One terrorist, a million psychopaths, eight million sociopaths

More and more people are getting it.

One terrorist, a million psychopaths, eight million sociopaths

“If one shoe bomber caught without having followed through on his intended crime can evoke billions in defensive policies and procedures, how can we be ignoring a million psychopaths and eight million sociopaths? Instead of the GOP legislators worrying about 30,000 gay immigrants, out of 12 million, how about worrying about 120,000 psychopaths and half a million sociopaths– maybe more. I am saying that I want to see more research funding invested in developing better ways to identify sociopaths. One thing I’m seeing in the comment threads on the articles in this series is a lot of misinformation or wrong assumptions about sociopaths.”

One thought on “One terrorist, a million psychopaths, eight million sociopaths

  1. I could not agree more. At the very least, we should be testing people responsible for children and politicians for empathy. Seems as though now with the new version DSM5 anyone who as ever felt sad, angry or have had suspicion of government corruption is probably going to be labeled crazy. Maybe it is high time we found out how many narcissistic mentalities we have in public office whose decisions affect the lives of millions and possibly even billions. I can only imagine how ashy white the faces of congress would turn if such a test were to be given to them.

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