War Criminals and the Fall of the Republic

Is the U.S. Republic ending? 8 striking parallels between the Fall of Rome and the U.S. by Steven Strauss

  1. Staggering Increase in the Cost of Elections, with Dubious Campaign Funding Sources
  2. Politics as the Road to Personal Wealth
  3. Continuous War
  4. Foreign Powers Lavish Money/Attention on the Republic’s Leaders
  5. Profits Made Overseas Shape the Republic’s Internal Policies
  6. Collapse of the Middle Class
  7. Gerrymandering
  8. Loss of the Spirit of Compromise

Everything he says is true. He just doesn’t mention that Rome fell due to comet bombardment and plague. I’ll be taking a close look at the Fall of Rome in the next volume of my Secret History of the World series.

George Bush, Tony Blair and the century’s greatest crime

In short, the [Iraq] war was one of the world’s greatest cons. It had nothing to do with Iraq’s WMD or the removal of a dictator; it was part of a greater neoconservative plan to ensure America’s global domination as General Wesley Clark confirmed in his book Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism and the American Empire.Up to a million Iraqis lost their lives as a result of the war and subsequent invasion and occupation; according to the respected journal The Lancet, over 600,000 had been killed as of July 2006, not to mention thousands of US and coalition military personnel.

“The deadly duo should be sharing a cell in The Hague awaiting trial for war crimes” … along with quite a number of others. What this world needs is War Crimes trials with swift and effective justice.