One thought on “The Truth Behind Photoshop

  1. Some do look like that. Some only have some of the pieces, but a very select few do ‘have it all’, at least physically. They might or might not have issues maintaining that look at first, but it keeps the pressure on them which is like keeping a knife sharp. It is the tool of their trade and shows like “Americas Next Top Model” by Tyra Banks has discussed, shown this, as it’s not so much how ‘perfect’ your body is but how you use it in front of the camera. Some look ‘perfect’ but simply can’t express it, at least not on cue which matters most with any performance. It seems the problem is the same, but starts in tv and film more than modeling, as a storyline acts like a hook to fish them in and indoctrinate them to follow and not lead, mostly themselves. How much is the real problem simply addiction? To an ideal of perfection that most kids find easier to ignore, tune out, or simply dream about, as they recognize that they simply don’t have the form for the function? Even if they still desire it in their dreams? To be some model of perfection, some hero, etc.? And dealing with that inability is their lesson or test? For some it drives them to diet and exercise, to try out for sports, contests etc, even if most will never go further than high school activities. Most of this problem seems to be found sprouting from junior high to high school and starts to fade with age by 30 or is that a difference between PreAdamics and Adamics as the mind seeks expression over the body even as a controlled society seeks to prevent that expression?

    Isn’t it just another form of catalyst? Some are just addictive types, and if not the concept of idealized beauty, then it would be something or someone else. The rest of us seem to be audience for the addicts or background players watching these stars act out our own dreams and adventures that usually lead to trouble in some form, but we learn to simply shut off the tv when we bore it all. Some need the direct experience, some do not, but perhaps that indicates previous learned experience and little reminder tests along the way to new ones? A PreAdamic vs Adamic difference? Weeding out the weak?

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