Are you inflamed over GMO foods?

Everything you need to know about GMO and your health. It’s not smoking that is causing the dramatic increase in cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Are you inflamed over GMO foods?

Several years ago the general public was completely unaware of GMOs and GE foods (genetically modified organisms or genetic engineering), but today the topic is becoming rather well known, thanks to growing education and alternative media coverage. The general public is becoming better informed about the potential harms and health issues associated with biotechnology and bioengineered foods, but the smoke and mirrors the mega-corporations use to obfuscate deeper understanding of the dangers inherent in such ‘mad science’ increases in tandem with growing awareness.

Ok, so a lot of people know they are eating GMO’s and what they are, but the real question is: are GMOs actually safe, as proponents and supporters of biotechnology claim, or are they not? Should we be worried about the long-term health and environmental effects of genetically altered foods? In the following article I hope to present clear evidence and data for stating very definitively: YES! We should be very concerned!

As an organic farmer, agriculture consultant and researcher, I became interested in the GMO issue over seven years ago, particularly their effects on the soil and the contamination or mutation of various plant species. ‘Connecting the dots’, so to speak, it dawned on me how serious this issue is, not just in terms of the environmental effects of GMOs, but also the consequences of eating GMO foods for human health.

A very disturbing picture began to emerge.

As I realized that this ‘genetic engineering’ is essentially a mad science, I joined a local group called ‘Seeds of Truth‘. We began meeting weekly to discuss how to get the word out about the growing takeover of Hawaii’s agricultural lands by several biotechnology corporations.

One thought on “Are you inflamed over GMO foods?

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the b.s. surrounding the smoking issue. I grew up in Canada and spent summers in the country where all the old timers smoked till their 90’s and then died of old age and not of cancer. It’s what they put in the foods, drinks, water and air etc.etc. e.m. pollution, chemtrails, and so on and so on. Hydrolic fracturing of our beautiful blue planet is rape on steroids with chemical fall out. I have been researching this since 2007 and you are the first person, I think, who gets it!!! Smoking is also a social thing (apart from the neurotransmitter) and that is another thing the insane want to stop. When I heard about third hand smoke from some idiotic British doctor I wrote her an email informing her that each midnight Churchill appears in my house smoking his cigar and that I am very worried about forth hand smoke, could she advise me. Got no reply and I doubt the woman got the cynicism. If this were not so sick it would be hilarious.

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