How to win the war for your mind

How to win the war for your mind

All battles, all wars, all fistfights and bar brawls, all conflicts in every place and in every time (except those conflicts in which both sides answer to the same puppeteer) begin and end as battles of the mind. No struggle is determined on strength of arms alone. In fact, the technologically advanced adversary with all his fancy firepower is often more vulnerable than his low-tech counterparts. This fact is, of course, counterintuitive to our Western manner of thinking, which teaches us to believe that the man with the bigger gun (or the bigger predator drone) always wins. Sadly, we have had to suffer through multiple defeats and overdrawn occupations in Asia to learn otherwise. One of the great unspoken truths of our era is the reality that the modernization of warfare has changed little the manner in which wars are won. Since the beginning of history, intelligence, force of will, and guiding principles are the dominant factors in any campaign.

Therefore, it only stands to reason that the most vital battle any of us will ever face is the psychological battle, the battle within; for success in the mind will determine success in all other endeavors.

I’ve written a little commentary on this excellent article on our forum (click here to read it).

3 thoughts on “How to win the war for your mind

  1. Awesome, Laura.

    Excellent, applicable knowledge so needed and relevant during these turbulent times.

    ******* Thank You For All *******

    ******* Love and Freedom *******


  2. This is very uplifting. I needed that after reading an article talking about how newer cars can be run off the road by remote control (Princess Diana?) Would like to think that there is something left for us to claim sovereignty over. Our privacy, dignity, wealth, rights, media and security have been destroyed but they can’t COMPLETELY control our minds…. well…. at least not all of ours. There is one other thing they can’t take without a fight…. our souls. I for one refuse to live in fear any longer. There are worse things than death, like being a slave or completely clueless. One probably leads to the other. Thanks for the article and the great perspective.

  3. “There is one other thing they can’t take without a fight…. our souls.”

    “Why is it that there is so much strife in the world, why are so many divided over the promotion of war or peace, respect or disrespect, environmental protection or destruction, in short, a purely material self-serving outlook or a spiritual serving of others outlook?

    “Perhaps we are getting close to the answer, for the truth would seem to be that there is not and never has been a homogenous “we” (the human race) on the planet, “we” are not all alike, “we” do not see the world in the same way, “we” are not just a divided race, we are two different races.”


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