Heroes and Villains

From the news today: This RT interview with journalist Chris Hedges is definitely a MUST watch and SHARE. The last five minutes are horrifying in their implications.

This Judy Davis is a very, very bright lady. She needs support. Can we find a way to give it to her?

From cheerleader to enemy of the state

The long, flouncy curls from Judy Davis’s cheerleader days are gone. Her straight blonde hair is now cut short. Large blue eyes stand out in a face pale without makeup. Her soft Southern drawl has an undertone of determination. … The twenty-nine-year-old was fired for teaching her high school students how US foreign policy has provoked terrorism. This struggle with her school board turned her from a Republican into a revolutionary for peace. …

“I realized these kids – all of us – are being indoctrinated, not just by the schools but also by the press and entertainment. Rather than thinking critically, we’re encouraged to react emotionally. One of the media’s purposes is to keep our emotions stirred up so we don’t think too much. …

“[Political change isn’t easy.] But it’s worth doing. It’s necessary. Things can’t go on this way. We can’t let business run the world. We can’t let governments keep killing people.”

Surprise, surprise! 9/11 widow seeking justice has case turned down by Supreme Court:

Ellen Mariani, whose husband Neil was murdered on September 11, 2001, had turned down more than a million dollars in government hush money to pursue the real 9/11 criminals in federal court.  After eleven years, two separate lawsuits, and an unbelievable series of encounters with corrupt lawyers and Israeli-American judges, Ellen Mariani has finally heard from the United States Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court’s message is loud and clear: There will be no truth, and no justice, concerning 9/11… at least not in the US court system.

And last of all, Donald Rumsfeld: a classic psychopath.

Declassified documents show that Bush administration officials wanted Saddam Hussein out of Iraq and were ready to start a war in order to achieve it.  … Although the defense secretary had yet to be presented with any evidence linking the Iraqi leader to the World Trade Tower attacks, he was already considering whether the terrorist acts could be used as to justify a war on Iraq.