Eíriú-Eolas Breathing and Meditation Program

As some of you may know, we have recently released a breathing-meditation program on CD/DVD. For those of you who are familiar with the Cassiopaean transmission you will need no introduction as to the reason and impetus for this audio video program as it is clearly discussed in recent sessions posted on our public forum. In the photo below, you see us making the video out in the back garden. The program is in three parts, the first being the introductory talk. This post is that audio CD transcribed so that you can get an idea of our approach (which is science based) and why this program really works! “Eíriú-Eolas” is an Irish-Gaelic term that means “Growth of Knowledge”. The Éiriú Eolas technique constitutes a revival of an antediluvian – and, until now, mostly forgotten – “techno-spirituality” – the spiritual techniques of human kind before The Fall as revealed by the Cassiopaeans. This is a modern revival of an ancient breathing and meditation program revealed as THE TOOL that will help you relax and gently work through past emotional and psychological trauma, release repressed emotions and mental blockages that stand between you and True Peace, Happiness and ultimately, a successful, fulfilling life. That’s the blurb, so let’s get to the science.

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