – Ljubljana; Croatia – Vukovar, Djakovo, Jasenovac, Zagreb, Gospic, Knin; Bosnia-Herzegovina – Sarajevo, Trebinje; Serbia – Belgrade, Subotica, Kosovska Mitrovica, Trepca, Pristina, Orahovac, Prizren and Strpce. “The Weight Of Chains” was completed in October 2010

The director of this film, Boris Malagurski, has made several films to date, the last one being “Kosovo | Can You Imagine?”, a controversial documentary exposing how remaining Serbs in Kosovo have little or no basic human rights, which won several awards on film festivals around the world and was broadcasted as well. “The Weight Of Chains” presents a Canadian perspective on Western involvement in the division of the ethnic groups within Yugoslavia and show that the war was forced from outside – regular people wanted peace. However, extreme fractions on all sides, fuelled by their foreign mentors, outvoiced the moderates and even ten years after the last conflict – the hatred remains and people continue spreading myths of what really happened in the 1990s. Why did all this happen?  This film will also present positive stories from the war – people helping each other regardless of their ethnic background, stories of bravery and self-sacrifice. The aim is to come up with a powerful weapon that people who are against war and hatred can use as a collection of good arguments in their favor. The disunity among peoples populating the Balkans have marked the last couple of centuries. Let’s start a new page, today, in the 21st century.

One thought on “The Weight of Chains

  1. It is a very good documentary on the colonization of the former Yugoslavia, and one expected after Tito’s death, which all observers of the state knew was going to lead to chaos, war and breakup, the West just exploited it due to their previous success in the colored revolutions of Central Europe and especially the Soviet Union. Which seems to leave only China out in the cold in terms of the challenge of catalyst, though that loss is being remedied currently with a little assistance from its neighbors all around, ignorant one and all along the line of that saying: “They know not what they do”.

    And they won’t until they’ve had enough. ‘Love it or leave it’, hasn’t it always been that way? Only the name of the empire changes, not the process of its expansion, colonization and exploitation along the lines of its mode of ‘civilization’. Our Western variation of ‘predator capitalism’ isn’t any different from any others, only less overt in its initial impression thanks to massive media manipulation to propagandize our agenda to the public as a ‘peace offering’, only without the pipe, and thus the ‘white man speaks with forked tongue’ as usual. This tradition goes back as far as empire building though, as you’ve pointed out before regarding Caesar’s use of the Celts to Rome’ north who he proclaimed needed their ‘protection’.

    An STS classroom. Love it or leave it. The choice is ours as usual. Once we see the pattern, it does get rather ridiculous and boring and can put one to sleep if one isn’t careful.

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