Kenya, John Kerry, Diamonds and Mossad

Corruption? Ya think?

Kenya, John Kerry, Diamonds and Mossad

Again, there is undoubtedly more to this story than any of us will ever know. We find it very interesting that the Mombasa Paradise hotel was attacked and destroyed just days before the corrupt President Moi stepped down as Kenyan leader. Perhaps realising that their days of stealing from Kenya to finance Israel were over, the Mossad decided to use their Kenyan front in one last act of service to Israel. The faked “terrorist” attack and destruction of the Mombasa Paradise hotel served well to increase even further the hype and fear that Osama really is under all our beds. It also served well to further the myth that ordinary Jews are at risk given that the target was an Israeli business and at the time was packed with Israeli tourists. 13 kenyans died, along with 2 Israeli children, yet when your motto is “by way of deception thou shalt do war” those deaths are, it seems, acceptable collateral damage in the greater war that Israel is determined to fight to prove to the world that everyone hates the Jews. Of course this is simply not the case. With leaders that are prepared to sacrifice even their own people to achieve their goals, as always, it is the ordinary Jewish citizen that we feel compelled to protect, if only by sounding the alarm over the actions of their so-called leaders.

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