What’s behind Earth’s mysterious new radiation belt?

What’s behind it? Probably a significant change in the electrical state of the solar system. Weird things are going on, Earth Changes are happening, and most of the population slumber on. The Elite leadership is little more than the blind leading the blind. And you know how that always ends.

Space puzzle: What’s behind Earth’s mysterious new radiation belt?

At first, Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado and the lead author of the paper, thought there must be some mistake. “It looks so odd, so unexpected, that I start to get a sinking feeling that maybe something’s wrong with our instruments,” he recalls. But everything was in working order, with both probes sending back identical observations. The slender third belt remained for about a month before being destroyed by a coronal mass ejection – an eruption of energy and particles from the sun that sent a shock wave racing towards Earth.