We live in a cosmic shooting gallery

I’ve been saying it for years too!

In this new video from Big Think, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says he’s almost embarrassed for our species that it takes a warning shot across our bow before legislators take seriously the warning they’ve been getting from astronomers that its a matter of when not if Earth will get smacked by an asteroid.

“But it took an actual meteor over Russia exploding with 25 times the power of the atom bomb in Hiroshima to convince people that maybe we should start doing something about it.

The latest research indicates that it’s not the multi-million-year larger space rocks that we need to be concerned about, but the swarms of smaller objects that wreak havoc on human civilizations far more often than people realise…

Celestial Intentions: Comets and the Horns of Moses

Propaganda? Furious over sanctions, North Korea vows to nuke U.S.

Is a comet or asteroid on its way and they are creating a cover-up in advance?

Furious over sanctions, North Korea vows to nuke U.S.

North Korea vowed on Thursday to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States, amplifying its threatening rhetoric hours ahead of a vote by U.N. diplomats on whether to level new sanctions against Pyongyang for its recent nuclear test.

An unidentified spokesman for Pyongyang’s Foreign Ministry said the North will exercise its right for ”a preemptive nuclear attack to destroy the strongholds of the aggressors” because Washington is pushing to start a nuclear war against the North.

Although North Korea boasts of nuclear bombs and pre-emptive strikes, it is not thought to have mastered the ability to produce a warhead small enough to put on a missile capable of reaching the U.S. It is believed to have enough nuclear fuel, however, for several crude nuclear devices.

More Fireballs!

More and more… it’s NOT letting up!

Two separate fireballs blaze over East and West coasts of Canada, 25 February 2013

25 February 2013 – Kristine Waverley, Nova Scotia 21:45 AST

5 seconds duration. It went from right to left, I was facing North. Blue colour, as bright as the Sun. It was very low in the sky.

25 February 2013 – Nadia, Porters Lake, Nova Scotia 10:00 pm Atlantic Std. Time

~ 3 seconds duration. Moved from South to North. No sound. Bright yellow colour with a green flaming tail. As bright as the Sun/moon. It burned up before my eyes, and moved fast and low.

25 February 2013 – Christine Kristen, VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA 18:25 PST

3 seconds or so duration. Big bright streak, straight down. I was facing west. It was white colour. It was very bright and seemed very big considering how far away it appeared (perhaps over the Pacific coast?). Sky was still light.

25 February 2013 – Darragh Courtenay, BC, Canada 18:30 PST

I saw it for 2 seconds as I was driving through town. I was facing it and it was heading north at a sharp enough angle downwards. Bright white colour with a white tail and trail of smoke into the hills. It was bright, cause it was still a clear sky and still daylight there was a long trail of smoke. I tried to track it down, cause it looks like it went to the ground, there was a vertical smoke stream.

And another!

Comet fragment breaks apart over southern U.S.? Enormous fireball reported over Gulf of Mexico, 27 February 2013

27 February 2013 – Max Watts, Dickinson 03:25 CST

I’d say it lasted for about 1 minute and 30 seconds from the time I first noticed it. It was real bright with red tails. I thought it was a comet at first glance. Brighter than the full moon, this thing was very large. In fact, it was one large piece with a number of fragments behind it. It seemed to be heading Northeast. I fully expected to hear several impacts but heard none. My first thought was ‘Russia!’ and that now it’s happening here!

Comets and the Horns of Moses

Could a comet hit Mars in 2014?

A recently discovered comet will make an uncomfortably-close planetary flyby next year – but this time it’s not Earth that’s in the cosmic crosshairs.

According to preliminary orbital prediction models, comet C/2013 A1 will buzz Mars on Oct. 19, 2014. The icy interloper is thought to originate from the Oort Cloud – a hypothetical region surrounding the solar system containing countless billions of cometary nuclei that were outcast from the primordial solar system billions of years ago.

Things are definitely getting interesting! I wouldn’t miss this cosmic show for anything!

And speaking of comets, have you read the new book? Interesting that the Russian meteorite explosion occurred 3 days following its release. The Universe may be speaking! Now ranked at #13 in Books > History > Historical Study & Educational Resources > Historiography, and  #10 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Politics & Social Sciences > Philosophy > Metaphysics:

Comets and the Horns of Moses

Comets and the Horns of Moses

Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets: Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls

Be sure to check out my list of meteorite, asteroid, and comet events on SOTT.net. We’ve got it updated to this year, including yearly summaries, statistics, and descriptions of significant celestial events going back 13,000 years!

2012 (Summary) – Worldwide: In 2012, SOTT.net archived 136 fireball reports, 24 unexplained sonic booms (at least 3 of which were accompanied by ground tremors or earthquakes), and 16 recovered meteorites. The biggest meteorite fragment was found in China in February and weighed 12.5 kg. The fireball reports contained a remarkable number of multi-state sightings – at least 21 – twice the yearly totals for both 2010 and 2011, including one in Australia which was called ‘unprecedented’ by experts. Eighteen exploded mid-air and/or were accompanied by sonic booms, including one in India that produced a 2.1 magnitude earthquake on May 22, and one daytime sighting in Nevada and California that was estimated to be the size of a minivan before breaking up, both of which fireballs left several meteorite fragments. 2012 also saw 7 daytime events in these six months, more than doubling the yearly totals for 2009, 2010 and 2011. Mark Gilmer reported 11 meteorites fitting his own criteria (he notes that “since the year 2000, we have averaged about 5 recovered meteorite falls per year that are either officially accepted by the Meteoritical Society or verified by reliable sources”–the next highest year was 2008, with 10 falls). 2012 also saw several seeming cover-ups of celestial events, notably in Israel and Turkey, Louisiana, and the Southwestern U.S.