lain Soral – World pedophile rings? Protected by politicians and judges?

This is VERY hard one to watch. Synopsis follows:

Alain Soral (the one who has been taken to court in France for publishing Douglas Reed’s book “The Controversy of Zion”) is talking about elite circles of pedophiles. A journalist for France 2 interviewed children, and they both drew the same drawing, made the same comments. A gendarme did some inquiries, and was ready to expose the case, but before the Court could hear him, he was found with two bullets in his head from different angles; it was declared to be suicide.

A paedophile was released after 10 years even though he had a life sentence, and same for Dutroux’s wife. They sent her to a Monastery instead of leaving her in jail.

Stan Maillaud, another gendarme, is hiding because he was in danger after publishing a video with pictures of those children, torture, rapes, murders…. and names of perpetrators.

Psychopath Bernard Henry Lévi said publicly that paedophila has become a “taboo”, and that people should stop labeling “different behavior” as “bad”. (Sick pervert!)

A politician got only 2 months of jail after getting caught on camera admitting to the rape of a 12 y.o. and saying that the law doesn’t matter.

A priest describes his experience helping victims, and regrets that it doesn’t only happen with the political elites, but that priests and high churchmen are also involved.

And finally, some heatbreaking testimonies from children telling a journalist what they saw in the black magic rituals…

Soral says that the elites get away with it, that the law never applies to them, etc.