What’s Wi-Fi doing to us? Experiment finds that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers

WIFI and cell phones are super evil! Avoid! Only use your cell if you have to travel. Get landlines and cables… you’ll be glad you did. And check all the additional story links at the bottom of this article!

What’s Wi-Fi doing to us? Experiment finds that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers

A group of schoolgirls claims to have made a scientific breakthrough that shows wifi signals could damage your health – by experimenting with cress.

In a twist on the traditional science project of growing cress on a paper plate, the 15-year-olds set out to test whether mobile phone signals could be harmful.

They say the result could affect millions of people around the world.

Pupil Lea Nielsen said: ‘We all thought we experienced concentration problems in school if we slept with our mobile phones at the bedside, and sometimes we also found it difficult sleeping.’

However, because they were not able to monitor their brain activity at their school in Denmark, they chose to monitor plants near wireless routers, which emit similar radio waves to mobile phones.

When the girls grew trays of garden cress next to wifi routers, they found that most of the seedlings died.

In the experiment, they placed six trays in a room without any equipment and another six trays in a room next to two routers.

Over 12 days many of the seedlings in the Wi-Fi room turned brown and died, whereas those in the others room thrived.

One thought on “What’s Wi-Fi doing to us? Experiment finds that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers

  1. Laura, as always, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Cell phone trees is a booming business. It is quite normal to see large transmitters, microwave boxes and antennas on top of large buildings. Recently, lets say since the last three to five years there has been a rapid increase in artificial trees disguised as telephone towers. These trees are extremely tall, fenced around with warning to do not enter and dangers of radio wave damage. They even went as far as to decorate the upper halves of the trees with artificial leaves that hide the micro wave boxes inside the tree itself. I mean, they are really playing people for stupid or what?

    Furthermore, it turns out that the contractors are being payed big bucks to keep their mouths shut as to who the portraitists behind this operation really are. They are not saying! After only a very small amount of research, I found out that with the increase of these cell phones trees which the people behind this project says are to meet the new demands of cell phone users and providers, it seem the government has acquired the ability to increase the frequency of the radio waves through these cell phones trees, and in turn create very deadly WiFi wireless activity through individual and personal cell phones from millions of people.

    Our own cell phones would become a strange personal “in-hands/on-hands” weapon use against people, causing strange flu-like sickness, headaches, skin rash, strange behavior and the list goes on. Obviously, the hi-tech revolution is and has moved forward much faster then normal citizens can comprehend, but their love relationship with cell phone is a really strange one. It has somehow catered right into the psychological part of the brain where people feel loneliness the most. But when it comes to people being without their cell phones, these people already seem to become suicidal! I can only hope that these ideas are not true, for if they are the entire planet is day for day slowing being set up for a major black plague. Where as even now speak, most of the blame will go to Japan’s nuclear disaster when in fact it will be a major Wi-Fi attack on cell phone lovers, and I’m sure that they have many other cards tucked under the sleeves. God stay by us.

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