Police discover hidden underground tunnels used by the homeless in Kansas

It’s a disgrace that people are driven to live like this when their governments encourage the rich to get richer and cut off aid to the poor on top of making the middle class even poorer.

Police discover hidden underground tunnels used by the homeless in Kansas

During a routine crime investigation, Kansas City police discovered a series of underground dirt tunnels being used by the city’s homeless. Local affiliate KMBC was on hand for the discovery when newscasters accompanied Kansas City Police Officer Jason Cooley, who was leading an investigation of stolen copper wiring from a nearby grain mill. While checking on the seemingly ordinary homeless campsites, Cooley discovered a series of tunnels that went several feet under the earth and stretched nearly 25 feet. “It was kind of in a little hill and probably four feet beneath the surface,” Cooley told the Kansas City Star.

Elites push for internet sales tax

The Wealthy Elite want to screw us for more money so they can spend it on more wars and kill more people and impose more austerity measures on us. That’s what it is in a nutshell. Yet another way they see to get that blood out of the rock.

U.S. lawmakers push for internet sales tax

Did you pay sales tax on the last item you bought on the Internet? Unless it was from Amazon, you probably did not. You may soon though if a gaggle of U.S. lawmakers working hand-in-hand with big business get their way.

And if you’re an online retailer, you may have to collect and remit sales taxes for all fifty states no matter where your online business resides. But don’t worry, lawmakers want to force all states to adopt the same standard for sales taxes, thus making it easier for you to comply.